Flower of the Week!
A stupid hair revelation.

My hair is all stupid.  With the humidity the thermometer reached 39 degrees celsius in Ontario today and tomorrow it’s supposed to go up to 41.  For my American friends, that is the equivelant of 792 degrees Fahrenheit.  Seriously.  Look it up.

Because of this I haven’t been buying flowers.  The heat in the house makes ’em wilt quicker than a wiener dog can eat a mysterious brown thing off the floor.

We don’t have central air conditioning for a variety of reasons, none of which stem from me wanting to save Mother Earth.  Although I love Mother Earth with all of my heart, this happens to be a classic case of  Mother Earth can suck it .  I will recycle, I will put the dishwasher on a timer, I will even use my scummy pond water to water my garden.  But I will NOT have uncute hair and wilty flowers for Mother Earth.

We don’t have air conditioning because our furnace is too big or something, so I’d need to get BOTH central air and a new furnace. Until I learn how to build both out of some frizzy hair and scummy pond water I won’t be getting either very soon.


However, today looking around our home, not having flowers made me sad.  A profound sadness that had not been seen in this house since I ran out of cheese last week.  Seriously … no cheese in the house AT ALL!  Technically of course, the reason there was no cheese in the house was because I had eaten it all.  But still … that didn’t lessen the sadness.

So in an effort to lift the cloud of tears positioned directly over my dining room, this afternoon I ventured outside and picked the perfect foliage to bring indoors.  Something that wasn’t going to wilt and would make me feel refreshed just looking at it.

head out into the garden ...


find yourself some hosta leaves ...

make sure they have nice long stems ...


and *don't* have big hunks chewed out of them by a mystery bug


Bring ’em all inside and then go …


Get a vase ....


Wash your hosta leaves 'cause they might have dirt and spiders in the stem. And nothing ruins an arrangement like a pulsating stem from a hatching spider eggs.


and admire the simplicity of a garden foliage arrangement


You don't need a ton of leaves by the way. In fact with too many leaves they just become a big mass of green and you lose the actual shape of all the leaves. Bad.


Granted, this sparse lookin’ arrangement isn’t for everyone.  I get that.  But when you’re sitting at home with fuzzy hair and a flowerless dining room table … you just don’t care.  Now if you’ll all excuse me I have to go steam tonight’s dinner.  By breathing on it.




  1. Textual Thoughts says:

    Lovin’ it!

    Now if only you could find some cheese in the garden.

  2. Pam'a says:

    Alas, by now almost all my hostas’ leaves look like your “don’t” picture or worse. But they’re one of my favorites, hands down. So much variety!

    I must say, finding out that you not only do all the fab things you do, you do it without A/C, makes me feel… humbled. Humbled, but nice and comfy. Don’t they use window units up there, at least? Or is the 41 degree thing so short it’s not worth it?

    • Karen says:

      No we have a window unit, which works reasonably well but it only cools the room off that it’s in. Oh … and a common misconception about Canada is that it’s cold in winter. In Ontario it’s been around 90 degrees Fahrenheit for 3/4’s of the summer. With really, really high humidity. It is HOT here. H-O-T!!!!!!!! Supposed to break tomorrow.

      • Pam'a says:

        You guilted me into going out and foraging for something–anything– from my yard today. I not only found three decent hosta leaves, but big bunches of sedum! Which, 1) last forever in a vase and 2) I kind of hate. Probably because it’s everywhere, and see #1. It’s just not natural.
        Oh well.

  3. Julie shinnick says:

    Nice! The green looks beautiful! Have tried the same thing with a bowl of lemons and limes, not as nice as some poppys or something but lasts a LOT longer in the hot weather. Hmmm hot weather….we will have to wait a few more months to get to 40-42 Celcius which we enjoy (?) here in Adelaide.
    Hot AND running out of cheese? omg I am getting a panic attack just thinking about that sort of crisis!
    cheese rules!

  4. gf says:

    I like this one. I am always bringing in some found thing from the yard to put in a vase or crock. One of my favs is bits of long needle pine branch (+1 if it has a pine cone). They last nearly forever and smell pleasant. Far cheaper than 12 bucks every 2 weeks for cut flowers.

  5. Dotti says:

    Welcome to our world. I live in Tampa, Florida and it’s always 39 celsius (and yes, that is 792 degrees fahrenheit). My hair is always frizzy, because central air conditioning can only take so much of the humidity out of the air and we have so much there’s always too much left over. SEriously, our weather man sometimes reports that it’s 99% humidity. It’s true. look it up. :p

    I’m betting your frizzy hair is still cuter than ours.

