Coming Soon: A Dog!

I’m getting a dog in 5 days. Because the one thing missing from my life was a greater variety of animal poops to clean up.

At this point all I know is that he’ll be a male.

I don’t know what colour he’ll be OR what I’m going to name him. For someone who makes their living by stringing words together in a clever or entertaining fashion I’ve found my Achilles heel is with naming pets.

And writing sexy novellas.

My dog is coming from a respected long time breeder who does extensive genetic testing with her litters.

So why a breeder for my dog and not a rescue like all of my cats? Because I wanted a purebred dog, with specific attributes and a known health history.

You may have noticed I haven’t told you the breed. Don’t worry, I will in my next post when I finally have him here with me but you might be able to tell from the photos. If you’re clever like that.

The reason I don’t know which dog I’ll be getting is because the breeder has a big hand in matching puppies with families because she’s the one who has come to know the dog’s individual personalities over the past 8 weeks.

Since she has and breeds show dogs, the breeder wants to make sure that the puppy with the most championship show potential will go to someone who is actually going to show the dog.

I will not.

I will not show the dog.

I will not show the dog because I don’t have time to add another thing to my life.

I will not show the dog because I don’t have time to add another thing to my life even though I bet I’d really like it and it sounds like fuuuuuuuuuun and who doesn’t like the Westminster dog show?!

NO. No, no, no.

But maybe competitive agility training would be fun.


But maybe.

So I won’t end up with the dog that has the most show potential. Which is fine – I want a puppy with the best *pet* potential. Show potential in puppies is best judged when they’re 8 weeks old. The same age they usually are when they go to their homes.

So it takes that long for the breeder to decide which dog to hold back for showing.

Once the breeder has picked out the show puppy at 8 weeks, then she starts assigning puppies to families based on the puppy’s personality and the needs and wants of the family.

This litter has white puppies and black puppies.

Both of the colours are nice and when I went to meet them for the first time last weekend they were all beautiful, friendly, rolly polly balls of fluffy fur that I’d be happy to take care of.

It could be him …

Or possibly him …

There are two other hims that it might be as well.

I’ve never raised a dog before. But I’d never visited a tumbling cyclone of puppies until a week ago either and I did really REALLY well with that so I should be good.

Plus I’ve watched 10,782,540 hours of YouTube videos on dog training in the past 2 years.

Although I’ve watched 10,782,541 hours of YouTube videos on how to curl your hair and I still can’t do that so …

I haven’t been this joyously excited about something in a very long time. It’s kid at Christmas kind of excited.

No name. No idea which dog. But a whole mess of chew toys. That is where I am today.

He’ll be home with me and Ernie on Saturday.

I bought calming phermones for my cat Ernie and calming phermones for the puppy. In turn, the puppy and the cat will act as calming phermones for me, plus I have CBD butter for myself if needed.

If all goes well I expect we’ll be living happily together without any stress by about year 2.

The official puppy introduction post will come in a week or two.

I expect the perfect name will come to me about 6 months after I’ve already named him.


  1. Carrie Krumrie says:

    Bless your heart! A puppy! I would pray for the black one so you can see him in the yard! I have white dogs, but I live in Ga., without much snow!! I can see them in the yard!!!
    I got older rescue dogs, ie. ones that had some idea of how to be dog!! I had never had a dog before!!!
    They truly do, change your life for the better!!!

  2. Jill says:

    I’m always baffled by people who feel free to criticize other people’s choices. Acquiring a pup who will live in your home for the next 10-15 years is a very personal decision. Make the choice that brings YOU joy. Good on ya for not debating the topic. For the folks who want to work on the rescue front, perhaps the question should be why does Canada have so few rescues available? Maybe we could learn something from our northern neighbors…

    By the way – Congratulations!! Nothing better than feeling like a kid at Christmas!
    My guess is Portuguese Water Dog

  3. Sarah Kiely says:

    Love, love, love Standard Poodles! The puppies sure do look like the three I’ve had over the years. 2 boys and 1 girl. Their names were/are: Pete, Teddy, and the girl (just turned two) is Mustang Sally.

    I look forward to the future posts about your new puppy. I always thought Chuck or Charlie would be a great name for a male pooch. My brother named his new male Standard Poodle Archie.

    Now get busy and post a new article regarding the sweet pup! My curiosity is killing me!

  4. Laura says:

    You should totally show the dog! Except poodles in show coat are crazy amounts of work (but some people love the grooming, it’s like your own floofy topiary!). So then you should totally do agility! All of the dog sports! They are so much fun and poodles tend to be great at them.

  5. KarenJ says:

    Wow that is big news! We got a puppy in August. Not our 1st dog but it’s been very long time since we’ve had a puppy in our life. Having lived with him for almost 2 months now I say good luck to you. You and Ernie are going to need it 🤪

  6. Safety Dog says:

    Congratulations! That is such exciting news.

