Food Styling

Wonder why food in pictures always looks better than your food?

It’s ’cause it’s styled. You know. In order to make it enticing. The same way after a little styling, even the ghastliest of American Idol contestants looks good.

There are a ton of things that people do to make their food look better in pictures. Use toothpicks to prop it up. Blow torch their meat to get it evenly brown. Spray the nuts on top of a sundae with oil to make them stand out in the picture.

For this shot, my swiss cheese was sticking straight out like cardboard. Swiss has a tendency to do that.

So … out came the small appliance of choice for chefs around the world.

The hair dryer.

bagel 5

Now my cheese was nicely  soft on the edges, but it was also all sweaty.

bagel 7

Wipe with a paper towel. And done.

bagel 8

See? It’s not all as perfect as it seems. Other than the taste. The taste of the sandwich is pretty perfect.


  1. Diana says:

    Hey now I know why my hair is hanging straight down like cheese…
    It`s the dryer! I allways thought that I don`t have curles… tssss
    But I nonetheless look tasty;o)

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