Easter/Spring Cloches.
Bird’s nests under glass.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Easter.  It’s the ugly holiday.  At least it used to be.  In recent years Easter and spring decorating in general has gone through a bit of a transformation.  Sure you’ll still see the odd straw stuffed buck toothed rabbit wearing overalls but for the most part things have gone a bit higher end.  Easter is less about pastel colours and more about the feeling of spring.

Bird’s nests, grass, moss, clay pots … that sort of thing.  Most of which we all have at home.  Kay, maybe not the bird’s nest but if you’re like me, and I think a lot of you are, you DO have a bird’s nest somewhere.

And before you start jumping up and down with your hand in the air, No.  I am not frightened of the microscopic mites, bugs, fluttery things or birdpoop that might comes with these nests.  I find a new nest on my porch every year because the birds, unlike me, seem to like to build a brand new house every year.  I bring the nest inside, stick it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for a day or two.  That kills some of the ick.

The rest I’m not worried about.  I mean, I wouldn’t EAT the bird’s nest, but I’m comfortable with displaying it for a month or so a year.  I have a similar theory for other decorative items like pillows and coffee table books. Display them, do not eat them.

So, go gather yourselves some spring-like items and display them.

Wanna REALLY make an impact?  Stick whatever you found under glass.  If you stick it under or on top of glass it’ll look special.  And rare. Like a big, toothy grin from Kristen Stewart.



That first example is  an old silver candlestick, a real bird’s nest, some sparkly styrofoam eggs and a tiny birds nest from the dollar store.
The second example is a much larger glass cloche (which I got for my birthday from one of my sisters) a fake, mossy looking bird’s nest and an old Ikea candlestick.  The stuff at the base is dollar store crap and a white ceramic rose I’ve had forever.

Don’t have a cloche?  Check out some flea markets or second hand stores for them or for old clocks that come with this sort of thing over them.  If you can’t be bothered with that, these look almost as good without the glass.  Just get a round of wood (craft store) to act as a stand and arrange your spring things on it.

Keep your display  at different heights and don’t make it too symmetrical.

Things you can use?  Clay pots, soil, moss, antique gardening tools and books, blown out eggs, seed packets, even a nice bunny if you have one.  Just go rooting around your basement or garage and you’ll come up with something.

If you’re the least bit suspicious of it check it for “ick”. You can do their by either trying to eat it, or … sticking it in the freezer.  Your choice.


  1. Jamie Lynn says:

    funny you should post this today – I saw on Pinterest just the other day a tutorial on how to DIY these things from soda bottles. I can’t find the original pin now (of course) but Pinterest has tons of pins on diy cloches. i might just make some spring ones – i need some spring inspiration since it snowed here yesterday! sooo ready for nice weather and pretty colors outside instead of dirty white blah-ness!!

  2. Jamie Lynn says:

    found it… here’s the link to the tutorial if you’d like to see it! http://lifeartcollide.blogspot.ca/2012/10/soda-bottle-bell-jars.html

    • Karen says:

      Jamie Lynn – Oh boy. I was just going to leave a comment begging you to not make a cloche out of a pop bottle, LOL. But they actually look great! Thanks for linking. ~ karen

      • Jamie Lynn says:

        hahahaha!! i honestly thought they were glass when i saw the original pin, and had to check it out to believe they were really plastic. they look pretty good huh! who knew!!

        as for the toothy grin from K-Stew…THAT i definitely won’t believe till i see… 😉

        • Sia says:

          Oh my goodness!!! What a great alternative for those who don’t have a cloche!!! Thank you so much for posting this Jamie Lynn. They look amazing!!! I will definitely be making one of these.
          Sia 🙂

        • Sia says:

          Not to mention the safety aspect… Having a 4 and 2 year old!!!

        • Patti says:

          OH. MY. GOD.

          I just so excited I made a little yelping noise, and I’m at work so that was more than a little embarrassing.

          First off: Karen! Thanks for the tips on where to find a cloche! AWESOME! I’d never thought to use one of those old clocks and to just take the clock out. BRILLIANT! I’ve been looking for some forever but have never been successful.

