Ditch your Disgusting Dish-soap Dispenser why Doncha?

For someone who is such a goof, I’ve always been pretty mature.  Like my mother Betty says, “I have good common sense“.  Which I personally think is an awful thing for a mother to say to her daughter.  Why not just say “You’re a great, big, bore dear and I often wish I’d given birth to something more fun, like a circus“.

But it’s true.  I have always exhibited a healthy amount of caution and care.

As a child I dutifully buckled up my seatbelt – even before it was required by law.  Betty thought this was hilarious.

I never once handed my homework in late.   Betty thought this was good.

I once stole an antique apothecary bottle from my highschool science class just because I liked it.  Betty’s just finding this out right now and I’m pretty sure she’s running to test her blood pressure and jamming her eyeballs back into their sockets.

Who’s boring now?  Not me.  I’m a rebel.  A scallywag!  Thinkin’ of joining the circus!

It’s the one and only time I can remember doing something “bad”.  I’m pretty sure I’ve done a LOT of bad things, but this is the one I choose to remember.

I had no idea what I was going to use this bottle for, I just knew I had to have it.  Now, I’m not promoting theft here … but I have to say … I’m really glad I stole that bottle.  I use it every single day and every time I use it it makes  me happy.

Because you see, I became a grown up 12 years ago when I moved into this house and that bottle has been on my kitchen counter every day since.

It’s my dish soap dispenser.  There’s something realllyyy satisfying about improving the little things around you that you use every single day.  So if you’re looking for a new dish soap dispenser I’ve gathered up a few fun options for you …

Vintage Glass Pop Bottle!


Random Empty Bottle

This one originally held scented oil for room fragrance (the kind that has the sticks sticking out of it)


Science Beaker!


And the um … Apothecary Bottle.

price unknown. ahem.


Because I use a nice looking dish soap dispenser I can leave it on the counter all the time.  I don’t feel like I have to hide it under the kitchen sink with the rest of my ugly things like bottles of bleach, scrubby pads and the necklace I bought at a craft sale that seemed “cute” at the time.

Don’t do dishes?  I don’t blame you!  Use your bottles for hand soap, vinegar or oil.  (hand soap is pretty thick so you may have to water it down a little if you don’t have a HUGE spout on your stopper)

Speaking of which, the key to this working is finding the proper stoppers for the top of each bottle, so when I’m out at the Dollar Store or wherever and see cheap spouts/stoppers I buy them on the off chance it’ll fit one of my bottles.

The stoppers made out of cork are great because you can actually sand them down with a bit of sandpaper to make it smaller.  If the cork still seems a tiny bit too tight, just soak it in some water to get it more pliable and rub a little soap around the outside of it.  That should make it easier to push in the neck of the bottle.

So during your travels to flea markets, antique sales or even the grocery store keep your eyes peeled for interesting glass bottles.  For the record, it’s probably best to stay away from highschool science rooms.

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