I have a drawer specifically dedicated to housing partnerless socks, which would be a brilliant idea if I were ever able to reunite any of them with their partners.  I have never once found a partner. I have a beige, wooly sock that matches a beige wooly sweater I own, that has sat, partnerless in that  tomb of a single sock drawer for 5 years.

Yet I keep them all with the kind of unfailing hope normally reserved for fad diets.

Other stuff?  Useful stuff?  Yeah, I just chuck that.  The one and only key to open the bars on my basement window?  Chucked it.  The instruction manual for my very complicated tomato press?  Chucked it.  The Prada skirt I got for $20 at a second hand store?  Chuckeroo.  I have no idea why, but it must have seemed like a good idea at the time.  Maybe I’m sleep chucker.

Which brings me to my dining room light, the Draper light from Crate and Barrel. I bought it on sale online a few years ago and really liked the bit of mid century modern it brought to my front hall.  Then this past year I did a bit of rearranging in my house and I replaced the Draper lamp in my front hall with an empire chandelier that I got from Kijij (Canada’s better answer to Craiglist) for $100.  I had to do this to because I didn’t want a mid century lamp over my new mid century Tulip table.  Too much mid century.

It was all going to work out fine because I could just  hang the Draper lamp in my library/dining room.  The light has kind of a library feel to it so I was confident it would look good.

And it probably would have looked good ….

… had I not chucked the extension bars for it.  The pieces of brass rod that let you drop the light lower.  Yeah, I chucked them.  I don’t know why but I did it. I guess I figured that once it was installed in the foyer I was never going to move it and was never going to need them.  But I did and I do.

After a bit of consideration I also decided that maybe I just didn’t like the light that much.  I could have searched around to find extension bars that matched the same burnished brass colour as the light or I could have bought some and painted them to match but that’s a pain for something I’m not completely in love with.  Like, I’d go to the ends earth to fix something (anything) for Idris Elba or even Jeff Goldblum.  Definitely Anthony Bourdain or Adam Driver.   But for say, Brad Pitt – yeah, he’s O.K. – but he’s not worth the work.

Neither is the Draper lamp.

As it turns out the Draper lamp is going to end up in the sock drawer.

Which means I now have to pick out a pendant light for the dining room.  I did a bit of browsing just to see what styles I liked and came up with a few.  The one I really love is the Lindsey Adelman type branch lights but I’m worried in a few years I’ll look back on it and think, “Oh look!  The Chevron of lighting fixtures!”.

I really do love it though.

Here are a few of the looks I’m considering, including that Lindsey Adelman knock off.


  1. Candle style chandelier.
  2. Geometric Gold sculpture chandelier.
  3. Lindsey Adelman (branching) knock off chandelier gold.
  4. Lindsey Adelman (branching) knock off chandelier black.
  5. George Nelson Bubble light.
  6. Globe light that I can no longer find anywhere on the Internet, lol.  Oy.

The first light, the sort of medieval looking candle style chandelier is nice and I really like the style but it’s a bit too … wrong.  I’m not sure why but I think it’s partly because it’s very busy with all the chains and links in the chains and 7,000 bulbs.  It’s just too much with all the books in the bookcases.  It also doesn’t look solid enough, it’s too wispy.


Now this light I LOVE.  I love it with all of my heart and a sliver of my appendix.  It’s a big, solid looking sculpture made from metal that lights up the room. What’s not to love?  At $1,369 it’s a bit of a budget eater, but since I did the entire room myself and I do EVERYTHING myself, I’d almost consider it.  I’d at least consider saving for it.

What’s selling  me on it is I haven’t seen it anywhere else before.  Also, to get over the sticker shock I’m considering it a piece of art and any piece of art is going to cost $1,000.  This one just happens to hang from the ceiling and light up.


And the Lindsey Edelman branching light.  I’m sure you’ve seen these lights before. They’re everywhere now and for a much lower price than Lindsey’s.  She came up with this design and deserves any and ALL credit for it.   Her designs are the Haute Couture of the lighting world and most of her lights cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Just look at this from her Cherry Bomb collection.


Yeah.  She knows what she’s doing that Lindsey Edelman.  Her branching light kind of disappears in this photo of my dining room but I think in real life it would show up beautifully.





Genius woman that she is, she offers a DIY version of her iconic branching light for $200 US, which I would have bought years ago if I thought it would be big enough for my dining room table.  She only recently added dimensions and photographs on her website so now I know it probably would be big enough.

It’s a contender.

I have a hunch I should maybe be looking at more black options though.  Black might be a better choice.


