Corn on the Cob. Off the cob.





There is no elegant way to eat corn on the cob and that’s what I like about it.  I love a food that a) comes with a built in handle and b) exudes enjoyment.  Everyone who is eating corn on the cob looks like they’re having such a good time they’re just seconds away from high fiving the nearest person around them. Of course their buttered up hands would just slide right off each other. Any food that ends up on your hands, face and lap is clearly a food that’s being enjoyed.

But sometimes, the odd time, every once in a while … corn on the cob isn’t appropriate.   She pretends to be O.K. with it (because that’s her way) but the Queen always hates it when I serve corn on the cob when she’s over.  The Queen’s name is Bob by the way.

I’ve tried a few different ways to take the kernels off of the cob, all of them work but all of them have some sort of disadvantage.

Normally I just shave the kernels off with a chef’s knife.  Slightly dangerous, especially if you butter the cob of corn first.  Because you’re stupid.

The other method I tried was a kernel shaving thingamabob I got off of the Internet  which I used once and then hid in the very back of a rarely used cupboard.  It’s where the scary appliances go to sit for 3-4 years until I finally decided to suck up the fact that they were a waste of money and throw them out. It was a crime scene waiting to happen that thing.

And then a while ago, I saw that the company that makes my FAVOURITE potato peeler, Kuhn Rikon, had this …






A tiny little cob of corn for removing the kernels from the cob of corn.  How do you get kernels off a cob?  With teeth of course.





All you do is push and twist the gadget along the cob of corn and all the kernels come off perfectly.




I think you’re supposed to use the silicone base of the gadget to hold the bottom of the corn, but it just seemed to get in the way for me.  I love my corn cutter.

The only problem I can see is if you had big ears of corn the gadget just wouldn’t fit over them.

I got this one at The Keeping Room, my local kitchen store, where they had about 6 different corn cutters!  A couple of others made by my favourite Kuhn Rikon too.

You can also get it on Amazon.
Which doesn’t have nearly the ambiance or enjoyment as shopping in the local kitchen store.



All that juicy, delicious corn you see above? I didn’t eat a single kernel. I gave it all to the chickens. There isn’t a Queen in the bunch, but there sure are a lot of princesses.


  1. Bobbi says:

    Stellar !! I use a knife and am in danger every moment I cut the corn off the cob. I am officially on the lookout for one of these .

  2. Valerie says:

    Eating corn “on the cob” keeps the butter on the corn better – one of the great things about eating this delightful morsel at this time of year.

  3. caryl hodgdon says:

    raw corn salad with lime and jalapeno!! Black beans too if you’re going for protein.

  4. Nancy Blue Moon says: I haven’t tried before..I always freeze fresh corn for the holidays and Winter..I’ll check this one out..Thanks Karen..Oh yeah..I thought the Queen’s name was Betty..

  5. Gwen H. says:

    Interesting looking device. I still like the buttery fingers technique best.

  6. Peggy S says:

    I saw this idea on one of the cooking shows and it works perfectly and safely every time! Put the stalk end into the whole of a bundt pan and slice the kernels away with a knife. The pan catches all the kernels and the whole keeps the cob from slipping around.

  7. Danica says:

    I really need to take m mom to this keeping room store! She owns a small restaurant in Beamsville and is always looking for handy gadgets to help her out. She makes everything from scratch so lots of prep work.

  8. Sarah says:

    This weekend I processed 6 dozen ears for the freezer using a big old knife. I’ll have to try to find this gadget for next year. I did manage to keep all my fingers though!

  9. Tigersmom says:

    I am so guilty of the shove it in the back of a drawer until I can reconcile it as a waste of money move. Its just too hard to trash something I just bought and the distance created by time is the only solution.

    We do our corn on the cob on the grill and it doesn’t even need butter (coming from me, the dairy queen, that is saying a lot), but since roasting everything is my latest bender, I’ll probably try roasting it in its husks in the oven soon. I’ve heard its wonderful.

  10. Jody says:

    Yup The Keeping Room is the BEST. I could spend hours in there looking at all the gadgets. Many I have no idea what they are for though.

  11. MindyK says:

    I just sprayed my entire kitchen with corn this weekend in an attempt to get it off the cob for a salad. Not living within driving distance of your kitchen store–or, now that I think of it, any kitchen store except William Sonoma, which would charge 3x as much for the same gadget–I will peruse Amazon. Thanks for the tip!

