Will WD-40 stop mirrors from fogging up?

I think I might be a skeptic.   I’m not really sure.  I’m even skeptical about that.

Oddly enough it was writing about WD-40 that brought me to this realization.  The moment I read the (so far) fraudulent email about the virtues of WD-40 I didn’t believe it.  I gave it a sideways glance and needed proof.  And just like that “myself” labeled “me”, a skeptic.

I don’t know why I never came to this conclusion before.  I mean I’m skeptical about everything.  For instance, when my boyfriend tells me he didn’t drink the bottle of maple syrup – even though the bottle is empty and he reeks like an International House of Pancakes busboy – I’m skeptical.  When he tells me he didn’t toot – yet the room stinks like hot garbage – I am skeptical.   And when he tells me he can’t bend enough to cut his own toenails -but  he can contort well enough to take up every inch of a 14 foot, L-shaped sectional  – I am skeptical.

See?  I’m skeptical around every corner.  I have no idea how I never noticed it before.

The keen observers among you may have noticed  I use the word boyfriend as opposed to “spousal equivelant” or “life partner”.  That’s because I think those terms are stupid.  This is not to say I think you’re stupid, if you use them … although I do … I just think the terms don’t roll trippingly off my tongue.   I’m not a big fan of “lover” either.  Hi!  I’m Karen, and this is my lover.   Heee.  I could barely even type that, let alone say it.

Nope, “life partner” is  wayyyyyyy too mature for me.  I prefer “boyfriend”.  It conjures up images of a time when we picked our mates according to how cool their jeans were and what kind of music they liked.  Seriously?  You listen to Twisted Sister?  Wow, um … nice Kodiaks … now get away from me, you’re blockin’ my view of that guy in The Jam tee shirt. So … I am most comfortable with the somewhat infantile term of boyfriend.  Or spaz.  Depends on what he’s done recently.

So back to this newfound awareness of my scepticism.  I have to admit that going into this whole WD-40 thing I was skeptical.    I mean, I wanted to believe that the things on this forwarded email list were true and WD-40 was able to turn a common black ant into an ocelot just by spraying it.  But, I was skeptical.

My first experiment with using WD-40 to remove lipstick stains was a bust.  My next experiment, using WD-40 to prevent shower mirrors from fogging up seemed kindda plausible.  This one might just work.  Fingers crossed … here we go!

I got my pint sized spray can of WD-40 and some paper towels. Plus I artfully arranged some potted plants in the background to make this picture pleasing to the eye.

Got myself a bathroom mirror, complete with chipped knobs.

i then proceed to wipe the WD-40 all over the bathroom mirror. It is at this point I'm a teensy bit ... skeptical.

This is the swirly mess it looks like prior to rubbing it in a little more.


And the moment of truth. I had a shower. You may have noticed I am not visible in any of the bathroom mirror shots. That would be because I did this experiment prior to my shower. Now I don’t want to brag, but I’m quite the looker first thing in the morning. Quite frankly the beauty that is me at this time of day is almost unbearable and I didn’t want to bring out any unwarranted jealousies among you. I mean, why ruin a good thing right? You don’t believe me do you? You’re probably laughing a little chuckle right now over my sarcasm. But it’s true. I am a Goddess the very moment I wake up and as proof here is photographic evidence:

I happened to take this picture in the bathroom mirror just seconds before starting this post.

Now who out there owes me an apology???  Kay back to the WD-40.  The moment you’ve all been waiting so patiently for … the results of the WD-40 on the bathroom mirror test.  Ta Da!

nothin'. both sides look exactly the same. Didn't work. At all. In fact I think the WD-40 side was even a little foggier. Skepticism in tact.

As difficult as this is to believe I’m going to give this ridiculous WD-40 email one more shot.   Just ’cause you’re a skeptic doesn’t mean you can’t be an optimist.  Until my next post …  my best to you and your life partners.



  1. Joel says:


  2. Langela says:

    Huh! Who woulda thunk it?

    Are the mirrors yucky-looking. What do you use to get the wd-40 off the mirror?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Langela – the WD-40 cleans up easily. I just rubbed it off with a paper towel and then used some Windex to clean the mirror like normal.

  3. karen says:

    Hilarious. You look stunning in the morning! Almost as good as I do! I am so with you on the life partner thing. Yikes! First time I heard that was when my oldest was 2 and we were in a Gymboree class. That is how one of the moms described her kid’s dad. I had to work hard to stifle a smug snicker, and I don’t mean the candy kind. Re foggy mirrors, I heard the anti fogging stuff from the auto parts store works well. Have you tried this? Let us know if it works.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Karen! Thank you. I don’t even have to do ANYTHING to look that good. It’s pretty fantastic being me. Yeah, a lot of stuff will stop mirrors from fogging. Just rubbing it with a bar of soap on your hands, for one. Shaving cream works too. I just wanted to see how many lies were in this particular WD-40 email that’s floating around the Internet. Stupid Internet.

  4. Sunny says:

    Rain X will keep your mirrors from fogging. If you use it on your windshield, you won’t have to use wipers if you are moving at a steady clip.

  5. michele says:

    I too prefer the term boyfriend, but said boyfriend insists on referring to me as his “lover” to complete strangers.

    • Karen says:

      Hah! OMG I would die. That would definitely elicit “the look”. A combination sideways glance and stare-down on my part.

