Emjoi Foot Sander
Product Review

My feet have been described by everyone around me as cartoon like. I mainly took this as a compliment and in fact strutted a little bit at the thought of it, showing off my feet every chance I got.

At one point I even took to pointing at things with my toes instead of my fingers to ensure everyone got a chance to marvel at my Betty and Veronica type feet. Betty and Veronica were hot. Cartoon feet were hot. Ergo, I was hot.

And then one night at dinner the fella commented on my cartoon feet. Just as I was about to pass the gravy with my right foot, I heard something about Fred Flintstone.

FRED FLINTSTONE? People were referencing FRED FLINTSTONE and not the hot Archie comic girls when they said I had cartoon feet? This changed everything.

Frankly I knew I had wide, square, unattractive feet. That’s why it was so exciting to think everyone around me was so stupid they couldn’t see it. They thought I had the slender foot of a rich, snotty, dark haired vixen who starred in her own Double Digest.

To make matters slightly worse I not only have square feet, I have the feet of a highly ranked African distance runner. Someone who has trained by running through the thorn and rock filled bush for decades, completely barefoot.

My heels and toes have thick, hard calluses with enough dead skin poking out of them that scraping my feet through a pair of leggings is as horrifying as the sound of nails on a chalkboard, my feet catching and pulling on every fibre of the material all the way down. There are certain rugs in my house I can’t even walk on for fear my feet will snag them like super powered velcro and I’ll be stuck on the rug forever.

This is how I imagine my feet.





These are my actual feet.




It used to be that this medieval device was the tool of choice for those of us with farmer feet.




A razor on the end of a stick. The callus shaver.

And if you leave it in the bathroom cabinet long enough it’ll even turn into a rusty razor blade. The idea is you carefully level the razor blade  with your heel and then … start swishing it across your heel as quick as you can, shaving off all of the dead skin in the process. You just keep doing it until you get too queazy to do it anymore. You’ll think you did a good job until you realize you’ve shaved off all of your skin and you’re unable to walk for 3 days.

Having the cast of Duck Dynasty shoot at your heels with their favourite 12 gauge seems more reasonable.


Which brings me to my product review. (I went out and bought the thing myself because I was genuinely curious about it … I wasn’t paid to write this review and no one gave me any free product.)


The Emjoi MicroPedi. I passed it a couple of times in my local pharmacy but never bought it because I wasn’t convinced it would work and it’s not cheap. At Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada it’s $49.99.

So when I walked past it last time and saw it was on sale for $29.99 I held my breath and grabbed it. I could handle wasting $30. Not $50. So imagine my surprise when they rang it up and it came up as the original price, $49.99. I misread the price. It wasn’t on sale. But it was too late now. I was attached to it. It was mine.


The Emjoi Micropedi is a battery operated foot sander. So a hypercharged emery board. The unit has a tube of sandpaper that sands your feet by spinning around at a ridiculous rate.

In the box you get the device, an instruction booklet and a completely and totally useless plastic brush thing.


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This is the business end of the device.




It runs off of 2 AA batteries and you can buy replacement sanders for it, including finer and extra coarse ones.





This is my heel before. And I have to tell you. It’s actually looking pretty good. But you can see that I’m not the owner of beautiful heel skin. I have wrinkles on the bottom of my feet just like a baby. A baby elephant.



The instructions say to turn on the foot sander and run it over your skin for no longer than 3 seconds in one place. So I did that.




I did it again.




And again and again and again. It took about 15 minutes for me to get my feet to where I was happy with them. So it wasn’t finished in the seconds that the box claims. Mind you, they probably weren’t counting on Fred Flintstone buying their product.

It was amazingly easy to use and dare I say, kindda fun. Really fun in fact, because it worked.  This is after one use.





That’s what the little useless brush you get is for.  Throw it away, it’s stupid.

The device itself is water resistant so you can rinse it under water.

The sanding roll is removable so I just popped mine out and brushed it the remaining dead skin with an old toothbrush the rinsed it under water.

