Do you think if you had won the KitchenAid mixer that you’d know by now?  That I would have contacted you?  Not so.  At this very moment, nobody knows who won the mixer other than me.  I haven’t emailed the person in advance, haven’t hinted at who won it and haven’t told a soul.  So there’s every reason for you to remain hopeful.

Get ready to either jump up and down and call everyone you know or put on that “I’m so happy for the winner” face.




Normally I’d drag that out a bit, but I know you were all anxious.  Thanks to everyone who entered (and entered again and again and again).  It was such a huge success that I’m going to try to do a good giveaway more often.

Clearly most of you would like to win the Frye bag.  Yeah.  Me too.Frye-bag

Now that that’s over with, I want to hear all about your April Fool’s Day plans.   Either what you’re planning to do, what you had done to you or the best thing you’ve done or had done to you in the past.

A few years ago my sister (Fish Pedicure)  came into my house the day before April Fool’s Day and secretly shoved raisins into my toothpaste.   The next time I squeezed the tube, big weird blobs of brown would come out.  Joke was on her when I called her 3 weeks later saying I’d just squeezed out weird blobs from my toothpaste.  To this day she asks me about my dental health.

If you’re still looking for something to do Buzzfeed has a great list of April Fool’s Jokes.

Have a great weekend, congratulations to the winner, let the April Fools’ Day stories begin!





  1. Marilyn says:

    It’s a funny thing..my husband of 34 yrs, his brother( three yrs younger) and his nephew( another brothers son) all have birthdays on April fools day and I have never once played a trick on any of them!! It’s never too late right?

  2. Paula says:

    Congratulations Kim, I say that somewhat begrudgingly. 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    Congratulations, Kim and that’s no April Fool’s prank! 😉

  4. Tina Jeffrey says:

    Congrats Kim! If I couldn’t win it, I’m glad you did!

  5. Suzanne says:

    I am a retired elementary school teacher. I used to take a marker and swipe it on my cheek. When my students told me I had something on my face, I’d just say that they were trying to April Fool me. It would go on all day. The kids would try to get a teacher to tell me there was something on my face. I’d say sure, sure. Everybody wants to trick me. At the end of the day, I’d finally get the mirror out and look and then ask why nobody ever told me I had something on my face. The hardest part was keeping a straight face when the kids were begging me to look and see. Sometimes they almost cried. It was hilarious.

  6. Hilary says:

    Oh my god – going to do that to my husband’s toothpaste right now. And my kids for good measure. They all have dentists appointments tomorrow so will definitely be using some toothpaste. We also have some “juice” (actually jello) setting up in the fridge.

  7. It was probably in the mid-1980’s – way before teller machines and auto-deposits. That being the case, people in office buildings went to the bank sometimes two to three times a day, either for their personal transactions and/or for their corporate transactions. Obviously, customers knew the tellers, the loan officers, and the customer service and new accounts people very well. I was a secretary/customer service representative, so, I suggested that all the people in offices and at desks change places with the tellers. Sure enough, at 9:00 when the bank doors were unlocked to the people waiting outside to come in, they were very surprised to find the bank manager, the operations manager, the customer service and new accounts employees standing at teller windows – and the tellers sitting at all of the desks. I thought it was hysterical at the time, but I’m not sure if anyone else did. 🙂

  8. peg says:

    wait ~what???!!! it wasn’t me ? congrats Kim.

  9. whitequeen96 says:

    My recovering-alcoholic sister (who, had been clean and sober over 10 yrs. at that point) called me at 5AM, sobbing that she’d been caught drunk driving and needed me to come bail her out of jail. I bolted up in my bed, distraught, my heart in my mouth and started grabbing for my clothes. She started laughing maniacally and shouted “April Fools!” (I’m not sure I’ve forgiven her yet and it’s been years.)

  10. Elaine Senko says:

    I just found a rooster sound on my Kobo alarm clock, so I am going to set it to fool my husband into thinking our new neighbors got some chickens & a rooster! He falls for something every April Fool’s Day.

