Get growing!

I was over at my sister’s house yesterday while she was potting some lilacs in an urn she has indoors for spring.  It was fascinating.

She unpotted the lilacs, removed the extra dirt from the urn she was putting them in and refilled the urn … all without touching any actual dirt with her hands.  She used a tablespoon to scoop and press the dirt.  A tablespoon I say!

It never would have occurred to me to do this.  I like dirt.  I like the feeling of dirt.  I like the look of dirt.  Especially store bought dirt that comes with plants.  It’s all filled with that white airy vermiculite and such.  It’s fun.  To my sister?  It’s about as fun as inviting a rat to live  in your uterus.

My sister you see, doesn’t like dirt.  She’ll do almost anything to avoid touching it, including using a tablespoon to remove half the dirt from a 3 foot tall urn.  The whole time I just stared at her blankly, completely confused.  I finally said “You really don’t like dirt on your hands do you?”.  “Nope”, she replied.  She does  not like it.  It gives her the willies.  The heebie jeebies.  The icks.

If you’re like my sister, may I suggest you listen to some music in place of reading this post.  It involves dirt.

If you remember several months ago I showed you how to grow a super-secret, FUN plant.  Something few people grow.  One of the reasons is because this particular plant requires a veryyyyyy long growing season.

But if you want to grow one of these super-secret, FUN plants now is the time to start your seeds indoors.

So consider this post a reminder that you need to go out and get your seeds for this immediately if you want any chance of growing one successfully.

In case you forgot … this is what I’m talking about.

Stay tuned, I don’t have time now because I’m off to a very official television meeting but next week I’ll have a quick lesson on how to start any and all seeds indoors.  Tips, tricks and techniques.  Most of which involve getting dirty.


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