It’s not the same as getting a pedicure, because obviously no one is nipping your cuticles, pulling your toes or massaging your calves, but the result is pretty good. Plus there’s the bonus that you can do this whenever you have a second and you don’t have to wait for an appointment.

Which brings me to my next point. Who is this sort of device for? Well. For people like me who imagine they’re gonna get pedicures but never do. Or people who always get pedicures (Veronica for example) but want something to do little touch ups in between them.

So basically it’s for everyone.

Do I recommend the Emjoi MicroPedi? Does Fred Flintstone wear a dress?






The reason it didn’t get 4 stars is because of the cost of the unit and the replacement sanding rolls.

Take a look at your Battery Operated Foot Sander options on Amazon here.

If your feet are anything like mine, buy one.  You’ll love it.  Yabba Dabba Doo it right now.


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  1. sj says:

    Just got my Emjoi (new Nano version) yesterday and it works wonders. You were so brave for purchasing an unknown, and so smart to pick the right one! There will be so many more pretty feet out and about next sandal season, thanks to you.

    • Karen says:

      Isn’t it GREAT?! I’m so glad you bought it. Don’t make the mistake I did. I figured since I did it I didn’t have to do it again for ages, then my feet were back in their original horrific condition, lol. Now I’ve made it a habit to do a quick once over my feet with it before I get in the shower and my feet stay nice all the time. ~ karen!

      • sj says:

        How often do you need to replace batteries and the roller?

        • Karen says:

          Hi sj. I haven’t really kept track of it. But I believe I’ve replaced the batteries once or twice since getting it in the middle of the summer and I’m still using the same roller that came with it. I do wash it after every use and I also bought an Extra course roller which I use probably every few times I do my feet. Hope that helps. ~ karen!

  2. magali says:

    I’ve been so busy this summer I have fallen behind on all my blogs. I am so happy to have a day off and catch up on things like this. This made me laugh!

  3. Lisa says:

    I am a Reflexologist. One of my clients gave me this for a Christmas gift. LOVE IT!!!

  4. Terri says:

    For a while Costco was carrying these I think you got a 2 pack and refills for less than $30.

  5. Dar says:

    i received this as a present from my sis, and YES…it is a GOD send- I quess for those of us that have the problem of rough feet(according to the first reading of “my feet are my best feature?!)…my sis even gave me and my sis-in-law refills for the filing down part but I have had it a couple of years and yet had to replace it, only the batteries. Again…YES LOVE IT, great gadget, probably a good thing for guys too, ahem, unless their feet are their good feature too!

  6. Talia says:

    I bought this a few years ago and it is hands down my favorite thing. Ever. I have awful feet and they caught on every single thing. I use this handy tool almost daily (I know, right?!) and my feet are better. Still not beautiful, but so much better. Worth every penny!

  7. Ellen says:

    I can’t do pedicures – I shriek with uncontrollable laughter and scare the technician. So – I pumice after EVERY shower. It doesn’t take long and I don’t tear up the insides of my beautiful hand knit socks.

  8. judy says:

    You think that’s bad,@ 74 I am growing doggie “claws!” I have toe nails that are tubular- I kept wondering what was making my foot hurt-chalked it up to the wonders of old age until I had to take a look at my old feet and discovered I had a toenail growing over and then under my foot. Tried every nail clipper we had in the house, reverted to garden clippers-couldn’t get a hold of the darn thing and finally went to the pet supply store and bought a 56 dollar claw clipper. It helped…………clipping little bits of it @ a time managed to get it off the bottom of my foot. Yucky I know -just trying to say it could be worse and often is—-

  9. Olga says:

    Your feet actually look like little kid feet, but in adult body…Even though my feet are not really that bad, I hate strange people touching my feet, so I’m going to try this tool.

  10. meg says:

    OK so you have a lot of great posts. But IMHO this is *the best* combination of post + review + reader comments.

    Firstly I am giddy to know I’m not the only one with megacallouses.