  11. Mike says:

    My daughter was probably 8 at the time, and she slipped a rubber egg into the carton to watch her mom try to crack it. The best part of this was the planning; she bought the egg probably in November, just for this purpose. Then there was the fact that no one in the family eats eggs for breakfast, so in February she started asking for hard boiled eggs, just so it wouldn’t seem funny when she requested one on April 1. It all paid off.

    • Danell says:

      That hilarious!!! I love it!!

    • Jenifer says:

      With that kind of planning, determination and focus at 8, she will be able to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to! Very impressive! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      I am assuming with that kind of a mind your daughter has either ended up in jail or running a small country. Which is it if you don’t mind me asking, lol? ~ karen!

      • Mike says:

        Too early to tell, really. Maybe one and then the other? Judging by her dollhouse kingdom, running the country is more her plan

  12. Alyssa says:

    One year, my parents, my sister and i were on holiday in Mexico on April Fool’s. My Grandma was staying with my younger siblings, and she and my brother decided to prank our family and friends. They started calling people they knew and telling them my Dad had been arrested in Mexico and thrown in prison. My brothers voice was cracking from the strain of resisting laughing. Everyone thought he was stifling sobs. My Grandma was in the background saying, “be strong.” By the end, we had friends who were going to pull strings to get in touch personally with our MP, an Uncle who was going to drive down from Phoenix, and countless kind friends holding prayer vigils in their basements. The very best part is our other Grandma, the absolute prank queen, was so mad she wouldn’t talk to him at first, though I think it may be one of her most favourite stories now. The Grandma who thought the whole thing up is the most prim, proper, no nonsense woman and NO ONE saw it coming.

    • Alyssa says:

      My much more timid plans are foil wrapping grapes as chocolates for my kids , and sending a Tim’s donut box full of carrots with my husband to work.

  13. Lorey says:

    I’ve been retired a long time, but I loved the nerdy tricks —
    First — when my boss got up to go to a long meeting, I installed a bit of Monty Python software on his computer — rude sound effects for every keystroke. When he came back to his desk and started typing, our large open office space was filled with a series of loud snorts, farts, raspberries and various yelling. We LOVED it. Hehehe

    Second — after management initiated a “password lockdown” policy whenever anyone walked away from their computer for any period of time ( Yah, YOU’RE WELCOME…), I had a smoker friend who refused to lock her computer when she went outside to smoke. One April Fools I snuck onto her unlocked computer (we were CAD drafters), and I changed all of her color coded layers (text and line drawing) to WHITE. She sat back down and struggled in shock and disbelief for only a few minutes, as I felt bad that she almost stroked out to come back to a completely snowy white screen and no amount of typing or mouse movement would bring back her drawings. Hehehe. And yet she still refused to lock her computer after that. Little rebel.

  14. Claire says:

    I always try to dig out my halloween stuff on April Fools day… I think the best one yet was when I put a motion-sensor crawly arm in the cat food basket (scared the crap out of my stepdad). With the help of my husband, I also managed to prank my mom from across the Atlantic one year by sending her a cute video of our cat that had that screaming goat gif randomly inserted towards the end.

  15. Marna says:

    Congrats to Kim! I don’t do anything now for April’s Fool, had the worst “joke” if you can call it that, pulled on me, ruined my life.

  16. Thera says:

    We do silly harmless things. One year we put seran wrap across a sons door, another year over the toilet seat, switched the sugar with salt etc

    • Dagmar, also says:

      I ONCE switched the sugar & salt…you know, sugar bowl full of salt. mY dad liberally scoop sugar over his cornflakes, as was common back then – it was BACK THEN!! We were a pooorish lot, my dad was NOT impressed with this wasted bowl of cereal. I never played another April Fools ltrick on anyone again!

  17. Helen Schmidt says:

    He he Just tried out the raisins in the toothpaste on my kids! Will wait to see/hear what happens?

