Ghost Stories

Tonight is the night. All Hallows Eve. A night for apple bobbing, door answering and candy stealing.

Most Halloweens I make a big pot of chili for dinner, and once the kids have thinned out, I turn the lights off, put on a scary movie and curl up in front of the fire with my dinner. It inevitably goes untouched because by 8:00 or so I’m actually bleeding chocolate from my ears but chili is tradition so I make it anyway.

In terms of the scary movie I lean towards things that are actually scary. Like The Exorcist or The Shining or anything with Rob Schneider. Eek ick.

O.K. I actually lied about The Exorcist. I watched it when I was really young and it scared me so much that I can barely even type the words The Exorcist. And I’m not the only one who feels like this. The Exorcist is often listed as the scariest movie ever made. Anything to do with the devil, being possessed or ghosts scares me WAY more than a dude in a mask with an inferiority complex.

Movies about haunted houses though? Haunted houses will do it every time.

My house was built around 1840. I know if you’re reading this from anywhere in Europe you’re probably wondering how I manage to live in something so modern and soulless, but around these parts, the 1800’s is about as old as it gets. When you think of an old house you immediately think that it could be haunted but the truth is, if you’re the type to believe in ghosts or hauntings, then the fact that your house is hold doesn’t have a ton to do with it.

According to people in the know, a house can be haunted by ghosts or entities regardless of how old the house is. They can come in on objects or other people. And of course they can arrive through death.

I have no idea how the ghost in my house arrived but I can tell you it lived here before I did. When I moved into my house I was kind of hoping for a ghost; in that, ghosts don’t really exist, kind of way.  Then as the days wore on and the confusion of moving in settled down I noticed something. It wasn’t a big thing.  It was just big enough to be noticed.




At the top of my staircase is a an old window.  It has  four panes of glass, a wood frame and a latch.  The first couple of time  I noticed the open window I figured it had just blown open, or I had forgotten to close it even though it was the middle of December.  I soon started to pay attention to pushing the window closed and clicking the latch into place before descending down the stairs.  Without fail when I came up those stairs, no matter how long or how soon later,  the window was open.

It didn’t scare me, didn’t startle me, didn’t really frighten me at all.  If I were to dream my house was doing things like this it would terrify me.  If I watched a movie about it it would scare me even more.  Not even a fun scare.  A heart pounding, maybe I should turn all the lights in the house on kind of scared.

Soon I started to notice shadows moving and little black smoke-like puffs darting into corners or behind doors.

At the advice of a friend who actually really does believe in these sorts of things (I was still on the fence, even though I had a house that was beginning to show more personality than my first cat) I told it to leave.  I closed the window one last time and said, enough.  This bugs me, I don’t like it, you’re pissing me off now, so GO.

And it went.  The window never mysteriously opened again.

I understand it’s not the most remarkable ghost story in the world.  Or the scariest. There were no bloody hands shaped as hooks or furniture swirling up to the ceiling or gauzy apparitions floating across the room.  Oh wait, yeah, there was that actually.  They were more like black clouds of smoke is all.

What makes it unique, to me at least, is that it’s the truth. One that I experienced myself and have no doubt about its authenticity.

Happy Halloween my Art of Doing Stuff ghouls.

Have a ghost story?

Now is the time to tell it.


  1. Tracey says:

    Ok, the funeral home story I mentioned earlier happened to my husband.

    My husband used to work at a Funeral home, about 25 years ago. He was a young tough guy, and so was his co-worker. A man’s man so to speak.
    One evening he and the co-worker were alone in the building after public hours. After closing they walked the building as usual, checking doors and rooms, satisfied that no one else was around, they set all the door alarms and motion detectors. They then headed down tho the basement to embalm and dress a very elderly gentleman. You don’t want just anyone walking into the embalming room, and it’s in the basement, so you need to know who may be coming and going, hence the alarms and motion detectors. Plus it’s not something you want to walk in on if you aren’t familiar with what goes on.

    I should add there is a panel on the wall that lights up all green for all the zones when they are armed. If someone opens a door or walks into a room, or opens a door, the corresponding light turns red to tell you someone is there. You get the idea.
    They proceeded to embalm the man. Both my husband and co-worker working quietly and respectfully. Once they finished the embalming, they were about to dress the man in a black suit and black tie, which was hanging on the wall nearby.
    All of a sudden both of them looked up from the table to the doorway into the hall.
    There in the doorway, stood a very tall handsome young man. Clear as day. They both saw him… They both recognized him immediately. It was the younger version of the man lying on the table, wearing the identical suit and tie that was hanging on the wall.
    I asked how he was sure it was the same man, his reply was that embalming takes a bit of time, and when you are putting makeup on the person etc, you get to know how they look pretty intimately. Also, the young version stood there long enough for them to recognize that this was definitely the same man.
    they both then turned to look at each other in that “what is happening??!” Kind of way.

