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If you're asked to login, simply type guest (all lowercase), then leave the password area blank

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The coop cam is open for business from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. E.S.T.



  1. Caitlin says:


  2. Jill says:

    LOVE the Coop Cam! The chickens are beautiful!

  3. Kelly says:

    This was such a bad idea. There aren’t even any chickens in the picture, and I’m already obsessed. When will they appear? I don’t know! I’ll have to keep watching to see!! 🙂

  4. Sarah In Illinois says:


  5. Nicola says:

    Love it! I feel like I’m eavesdropping! Have a great week!

  6. This cracks me up!! I’ve told my niece that she needs to put a coop cam in with their 24 new chickens so that I can keep up with what’s going on 🙂

  7. Aamaal says:

    Woohoo! Chickens! If anyone is using Chrome, make sure to type ‘guest’ in the Username field (without the single quotes). The login won’t recognize ‘Guest’ and will repeatedly ask you to log in.

    Have fun Chicken-gazing!

  8. ev says:

    Ah, movement, finally! What a great idea Karen! I will be watching the girls off and on–I really like live cam shots of animals–Monterey Aquarium does it too! Hope you are doing well.

  9. Westcoast Nan says:

    It’s like a game of “Now you see them, now you don’t”. I like this game…

  10. nancy w says:

    Ok, I clicked, I typed in guest, and no coop cam. Where is it? Nothing but the comments on my screen.

  11. nancy w says:

    of course it showed up right after I said that…:)

    • Karen says:

      🙂 Yeah. Just have to give it a chance to load. There’s a lot of people trying to view it at the same time. 🙂 ~ karen

  12. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Love it!

  13. Laura Bee says:

    Going to be spending some time with my daughter here. Back to work, picked up some more hours. I’ll miss Will They Eat It! Live!

  14. Fab! I just read in my Cooks Illustrated magazine that if you dust them with talcum powder, they will not peck each other!
    Spa treatment for your chicks?

  15. Jeannie B. says:

    These sure are slow chickens Karen. But I guess that I’m watching on the wrong mode. No problem though, because I can count the number of feathers they have on them. And yes, it is darn chilly down here by the lake. The furnace is back on.

    • Karen says:

      I know. Sorry about the speed Jeannie! It’s something we’ll try to work on. If people really like the coop cam I might consider paying to have it stream live because the quality will be better, but I may need to take up a monthly collection for it, LOL. ~ karen!

  16. Theresa says:

    Wow, this looks really good! Great job Karen. I don’t think you need to pay for the expensive one. This is good as is.

  17. Paulin says:

    I see one, no wait, two! I see two chickens! This is awesome.

  18. Julie Cavallaro says:

    This is so much fun! I can’t wait to show my kids and husband!!! Thank you and good luck with your kitchen floor!

  19. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    This is nice Karen..I will be checking in on the girls off and on throughout the week and as long as you have it up and running..Great idea..don’t worry about negative comments..some people can’t enjoy things unless they are done to perfection..Thanks to you and Waylay for working hard to set this up for us to enjoy!!..Now get some

  20. Annabelle says:

    I can’t believe I’m swept away by watching chickens in slow motion 🙂 They are simply beautiful!

    But I WON’T tell anybody that I watched chickens living several thousands miles away 😀

    Love from Frankfurt (Germany)

    • Karen says:

      They are kindda cute aren’t they Annabelle? I’m currently watching them sleep. 🙂 Hello Germany. ~ karen!

  21. Pati Gulat says:

    FABULOUS, Karen ! Enjoying it immensely !!

  22. Linda S says:

    Well, I think if I watch this all day long, I will soon need a chickcation myself. Maybe a floorplan would help…are the chicks moving from the outside area, in and out of the kitchen for snacks? Oh, I forgot…you can’t answer…you are on vacation yourself. Enjoy.

  23. Cynthia says:

    I spy crocs! 😉 Love this.

  24. Laura Bee says:

    I should leave this on screen for our cats while we are at work. And between this & the construction on our street – our daughter will be entertaine too this week!

  25. nancy says:

    I logged in and stared at my monitor waiting waiting waiting……oh I have to scroll down…..
    I am so thrilled it’s kinda embarrassing! Have a great holiday!

  26. Karen B says:

    What breed of chicken are the ladies?

  27. Eliza says:

    I’m waiting to see Cheez Whiz lay an egg!

  28. Tracy says:

    I logged on just in time to see a group of chicken butts! Nice to get a moon on Monday! (laughing)
    Thanks Karen! Enjoy the holiday!

