Get ready for the biggest assignment ever!

O.K. everyone, I have a weekend homework assignment for you. No one is exempt and you will be graded.   Of course I have no way of knowing whether you did the assignment or not or how well you did.

Just know  that if you do not complete this assignment and accept the imaginary gold star I assign you under false pretences, … you’re a bad, bad person and hairs will grow out of your chin.  If you happen to be a man, 125 hairs will stop growing out of your chin, giving that  luxurious beard you’re so proud of a patchy appearance.

Onto the assignment!

This weekend, I would like you all to mentally prepare for one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever thrown your way before.

That’s right.  That’s all you have to do.  Mentally prepare for what’s coming next week. Like a boxer would mentally prepare for a fight, or a woman would mentally prepare for buying a bathing suit.

Because next Monday marks the start of the “5 Days of Organizing challenge” on The Art of Doing Stuff.




I have 5 days of organizing your home planned for next week starting with Monday … the closets.

Throughout the week I’ll show you ways to throw away, clear out, recycle and reuse your way to a more organized life.  It won’t be anything so drastic that it’s overwhelming.  Just a little guide and schedule to push you into clearing out some crap.

If you need even MORE incentive to get it done, know this … it’ll be way more fun than buying a bathing suit.

Have a good weekend!  And get ready to get rid of it.




  1. Sara says:

    Fitting. It’s Sunday night, and I’m just now starting the assignment. I always was great at procrastinating in school. I’m a minimalist at heart, so the house and it’s closets are generally tidy. My son’s closet is again beginning to overflow with his Lego creations he can’t bear to take apart. I generally need a glass of wine before and after gently helping him edit that collection. The toy bins could likely use a little thinning after the recent arrival of Christmas offerings. Currently the garage and the master bedroom are hoarder’s-reality-TV-worthy, since they’ve been the dumping grounds for displaced items during other projects around here. The backyard is a disaster. There is no way I can accomplish all this in a week. I’d rather wait to tackle some of it closer to the neighborhood garage sale, so I’ll be bookmarking all your wise suggestions. Thinking is now done. Bring on the gold star! :)

  2. Jay says:

    Um, Prof? I need an extension. Cos…

    We booked theatre tickets in BLOODY MAY for November and the lead was ill. Re-booked for Monday, so we’ll be away Mon/Tues.
    And my 12th annual Run-Away-To-London-With-Best-Friend-To-Watch-Ballet-And-Gossip starts Friday.
    But I promise to do it next week

    • Karen says:

      I don’t know Jay. I’m fairly strict and don’t usually allow for extensions. Let me think about it. Which play is it? That might help me decide. ~ karen!

      • Jay says:

        It’s Jeeves and Wooster: Perfect Nonsense.

        We booked tickets 5 months in advance to see it in November and the performance was cancelled through illness. Today was the only date we could get seats, so we’re off to London overnight. I am extremely excited.

        Matthew Macfadyen (Darcy in the recent Pride and Prejudice film) is Jeeves and Steven Mangan (do you Canucks get Episodes? Or Green Wing? Or Dirk Gently?) will be the hapless Bertie. Perfect cast.

  3. Diane says:

    I’m way ahead of you. I started clearing the house when it was time to take down the tree. So far I’ve completed the purge and repacking of the storage area, the hall and linen closets, and the bedroom closet. However, I do still have to throw myself into the kitchen to purge, organize, restock and redecorate. And who knows, maybe you’ll convince me to do it all again and teach me a few new tricks. ;)

  4. Deb says:

    I do need the “cattle prod.” Crikey…I’ll do it. Ready. Set. Go.

  5. Kim from 3 peanuts says:

    I am excited as I am in need of a decluttering and purging. And I need something/someone to keep me accountable. However, only 5 days? YIKES! I usually take the while Lenten season to do this each year (40 bags in 40 days). I have 3 kids and a part time business and a social life even. I am not sure I have time to do my whole house in five days. WIll you give us suggestions for if we can only devote say an hour a day to this project? Pretty please.

    I am mentally preparing though.

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