  12. MindyK says:

    BTW, when I looked at the Amazon page, I saw they recommend all kinds of silk removers. I’ve found that if you just cook the corn in the husk–whether you grill it, roast it, or simply microwave it–it’s really easy to peel the silk off with the husk. I hold the cob with a potholder and peel with my fingers–if you don’t touch the actual corn, it’s not too hot. As a bonus, it seems to stay warm longer with the husk on than when it’s husked first and then cooked.

  13. Heather says:

    Do the chickens like their corn buttered?

    Going to Dundas on Saturday maybe I will need to make a detour.

  14. Cool gadget Karen….reading this post while snow is falling outside….can you believe it? My zucchinis are done 🙁

  15. Ruth says:

    I think the green thingamajig is just a blade protector for storage purposes. Otherwise, it would never make it over the full length of any normal cob.

    This is cool…. Our kitchen store in the the city has nothing like this, but this will give me one more thing to go bug them about. I need to start a petition going for silicone mats while I’m at it.

    We need an

  16. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    What a cool gadget! I remember my Mom calling my name trying to get me out of bed very early one Saturday morning asking for assistance. She had cut herself while removing corn from the cob. I had to take her to the ER, can’t remember now how many stiches she ended up getting.

  17. polly says:

    The gadget looks cool but, more importantly, the first photo in this post is the most absolutely perfect (how’s that for overqualifying?) end-of-summer still life. Beautiful.

  18. Sally says:

    How does no one else care who Bob is?!?! Karen. This post is littered with double entendres! And it’s amazing! lol

  19. JeannieB says:

    I wholly agree. Using a knife to cut the kernels off, can be dangerous. I love that cute little gadget Karen. I also love fresh corn on the cob with lots of butter and salt and pepper. But it is messy. There’s really no ladylike way to do it. The Queen probably eats hers in private. And, your hens must have been so happy.

  20. Leslie says:

    Cool gadget. Now I’m stuck on YouTube watching corn videos! The guy with the power drill looks like he is having the most fun. That would be great if you’re putting up huge batches of corn. The Kuhn-Rikon Corn Twister Video does show how the silicone leaves are used to hold the opposite end of the corn to help with the twisting and to save your fingers and I can see how that could get in the way, but be nice if you’re afraid of getting your hands messy.

  21. Rondina says:

    Yum. As a diabetic, corn is a no-no. However, all the children were here for a week and I allowed myself one “middle” of a corn cob from the fresh-picked corn my son brought. I miss corn. The plus about this gadget is that it actually works. The plus about taking the kernels off is that you aren’t getting up from the table and heading for dental floss immediately.

    I’m going to add this to my stocking-stuffer list so when my grandson has a full set of teeth (up to five now) he can indulge. I love the fact that you always SHOW and tell.

  22. Lavada says:

    I use my single-blade mandoline to “decorn” the cob; if I’m going to process for creamed corn, I use the three-blade kraut cutter and then “milk” the cob with a chef’s knife. Might work for some of you. Mind your fingers!!!

  23. janpartist says:

    Do the kernels still fly all willy-nilly all over the place when you are slicing them off?

  24. Anna says:

    So…my husband is the world’s neatest corn-on-the-cob eater! He amazes everyone with his technique that none of the rest of us can master. Pictures have been taken of his cleaned cobs, and posted for shock and awe. I, on the other hand, pretty much just gnaw the heck out of it like everyone else.

    One ‘buttering’ hint that works for us is to put a pat of butter on a slice of bread, then roll the corn in the butter which the bread absorbs like a sponge for additional rolling.

    Thanks, Karen…you’re a hoot!

  25. chris aka monkey says:

    because of my teeth i have to have it off the cob thankfully my kid or her hub slice it or i would have no fingers now and btw the caterpillar i have doesn’t look like a monarch but i am going to raise what ever the hell it is ha ha they all turn into something and this one is growing fast xx

  26. jainegayer says:

    What a great idea!
    And I love the photos too. The frozen corn I had planned with dinner is just not going to cut it tonight.

  27. Robin says:

    I had one of these (not the same make) and it was great. I now have one with a ceramic blade which isn’t as great. I’d like to order this from your link but it’s not getting me there – just a blank page. Same with the corn cutter. It could be my connection. Has anyone else had a problem? I can find it on Amazon but will use your link if I can. Thanks.