  29. Diane says:


  30. Ronda says:

    Same here, mooned me the minute I logged on. It felt premeditated. I think my grandma that raised chickens for most of her ninety-six years is probably rolling over in her grave.

  31. It just occurred to me (after staring spellbound) that I waste enough time sitting and watching my chickens at home!!! Thanks lots 🙂

  32. Laurinda says:

    Ha ha- LOVE this!!

  33. White says:

    Thanks. Some years ago, I used to “live stream” a view up my driveway for friends of mine. I used much the same technique (free). Sure it’s a bit choppy (a succession of jpeg snapshots, refreshed), but for the price, perfectly acceptable. It allowed my “viewers” to see who was driving by, who was at my place (parked cars/trucks), what the weather was like, etc. “Distance” does not matter, across time zones, not a problem.
    I eventually moved my computer station/getup elsewhere in the house, and have not ‘bothered’ setting that up again. It was satisfying enough at the time, for a novelty…. and the price was right.

    • Wayne says:

      Ha! Yup. That’s exactly how it is setup. The site fetches a single jpg image on load and then fetches a new one every 0.35 seconds in order to mimic “streaming video”. Our lag time is based on A:) how fast the camera can take a new snapshot and B:) how fast we can serve that new snapshot back through the site.

      Using jpgs eliminated our problem of video compatibility across multiple devices (i.e. desktop, mobile, Android, iOS, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)but based on a home network, we can only go so fast at serving up fresh images based on ISP speed as well as number of visitors at any given time. Like you said though, it’s free 😉

      It’s a band-aid, but hopefully we can improve upon this going forward.

  34. Jane says:

    I think I might be in the wrong time zone for this. (Australia)
    They must be sleeping…..

    • Karen says:

      You are, and they are, LOL. They’ll be up and walking down that ramp in about … 7 or 8 hours. ~ karen!

  35. Marti says:

    1am Tuesday morning. Nothing happening here. Is the camera in black/white or… is nighttime an “All Gray Zone” for Canada?

  36. gloria says:

    Waaa! Not seeing anything but a still shot, b/w of ramp going up to somewhere.

  37. tammy carter says:

    coop cam

  38. Denise says:

    It is Tuesday morning in Ohio (7:30 am) and there is no link (that I can see) on this page to the Coop Cam. I can see by comments above that I am missing something … but I may not be the only one. Will check back later. 🙁 I was able to see a bit by phone yesterday.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Denise – Sorry. The camera lost connectivity last night somehow. I have it back up and running now. ~ karen

  39. Kim Jordan says:

    I don’t see anything but comments when I click on Coop Cam. Even after it finishes loading your page I still see no option to click on for watching. 🙁

    • Karen says:

      Sorry Kim, the camera lost connection somehow in the night. I have it back up and running now.

  40. Darlene says:

    I still don’t see the coop cam…

  41. Kimberley says:

    Where did you get all of your metal feeders? I’m having the hardest time finding one that I like. Loving the Coop Cam!

  42. Jody says:

    Yay, it’s back working again!!!
    Fun to watch!!!!

  43. Jody says:

    ooops I spoke too soon, now it seems to be in
    ‘pause mode’ sure with there was sound!

  44. Jody says:

    ‘wish’ there was sound, can’t type yet LOL!!
    maybe it’s my computer in pause mode, chickens are moving again

  45. Darlene says:

    are the chickens moving??? I’ve been watching for awhile and they are in the same place

    • Karen says:

      Hi Darlene – Yes they’re moving. Try to refresh your browser if they seem like they aren’t. ~ karen

  46. joanna says:

    awwwww Cheese Whiz!!!!

  47. Kat says:

    Wow!!! Way better picture than yesterday and I was happy with that. Good job Wayne!

  48. Darlene says:

    Is that a black & white chicken in the back?

  49. miia says:

    I can’t see it.. I saw one shot when I tried this morning, but not more then once, then it didn’t work.

    I use mac os and tried safari, mozilla, chrome, but none of them work.

    • Karen says:

      Miia – You may be forgetting to sign in. (I’m on a mac too by the way). If it asks for a username use “guest” then no password. Also, clear your cache. That might help. ~ karen

      • Miia says:

        Thanks, It started to work… 🙂

        Somehow it seems though your holiday is not that much of a holiday. 😉

  50. Treva says:

    Good girl!! Nice lookin’ egg!

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