    Then they looked at the panel, no red lights….by the time they both looked back to the doorway, the man was gone. They both ran and searched the building, checked the doors, all the panels, nothing. It’s a small town funeral home, so you can’t exactly get lost in there. Couldn’t find anyone, and no red lights came on.
    There was no mistaking this was the same man, and it was a ghost. My husband said he wasn’t scared. It just was. Personally I’d shit my pants.
    Not sure if that story was worth waiting for….but it still scares me when he tells it.
    Anyway, he’s also been visited by both grandparents in a dream, they night before each of them died.
    They came to say goodbye. The dream felt so real, and upset him. The next day, one of his parents would call to tell him that grandma or grandpa had passed away. He said he was comforted by the fact they came to “see” him. Again… I’d shit my pants.
    Because of these instances he isn’t afraid of ghosts, so maybe when you experience it it’s different. just like my nightmares of ghosts. It always seemed way more scary that I couldn’t see them, but just KNEW THEY WERE THERE…..maybe if I saw one it would be different……not sure I’m ready to find out anytime soon.

  2. Carey says:

    Karen, you must get really tired of being called brilliant, but this is brilliant! I absolutely love hearing all of these stories!

    I grew up in old homes most of my life, and have experienced things throughout my life, in one home or another. One of our homes was built in 1785, and was an all girls’ school, way back when, and also said to be part of the underground railroad. So we had our share of friendly visitors, moving things, and footsteps, and all the normal haunting types things. But it wasn’t until we moved into our newest home, 19 years ago, that I ever felt afraid of one of these visitors. Our home, built in 1962, is reversed, with the living area on the top floor, then you go down stairs to the bedrooms. Always being the last to go to bed, I would shut off all the lights, and go down the stairs in the dark. Every single night the hair on the back of my neck and arms would bristle. I never saw anything, would sometimes feel anxious, but never threatened. But the minute I’d walk down the stairs, everything would get very still, and very uncomfortable.

    My youngest son was probably around 6 years old, and would get up super early in the morning, and play games on the computer in the living room until we all got up. One morning he stated, in a matter of fact way, “I just saw an old man in an old fashioned suit walk through the living room.” What?!! He was so young, there would be no way he would think of something so ridiculous to say for no reason! A couple of weeks later, he was asleep in his bed, and was woken up. He looked over at his desk, and there he thought was his older brother, sitting and writing at his desk. He started shouting for his brother to get out of his room, and to stop bothering him. It was not his brother. The little boy at the desk, looked right at him, and then quickly disappeared. Poof! He ran, howling into our bedroom, and jumped under the covers with us!

    I never, ever saw anything myself, but did get tired of that feeling I’d get of the hair tingling on the back of my neck while walking down the stairs, and not really wanting my son to have anymore experiences, I finally told “them” to leave. It took a few weeks, but I no longer get that strange, hair tingling sensation at night anymore. And oddly, I kind of miss it.

  3. Liz says:

    My mom was driving me to camp when I was 14. I was going out for the whole summer to work as a wrangler. This guy named Bob Larson started talking on the radio, and my mom went to switch it off in a very annoyed way. I asked her why she reacted so strongly; I had never seen her that disgusted before. She told me that he has a radio show where people call in and he casts demons out of them. She said the program was very showy and sensationalized and he shamelessly asks people for money all the time. So naturally, I turned the radio back on to hear this dude talk to demons. It was as you would imagine, a woman going from normal speech to exorcizee speech and him basically asking the demon it’s name and then commanding it to leave (like you did, Karen) It seemed to work…on the radio anyway.
    So I get to camp, I have no idea how many days or weeks we were into our summer. One night, someone is pounding on my door way after curfew and tells me to come quick to the main lodge. My friend Leigh is in there holding one of the little guys from his cabin like a human straight jacket. the campers’ eyes are rolled into the back of his head and he’s talking in a voice not of this world. some staff were crying and others were praying. someone else was calling his parents. I walked over to him, pointed my finger and said “WHAT’S YOUR NAME!?” The demon replied “Cuuuuuuuusssssssss” I told cuss to leave and not come back. I screamed at him. I was absolutely terrified and don’t know how I found words or volume. The kid went limp and normal and started to cry and hug Leigh. Needless to say, it was crazy but I was really thankful that I got to hear Bob Larson do his thing on the radio that summer.