          And then.. and then.. oh my god, the pop bottle cloches. I’m tickled. Every halloween, I sob myself to sleep because I know some cloches would be just perfect for the huge halloween bash I throw annually. And every year I have to go without. And now, I’m starting down the countdown to halloween because I’m SO doing that – and with a house FULL of people wearing weird, cumbersome costumes, I’m extra stoked – I didn’t want to sink a bunch of money into a cloche to have it smashed at the party. YIPPEEE.

          I love the Art of Doing Stuff!

  3. This is crazy. True story…Yesterday I said to my hubby: “Husband, please find me a bird’s nest so that I can put it under the empty glsss dome thingy in the office.” And then…
    He didn’t.
    That conversation occured. And I didn’t get a bird’s nest, but I really, really, really, want one!

    And now I want one even more.

    • Karen says:

      Lindsay – It seems to me your husband needs to be punished. A good way to punish him would apparently be to make him find you a bird’s nest. ~ karen!

      • Well Karen, based on your advice, I’ve roused him from bed and sent him outside in the cold, rainy night in search of a bird’s nest. Consider him punished. My marriage may fail, but I WILL have my bird’s nest, goddamit.

        PS- Does your “art” include marriage counselling?

  4. Marti says:

    These are very cool. Far better than annoying little stuffed bunnies in various tacky outfits.

    PS: did we ever find the toothy grin picture of Kristen Stewart?

  5. Meg says:

    Karen, you can also kill the ick by microwaving the nest for a few minutes.

  6. Reg says:

    Those displays are so pretty and fresh looking. Much more imaginative than bunnies wearing overalls or fuzzy chicks. Nothing against bunnies or chicks, just save them for the kids room maybe.

    The wooden bases look like old cutting boards or steak boards.

  7. Suanne Jefferies says:

    Just had a great thought! (it happens once in awhile) For limited space, like on a desk at work, why not make a miniature cloche from a juice bottle or the 12 oz. soda bottles??? No chance of them getting broken if accidently knocked off your space.

  8. Nicole2 says:

    OMG, I’m just so hip. And on trend. And ahead of the curve. Karen said so.

    I have had a bird’s nest with little blue eggs and a fake bird sitting on a terracotta pot and moss on an old wooden plate spun by my great-grand-father (true story) under a cloche in my living room for FOUR YEARS!!! Nest, check. Bird, check. Eggs, check. Terracotta pot, check. Moss, check. Cloche, check.

    I do change the content of the cloche. At Christmas, it holds a giant glittery pinecone. Don’t have stuff for the other seasons though. Have to work on that.

  9. Jrn says:

    Just a quick reminder: some birds return to the same nest every year and some don’t so try to take those seemingly “deserted” nests after nesting season.Even supposedly idiotic birds may return to the same nest yearly. We ad one who did even though the nest was set so low that cats or some other creatures broke the eggs. The bird never learned. We probably should have taken the nest at the end of a nesting season.

    I love those bird nests under cloches!

  10. Barbie says:

    Williams-Sonoma had some of these on the front of their catalog one year. A little different design but same idea. They wanted us (our wholesale Co.) to produce them the “next” year for them so we researched all the product and ran some productions tests…..NO thank you! We did not want to mass produce those! Way to labor intensive! Which explained why the previous vendor did not want to do it again! However I do LOVE the onesies and twosies of doing these. I did make a few for my website to use for display incorporating old bedsprings & bests with 3 different sized cloches and I love them! Use them in my own home now. No problem there! lol

  11. Jrn says:

    Vintage Easter books and mini books featuring birds and their nests look great with real nests under cloches. Love the patina of old books, the vintage colors of the time.

  12. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    They look great Karen..I haven’t been able to find any of the tall cloches that I could afford so recently I bought a couple of vintage cheese keepers..the ones with the round wood bottoms and glass covers..they also make very nice covered displays..I decorated them both with vintage Easter items but the larger one would look nice with a nest and eggs after the holiday..

  13. Pam'a says:

    ‘Can’t go wrong with birds’ nests. I put one in a nice little shadow box. Added tiny eggs, an old piece of French currency… I forget what else. But it always gets compliments.

    Happy Easter, Karen!

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