Flowers Arrangement!

Me And Flowers


I have always been in love with flowers. Always.

And bonnets apparently.

Because of this love/addiction I’ve always spent money on flowers.  Even when I have no money.   A lot of people see it as a waste of cash but picking out, arranging and looking at fresh flowers does more for my mood than a bucket of assorted anti-depressants.

So the other day when I was in a bit of a mood I did a U-turn from the direction I was headed in and squealed right into the florist’s parking lot banging all of the other cars in my way.  Just a  little trick I picked up from one of the Malachi brothers.

$45 later I walked away with an armful of big, beautiful flowers.  Hydrangeas, stock, a couple of things I don’t know the name of but liked, and some greenery.


Casual Flower Arrangement 2-



How could this not make you happy?  You’d have to have the ice cold heart of a bonnet hater.



Casual Flower Arrangement


Some time after arranging the flowers I did a little garden clean up and cut a couple of branches off of one of my rose bushes.  I’ve never done that before, trimmed off entire branches that were in bloom.  But the rose bush is huge and it could definitely handle a little hacking.  And a girl can never have too many flowers or too much happiness.

So I lopped them off like Van Gough’s ear and carried them inside.



Cut Rose Branches


Cut Rose Branches 2


What’s the point of this post?  I have no idea.  It might be that you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging in yourself every once in a while.

Or just because someone else thinks what you’re doing to make yourself happy is stupid, doesn’t mean it is.

Or  if you’re innovative and creative enough you can make something beautiful out of nothing.

Or … the point  of this post could be, if you liked flowers and bonnets as a child, you will like flowers and bonnets as an adult.  You just won’t wear a bonnet because people will think you’re weird.

The end.



  1. Jasmine says:

    Both bouquets are beautiful, I can’t decide which one I like best. Good for yu saving yourself the dispensing fees. And I would like to see you in a bonnet again, with your super-cool hairdo.

  2. RickinOakville says:

    Your posts always make me smile.

  3. Laura says:

    I wouldn’t judge you for wearing a bonnet. I’d just be insanely jealous and would probably jump on the bonnet bandwagon right behind you.

  4. Sarah Underwood says:

    This post made my day! I know just what you mean about fresh flowers, nothing can brighten my mood quicker than putting together a nice arrangement.

  5. Lea Studebaker says:

    Time to bust out the boiling water Karen lol! This brings back fond memories, considering this is what brought me to your blog for the first time; “I do this even though I know within 2 hours of bringing them home, anywhere from one to all of them will wilt and die.

    I will then curse my stupidity (and maybe the outfits on those girls once more) and throw them out vowing to never, EVER buy hydrangeas again. Never, will I ever buy another hydrangea.”

  6. Kat says:

    Love the bonnet, Love the flowers, thought you were going to paint that mirror!

  7. Chris says:

    Love a bonnet….I remember torturing my mom for an Easter bonnet and proudly wearing it to Sunday school, lol. And I became a florist eventually! So those green things are known as ‘Bells of Ireland’ , so cool, I love’em. Gorgeous displays, I totally agree, just seeing those flowers as you do your stuff changes everything!

    • Karen says:

      Chris – The bells of Ireland I knew! It was some other flower I didn’t know the name of. Neither did the cashier, LOL. It looked like a small green unopened hydrangea. ~ karen!

  8. Terri says:

    Thank you. Gonna buy me some flowers tomorrow.

  9. shauna says:

    I don’t think Mohammad said anything about bonnets but he did say, “If I had but two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths, for they would feed my soul.”
    I don’t have a “budget” for groceries but I always make sure I have about $30 set aside to buy flowers – for myself and for a few special friends who work at my church. It is always a delight to see and smell them (I love stargazer lilies for their rich aroma). I think I’ll buy a bunch tomorrow!

  10. tammy carter says:

    I understand this love Karen, I too, have always had fresh flowers in my home. Spoiler alert, this is not going to be good! Until, my beautiful lilies bloomed one year and I promptly made a beautiful arrangement and placed it in my dining room. My cat ate it. My cat died. Lilies and almost all plants will kill your kitties. I have been burned and not had fresh flowers for over a year in my home. I have a new kitty, hope to keep it. I miss my flowers! Thanks for letting me look at yours!

  11. Susan preston says:

    Oh Karen! We are so much alike! I love hats…any hats and grew up in bonnets because I had no hair as a baby. And now wear a sun hat all the time and a fur hat in winter! I love hats. Almost as much as I love flowers!! I pick wild flowers, I steal beautiful lilacs from any available bush, I hack my roses too! I never have any free, available cash but will always splash out on flowers just to brighten the entrance to my home and make me feel good every time I come in the door! I put fresh flowers on the tables at work, just cause they’re pretty and I hate fake ones. As a gift I try to give flowers ’cause they always make you feel good even in the middle of winter! Unless it’s a student…then I give Kraft dinner ’cause they would forget to put flowers in water and Kraft dinner is a student staple.
    Flowers and hats make me smile!

