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Hydrangea & Tulip arrangement

so very sad

When last we met in the Flower of the Week portion of this blog, I presented you with “The sad, sorry-ass hydrangea”.  Now that you know how to deal with THAT annoying little issue in life take a gander at this arrangement.  It’ll knock you right on your bums it’s so spring-time pretty.

Put your seatbelts on … because we are now diving into a multi-flower arrangement.  Don’t you feel like a grown up now?  It seems like just yesterday you were  learning how to re-pot an orchid.  Don’t worry though, the arrangement is not what you’d call complicated.  It only has 2 flowers: hydrangeas & tulips. If you’re lucky they’re  in bloom where you are and you can just go steal ’em.  Under the cover of darkness of course.  Sheesh … I mean don’t be stupid about your thievery.

Just copy what I’ve done here in any shallow bowl.  Cut the stems of the hydrangeas quite short and scatter  them in the bowl, being careful not the let the petals sit in water.  Randomly place tulips between the hydrangeas.  This arrangement took 6 hydrangeas and 10 or 12 tulips.

pretty, pretty

WARNING!! Tulips continue to grow after you cut them so to keep the arrangement looking compact, you’ll have to trim the ends of the tulips every few days.  No big whoop. Because there’s very little water in the bowl you have to remember to top it up every day.

For the Jennifer Lopez effect, use white tulips with white hydrangeas.  (look up Jenny’s concert rider here) I worked at MuchMoreMusic and can confirm this rider is absolutely true.  Chickee-poo loves white.

My super-fantastic clear glass bowl is from Structube by the way.  Dunno if they sell it still.  If Jennifer Lopez ever comes to visit I will be sure to paint it white.


  1. Langela says:

    Is it just my neck of the woods? My tulips are done and my hydrangeas only have their leaves–no flower heads.Do these two bloom at the same time? My thievery-under-cover-of-darkness must be well-planned. After all, I can’t be out searching for something that doesn’t exist around here. I only have so much time to steal under cover of darkness and I need to be efficient!

    • Karen says:

      O.K., I took a bit of artistic license with that one. Tulips are in bloom here but not hydrangeas. I’m sure they exist in flower shops though. I’m almost certain you won’t have nearly as much luck stealing them from there though. You probably shouldn’t. No, I definitely don’t encourage that. You could try to get them cheaper though.

      • Langela says:

        Cheaper than stealing them? OR, everytime I want to see a pretty arrangement, I could come over here and look at yours. That WOULD be cheaper. Fantastic idea! I’ll go with that one. Of course, I live in the country, outside of nowhere, so I don’t have any neighbors or florists to steal from anyway.

  2. Andrea says:

    oohhh here’s an idea… take that nice crystal skull head and fill it with the flowers that you’re gonna steal for your next arrangement.

  3. oooh, this is gorgeous! you have quite the eye. tulips are my absolute favorites!

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