    Secondly I am amazed at the dremel/sander/razor tricks people use to tidy their toes. And this is coming from someone whose foot split open on a callous once and who sewed it back together with dental floss and a leather needle. (Which worked great.)

    Thirdly this device is probably going to change my life. As well as the lives of the tiny Asian women who scrub at my feet for 20 minutes, sweating and cursing, when I get the occasional pedicure.

  11. Suzanne says:

    Does anybody else do their own pedicure before going in to get the actual pedicure beacuse you are embarrassed of your own feet?I do…however I tried the vinegar and mouth wash thing and it is super great. No more pedicures by strangers for me! I hate when I get the weird guy trying to massage my legs!!!!AWKWARD ….back to the recipe…this not only leaves your feet fresh, but super soft for days.

  12. Mindy says:

    I’m going to send you a picture of the bottom of my feet. Seriously. I’ll have one of my kids take it tomorrow.

  13. KJ says:

    Soak your feet in original formula listerine (mixed with water) NOT the colored version. It will soften your heels up in no time.

  14. Maria says:

    I am surprised to tell you this. I never discuss my grooming needs with strangers. However, I bought one of those pedi-paws units that is supposed to trim your dogs nails. The dogs weren’t having any of that. Thank you very much. It works wonders on my calluses. I would have put that $50 jobbie back even if it was already wrung up. The pedi-paws was $10

    • Karen says:

      Hah! It’s a shock I didn’t put it back. But I wanted it for so long! Anyhow I”m glad I ended up buying it. Go figure. And don’t worry about the grooming habits thing. That’s what this place is for. We need somewhere to safely discuss these things! ~ karen

    • Barb says:

      27 years of wearing combat boots – you don’t want to see mine. I use the Pedi Paws too, my four dogs won’t have anything to do with it, but it works for me!

  15. Oh I need this. Or rather my husband does. His feet are so rough that he’s ripped through the sheets on his side of the bed. The callouses and dead skin also contribute to some odors. I think it’s the smell that’s finally brought him around to my point of view that there’s a problem.

  16. Ummmmmmm…upon second look, and why I did that I don’t know, but you have a dandelion and mushroom growing out from between your toes! I mean, who doesn’t just love that….lmao!

  17. Jake says:

    Dead skin, corns and fungus, I can”t stand the excitement any longer. Yuck.

  18. Beth says:

    Several years ago my chiropractor freaked out when she saw my callused feet and recommended that I see a podiatrist asap. Of course I never did that until I had an actual foot injury and the podiatrist said that my callus situation is completely normal and is caused by the friction of one’s feet moving around in footwear or on the floor/ground if barefoot. I exclusively wear slide-on type shoes and sandals which explains the extreme condition of my feet, especially the heels. I haven’t found anything that works very well, not the egg or a hand sander. I did try my dremel tool once but it burned! I was a bit confused about the spelling of callous/callus and searched it on google – don’t do that unless you’re ready for some frightening pictures.

  19. Jebber Jay says:

    Oh goody! I had never heard of this fun little tool. Now I can restrict the use of my parmesan cheese grater to cheese. :D

  20. Diana says:

    Come a little closer, shhhh!!! I said closer! Here is my secret!!!

    Since I onces was in a public pool and saw a women with long (I mean klicking-on-the-floor-with-every-step-long!) and Cornea as thick and hard as a terracotta tile, I swore to myselve to never ever let it get that far!!! And I thought of my Dogs paws in winter… I rub them with VASELINE
    It works well. So I tried it. And
    yabbadabba doo,
    with great results. I don`t need to remove the Skin… And I`m afraid of dremels and epilators!

  21. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    My foot Doctor cuts my diabetic toe nails for me..then the nurse comes in an sands my nails down till they are smooth..with a Dremel..I would love to try the Emjoi but since I just put out $1,000 to have my sewer pipe replaced it isn’t likely to be happening any time soon..in fact there won’t be anything fun happening here this Summer..lol..whaaa..