  12. PropMare says:

    The tall green flower in arrangement is a fairly cheap green called Bells of Ireland. They are a great deal as they can live for 2 weeks.

  13. Anita says:

    I could not agree with you more. I am a slut for fresh flowers. Right now I am in Peony heaven. It takes everything I have not to go into people’s yards and cut the lovely blooms. Once a month I treat myself to the expensive hand tied bouquet and the other 3 weeks it is the $5 market or whatever is in bloom in my garden bouquet.

  14. Kim says:

    cult leader that you are your followers blindly bow in your floral sunshine

    • toekneetoni says:

      Kim totally has a point. Karen has become like the pied piper. we hang on your every word!
      i’m 100% with you re: the flowers. God’s antidepressant. thank you for this post. lifted my spirits today. and i think ever present “Margaret” approved of the roses too.
      i will never again wear a bonnet, but i won’t judge you if you do. 🙂

  15. Su says:

    The Bonnet Gang – spreading good moods and love one flower at a time :).

  16. Nancy says:

    I’m with Rick – your posts always make me smile. 🙂

  17. Reg says:

    So pretty. I may go and get myself some flowers on this rainy dull day. And smile all day long.

  18. karol says:

    First of all… OMG, the cutest picture ever of your bonnet self!
    I totally agree with you about your justification of flower purchases. And it’s 100% better when you buy them loose and arrange them yourself, rather than purchase a prearranged bouquet from a florist. It’s an expression of your creative side and will brighten any blues away. Gorgeous. Hydrangeas are my fave. Only wish I could grow them.

  19. Suanne says:

    Ahhhhh….flowers…Life’s little gratuity for surviving the hard times.

  20. Carol says:


    I look forward to reading you blog daily. For me, you are the perfect anti-depressant! Thank you for your amazingly funny sense of humour!

  21. Sally Berbert says:

    Love the bonnet. You were cute. I feel the same way about flowers that you do. They are a happy pick-me-up. What I really want now though, is the two gold artichokes on the crystal cube. Wow!

  22. Dagmar says:

    Personally, I find the second bunch prettier, Karen. Just by looking at them, I can smell how delicate they are. I myselft find that too much of a good thing can spoil the aroma. A few pretty roses, and the scent wafting when you walk past…it’s like sunshine and childhood.

  23. Susan says:

    I just last night cut out the parts to MAKE a bonnet for my grand-niece, that will look quite a bit like the one you’re wearing in the photo. Can I be part of the bonnet gang, too? I LOVE bonnets! And flowers!

  24. Langela says:

    Sure, cause you don’t give us enough other reasons to think you’re weird.

    I love the rose arrangement!

  25. Jane says:

    I love to bring in a few flowers from my tiny garden to enjoy…..a few hosta leaves go a long way in a small arrangement. One of the best compliments I’ve ever had is, “you are soooo good at making something amazing out of nothing!” lol Had to think about it for a bit, but I later thought that is a great talent to have….saves me a bundle!

  26. Mary Werner says:

    I’ve NEVER EVER seen anyone cut a branch off a rose bush for flower arranging. It is beautiful, useful, and I’m sure others will now follow your pioneer move. The whole point of fresh flowers is to waste money on yourself because you are worth it. That empowers you by knowing your worth “it”. Great post today!

  27. Cathy says:

    Cool! The Canadian Bonnet Gang! Now, where did I leave my passport?

  28. Jodi T. says:

    I frackin’ love hydrangeas. They are my favorite, and that arrangement is beautiful!

    Hope your day got better. I’ll definitely try this the next time I feel like banging into all the cars in the parking lot. ((Totally feel ya on that one.))

  29. Wilma says:

    Beautiful! The 3rd photo looks like a ballet dancer. Arms up, head tilted, ankles crossed & standing on tiptoe. Clearly, I have no knowledge of the names of ballet positions! 🙂

  30. Suzan says:

    Fresh flowers in the house are my personal splurge. I had never heard of “stock” until I lived in Seattle. Such a beautiful fragrance and who doesn’t love hydrangeas?! Our farmer’s market is open today. A splurge is in order!!

  31. julie says:

    My peonies are FINALLY blooming! [with our long long winter & late spring, about a month late] They’re my favorites, cause you can keep cutting them for quite a long time; as the older ones dry up, the bulbs behind them bloom, even inside after cutting. So lovely & sweet…my house is full of them! ….[now I’m wondering if my chickens would like the leaves I trim off????]

  32. Pat says:

    I, too, LOVE having fresh flowers in the house but do find that it can get costly to be purchasing. If there is nothing in bloom in my yard, I often go out and cut greenery which seems to satisfy my need to having something in a vase.