  7. Sandy says:

    Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to see posts about all your (mis)adventures with your new beau! Perhaps I will read them to my little furball who, incidentally, never chewed shoes as a puppy but did have a really annoying affinity for cashmere and tea candles. (sigh) Nothing in your house will be “safe.” LOL! ;)

  8. Lorraine says:

    The name Adonis came to mind. I have no idea why!

  9. Tara says:

    Oh, goodness, they’re so cute! I kind of love that the breeder will assign them to owners based on personality, etc., because how the heck could you choose when they’re all so sweet! Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear what his name ends up being. Congratulations on your new addition!

  10. Marcia says:

    I believe you have to know the dog before you can name it. Dog’s names are impotant. Right now we have a little terrier mix name Toby. That’s his official name, but he also goes by Toby Oby, Sweet Boy, and Boop.

    Congratulations on your new family addition. He will be a lucky little guy for sure. I have recipes for homemade dog food if you’re interested. Also homemade treats. Yes, Toby is spoiled, but he gives us so much joy, he deserves it.

  11. Scarlett says:

    I’m on my second standard poodle. Best dogs ever as far as I’m concerned. Why else does everyone want a cross of poodle? I say, “Why doodle when you could poodle!?” Excellent selection, my dear.

    Also glad to hear you’re choosing a boy. The boys are such heart dogs.

    I wish i could share a photo of my boys. Both of them wore their hair in cords for a time. Such a fun look. That’s what’s great about poodles. There are so many ways to style their hair! Enjoy!!

  12. Susan Gruss says:

    I’m So happy and excited for you! I love dogs and puppies, w at more than people, you’ll see why. They make everything more fun. It’s like having a super upbeat friend with you all the time. And he’ll love you like no one else.

  13. Jody says:

    I’m so excited for you. Two more sleeps. A name suggestion–Gord for Gord Downie. I know whatever name you choose will be perfect.

  14. Patricia Lacefield says:

    Oh, congratulations, Karen! You are in for the time of your life, in the best possible way. The pups are precious, almost have a Portuguese Waterdog look to them. Beautiful. We have two little Havanese [from hell] that are 2 1/2 years old. AKC is working on the breed name addentum as I type. They’re darling. Two little boys, so full of energy you’ll consider eating their kibble yourself just to try to keep up. Yours will become your heart, also. Mine are called Simon and Ethan, but in the early days we called El D and Bub; short for El Diablo and Beelzebub. Be prepared for the early days or digging, destroying every toy, accidents o’plenty … so many you don’t call them accidents anymore because they start to look pre-planned. I have a great enzyme floor cleaner if you need one. Ha, I said “if.” May I suggest Bertram as a name? You’ll shorten it to Bertie Boy … Bertie … Bert! And then you’ll have Bert and Ernie.

  15. Tonya says:

    Why do so many individuals feel the need to judge the actions and decisions of others? Karen is clearly excited about taking the plunge into the wonderfulness of life with a dog. Why is it necessary to rain on her parade?

    I am so sick of everyone interjecting their negativity into other people’s lives and decisions. Why can’t everybody just live their own life? As long as the other person is not infringing upon your individual freedoms and rights, why is it necessary to interject negativity on a situation in which has absolutely nothing to do with you??? Are you hanging out at the maternity ward at your county hospital and giving grief to all of the “fools” that have decided to have a baby rather than to adopt one? I hope not but, if so, I will interject my opinion that you really should take your next vacation in a padded cell!

    How about spending your time PROMOTING the adoption of pets rather than trolling on other people’s social media and tearing them down for making a decision for themselves that does not line up with your agenda? Maybe do some volunteer work at the adoption centers…

    I swear, I believe that the people that spew this kind of negativity into our world just have no meaning in their lives and way too much time on their hands.

    Karen, Congratulations on your decision! Dogs really are a woman’s best friend (I don’t care what Marilyn Monroe said) and I have no doubt that you are going to be an AMAZING “dog owner” (for lack of better words because I know without a doubt that my dogs own ME). I don’t care where you adopt from, purchase from, how much money you pay, how much money you don’t pay, what breed you choose, if you choose a mutt, if you dress him up, if you don’t dress him up, etc. Just take care of him, love him, and he will repay you so much more than you can ever imagine!

    People, please spend one whole day spreading positivity and at the end of the day, REFLECT. I promise you that when you reflect upon your day, it is going to be so much more enjoyable than yesterday was. Unless you were at Disney World yesterday and then I just got nuttin’!

  16. Loren says:

    Name him Timber. You will be guaranteed years of fun
    from opening your back door and calling, “Timberrrrrr!”

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