    • Karen says:

      Um. $1,000? I’ve had 3 quotes for the same thing and the cheapest is $4,050 BEFORE tax and extras! :( ~ karen

      • Nancy Blue Moon says:

        Well..I have a nice neighbor who lives about halfway up the ridge beside my house..he does this kind of work..He took pity on this poor old lady and not only gave me a lower price but let me pay him in 3 payments..I made the last payment this month..The prices they are quoting you are just nuts..If I had to pay that much I would be making payments into next year..

  22. Ev Wilcox says:

    1. I have a lightweight battery Dremel that does everything, even grind dog toenails with an attachment!
    2. I have dry feet bottoms from the medications I take. Bag Balm is awesome stuff-I use it after sanding my heels and the bottom sides of my feet with s simple hand wand thingy (it work great)!
    3. If you sand and anoint your feet regularly, no more crusty grab-everything feet.
    4. No more painful cracks, a winter thing for me!
    5. I like the “real you” feet shot. It’s why we like you so much-you DO THINGS and tell us we can too, and then we do! Maybe your feet are Wilma feet, anyway!

  23. JeannieB says:

    You have good, sturdy looking feet Karen. After keeping the callus in check, massage your feet each night before you go to bed, with a rich skin cream. Then put on some cotton socks. By regularly ” babying” your tootsies, they’ll be soft and pretty. There’s nothing worse than painful feet, whether it be from plantar warts, hard callus, blisters, corns, bunions, etc. You’ve got good looking feet.

  24. Jeanie burch says:

    A belt sander for your feet. What’s not to love? Got mine off of QVC. Can’t remember what I paid but worth every penny. I LOVE it too.

  25. Liz says:

    I’m with you… my family calls my feet “Frodo feet” and somehow my brothers’ arches are even more flat than mine..like pancakes. We lovingly call him, Beaver Tails.

  26. Gini says:

    You WEIGHED the dead skin? Oh dear – ok, I’m going to be slightly scared to read the blog for a while, looking over my shoulder for some DIY which involves a certain poundage of food callous flakes.

  27. Patti says:

    I thought I was the only one whose feet could rip bed sheets. I usually use a paddle type file in between pedicures but my problem is I’m lazy. If I paid attention to my feet daily they’d probably be almost smooth!

  28. Pati Gulat says:

    I use my Dremel… Works great! And Karen, I live in the same town as the Duck Dynasty folks and know Miss Kay…. Want me to put in a good word for you? ;) lol

  29. Kim from Milwaukee says:

    After I got my safety razor I started using that on my heels….it doesn’t shave off the good skin like I thought it would, just the dead stuff. And quarterly pedicures are a lovely luxury, especially since I’m terrible at cutting my toenails without getting in-growns.

    By the way, people with dead skin on their heels don’t have sweaty feet. The uric acid in sweat is also in many foot creams, so if your feet sweat they naturally stay callous-free, like my ex hubs feet. So there’s that.

    I would think putting on the brakes in the Flintstone mobile would wear off the callouses…..

  30. ally says:

    I just gotta tell you that hubby tells me all the time that I have Fred Flintstone feet. Maybe we should start a support group? Before I met him, I thought my feet were cute….apparently not.

  31. Dan says:

    Edit – just saw your mention of her up top…skimmed too quickly.

    But still! How are we to know if we should buy this thing, or just spend the small extra amount and go to Thailand???

  32. Dan says:

    Didn’t we see a a pond in your backyard in a photo somewhere? 56 posts and nobody has brought up Fish Pedicure or the fact that you just need some of those Thai fish? And come to think of it, you didn’t even mention FP. What the hell kind of foot grooming review is this?