  28. Pam'a says:

    Since I’ll never have a blog of my own, I’ll share this corn processing hint used by my mother’s friends (while she was out playing golf): When there were bags and bags of roasting ears to cook, they husked them, loaded them into the dishwasher, ran a hot cycle, and cooked those suckers all at once. Yes! Of course, skip the soap…

  29. Stephbo says:

    So apparently I’m the only 15-year-old boy in a 42-year-old woman’s body. I’m busy going over all of the jokes to be made about this little device and the corn cobb.

  30. jen says:

    that’s brilliant. Several times a week during summer I cut corn off the cobb for use in chicken/cabbage/lime/corn tacos or salads. Kernels flying everywhere! I’m getting one of these for next summer…

  31. Debbie says:

    I never throw out kitchen utensils! I either save them for my kids, Freecycle them (I don’t know if Canada has Freecyle – I love it); or donate them to an organization. Come to think of it, I throw out very little – we donate clothes, furniture, kitchenware – anything that has some life left to it.

    As to corn, I have the one where the sized is adjustable and you push down on it. It works for us. I never waste a cob after the corn is off. It is always yummy to get off the last little bit.

  32. Barbie says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE I am reading about taking corn off the cob TODAY! LOLOL This was exactly my question to a friend this afternoon as I contemplated stripping my corn from the garden to freeze or can! I am in crazy canning mode! She told me that they use the opening of an angel food pan and slide the corn cob through the hole in it and it works perfectly! I thought that was such a great way to do it but NOW I think this is way better….because of those lovely teeth! Going to go try and find one of those gadgets tomorrow! OMG! THANK YOU KAREN!!

  33. Jess says:

    What a cool thingamabob!!

  34. Barbie says:

    Karen….I looked all over town for this today! Well….I looked at Target, Fred Meyer, and TJ Max! …I don’t even know of any specialty kitchen shops here in Spokane! Could not find one….I don’t have time to wait on shipping 🙁 NEED NOW! Corn can’t wait! LOL

  35. martina says:

    I discovered by accident that a serrated knife works WAY better than a chef’s knife. The corn falls down instead of flying around the room!

  36. Karen says:

    I find that if you lay the corn cob down instead of standing it up and then slice off the kernels there is less chance of corn flying everywhere

  37. cary says:

    i was going to say lay the cob on its side and slice off the kernels but you beat me to it! my fave way to cook corn, btw, is shucked and grilled. no need to worry about the silks as they burn off. then roll in a mixture of mayo and grated parm. cotija cheese if you can find it. mexican street corn. yum. and my girls love to peck at whole ears. when i go back to retrieve the cob it is totally and completely bald and devoid of anything juicy or kernel-like 🙂

  38. Melissa says:

    I love this idea, but my experience with these types of gadgets is they never work for my corn, which because I’m growing myself, isn’t perfect shape.

    My dad doesn’t have any front teeth (he’s lumberman and been hit in the face more than a few times by erratic limbs), so we always cut the corn off the cob when we had it for dinner. We would just use a steak knife and cut slowly.

    I’ve also seen shoving the cob into the round hole of a bundt pan and then the dish part of the pan can collect the falling kernels.

    This cutter sure is cute though!

  39. Jennifer oh Jenny says:

    Ooops, long reply, sorry!!

    I’ve always been a Williams-Sonoma shopper, happy to pay some of their crazy prices for gadgets that live up to the hype. But until recently, I’ve thought every vegetable peeler I’ve ever had, was a waste of money. I kept going to the $1.99 ones you can get at the local hardware store, since there wasn’t anything better, and I didn’t feel guilty tossing it once it rusted. THEN I found a Zyliss vegetable peeler at my local TJ Maxx (I believe HomeSense is the Canadian equivalent). It’s so fabulous, I keep looking for vegetables to peel! Hands down, the best peeler out there, at any price. And THEN, already tickled by Zyliss, weeks later, same TJ Maxx, I found this Zyliss Corn Stripper.

    It glides along the corn like butter (yes, I just typed that) and removes every little kernel without spraying them everywhere, or causing you to need stitches. It’s actually fun to use ; ) Karen, I think your little cob adorable, but please, give this a try!

  40. Maria Gonzalez says:

    I have to buy that! My favorite gadget from that brand (how the heck do you spell it?) is my garlic press. So worth the money!

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