Easy water dispenser hack. Brass Taps.



People have been asking me recently about my beauty routine. And really all I do for my skin is wear sunscreen, moisturize every day and drink lots of water. While sitting in my botox clinic.

Just kidding.  I’m a Juvederm gal.

Just kidding.  I can’t afford it but if I could I would.

I do drink a lot of water but this is a new thing to me.  I never ever drank water until I got my first water dispenser which was a gift from my niece for my birthday. It’s beautiful but it’s a bit too big to keep in my refrigerator all the time. It’s perfect for parties because it holds a lot.  I never have parties, but if I did this is the water dispenser I’d use while waiting for everyone to leave.

The next water dispenser I got was an inexpensive one from Target which fits in my fridge but is 100 percent plastic and fairly unattractive.  But unattractive or not I wanted to keep the water dispenser in my refrigerator because I drink water all the time now.  I’m not sure why because I have water that comes out of the tap only a few feet away and it’s not like I filter my water.  It’s just a jug with water. But the refrigerator keeps it colder and there’s no need to run the tap forever waiting for it to get semi-cold.




So of course, because I’m the way I am, I started thinking about how to make my plastic container look better.  The easiest way was to replace the plastic tap with a brass one so that’s the route I decided to take.

I still love my fridge by the way.  In case you were wondering.







Back to the water dispenser.  Brass fittings look better and they last longer.  That’s why if you’re buying a hose or any parts for your hose outside you should buy the more expensive brass fittings instead of plastic ones.  I say this two days after buying the cheapest, plastic spray nozzle for my hose I could find by the way.  Some days I do the right thing and other days I’m too cheap to do the right thing which usually ends up costing me money in the long run.

Back to the water dispenser.  Replacing that spigot (tap) wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. I figured I could just run up to Home Depot or Lowes and grab a brass tap but I couldn’t.  They did have brass taps but the ones they carry are the sort of things you’d put on a rain barrel outside. It was big and heavy and you could attach a hose to it.  Something I wouldn’t need to do. Not even after a night of hot wings and taking part in an Iron Man.

I hunted around on the Internet and discovered it was even hard to find a nice brass spigot there.  But I did find one and it was only $14.  And it’s the standard size that fits most home water containers.  All I had to do was unscrew the old one and screw in the new one.

My spigot arrived in a couple of weeks and looks like this.




Of course, now that I’ve ordered and received mine I see the company carries an even nicer one which I wish I’d had the chance to order.

brass_spigot2_lg_3 (1)

Installing it really is just a matter of removing the old plastic spigot and putting this one in.  When the spigot arrives it’s all together so you have to take most of the washers and nut and everything off.  Remove the parts until it looks like my photo from above.  Then just push the spigot through the hole in your dispenser.




Now push the 2 rubber washers on.




Finish up by putting that little brass cover plate thing (that I don’t know the name of) and finger tightening the nut.



That’s it.  It’s done in less time than it would take to knit a squirrel some ear muffs.




Much better.  And of course if this looks good enough for you, you can stop there. DIY complete just by replacing the spigot.

But of course, because I am the way I am, I thought better is good but the best is better.  Or something like that.  I was kind of preoccupied with the cost of Restylane at that point.

So next week I’m going to bump this hack up a notch and take it from better to best.  Or as they say in the facial filler world, I’m going to p(l)ump it up.

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  1. AggieCat says:

    Sooo, let’s talk about leaking and dribbles? Do they? I use a container for my laundry soap since the last two honking big bottles of laundry soap we got leaked all by themselves. The current cheap plastic nozzle dribbles a fair bit after it’s been closed. Will this metal one work for laundry liquid? and does it dispense at a reasonable rate. The cheapo platic also makes me stand there slowly filling the measuring cup. I’ve wanted to invest in some glass bottles from Wally World, but the plastic nozzles made me stop.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Love it. For someone who likes their water at room temperature and is anal about matching finishes, would something like: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Chrome-Polished-Bathroom-Kitchen-Wall-Mounted-Sink-Faucet-Tap-Spigot-Bibcocks/820765123.html work/fit within the dimensions? With a side trip to Home Depot thrown in for the proper rubber stoppers and escutcheons. A person at my office buys her home doodads, thingies and home-wares off of this site as it’s usually cheaper and she never minds the wait time (usually 28 days, but most of the time free delivery from China) as long as the person/company she’s buying from has a good star rating.

    On a completely different topic, I laughed my ass off the other day in Chapters – they were selling Poopouri in two scents at the checkout. I almost bought it but wanted to check to see if it is still a “must have” of yours.

    Thanks Karen.

    • Karen says:

      Hmm. I’m not sure using a regular kitchen faucet would work. Also by the time you bought all the appropriate washers, fittings, etc. it would end up costing you as much or more money I think. I also have a hunch the threaded portion would be too large for most dispensers but that’s just a guess. And YES still love Poopouri! ~ karen

  3. Shauna says:

    Great, I needed this link. I have a glass dispenser that the plastic spigot broke and I’ve been holding onto the dispenser knowing I needed to replace the spigot, but just haven’t done it. I should have known I could count on you for doing my research for me:) thanks

  4. FlagirlinTN says:

    Does the brass fitting leave a metal taste to the water?

  5. Kelly says:

    ” little brass cover plate thing “…I think its an “escutcheon”. Same name for the plates that cover pipes in the tub etc.

    • Pam'a says:

      You know the little metal thingy around the keyhole on old boxes/drawers? That’s called an escutcheon, too. :)

  6. Lizzie says:

    There is a fancy schmacy grocery store in my town that has fruit infused water as you walk in, you know, so you don’t get too dehydrated/antioxidant starved while picking out your top sirloin and organic deodorant, and it has the second fancy tap! That exact tap! I really wanted it for the drink dispenser at my wedding, because, you know, fancy schmancy. I looked everywhere for it, to no avail. But now I can have it! Thanks to you! Have I used enough exclamation points yet?!! I really am inordinately excited… you are obviously a better googler than I.