I’ve wanted a George Nelson Bubble light since I moved into this house.  In fact I wanted one so much and talked about it so often that a designer friend of mine, Carol Reed (who e-designed my kitchen),  believed that I had one.  I do not.  But if I did, this is what it would look like.


These globe type branching lights are another Lindsey Edelman inspired lighting option.  If not for the fact that I found the light online and then promptly forgot where I found it.  I thought it was Wayfair but if it was it isn’t on there anymore.

That’s O.K.  It’s no Anthony Bourdain.


I’m leaning towards the DIY Lindsay Edelman I think because, that’s what I do.  I do things.  Stuff, I do stuff.  But honestly, I wish I wasn’t quite so compelled to do everything.  If I weren’t so compelled I would just buy the Lindsay Edelman knock off for almost the same price and spend the time I saved not making it to do other more useful stuff.

Like  hacksaw the bars off of my basement window.

Update!  I went with the white George Nelson Bubble light.  You can see how it looks in real life here. 🙂 


  1. Evelyn says:

    The one you have is the one I like best. And that gives you more time to do stuff. And not buy or change light fixtures. Go and cuddle a chicken or build a tiny home for a loved one in your yard.

  2. Stephbo says:

    I adore those candlelight fixtures, but I think the bubble light is the best for your space.

  3. june says:

    Hi Karen, Personally, I prefer the Nelson Bubble as I think many of the others are not ‘solid” enough for this space and while beautiful do get lost.. Looking at the elusive photo #6, you might want to get in touch with sazeracstiches.com as they make similar light and also can customize for you.

  4. Janelle says:

    The gold is very lovely, but it looks like it may not throw off a lot of actual, y’know…light.

  5. SusanR says:

    I’m sure it’s the photo you had to use of the gold one, when photoshopping it into your room, but to me, it looks like a bunch of cardboard boxes glued together. I doubt that’s the case in real life, otherwise you wouldn’t be considering it.

    The bubble, to me, was the only one that looked like it belonged in the room. It doesn’t distract from the room, and it doesn’t add too much to it.

    All of the others seem to distract from the room, to my old eyes.

  6. Absolutely #2! Beautiful and unique. My second choice is #5

  7. Hi Karen; without going back to look at ‘names’ which I’d have had to write down, my vote is either the $1000 gold art piece, because it is art, OR, the replicate $200 because it’s a beautiful fixture and you can’t beat the price.
    It will be interesting to see which way you go, and if you don’t, then I will be guessing you’re save up for a piece of hanging ‘art’ that happens to light your DR table.
    Have fun.

  8. Kelli says:

    4 words: GO. FOR. THE. BUBBLE.

    That is all. 🙂

  9. Sarah McDonnell says:

    why not try to make one. Dind’t you rewire a lamp? Chandliers are just more like rewiring an octopus, right? Um…scratch that.
    But some basic plumbing parts, connectors, paint and you could make that easy peasey.

  10. I love the Zettel“z 5 Chandelier – http://www.ylighting.com/ing-zettel-z5.html. I love the design of it, but the idea of throwing out over a thousand for pieces of paper doesn’t sit right.

  11. Carolyn says:

    Definitely 2.

  12. Gaeyl says:

    I like all of the lamps for different reasons and Thanks for admitting you are real and also make errors . My really good wool socks I hand wash and line dry in the bathroom. I honestly found a sock escaping through the gasket into the washer drum once. When I had a repairman came out there were no other socks.

  13. Patricia Jaroslawski says:

    The gold geometric blob is my all time favourite and for me, blows all the other contenders off the table ;). I like the weight it has; some of the others seem too flimsy to me. I expect to see a DIY version in a future post 🙂

  14. Eva says:

    My personal choice would be the Draper lamp 🙂 I think I have said this before in some other comment: If you ever consider parting with this lamp, I want to be the first in line (although shipping costs to Europe are probably horrendous) … As for the other ones: No. 2 looks quite heavy on the photo, a massive visual impact. It has style, though. But whatever any one of us says: If you love it, go for it!

  15. Stephanie says:

    p.s. Karen. You being you, I am sure you can gold spray paint a whole lot of cardboard rectangular folded shapes of all sizes and folds and temporarily glue them to your existing light to see if, in fact, you’d love #2 in your space. I have faith you can do this.

    • Karen says:

      That’s a lot more difficult than it sounds Stephanie. 🙂 And when you do something like that you run the risk of having something that really isn’t a good representation of the true thing (because it looks like spray painted cardboard garbage) and it might turn you off of the real deal. No, I’d just buy it, try it and if it didn’t work, return it. 🙂 ~ karen!