  33. LazySusan says:

    LOVED the mushroom and dandelion! I have nice, slender feet and long toes, including a second toe that’s as long as my little finger and a good half inch longer than my big toe. I must be a super Princess! When I was a teen and shopped for shoes with my size 7.5 AAA feet with a AAAA heel, when a salesman took off my shoe before slipping on the one I was going to try, the minute he saw my long toes, he actually couldn’t keep himself from laughing. He’d never seen such long toes, apparently. You’d think I’d have good balance as a result, but noooooooo. I can be graceful for about ten minutes, and then I’ll trip over my own feet. Anyway, when I lived in Hawaii, rough feet weren’t an issue. If you go to the beach on a regular basis, just walking from the car to where you plop yourself on the sand is enough to wear down any rough parts. But since moving to a rather dry part of California, I get cracked heels, to the point of being painful. I tried a heel grating device for awhile, but that didn’t really do it. I then started to put something called Bag Balm (http://goo.gl/YIsJaI) on my feet and cover them with ankle socks when I got home, during dry season, and it works wonders. Bag Balm was invented to keep cow’s udders from becoming chapped, but I’ve found it in CVS and Walmart where there are skin lotions, so it’s popular for humans, too. I think it’s mostly lanolin. I’ve had the same can for several years, because it doesn’t take much. After a few days of treatment with the socks, you can cut it back to just once or twice a week for maintenance. I go barefoot all day long, now that I’m retired, and find the Bag Balm to be a great solution for me. I don’t go barefoot out in the dirt, though. My mother had that nail fungus that is shown in a current ad on this page, and it’s pretty awful. They have medication for it, now, but I don’t want nail fungus, period. Blech. The sander is a great device, and I’d be interested had I not already found a solution that works for me.

  34. Maria says:

    If the roll of sandpaper slips onto some kind of holder (think toilet paper), then couldn’t you fashion replacement sandpaper covers by cutting a sheet of sandpaper and using silicone as an adherent where the two edges meet? Isn’t silicone rubberized? I’ve peeled it off of stuff really easily. Just a thought. Perhaps Karen can make one and video tape it for you folks :)

  35. Suzan says:

    My daughter in law is the first person to tell me that I had Fred Flintstone feet. Then someone said I had troll feet. My granddaughter mentioned that the Hobbits have feet like mine. These are some bad ass feet I have! I think I need this device. If they have it at Bed, Bath and Satan, I will finally be able to use a coupon and buy it. Thanks for the “demo”!!

  36. Nancy says:

    I love mine too! Except I paid $19 when it was on Groupon. Works great.

  37. Valerie says:

    This has been a fascinating post.
    Be happy to have normal feet. Until about 80 years ago (when this practices fell out of favour and finally came to an end under Mao) most women in China were foot bound from 3 to 4 years of age onward – every day by their Mothers so that the finished adult result was a 3 inch foot at the end of each leg. Too small to run (away from brutality of various types) and too delicate to support weight…talk about problems with feet – those ladies had them.
    The way you would like your feet to look?……..there is something seriously wrong with the big toe on the pictured right foot. Hard to believe that those are your feet! And where did the neon orange polish come from? Hideous.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with the way your “working feet” appear in the second picture.
    Your amateur foot surgery was impressive.
    There was a time when I had the same callus build up and decided measures had to be taken. I filed off the calluses with a long file that I usually use on wood (prior to the invention of these callus removing gadgets.)
    Not wearing something on bare feet is the answer.
    Here is the way to prevent this from occurring in the future:
    In the fall and winter time – wool socks. ‘Smart Wool’ socks that I have heralded previously in your post column – expensive but good; won’t shrink in the dryer. Over the socks when its cold out and without socks in the spring and summer Ugg slippers. The company doesn’t advertise the fact but those slippers are machine washable and then air dry. The Ansley style (no ties – just a slip on) have a rubber sole on the bottom so you can wear them out gardening, in the work shop and even out on little chores around the neighbourhood.
    My 2 cents worth this morning.

  38. Kathline says:

    Nothing wrong with Flintstone feet. We have them in my family and it’s agreed that they’re way cuter than the long, boney type. My husband referred to my feet as claws once, trying to tease me. I corrected him – not claws….PAWS! Who doesn’t like paws? Wide, stubby, adorable!

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