    • Karen says:

      It took me a Longggggg time to find that tap Lizzie! Another place carries them but their customer service wasn’t the most helpful so I decided on the company I’ve linked to. And as luck would have it they’re the ones to start carrying the thinner version! So I totally understand the exclamation points!~ karen!!

  7. Amy says:

    Can’t wait to follow your lead!! I honestly wondered if this was possible a few weeks back as I was setting up for a dinner.

    I reached for some big old glass water jars I bought when this little trend started about 15 years ago. I always end up putting these back in the cupboard – as they have brass spigots that have a screw turn and dispense so slowly that you’d just about die of thirst before your glass was full. So I’ve been using the ugly plastic type with a cute dish towel (not as cute as your’s) wrapped around it… but NO MORE!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I may even leave the new gorgeous jar on my counter, as I drink about 100 oz a day… love my water… Now I have to go…

  8. Jody says:

    Can’t wait to see your pimped up water container. Oh wait I think I’m getting my vowels mixed up.

  9. jainegayer says:

    I still love your fridge too.
    Are you stenciling “water” on the side of the plastic container?
    No, I agree with Tigermom, it’s a wooden lid which would look so cool.

  10. Jennie Lee says:

    My doctor told me to stop drinking so much caffeine and start drinking lots of water, for the sake of my kidneys. I shopped around, and ended up buying 8 20 oz. Ello brand bottles. They are rubber-covered, break-resistant glass, with a nice handle on top, which fits my hand perfectly. The first 2 I paid $10 each at Amazon, then I found them on clearance at Walmart for $7.50, then $5. They come in pretty colors. The water tastes great. I keep them in the fridge, and refill the used ones every morning. My doctor will be so proud. (I love your fridge, too.)

  11. OMG, that fridge! I’m using an old fridge that has rust on front because it tells the temps of the drawers and I can’t fnd another one. What kind do you have?

  12. Tigermom says:

    Are you having a wooden lid made for it like those cool Mason jar lids?

    And forgive me if I’ve already asked this but, where did the white bowl with the brass/gold? duck feet come from?

  13. Mary W says:

    I’m going to guess she puts a not live, goldfish inside.

  14. Su says:

    I sill like your fridge too :)

  15. Sandra Lea says:

    Does the inside of your fridge always look that good or did you style it for the picture? I have the smallest fridge ever and everything is squeezed in and turned sideways and stacked and a big mess.

    • Karen says:

      That’s how it looks all the time. It’s definitely not styled. Don’t forget I also have 2 fridges drawers below it which hold all my produce and condiments so a lot o the ugly stuff goes in there. ~ karen!

  16. IRS says:

    An improvement to the dispenser that is already nicely outfitted with a brass spigot? I wait with baited breath. Hopefully next week’s post will have something to do with dispensing vast amounts of alcohol from a huge, drum-ish or vat-ish receptacle, that sports a cunning brass tap of some sort. But dispenses wine. Or vodka. Or gin. Or injectable collagen.

  17. A-guy says:

    I ‘ve seen spigots at brewing supply places, which brings to my real question, are those cans in the back of the lower section of the fridge with the red pull tabs beer?

    P.s. can you read the fridge’s temperature display through the closed door?

    • Karen says:

      Yes that’s beer A-guy. I’m not much of a drinker but most people who visit me are. Therefore … beer. And no. You can’t see the digital temp. when the door is closed. You have to open it to adjust, see, or admire the temperature. ~ karen!

  18. Grammy says:

    I never thought for even one second that you would ever get tired of that refrigerator. If that was mine I’d never leave my kitchen — I’d just think of a thousand more things to do food-wise so I could keep looking at it.

    I love the brass spigot on your water dispenser. And I wouldn’t even need a beautiful fridge like yours, because I like to drink room temperature water! What a beautiful idea. I’ll probably do this one.

  19. Laura Bee says:

    My first thought is stick on rhinestones….so is my second thought.
    But I’ll bet you will prove me wrong.

  20. Cynthia Jones says:

    I’m at the coffee shop now. I am also having a slice with strawberry mousse on it and a strawberry. Then I will get a glass of water out of the tap cos I have not made a thingy.

  21. Paula says:

    Did you pay $22 for shipping?!

  22. Paula says:

    Too funny! I didn’t like the cheap one either so…my spigot arrived last week, but I got the stainless steel one.

  23. Connie S. says:

    Classy Idea :)
    btw – luv the purple lilacs !

  24. Cynthia Jones says:

    Like a huge big mason jar….or something else you find in the basement.

  25. Cynthia Jones says:

    I want you to buy the better one from the internet and whack it onto a glass bottle. A huge big bottle.

    I don’t know how you will cut the round hole in the glass. Right now I am off for a coffee. You work it out.

    I am only thinking of your wellbeing. All those plastic molecules will stick in your guts.

    • Audrey says:

      I agree completely. I would steer away from plastic unless it has that symbol on it ~ the one that let’s you know it’s free of all poisons.

      Now I’m down on my knees begging for the tooth polish recipe. Have the labels, and the ingredients but haven’t a clue about the proportions. Lost the page. Sorry to be such a nuisance.

      • Karen says:

        Hi Audrey! I’m not sure why you aren’t getting my responses but I’ve replied to all of your requests for the tooth polish recipe. I replied that if you ever need anything from my site all you have to do is type what it is you’re looking for into the search bar on the right hand side of the page. It’s right under the picture of me holding the fish. :) https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/diy-tooth-polish/ Also, this water jug is originally made for dispensing water so it’s fine for doing that. ~ karen!

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