  16. Stephanie says:

    I was going to say “what are you thinking” with choice number 2, until I scrolled down and saw it in place – it is stunning in your room. Number 3 I love and I look at it all the time online. However, as you said, it gets a little lost in your bright sunny room. In black though I think would look great – you have black in Martha (I think I may have gotten her name wrong) and touches of black throughout your shelves and on your table (at the moment) and it may be a contender. But for statement and art – number 2 all the way.

  17. Pat S. says:

    I have been wanting the Nelson bubble for a year or so – aside from the cost, I’m worried that it wouldn’t hang straight, and that would really bug me.
    That and #2 are my faves. I’m not a fan of exposed light bulbs – might be my age – they seem glarey to me.

  18. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    The Nelson bubble is best…That gold thing looks like my cats got together and glued a bunch of cardboard boxes together..lol

  19. Jenny B says:

    I love the Lindsey Adelman lights because to me they are so inherently beautiful. Like when I see a certain color blue and feel a little zing in my soul, that’s how I feel about the Lindsey Adelman lights. Does the DIY kit have the same organic shaped globes, because I think that is part of the beauty of the original.

  20. Sarah says:

    #1 is … hmm, ok I suppose
    #2 would be a dusting nightmare. (Is it cardboard or gold something?)
    #3&4 look like skeletons of a stick insect
    #5 ah yes, now we’re talking!
    #6 oh come on, this one you put in as a joke didn’t you?

  21. Renee Ryz says:

    #2 is really cool. Now, it would not work in my house – my style is … I guess mission meets northwoods, but for some reason that light just struck me. Whatever you decide will be lovely. But I still vote for the gold!

  22. Becky G. says:

    #2!! There are no other options!! It looks perfect and it’s one of a kind! You will even be able to sell that one later for a good price when you’re sick of it. Although it is so unique and unlike anything else, I’d wager it will be at least as long as you’ve loved Margaret that you’d ever tire of it. Plus, it really is a bargain for a one of a kind sculpture AND functioning pendant light fixture all in one! Go for it!!!

  23. Stephanie Hobson says:

    #5 for everyday, #1 for Christmas! There you go… easy peasy.

  24. Catherine Naulin says:

    So sorry! I’m no help at all, ’cause I don’t like any of them. To boot, I have no valid alternative. Booh Hiss!
    Love you though!

  25. Grammy says:

    Just when I think you are the smartest girl in the world you say Brad Pitt is just so-so. Sheesh. You are absolutely right to extol the virtues of Idris, Jeff, Anthony and Adam because all are worthy of your (and everyone’s) attention. But, okay, let’s work with what you’ve started.

    Number 1 is to me what, evidently, Brad is to you. Don’t do it.
    Number 2 is pretty much all of the best rolled into one fantastic piece of…(insert whatever you’re looking for here)…just breathtaking and worth whatever it costs.
    Numbers 3 and 4 are beautiful and I love branch lights done right, but neither of these are right for this room, it seems.
    Number 5 is just beautiful, now and always, and has aged nicely (like the best people do). It also looks terrific in your dining room. The question to ask yourself here is, “Have I lusted after this for so long that when I acquire it I will already be on the road to being tired of it?” If you think you would never, ever, toss out Idris even if you find he snores and tosses his dirty socks on your dresser, then go ahead and take the chance on George Nelson.
    Number 6 is a good choice, too. It’s different enough and still solid and doesn’t fight with the rest of the room. To hell with what people are saying about dusting. If dusting is really important to you, then you wouldn’t have any of the lovely items you already have in your home. You either like the aesthetics of something or you don’t, and you deal with the housekeeping. I deal with it by being more tolerant of dust than other people.

    If your dining room was mine and I was selecting the lighting, I’d choose the art piece — even though I’m not crazy about gold there’s something about that unusual light that makes me love it. And want it. Art is nothing to sniff about. My second choice would be the George Nelson and a close third would be what we now know (thanks to your devoted public) is the Kopra Burst chandelier. Perhaps in another room I’d choose the black branch light. I would never select that golden wagon wheel, though.

  26. Brenda says:

    I would like to offer these alternate suggestions…if the links/photos actually show up in this posting that is!

    (look through the photos to see the light fixture)


  27. Jan in Waterdown says:

    I could really see you with Anthony Bourdain but if it all went south, you’d probably kill each other . . . or worse. How’s about Mike Rowe?

  28. Christina Contri says:

    I HATE gold, but that #2 is to die for!!