  18. Karol says:

    It has been rainy here off and on, and with the rain comes bugs trying to get inside away from it. In Florida, that means cockroaches. Here was my April Fool’s joke presented to me this morning by Mother Nature…
    I picked up my blow dryer, aimed it towards my wet head and turned it on. Apparently, a cockroach had decided to make the inside of my blower dryer his little home, so as soon as the power kicked it he was blown directly into my wet hair. I did not have my glasses on, but could see in the mirror that “something” was in my hair. I keep small lobster claw hair clips all over my bathroom and they are a tortoise shell color which is the same color as a cockroach. I thought for a split second that I might have swooped up one of those clips and it flew into my hair.
    Another split second passed and the clip started wiggling. He was tangled in my curls and trying to free himself. OMG. O. M. G. The 9 year old girl inside me came out. The blow dryer went flying, I squealed in the highest of pitches, and did a high step prance all over my bathroom until he fell to the floor. So thank you Mother Nature, you are indeed a bitch.

    • Jenifer says:

      OMG!! Go get a lottery ticket…the universe owes you BIG!

    • Karen says:

      I don’t like that story one bit. balhehehlewwwww. YECH. Uchy uchy!! ~ karen!

      • Karol says:

        Oh, I hate it too! Living in paradise has its drawbacks. Close encounters with disgusting bugs is one of those.

    • Gretchen Sexton says:

      Oh no! But oh my–it will be a funny story here after….

    • Linda in Illinois says:

      oh my gosh I laughed so loud… I would have had a heart attack if that had happened to me. Major fear of bugs… I can hear the squeals and see the prancing in my minds eye, all the while tearing up laughing so much. You tell a good tale.. ROFL

      • from Louisiana a place of lots of giant roaches says:

        That story brings tears of nausea and agony and fear to my eyes. I have to go take a bleach shower right now and check my hair dryer before every use for the rest of my life.
        56 years ago I put on rubber boots barefooted and there was a ROACH IN THERE!! I still check my yard boots to this day.

        • Kelli says:

          During its typical ‘perk’ one morning, I had a roach come crawling out of my COFFEE MAKER! Did not pass go, did not collect $200…no amount of soap or vinegar was going to sterilize that thing and keep me from chucking it right in the trash. This was long before Starbucks, so I was really screwed. Yeah, screwed AND tired…but not in the good way. 🙁

        • Irene says:

          Oh lawd. I’ll top you on that one. Google “Parktown prawn” and imagine that at the bottom of your shoe. Or crawling across your face while you sleep. They grow to about the length of your middle finger. Shudder.

        • from Louisiana a place of lots of giant roaches says:

          Dear God, I did google Parktown Prawn. When I saw the picture I thought “Honey, it’s just a cricket”. Then I read the article. They’re horrible beasts, perhaps worse than centipedes. Read this: “Stories of their “Night of the Living Dead”-like resilience abound. One television report claimed that a Prawn survived being flushed down a toilet, reappearing at a most delicate moment, much to the shock of a seated homeowner.” I now welcome the giant flying cockroach.

        • Irene says:

          Yes. They don’t flush. 🙂
          Although I did figure out a way; you drop them in the loo, and then dangle toilet paper over them so that they start climbing up. Once they’re a good way up, you drop the paper on them and entangle them in it, and THEN you flush!
          I did used to hate them; they have sharp spines on their legs that hurt if they kick at you and they shoot a FOUL black sticky substance at you if you frighten them; lord it stinks! And sticks.
          They also make a scritchy-scritchy noise as they walk. I once woke up to that dreaded sound, switched the light on, and found one on my husband’s face, digging in his nose. Right?!
          They eat snails. Snot – snails…
          He just kept snoring! How to swat it off without it releasing it’s stinky?!
          I have subsequently learnt to appreciate them. I had no snails or slugs in my garden for decades, and then the giant birds we call Hadedas (from the very loud noise they make – “Ha HAAA ha”!) did TOO good a job of eating them and now my garden is overrun with snails. :/
          Hey. At least I’m not in Australia. 😀

  19. Melissa says:

    One year I bought really good looking fake bread rolls from the dollar store. I put them in the bread basket for dinner, but was having a hard time keeping a straight face so I had to run back into the kitchen to get “something else” for the dinner table. I got back to see my husband had picked the seeded one as I knew he would, and my son a plain one, but my son immediately started whacking it on the table, saying “this is hard!” I couldn’t keep from laughing after that. Then they noticed the dimples on the bottoms of the plastic bread.

    I do so struggle with the straight face.

  20. MDR says:

    Pickle brine looks like wine.

