Dollar Store Spring Wreath
There’s a Fungus Amungus

I was interviewed by someone today.  They wanted to know about why people love Dollar Stores so much. I didn’t really have an answer.  I wasn’t sure.

I suppose it’s the thrill of the hunt.   Finding something really GREAT at the Dollar Store is like finding an extra chicken McNugget in your box.  It’s not really worth anything and you probably don’t need it, but you’re still incredibly excited that it’s there.

Most importantly Dollar Stores provide inspiration.   If you’re creative and have access to a Dollar Store you can make just about anything you need in life.  Except math skills.  No  matter how hard you try, nothing you hot glue together from the Dollar Store will end up resembling math skills.

Today I have for you my most favourite Dollar Store project I’ve ever done.

Behold … the Spring Wreath made entirely out of Dollarama crap.


1 Pool Noodle

5 bags of Spanish Moss

Hot glue gun and sticks

1 small wooden dowel

1 larger wooden dowel or piece of hard plastic tube

Duct Tape


(Non Dollarama materials)

Additional Moss (found mine outside, plus some natural Reindeer Moss I had stashed in the basement)

Mushrooms (Grocery Store)

Old piece of wood (I used a hunk of barnboard)

Here we go!



Grab yourself a pool noodle.  Yeah, that thing you play with in the pool.


Cut a dowel or piece of plastic pipe to 6 or 7 inches.


Slather the end of the pipe with hot glue.


Shove it in the end of the pool noodle.


Hot glue the other end of the dowel/pipe and stick it in the other end of the noodle.  Also hot glue the ends of the noodle for good measure.


Shove everything together to form a wreath.  As you can see the glue can only take so much tension.  It’ll stay stuck, but you may have a portion that won’t.  Not a problem.



Wrap the crease with some duct tape to make the wreath perfectly secure.


Ta da.   You are now the proud owner of a 17″ styrofoamish wreath for the total cost of around $2.


Gather all your moss.  The Dollar Store moss, plus whatever you can scrounge.


Heat that glue gun up and start gluing.



This will happen.  It’ll probably hurt.  Suck it up.  You’re makin’ a wreath here, not pettin’ kittens and jumping over rainbows.  No pain no gain.


A few minutes later … your wreath will be covered with moss.  Lookin’ good.



Around the bottom base of the wreath add in your additional moss.  The stuff you’ve gathered.  Not mandatory.  But if you don’t do this part you’ll look less impressive.  And … if given the choice would you rather look more or less impressive?



At this point it’s easier to get an idea of what your wreath looks like if you work with it hanging on a wall.  So go hang it on a wall.



Take a look and add and remove your moss as needed.  Either hot glue it or use metal U pins to stick the moss in the styrofoam.



Once you’re happy with the way the base of your wreath looks, get a bunch of mushrooms.  Just regular old mushrooms from the grocery store.  I have a selection of Oyster mushrooms, Shitake, Button mushrooms etc. etc.  Total cost of mushrooms was about $5.




Stick a toothpick into the base of a mushroom.



Place your first mushroom.  Perhaps it will be your only mushroom.  Even the single mushroom looks incredibly cute.  You can just leave it like that.  Or … you could add more mushrooms.



Like this.



Hang it wherever you want.  Obviously this isn’t going to last forever, so if you wanna show your mushroom wreath off do it right away.  Maybe call the neighbours in.  Tell them you wanna show them your noodle.  Men might want to use this exact phrase cautiously.




If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can use the smaller dowel and a piece of wood to make a stand for the wreath.  It’s so easy if you can’t do it you might want to go back to petting kittens.  Just find the appropriate drill bit for the size of dowel you’ve bought, drill a hole in your wood board and hammer the dowel in.  I also stained my dowel so it came close to matching the colour of the barn board.  Then smash your wreath onto it.  Carefully of course.


In my opinion there is absolutely nowhere this wreath doesn’t look good.  And as far as I’m concerned it’s the best use in the world for mushrooms.  Certainly better than eating them.




Your mushrooms will start to wilt slightly after about a day.  This is what you’d call a special occasion wreath.

Think of it as a replenish-able living arrangement.   If mushrooms don’t happen to be your thing, don’t worry.  Over the next couple of days I’ll show you other things you can do with the moss wreath.
The other way Dollar Stores and chicken McNuggets are similar, by the way?  Neither one of them tastes like chicken.  But I love them both.


  1. Diane says:

    Brilliant! Love, Love, love, your sense of humor, enjoyed it as much as your wreath. Wonder if you could spray the mushrooms with like a polyurethane or something that would keep them longer. They are so damn cute.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Diane! I am pretty funny. Ha! That’s an interesting idea to polyurethane the mushrooms. I have NO idea if it would work but something along those lines would be worth giving a shot. ~ karen!

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