  33. Sandi says:

    I just love, love, love those Bells of Ireland. I have a hard time finding seedlings but sometimes I just direct-seed them right into my beds. Also stock is so beautiful in bouquets! I feel just the same as you do about flowers! 🙂

  34. Marti says:

    I didn’t get anything out of this post at all.

    Except that you were a very cute kid.
    And that we both love flowers.

    I’m gonna say that’s enough.
    LOVE the bonnet.
    Maybe we should make those for ourselves for summer.
    You first.

  35. Jill says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the flowers! So pretty!

    Do you have any tips for “de-bugging” outside flowers you bring in? I rarely cut my own flowers for bringing inside, lest I also transport hitchhikers in to feast on my houseplants. Not that I particularly *mind* having to admire my flowers outside, but sometimes it would be nice to bring them in to enjoy too.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jill – I don’t worry too much about it. I just hold them upside down give them a few hearty shakes and bring them in. Flowers normally just have the odd ant or (ew) earwig on them which come off fairly easily. Also, they aren’t the sort of pests that will destroy your houseplants. ~ karen!

  36. Amber says:

    Ha ha. Your posts honestly make me laugh out loud everyday. I adore you, but not in a weird stalker kind of way, I promise! Also, you should write greeting cards filled with your brilliant sentiment. I would buy them.

  37. Sara says:

    I spy Bells of Ireland as the tall green spikes in your High Bouquet! Those were in my wedding bouquet, so I’ll always recognize them. Lovely bouquets!

  38. Thera says:

    I have always envied the Amish, for their bonnets, also a bonnet and flower lover and my peonies are also just starting to bloom.
    Can I be a part of the Bonnet Gang please? Pretty pretty please?

  39. What a cute little girl you were!! Nothing better than fresh cut flowers.

  40. West Coast Nan says:

    I think both arrangements are lovely and I love to buy fresh flowers too, especially tulips. The picture of you in your bonnet is sweet. I want to be a part of the bonnet brigade.

  41. Tracie says:

    Your first arrangement looks like a ballerina, so beautiful! I love flowers too, and never get them from my guy. Now I won’t feel the least bit guilty buying my own. (Don’t ask me why I would feel guilty, cause I have no idea!) Thank you Karen…:)

  42. Call Me Patty says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen and…..Amen!!!

  43. Becky says:

    I could never do a bonnet, but then my head is bigger than yours lol
    But I rock the straw gardening hat… I may look weird, but my face needs the protection from the sun.

    I have tons of plants in my perennial bed, but I can never bring myself to cut them for the house. I wonder why that is?!?

    • Karen says:

      Becky – I used to be like that. But the truth is, I get more enjoyment out of the peonies in a jug on my bedside table, than on the bush. 🙂 ~ karen!

  44. Jeannie B says:

    Your bouquets are lovely Karen. I may be the only one of your readers who uses “silk” bouquets throughout the house. Years ago, when looking at decorating magazines and admiring floral decorations, I realized that I could duplicate them easily, using artificial. “New” bouquets can be made every few weeks, if you have lots of varieties of realistic flowers. This past week, I received two beautiful, real bouquets. But, they don’t look any more real than my “made” arrangements. Swishing the artificial blooms in water keep them dust-free, my cats don’t get sick from eating them and I don’t have to change the water in the vases. If you saw “my” flower bouquets, you’d have a hard time telling that they weren’t grown. My real ones grow outside. Just the Boston ferns inside are alive. Anyone else use articial?

  45. Maureen says:

    Loved this! My favorite thing, though, is walking into my yard and cutting off a hunk of whatever is blooming and sticking it in a mason jar. If I’m feeling extra-fancy, I tie a piece of twine around the jar.

  46. Barbie says:

    Bells of Ireland…LOVE them. As a florist myself it is one of my favorite flowers to work with… as well as the mini hydrangeas you have in there. I always use them in wedding arrangements and they also really look good if you hang them upside down (if using oasis in an arrangement) they look as if they are cascading from the arrangement.
    To keep your flowers fresh longer: (you probably already know this) but use warm water, fresh cut all stems and add a couple teaspoons of sugar to the water to preserve. 🙂
    PS: You arrangement is lovely!!

  47. Sera says:

    The point of this post for me is definitely “Or just because someone else thinks what you’re doing to make yourself happy is stupid, doesn’t mean it is.”
    Yet another nugget of wisdoms tucked into your already funny, awesome and beautiful posts. Thanks!
    And I’m still enjoying my $5 farmers market bouquet of flowers. I have no idea what they are called but they had the look of long lasting ones.

  48. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I bring them home from the market sometimes..other times cut them from my garden..think I will today since you have put me in the mood..There are pictures of little me wearing bonnets like yours so I get to join the Gang..right?..You were a cute little munchkin..You still are!!