    • Tracy says:

      MDR…You are a wicked, wicked person! And I’m TOTALLY plotting tonight’s dinner to accompany the “wine”.

  21. Sharon says:

    My husband had fallen in love with a car at the dealership. Oh, he wanted that car so bad. So after a lot of thought, we bought it. We’d had it about 7 or 8 months, when April 1st rolled around. My girlfriend and I had taken it to a town about 60 miles away to do a WalMart run. Yeah, we live in the sticks. I decided to get even with him after a comment he’d made about a meal I’d fixed…so late in the afternoon I called him and said I’d be a little late getting home, because the Chrysler’s oil light had come on, and I didn’t know what to do, so I stopped in at a car lot and traded it off for the pickup I was driving home, the mechanic said it was in great shape and with the trade in I only had to come up with another $1,000. The silence on his end of the line? Priceless!! ( of course we still have the car).

  22. Donna says:

    So, my big joke this year is no joke. Everyone keeps looking for one, and I’m just sitting here with a smirk on my face. Fun watching everyone doing things (opening drawers, pouring milk in coffees) very carefully while looking at me.

    It’s going to be a long morning for everyone but me.

  23. Karen says:

    This morning when I went into kitchen three little ants had invaded. I caught them on scotch tape and then put the tape on the saran wrap around my husbands lunch sandwich. You couldn’t see said tape just three ants on his sandwich….Hope he enjoys his high protein lunch!!

  24. Suzanne says:

    My husband brought home a lovely box of See’s chocolates one April fools’… in which he’d replaced all the candy with Brussel sprouts. Very funny. What was truly hilarious, though, was the look on everyone’s face on April 2 when I served Brussel sprout pizza for dinner! WAA Waa waa. I think my husband was the glummest of all; he kept pointing out that they were a joke, not for human consumption (though he later admitted it was delicious).

  25. Cynthia says:

    Good morning!!! I LOVE YOUR POSTS!!! They bring me joy and happiness! Today is the first day of my Birthday Month! Yes, as I have gotten a little older, I have been celebrating my birthday the whole month!!! WHY NOT? So, Sunday I will be 65 years young. Never forget to celebrate your life, as life can be very fragile. My April Fool’s is on LIFE. She might say I am older, however, in my mindset, I am younger! I am gifting myself everyday of the month and the Frye bag would surely be an awesome gift!!! The gifts can be something like a walk, an extra special cup of tea, a trip to the sauna, being in my pj’s all day, cooking a special meal for myself. This year I have decided to focus on cherishing and caring for myself. Still though – that Frye bag is calling my name for sure!!!

  26. Becky says:

    My brother was born on April Fool’s 21 years ago. I very clearly remember going to my parents room and the sitter was in their bed. She told me mom went to have my brother. I thought for a long time they were just pranking me haha.

  27. Rhonda "Smartypants" Davis says:

    Psssst, Karen, are you going to tell Kim that she didn’t really win the Kitchenaid stand mixer today or wait until tomorrow? It would be the greatest April Fool’s Day prank if you waited until April 2nd, don’cha’ know?!?

  28. Marjorie Kramer says:

    My husband switched the door knob on our bathroom so that it locked from the outside. When I went in, he locked it and then he and the kids stood by the door laughing hysterically. I looked around and realized the joke was on them. I had reading material, a tub, drinking glasses and a toilet. In fact, the only toilet in the house. I made myself comfortable and settled in. But, not for long. The lock was on their side, afterall.

  29. Donna says:

    We have 15 1 week old baby chicks and I put a brown egg from our adult hens in the brooder and took a picture and sent it to all our friends. They could not believe they were laying already……lol….

  30. ally says:

    A few years ago when April 1st was the start of Easter weekend, I emailed my BIL to say that we had realized that morning we had a 4-day weekend free, so we were on our way for a visit (9 hour drive to their place in Massachusetts). I explained that with hubby’s new job starting the next week we didn’t know when we’d next be able to come down. It was about 8 a.m. when I first sent a note, and then I took my young daughter out to the car and took a pic of her in her car seat, and sent that to him with a note “see ya soon”! He panicked because he knew his wife would freak with guests coming and no notice (she’s the type to want her house perfect, food bought and ready, etc and would not take this well). He called his parents to see if they knew anything. We hadn’t briefed them, but they unknowingly played along saying that yes it made sense. He ended up calling us completely in a panic, and unfortunately hubby let him off the hook. But he had a good 20-30 minutes of sheer terror! I reminisce every April Fool’s Day.