  29. Brenda says:

    I won’t weigh in on lighting – I wrapped white cotton gauze around my chandelier with a cylindrical shade and called it a cloud – I’m hopeless with lighting BUT socks OR RATHER sock … I have solved this … though I do still have a 1off sock drawer too that I could toss the key on … I now only buy the exact same black bamboo sockS from Shoppers and who even knows if any are partnerless – it’s now one big polyamourous orgy in the drawer and one very happy toe-tapping marriage in my Blundstones. There should be a day a year when all good people join together in the local park and lay out their sock drawer for everyone to see / to see if maybe there could be some tradesies happening.

  30. Dyfferent says:

    There’s a close dupe for the white one on overstock.com

  31. Monica says:

    FYI, #6 is the Kobra Burst Chandlier in grey.
    It also comes in other colors + configurations!

    I’m always stirring the pot! hee hee!

  32. jaine kunst says:

    Bubble light doesn’t get lost in the room. With all the books I think the other lights get lost and don’t make a statement. Bubble light holds its own.

    Jeff Goldblum can park his boots under my bed anytime. How about his “swagger” walking across the desert at the end of the movie Independence Day. Be still my beating heart!

  33. Patty says:

    1 and 2 both seem too busy with a room that has a lot of details. I like both 3 and 4. I would lean more towards 4 though. I think the black pops in a room that has a lot of gold and white. I think 5 looks like a space ship. The size would play a big part in how well that one would look. If it was too large it would block the view as you looked across the room taking away from the over all clean line look of the room. 6 is an okay option maybe a bit too dark of a color though.

  34. Shelagh says:

    Given the chairs the bubble is maybe a bit predictable? It ” matches” the chairs beautifully….like they were made for each other.

    Therefore IMHO, the diy gold branch one, despite its naked bulbs compliments the chairs, picks up on the gold in the frame, won’t fight with the strip lighting on the brick wall and will still provide a suitable framework for Christmas decorations?

    #2 and #6 are dramatic, compelling and to me real show stoppers! They deserve a room where nothing else is going on so they can bask in the attention they deserve and not have to compete with those amazing chairs a brick wall and Margaret….

    Good luck, can’t wait to see where you will take this!

  35. Leslie says:

    I actually like what you have. It is solid enough to anchor the space and not so busy to distract from the books in the library. If you have to have a new fixture, I’d go for the George Nelson Bubble light. Basically for the same reason I like what you have. It is solid enough to anchor the space and not so busy as to distract from the library. In my very humble option the box one overwhelms the space and the rest either feel too light (as in structure) or busy. It will be interesting to see where you go with this. I suspect I know 🙂

  36. Brenna says:

    Love the bubble light! I have the propeller version of this pendant in my dining room. I wasn’t sure when I ordered it…but as soon as I hung it (super simple install) and saw the romantic glow of soft light in the room….lurve! Its a light sculpture. Also, super simple to dust with the vacuum fabric attachment (practical). There are a number of less common but interesting styles like apple, propeller, criss cross and bell if you’re looking for something less common.

  37. Kristina says:

    Okay, yes, you could do the DIY Lindsay Edelman. But I think you could also DIY Geometric Gold. I’ve never seen this light in person, but based on the product images, I think you could get the same effect with boxboard sprayed gold, superglue, and some cool-to-the-touch but warm-toned LEDs.

    And THAT would be an amazing DIY.

  38. martha says:

    #2 is absolutely stunning. After I saw your photo of it in the room, none of the others even came close. There is nothing wrong with the branch lighting or the Nelson, they are nice. But thats the difference, #2 is not nice…it is awesome, a work of art and makes the room! (IMHO)

    • Jan in Waterdown says:

      Martha, you are so right! I was going to say something similar but you did it for me. IMHO too, and apparently, according to my husband, I’ve never had a humble opinion in my life.
      Yep, he’s right 😏

  39. Becky says:

    You picked some nice lights however, my choice would be none of those but the lambert & fils cliff suspension light if you are still looking at options.
    It reminds me a bit of the lindsay adelman light but slightly more restrained in design and less seen/available. I believe modfrugal built her own (2 of them). However, I can’t get her blog to load for me. https://www.instagram.com/p/y2A9OONDUd/?taken-by=modfrugal&hl=en

  40. Kathy says:

    Ahh yes, Jeff Goldblum with or without lighting.

  41. Yvonne M says:

    The George Neilsen Bubble Light, #5. Always wanted oneof those, and it has some dimension to it without being heavy or heavy-looking.

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