Dollar Store DIY.
Make a door mat.

You know what? Let’s not even sully this life changing DIY post with a lot of small talk. It would only lessen the impact of this, quite possibly my favourite dollar store DIY post.

Now, now, I know you’re thinking. KAREN! How can this possibly be your favourite? You’ve brought us such wondrous Dollarama posts like the Car wash mitt pillow, the Pots made into lanterns, and the ever popular There’s a fungus amungus.

Well I’ll tell you why this one is possibly my favourite. Because it’s my latest. You know. The same way your latest baby is always your favourite. The latest being the youngest of course. I’m the youngest for instance.

Behold my most recent favourite baby.

Fake Grass Door Mat 2
Fake Grass Front Door Mat Dollarama

Fake Grass Door Mat

A door mat. 6 squares of fake grass clipped together. You can see why it’s my favourite. She’s as cute as a bug’s ear.

And that’s it. My dollar store binge is over for the moment. Although I will warn you, I already have the materials for my next dollar store DIY which I’ll be posting about in the next few weeks. At which point it will become my favourite.

Until the next one comes along.



  1. Hilda Peraza Munk says:

    Love this idea…but I’m a dope: What kind of clips will take the Ware&Tare of front door mat?
    Thanky much!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Hilda. The little squares from the Dollar store actually clip together. So there aren’t any extra metal clips. They snap together. ~ karen!

  2. Alice says:

    So I decided to make one, too, and it looks quite cute — but — now we have little pieces of fake grass all over the walk near the front door, because it’s really not very sturdy. :(

    It’s too bad, because I really, really liked it…but I think this one season will be all it’s good for.

  3. I think my dogs would even wee wee on it, making it seem so much more real! I love it…and so would Jingle and Fern! Thanks for the faux beauty of it all!

  4. Kari says:

    This is seriously beautiful! Love the organicness, lol, much better look than most generic mats. I need some fake grass asap.

  5. Rondina says:

    I agree with those in Illinois. You got me to visit the Dollar Store awhile back and all I found was tiny, tiny stuff for a dollar. Stuff so tiny that a dollar would be over-charging. Travel-sized. Maybe what you are calling Dollarama is more like the old Five & Dimes used to be when I was growing up in the mid-twentieth century. They were great. And, yes, when I write my childhood years that way, I sound about 20 years older.

    You may have done the Dollarama pictures before, but if you haven’t I’d like to see what yours looks like again.

  6. Jan In Waterdown says:

    Thought of you today while shopping at HomeSense . . . they had fake grass balls about a foot in diameter which would look great perched on a tall black planter or rolling down the middle of your table runner. Sadly, they were not similarly priced!

  7. Doria says:

    strangely, I’m kinda disappointed that you’re not a vampire…

  8. Traci says:

    Ok. Seriously, if anyone finds these in the US or online you must share because I need a new doormat and it must be this! Awesome! Simply beautiful Karen!

  9. Elen Grey says:

    The mat is killing me. Yeah. Killing me.

  10. Kathy Hartzell says:

    I need to see if our dollar shops have such a product. Doubt it. I wanted to get a small amount of the fake grass to make a pad for a teak chaise. – a cat peed the expensive cushion and I have tried all the enzyme treatments to no avail. While I imagine the grass would be scratchy, except when there s a crowd, no one actually sits on this chaise. And there are always lovely beach towels to use for lounging. I thought this would look hysterical, in a good way. Haven’t found a distributor of less than a yard full so far.

  11. jeannie B says:

    You do take a beautiful picture Karen!
    In a high wind, would that grass mat blow off the porch ? It must be quite light. I have a coir mat at my side door . It has a rubber backing but takes ages to dry after a rainstorm.
    I think i’ll stick a note on the back door, saying, ” Come back when you’ve got a WARRANT!” I like that. It should generate some amusing conversation. Lol

  12. chana says:

    Canada dollar stores have so much better stuff!

  13. Su says:

    Cute … And you could go a step further and stencil something if you felt creative…

  14. ellen says:

    Love all your “grass” projects equally!!! Wish our dollar stores here in central Illinois carried that product… cause I’d be copying every single project.

