Circus Fonts!

One of the things I’m developing quite an addiction to are fonts. I’m a little late jumping on the font bandwagon but … I’ve been busy.  Doing Stuff.  Become wise and informed.

I’ve also been busy  avoiding doing Stuff.  And feeding all the things that need to be fed in this house.  And cleaning up their crap (both literal and figurative)

For the graphic announcing this Giveaway Contest I knew I wanted to use an old time Carnival type look so I went searching around the Internet for free fonts I could download onto my computer.

Low and behold there were all KINDS of circus/carnival type fonts.  So I downloaded these …

I didn’t use the last one Movieola because it just didn’t work with the graphic I was making but I still love it.   I also really love the George Gibson mid 1800’s handwriting font.

I found all the fonts at a fantastic art/design website I stumbled across called Magic Jelly. I even stole her font colours because they were so perfect for what I was designing.

I also installed a set of Carnival Shapes which I found through Google. Those are the squiggles and curly cues you see around my graphic.  Unless there’s a worm on your computer screen.  If there’s a worm on your computer screen you might be confusing it with a squiggle.  Just a word to the wise.



  1. jojo says:

    LOVE playing with fints. Go at it!

  2. jojo says:

    love playing with fonts, too… but fints are more fun.

  3. Love George Gibson. I’m going to download it now!

  4. Fonts make me freak out with excitement. Now…if only I could figure out how to use them in a blog post. My life would be complete. xx
    I luurrrve ya Karen. You rock out loud with font funkiness.

  5. Agnes says:

    Fonts are my best friend. On cold and lonely nights I like to search for something to keep me company. And when I’m looking for a font’s name, I go to to do some sleuthing. It works pretty well, so long as you give it a clear image to guess from.

  6. Jill says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was just about to give up looking for the right (free) graphic for a headboard I’m working on…I wanted something pretty and curvy and girly to frame an oval plaque, but my google searches for “frame”, “bracket”, etc. clipart wasn’t bringing up what I had in mind. Couldn’t find it on Graphics Fairy either. I had run out of terms to search for, and was resigned to either giving up the idea or creating my own, when I read your post. CARNIVAL SHAPES! BINGO!!! That’s EXACTLY what I had in mind! Love the circus fonts, too, and will definitely be using them in the future. Thanks again!

  7. Tina says:

    As far as addictions go, fonts aren’t too bad… as long as you practice moderation in their use on your graphics and documents.

    Not too many girls ask for font books for their 10th birthday though. That was a bit freakish.

    Enjoy your fonts!

  8. I am a font Junkie. get all mine from Dafont. and there are some more excellent circus ones. Carnival MF, Cast Iron and Circus and Big Top

    and NOW i have to download more myself….

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