  31. Karen says:

    Delivery guy just left my Copper Mule cups I ordered off Amazon on your page. I can hardly wait to have an adult beverage tonight and try them out. They are really cool but I did mostly want the leather bag. It keeps popping up on my computer every single time I log in…….I think I hear it laughing at me!
    I certainly hope you get credit for all the orders your faithful readers placed!

  32. Michelle says:

    Congratulations to Kim!

    Honestly, I felt like I won with your new shop pages. Love the socks they make me smile when I put them on. I have some favorites I plan on getting after we recover from paying lots of taxes. Karen you have incredible taste. Happy AFD!

  33. Marti says:

    I’m calling FOUL. I can’t believe you gave that beautiful machine to Val Kilmer’s sister. Did she promise you his homemade tacquito recipe? Sheesh! I was robbed!

    But… thanks for the lovely page of April Fools’ jokes. At least one of those will be put to use. Just not today. Happy April! I hope the tundra thaws soon. 🙂

  34. Kim Kilmer says:

    I won, I won, I won! I absolutely can’t believe it! Left work today, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner and just sat down to read my email and of course there was Karen’s blog email. Always read that first to get my dose of humor, which was much needed today and BINGO! So excited. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • Kim Kilmer says:

      Not only was Karen so awesome to pick me, but I was given the choice of the classic or any color (notice no u, I’m American) Artisan I wanted. Picked the french blue and I will definitely make good use of this awesome gift!

  35. HeatherMTL says:

    Congrats Kim! Mine is so powerful it mixes up the cookies before I even get to enjoy it (ahem) but I am thrilled with it, nonetheless.
    Once, many moons ago, I short-sheeted my brother’s bed for April Fool’s day. He came home late after a night of too much and woke my parents up with his “what’s wrong with my bed?!” protests. Ha!! Of course, I had to re-make the bed even at that hour, but it was worth it a million time over. Besides, I was still awake waiting for him cos the anticipation of his reaction was nearly killing me 🙂

  36. Jane says:

    My parents got engaged on April fools day 65 years ago!

  37. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Yeah…I had a lot of fun this April Fools Day taking my cat Tali to the vet and wrestling with her to hold her down so Dr Susie could check her and trim her nails…I don’t know who was more exhausted…me, Tali or Dr Susie…I can tell you that Tali is a much tougher lady than I have ever been or will ever…Congrats to Kim…

  38. Debbe Van Ness says:

    I never think of anything good. But, when a coworker was single with roommates, they all did pranks. My friend had very poor eyesight. She put on her glasses one morning and her vision was worse! She panicked, thinking her vision was almost gone. Her roommates had taken plastic wrap and very carefully put it over the lenses. Her sight was so bad, she couldn’t see it! She figured it out when she could hear them laughing. She was just as guilty as the others with jokes. She loved all the jokes.

  39. Also Kim, but not the lucky Kim Kilmer says:

    Darn, I was so excited for a half-millisecond there!

  40. Karen Too says:

    I got fed-up w. my husband stealing one or two, here and there, of the little foil-covered chocolate eggs that were nested inside a much bigger egg that he’d given me for Easter– so I replaced them with dry dog-food wrapped in tin foil and waited… It was priceless when I started to hear those expletives from the kitchen!! I got him good!!

  41. Dana says:

    One year the time change lined up with April Fools. My husband had stayed late, really late, until 4 am! at a friend’s housewarming party after I went home with our toddlers. He thought nothing of it when I changed the time on his watch, along with all of the clocks. Only instead of an hour forward, I changed them 4 hours ahead. I woke him at “noon” and he couldn’t figure out why he was so tired. I finally confessed when he started to make dinner at 1pm (real time).

  42. Kelli says:

    My April Fool’s was being made a fool of…by locking myself out of my office for 3-4 hours last night when everyone and their brother had vacated the premises. Yay me.

    That bottle of wine i bought on the way home? Purely medicinal of course.

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