  6. leslie says:

    Even though my “life partner” is my husband and we had a kid years after getting married, sometimes I refer to him as my baby-daddy to see the reactions.

  7. Nicole says:

    hrm. I call Devin my “partner” for lack of any better terminology. I agree with you on the “lover” thing. and I can’t say it without immediately thinking of the SNL “luvah!” sketch. But if I just call her my girlfriend, people get all Kevin Arnold about it, “your girlfriend-girlfriend or just your girlfriend?” It’s exhausting.

    • Karen says:

      Nicole – Partner is acceptable for gays and lesbians – although I must say I don’t really like it much for that either. Granted you have a conundrum.

      Maybe you could call her your Portia. Hi I’m Nicole and this is my Portia, Devin. I’d give that a shot.

  8. Wendy says:

    Hi Karen
    Maybe you should try spitting on the mirror as this works for goggles to stop them from fogging. Your ‘boyfriend’ sounds like he would have the skill level to complete this task.

    • Karen says:

      Wendy! Thankfully my fella is not a spitter. I’ve never once seen him gob in the house, or out the car window, or while standing sullen looking on a street corner. So … probably no to the spitting on the mirrors for him. I might give it a shot though.

  9. Shauna Wobeser says:

    you know if you sanded the edges of the doors and corners randomly….the handles would look like they are supposed to be like that! It sounds easier than repainting!! lol And I am so shocked that it appears WD-40 is only good for stuck hinges!!

  10. Maggie says:

    I’m with you with the boyfriend. I continued calling my ‘fiance’ (horrible word) my boyfriend until we were married, and then felt mighty uncomfortable saying husband for quite a while.

  11. I just call mine my Mister. Not to his face, of course. My grandmother is senile and she really likes him, but can’t remember his name, so she just calls him “You know, her Mister”, so I stole it. Seems pretty all-encompassing. Especially since we will never actually BE married, so calling him my fiance for eternity is a little ridiculous.

  12. Robyn says:

    I use shaving cream and it works great. Just put it on and buff with a towel til the mirror looks normal. The mirrors won’t fog up for a week or more.

  13. Sissy says:

    In Ilene Beckerman’s book Love, Loss and What I Wore she called her husband Man. I always thought that had a real classy ring to it.

    When I met Boyfriend (actual 100% pure boyfriend, Grade A), I realized he’d probably never get the moniker “Man” due to his effervescent, kid-like qualities (even at 40), but Boyfriend fits snugly and I imagine him as such even @ 80 because when he walks into a room things just get more fun.

    But I digress…
    Many years ago, in my mother’s attempt to be “contemporary” we were at a cocktail party and she introduced then-boyfriend as my “lover”. I thought I was going to hurl.

    The only thing worse than your parent trying to be overly cool is the horror of watching the faces of your Dad’s pals as they can’t help the sudden visualization of Random Guy’s penis in your vagina.

  14. MARIA FERNANDA says:

    HOLAA!!! (sorry for my english..I’m from Mexico…)

    hi Karen!…i just want to tell you 2 things:

    The 1st. is that I’ve become such a big Big BIIIG..Mr. Big (ha!) fan of you and your blog (and Sex and the City too)…starting from this morning…

    The thing is that i’m at work righ now…and while i have nothing to do…because i’m pretty efficient and i have finished everything i had to do -blink- (not because i had a girls night out yesterday, and i went to sleep late, had a couple of drinks and i’m so sleepy right now)…well

    the point is that i was just loosig my time with this “big fat liar” acting like i was working so hard..hahah…then i stoped whit you blog…AND I LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR…AND YOU PROJECTS…AND EVERYTHING…oh!..AND YOUR BACKYARD…OMG!!!! congratulations for that

    And the 2nd. thing I wanted to tell you (and the reason why i decided to write to you)is that I GOT THE SOLUTION TO STOP MIRRORS FROM FOGGING UP!!!! -SHAVING CREAM- (i saw this on “How clean is your house”)


    Just rub with your hand, a LIGHT COAT of shaving cream directly on the mirror. Use a dry towel to wipe off the excess. If you use water it won’t last more than a day or so. This system will last a week or more.

    Do not apply too much..or it would be hard to take off…



  15. Jasmine says:

    I ran out of firelighters the other day and sprayed WD40 on the kindling and paper – worked wonderfully well! I sprayed outside btw – not while it was in the coal ridden stove…
    Hugs, Jasmine in Oz working my way through your writings…

  16. Brian says:

    Strange. Fog is water, WD-40 displaces water by getting between it and the surface of what it is applied to and giving the water nothing to bond on to. This should have been something WD-40 excelled at IMHO.

  17. motofmly says:

    WD-40 works great as an anti fog on plastic faceshields

  18. Ilene Dalleske says:

    This read have me my fist good out loud chuckle of the day so thank you. Now about the whole boyfriend, partner, life mate…whatever stuff! I use LOVE. Most people don’t answer to it when your in a store, kids and husband are distingueshable, and other think it’s so cute, romantic and our marriage is rainbows and sushine every glorious day. I would use the roll your eyes emoji right now if they had one. Well, now off to find fog free mirror solution.

  19. Shazam says:

    I am skeptical about your presentation. The picture of your hand applying the WD-40 shows nail polish, the picture of you doesn’t. What else is wrong?

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