Decorating With A Dirty ol’ Bird’s Nest

About 3 years ago a cute little Robin landed on my porch.  I named her “that Robin out on the porch”.  Oh, how I loved that bird.  Low and behold she

Stupid, mean, bird

was building a  nest.  I watched that little birdie for hours!  This was before Twitter and Perez Hilton when I actually had to go out of doors for entertainment.  I’m awfully pasty now by the way.

Fast forward a few days to when “that Robin out on the porch” is sitting on her eggs and has a complete freak out fit every single time I open the front door.  I was a prisoner in my own home.   I couldn’t sweep my porch, couldn’t arrange my cute porch furniture, couldn’t wipe down the mailbox (kay … I really only do that about once a year, but still) until those little birds hatched and flew away. This was really taking the swish out of my Spring.

By the end of it, I hated that bird.  Then, you know what?  As soon as the chicks hatched and flew away, that dumb bird did it again.  A WHOLE other cycle of egg laying, hatching and sitting.  The whole incident resulted in me eating a lot more chicken out of spite.

The one good thing to come of the whole bird ordeal, was I now had a really cute looking bird’s nest nestled into the climbing hydrangea growing  up the side of my porch.

Fast forward to a week ago when I saw this post featuring a bird’s nest on Design*Sponge (they’re my new best friends by the way, partly because they featured this reupholstering post of mine.)  Over the next few days I noticed bird’s nests everywhere on design blogs.

So, now I had to ask myself … is it TOO gross to go outside and grab the poop filled bird’s nest from my front porch and bring it inside.  In what I thought was a hilarious move, I even “Twittered” my question.  Get it?  Twittered about the bird’s nest!!    Yeah, no one on Twitter got the irony either.  So, I decided What the hell.  It’s not like I’m going to wear it on my head or anything.  And I brought the bird’s nest inside.

After a quick cleaning, I ended up with a perfect springtime decoration.   And the perfect springtime revenge.  Stupid bird.

Under a glass dome left over from an antique clock … kindda like the Design*Sponge recommended lamp.  Blue eggs I bought at Dollarama.


  1. Maggie cotant says:

    I know this is from 10 years ago but I just ran across it & had to comment. I had that same party in that story. I bought those same cheap eggs to put in the same dirty old birds nest. My boys were 9 & 12 & it was fabulous. Now I have a 10 year old dirty bird’s nest in my house that collects dust. I think it’s time for it to go “back to the land,” as my friend, Russ, a native southern country boy used to say whenever we passed any building, from an old tobacco shack to a full size barn, that was covered in kudzu & falling over-“well-looks like they’re lettin’ That go back to the land.”

    Yup. Back to the land with the birds nest. Thanks for the memories.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. This is an olddddddd post. I still have the birds nests (I’ve collected more) and they just come out of their bin for a few weeks in the spring. :) ~ karen!

  2. Courtney Stacy says:

    I have gotten a picture or two of my Robins’ eggs, but after the second peek, they literally flew at me like torpedoes and screamed their little heads off. I made it to the carport and turned around, one of the Robins flying straight at me! I knew it was going to poke my eyes out, but at the last second, it changed course and flew up above the carport. I did keep the nest after they vacated.

  3. Alyce Kennedy says:

    How did you clean the birds nest? I have one I want to use but want to clean it first.

  4. Joanne Kim says:

    I am so happy to have found your blog! This was so hilarious!!! Love your writing! Thanks!

  5. Elaine says:

    I’m just reading a few of your older posts this morning and enjoying myself. My last house had a pergola the birds just loved. We also had strong winds which blew a perfect nest down one day just before I moved. Not to worry; the babies had long gone. I SO wanted to bring it with me to my new place but was too nervous (**see below). Eventually, I came upon some nests at Michael’s and added more twigs, etc. to try and copy Mother Nature. Not as nice, for sure, but they would do.

    Re ** nervous; due to a disease called “Histoplasmosis” (caused by birds), I became legally blind in one eye at the age of 39. Histo usually damages the lungs but can affect eyesight. Long before the advent of sanitary gels, etc., we raised chickens when I was young and I often played with them. On top of that, my job every weekend was to clean out our canary’s cage; of course, my parents were unaware of any potential danger. My allowance was a whole dime!! I just wanted to say, please ladies, be careful when dismantling a bird’s nest, wear a mask, wash hands well and display it out of children’s reach. I’m NOT saying you can pick up Histo that way, but better safe than sorry.

    There is much written about Toxoplasmosis (cat litter/pregnancy, etc) but very little about Histo.

    On a much lighter note, like you, Karen, I was also “trapped” in by the birds building nests on our pergola which covered our back patio! We could never sit out there in the warmth of Spring/early Summer – just when we thought they were done, they’d return and build a second nest!! :)

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Elaine! Now off to look up Histoplasmosis again. I think I’ve done it once before and have now completely forgotten everything. ~ karen!

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