    I love the simplicity of your green arrangement. Great idea. NOw if it were only cool enough for us to grow hostas….

  6. Chris says:

    From a fellow Canadian in Alberta with central air…..we had frost the night before last and it is supposed to reach a balmy 12 degrees Celsius today. Not sure which side of the country is better right now!! But you can borrow my air if you like!!

    • Karen says:

      Holy crap! It’s supposed to be 41 today with the humidex today in Ontario. I’m kindda looking forward to fireplaces and snow shovelling. Not YET though! Frost! Wow. – karen

  7. Robbin says:

    I am SO with you on the stupid hair thing! Hate, hate, hate this weather. I am done with it and am looking forward to the lovely crisp and sunny fall, chunky-sweater-wearing days…..

  8. Ugh. It’s been a zillion humidity in Missouri for months now. We don’t have central air either and I finally had to go buy a dehumidifier because the entire (finished) basement (full of nice furniture) was growing mold. Um, not cool.

  9. sera says:

    What’s going on with this weather??? Over in Seattle the majority of the summer has been highs of 63F. Yesterday it poured. And all, ALL, of my flowers are done or looking chewed on. I went out to the garden last night because I had no flowers left and thought maybe an herb bouquet but even my mint looks kind of limp and weird. At least there was enough basil to have a caprese salad with peaches – so that was good, but no flowers. not even leaves. 🙁

    • Karen says:

      That’s what our summer was like last year! Cold and rainy alllll summer. It was gross. Aside from the fuzzy hair, I love the heat and humidity. I’m pretty sure that in exactly one week though, I’ll be ready for my boots and chunky sweaters. And beef stew.

      • sera says:

        I think I would be ready for chunky sweaters and boots if I had had a good, hot, bikini in the backyard kind of summer (I don’t think I would ever wear that because of my elderly neighbor but…). plus my “office” at work has an air conditioning vent that’s on over drive. It’s like walking into a refrigerator in the morning. So, I overdress for the weather and prepare to put on my parka at my desk. It’s no wonder I never get any work done. 😉

  10. taryn says:

    Oh, I feel your hair pain. I normally have hair like Nicole Kidman (in her curly years). But living in Oz means the temp hovers from mid to high 30’s (and over 40) for the most part of summer, at which point my hair turns into Michael Jackson’s (in his black years).
    Tres stylish.

  11. liz a. says:

    hahahah! i get the hair thingy! i live in central california and we don’t have humidty, per se…but when i go other places (away from calif.) ack! they do!! i look back at my pix of me in idaho, colorado, mexico, france, greece etc., fuzzy/frizzy hair! sigh! i tell myself, at least i have hair, it could be worse, sorta.

  12. Sera says:

    Gorgeous – I love the leaves in a vase!!! Something so beautiful about that greenery…

    By the by – I’m in Ontario too and am suffering from the fuzzy hair phase – but I just found out about non-chemical Keratin treatments!!!!! I.have.to.do.it. My girl friend had it done – her hair looks fab no matter what the weather and she feels like it was the bestest thing she’d ever done to her hair. EVER.

    Will keep you posted after I’ve done mine.

  13. Jenn says:

    Karen, have you ever made concrete leaf castings? I did a hosta one several years ago and it was gorgeous! It eventually broke (I made it too thin) but while it lasted it was cool texture for the garden during the winter months. Lots of people use rhubarb leaves for these molds.

  14. Kate says:

    I have no cheese either! The boyfriend ate it AND my Lucky Charms, hes got some serious splanin to do.

    • Karen says:

      I’d say! Please tell me he didn’t eat them together. That for sure would ruin both of them. I think. Unless I’m missing out on something great. Am I missing out on something great??? – karen

  15. kaelieanne says:

    tomorrow it’s supposed to go up to 41. For my American friends, that is the equivelant of 792 degrees Fahrenheit. Seriously. Look it up.

    Oh my! LOL I love it!!

  16. Tina says:

    For the hair problem in humidity, I recommend No Frizz by Living Proofm(available online or at Sephora). They have a line of products based on your hair type (fine, medium, or thick/coarse) and style (wavy or straight). I tend to use the products for thick/coarse hair even though I have medium hair because they offer more control.

    Life is a lot easier with a sense of humor, isn’t it? I’m enjoying reading your blog.

  17. nicola says:

    If you have ducting already what about a ‘heat pump’? We had one in our last house in BC – goes from heat in winter to air-con in summer. I call my hair ‘Donna Summer’ hair in the Montreal humidity. Wish I had a hair straightener when I was growing up! By the way I liked your house in the mag pics especially that you had two outfits on! Stylin’!

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