Fire Pit Revisited
How to Make Glass Candle Shades.

I’ve already screwed this post up by titling the things I’ve made as “shades”. Technically they don’t shade anything. In fact, if anything they enhance light and make it flicker and show up even more.

They’re hurricanes.

So this post is about how to make glass hurricanes.

I’m a failure. Sorry bout that.

The good news is, the “shades” are not a failure, and are in fact brilliant in every sense of the word.

And you can make them with crap you find at the Dollar Store.

I need everyone to remember back to a time long, long ago when I did the post on Building Your Own Personal Fire Pit. It’s been a crowd favourite, but some people have had trouble finding the right planters to make it.

For you … I offer this solution …

Just make the glass “shades” and screw the planter. Forget the fire and go with a candle.

And you will end up with this …



Glass Candle Shades 1


Glass Candle Shades 2


Glass Candle Shades 3


This all kind of happened by accident.  Last winter I made new glass shades, larger than my original ones for the fire pit, so I could put them on my big metal planters for my annual Christmas Eve party to make a HUGE flaming, fire pit planter.


When I was cleaning up my backyard this spring to get it ready for summer, I got rid of all the winter greenery and the glass shades so I could put actual plants in my planters.  As I was bringing the glass shades down to my basement to store until next winter something distracted me.  It was probably a food item.  So, I set the glass shades on my dining room table.

When I finished being distracted, probably by a food item, I headed into the dining room and it hit me …



The glass shades looked good sitting right there on the table.



Glass Candle Shades 4


All I had to do was stick a candle in the centre and I was done.

Well, not completely done.  Clearly I  still need to give them a big of a Windexing.

The fella, he thinks there needs to be some sort of a base.  Like filling the bottom of the shades with white rocks, or sticks or something.   Totally acceptable opinion.  I prefer them ghostlike with nothing at all.  But if you want to add sticks and rocks … be my guest.

I don’t mean that “guest thing”  literally.  Please don’t come over.  I’m probably in my p’jamas.


Glass Candle Shades 5


The total cost of this project, (providing you get your glass at a Dollar Store) is between $8 and $16.  Bigger glass makes bigger shades which costs bigger money.  To make them just grab your glass, some marine silicone and follow the instructions for making the glass boxes  here.

My work here is done.