  15. Ruth says:

    Cute and functional…. now this I can use. :D

  16. Feral Turtle says:

    Now Betty has somewhere to wipe her feet when she comes! Cheers.

  17. Jebber Jay says:

    For real and true I love it! I love that you don’t have to mow it. I may do my whole yard this weekend.

  18. Kim C. says:

    THIS is why you will always be my favourite.:-)

  19. Gina says:

    I love it! How come we can’t see you in the reflection of the front door? Camera trickery or are you a vampire?

  20. nycRed714 says:

    I want to make one – how did you attach them to one another?

  21. Dagmar says:

    I’m in agreement with everyone else on this one; looks great in your setting, and it is the best project so far from all the ones you’ve done with the fake grass.
    ❗But I just *have* to share this story with everyone today. My fella and I were watching a documentary about drug smuggling. So the narrator shows all the special agents surround this meth production house, and then clear as day, the camera pans down to the door mat. Now obviously this is a serious show, with muffled voices and faces covered up for their own protection and all, but I laughed my ass off when the door mat said “Come back when you get a WARRANT.” And even the special agents had a chuckle over it after the fact-because of course, this gang definately had a sense of humour, and *yes* they did have a warrant.❗

  22. Susan Preston says:

    How many of these suckers would I need for my lawn? I hate cutting my grass and with these guys, all I’d have to do is throw some water at my flowers once and awhile and drink margaritas on my deck surveying the plantation. Perfect!

  23. Grammy says:

    This is my favorite project you’ve done with Dollar Store stuff. Till you show us the next one.

    But Jackie is right — this fake grass doormat is just perfect in the setting you have, but in a lot of other doorways it’s going to, shall we say, lose the luster that it has on your porch. I’m in drought-stricken California, and that cute little patch of green would look really out of place next to the lawns we’re not watering in order to conserve water for drinking and growing food.

  24. Jane says:

    All of your Dollarama fake grass projects are so cool they inspired me to make a trip to our Dollar General here in Illinois….not a cute usable thing in there!! We need Dollarama here in the US.!! Can’t wait to see your next project:).

  25. Cindy R. from Washington and Hawaii says:

    It’s a thing of beauty, my favorite, a Useful Beauty kind of Thing. Would that I had a Dollarama in my neighborhood selling strange scraps of faux lawn! :-|

  26. Jackie says:

    I think this looks great here, but I am imagining it in another not-so-perfectly-suited setting. This faux-grass doormat without the beautiful brick entryway, the black door, the (reflected) white picket fence, the weather-washed wooden porch floor, the wooden barrel + fern, the rustic metal pitcher with red geraniums… wouldn’t achieve anything close to the effect pictured here! If this mat were outside of a carnival tent, you might not feel the same warm feeling about entering that this evokes when paired with stylish props! :) I love it but I just don’t know how it would translate without the beautiful setting you’ve placed it in. Goes to show that making dollar store finds work in your own abode is a very subjective thing. :) You are creative and resourceful!!

    • Karen says:

      Well … having said that Jackie, if you put Heidi Klum outside a carnival wearing dirty clothes with unbrushed hair, she wouldn’t look as great either. (I’m not particularly a large Klum fan, but thought she was someone everyone would know) I hear what you’re saying but I do think this mat would look good at pretty much any door. ~ karen!

      • Jane says:

        There’s not anything to dislike about this mat. It is simple and clean looking. Not your usual faded, brown, worn ” welcome” mat!

  27. Mary Edmondson says:

    Brilliant! But what else can we expect from you but brilliant ideas. Your house is beautiful and a warm retreat – safe from the vicissitudes of life. And we all know you have had them. Life’s emotional ups and downs are the pits – thankfully we have our “nests” that afford us such pleasure. The front grass door mat is simply perfect. Keep knocking our sox off, Karen.

  28. Tigersmom says:

    Am I first? Holy Crap! That never happens. I’m usually way asleep by now.

    I love this door mat. I’ve been looking for a new one, but they mostly say “welcome” and that would just be a lie.

  29. Tracie says:

    Love it! I really like the other two, but I love this one so much I am going to make one for my very own tomorrow. I can’t wait……:)

  30. Jane says:

    This is really cute! What did you clip the squares together with?

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