  49. Shauna says:

    I’m always wanting to buy flowers at the store and my husband is always poo poo’ing me, but I love to see them when I come home. I place them on my porch so they’re the first things I see when I come home from a long day at work and I love that sitting on the porch, others may enjoy them as well.

  50. Sarah In Illinois says:

    I LOVE a bouquet of fresh flowers! I want to start a cutting garden! Any suggestions where to start?

  51. marilyn says:

    wow apparently flowers are a big deal! and why not. i love them too..this time of year is especially amazing! and when im in dire straits ive been known to bring in a few hosta leaves. one of the things i love about my brother mike is his love of fresh flowers…very endearing.

  52. Mindy says:

    Fresh flowers, or even a branch of green, in a room is a necessity as far as I’m concerned. How can a sprig of something blooming NOT make you happy? I just brought some fresh ones in today. I even put them in the bathroom. ‘Cause who doesn’t want to look at pretty flowers when they’re peeing? No one. No one doesn’t want to. Food, water, shelter, and flowers.

  53. jan says:

    NOT ABOUT THE FLOWERS-ALL FLOWERS GREAT. After your recommendation I read “Lonesome Dove” Just finished it-couldn’t put it down the last 300 pages! If I didn’t love it, I really, really liked it. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite book ever but I’m glad that I read it and have been recommending it like crazy. Never saw the mini series as I’m not much on westerns-fell in love with the story-and the writing.

  54. Bonnie says:

    I totally believe in doing things to make yourself happy–especially when it does not involve hurting someone else (unless you think rose bushes are sentient beings, and if you do, you have bigger problems that feeling low.) Because I tend to be a painfully frugal person, When I need a mood boost, I am more likely to buy a flowering plant that will keep on flowering. However, I have been known to quaff a few to lift my mood, and I don’t worry about that being a renewable resource. So, good for you!
    By the way, I think you should consider wearing a bonnet. You look awfully cute in that picture.

  55. Eddie says:

    Simple pleasures are always the best!!!!

  56. Sarah says:

    I adore both. The second makes me wish I had planted a rose bush suitable for cutting instead of the cheap crowd pleaser that is the Knockout rose bush. The Knockout is all show, but the blooms don’t last long and you can’t really use them in arrangements.

    By the way, I have two girl friends who claim to hate plants that bloom. I don’t get it.

  57. Both arrangements are GORGEOUS! I can’t choose! Your knack for this is mind blowing!
    I have to ask – did you paint the artichokes or are they artificial? If they are artificial, can you figure out a way to paint the real thing & post it? I always tell my friends that Karen can figure anything out! I think the artichokes are beautiful too!

  58. Bonnie says:

    I have tons of hydrangeas blooming now in all shapes and types and colors from brilliant blue, to shades of violet, pink, and white; lacy ones and round heads. Also, the gardenias are blooming. I don’t know if there is anything that smells better than gardenias. I got this hint from a florist–to keep your gardenias white in bouquet, dip them in a mix of diluted Elmer’s glue.

  59. Susan Dulley says:

    I have been working primarily in the Green Industry for more than 30 years. Flowers are the most amazing thing…along with about a gazillion other things created on this beautiful earth. I have not read you hint yet, but, cut rose stems from your bush should be cut at a slant under cold running water and then the ends, about two inches from the bottom and smashed with a hammer. Yes I know it sounds radical, however, woody stems have a tendency to close much more quickly than soft stems.
    And remember, even if using a preservative from the florist, or lemon juice or sugar or whatever one uses and has luck with, water needs to be changed every day, preferably at the same time every day. Your flowers are beautiful. I love flowers so much that I even got married in a greenhouse. The Krohn Conservatory is a huge, beautiful greenhouse in Cinci and I was the first to ever marry there. Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers…everywhere. Thanks for bringing flowers into my life today.

  60. mia pratt says:

    Well I’m just going to have to go get me some flowers tomorrow – what a perfect Father’s day gift, for ME! Thanks Karen<:}

  61. Emily says:

    Thank you!! Not 2 days ago, I was explaining that spending a reasonable amount on flowers was ok, simply for the way they make me feel when I see them. I’m glad I’m not the only one who shares this mind state 🙂

  62. Magali says:

    The point of this post should be that you have gold artichokes and that is brilliant!!!

  63. Kristin says:

    Two things are important:
    When I was a baby/toddler, my dad called me Krissie-Bonnet, because apparently I was fond of wearing/was too young to protest to wearing bonnets. Then, when I was in about sixth grade (old enough to know better), my friend and I decided to start a fashion trend by wearing prairie bonnets to school. Prairie bonnets. To school. What we failed to grasp was that a) in order to start a trend you have to be the type of cool kid others want to emulate and b) never prairie bonnets.

    The other important thing is that you must tell me where I can get gold artichokes. I’m in love.

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