  4. Debbie says:

    I love these stories! When we moved two years ago, we wished out ghost could have moved with us. We think it was a he, as the footsteps we heard wee very heavy. I can’t remember which came first, the light under the steps or the footsteps. The light under the steps from downstairs and upstairs was on a timer. Sometimes it went on and off out-of-sync with the timer (it wasn’t due to standard/DST). Then it would flicker at odd times. We had electricians check the wiring and it was fine. We would say hello to the ghost every time the lights flickered. Then we just started saying hello every time we came home. (Funny, we never said goodbye until the day we moved.) Additionally, twice we heard definite footsteps on the main floor while the entire family was in the basement watching TV. Even my, I don’t believe in all of that stuff, husband felt there was something going on.

    We felt the ghost was being protective of us and we appreciated the feeling. I wonder if the new owners felt the presence as we did.

  5. Lynn (really spelled w/ an "e", but somebody else already has that spelling on here) says:

    @ BethW – I believe I’d have to move my chair… the idea of Andrew… “over and behind my right shoulder when I sit watching tv or on the computer” Yikes, that gives me the heebie jeebies!
    Also spooky who almost offered funeral home stories? I swear I’ve scrolled through the comments twice and I don’t see it now. I was going to ask for one or two stories but I can’t figure out who to ask!

  6. Kate says:

    About 18 years ago, my friend B’s husband C died suddenly in his mid-thirties, leaving her with a 2 year old son. B then spent several years talking about people seeing and hearing her husband hanging around, including the little boy. I thought she had gone quietly around the bend, but really, who could blame her? So I listened, but did not believe her. Now, B and I have boys only a day or two apart. My son and I went to visit, and due to unrelated and boring circumstances, my son and I slept in the master bedroom, while B and her son slept elsewhere. I did not believe in ghosts. I only met C once or twice in life, he was a nice guy, yet I had no emotional need to see him. And I dreamed about him. He was standing by the bed, looking confused. I said to him, “they are in the other room” and that was that. When I told B about my dream in the morning, I realized it was not a dream, because I am really nearsighted and wear glasses. In my dreams I can see perfectly clearly, because my eyeballs are not involved. And, C was appropriately fuzzy. It was not a dream, my eyeballs were definitely involved. All my hair stood up on end. B asked what he was wearing and when I described that, apparently, it was his favorite shirt. So, yeah, I saw a ghost. In many ways, it was much more important to me than to her, she already believed he was there, and I had to sit down and do some thinking about my no ghosts/pretty atheist points of view.

    FWIW – B eventually found a nice man and married and is living happily ever after. And, I’m an agnostic witch, so all’s well that ends well, right?

  7. Kelly says:

    Our house is only about 14 years old, but we frequently hear voices, see shadows that can’t be explained, and my husband and I have both been poked in the back and physically shaken awake from a deep sleep. I have a hat that belonged to my late father hanging on the wall in our living room. It’s been there for 9 years, and has never been moved. This past March on my father’s birthday I got up early in the morning and found Dad’s hat in the floor, about 8 feet from the wall where it normally hangs. I think he stopped by to say hello!

    • Trish says:

      Same thing happened to my grandmother after my grandfather died! He had several old men golf hats hanging on the inside of his closet door. She came home and into their bedroom a month or so after he died and they were all on the bed and floor, 6-8 feet from the door.

  8. Lynn Johannson says:

    My Grandmother, then in her late 80’s and not in great health, decided to go back home to Norway to visit her family one last time. She visited everyone that was still around to visit which took a lot of traveling and a couple weeks. She arrived back to her sisters place, laid down for a nap and never woke up. She WAS the heart of our family and all of us were so sad. I and all my cousins (12 total) were standing around at the memorial service talking about Grandma. Grandma had come to me one night after she died and told me she loved me and everything was going to be ok. I wasn’t going to bring that up because it was just to weird and after all, it had to be my brain trying to make this hole in my life less of a hole. One of my cousins tentatively mentioned Grandma visiting him after she died to say good bye and that she loved him. We all started talking. She had come to visit each of us to say good bye and that she loved us, Each of us had a totally different experience of the visit. One cousin woke up to the sound of her slippers coming toward his bed. I woke up to the smell of Grandma (baking and perfume). One cousin she called by name. It was wonderful. We each knew she loved us and she gave us a lot of peace in her passing. We never told our parents…… I do wonder if she visited them too

  9. Emily Carver says:

    My mother believed in ghosts, mostly because she saw them… or maybe she saw them because she believed in them. Anyway.. there are a few stories I could tell… but I guess I will tell then one of when the piano played. My mom grew up in an orphanage, just like you would imagine from the 50s and 60s. A big two story house with lots of girls, a cook, and a couple of old ladies that took care of the girls kind of place. Well one of the old ladies passed away and this was the time when they still laid out the dead in foyer for visitors. The night she (the lady that passed) was down in the foyer, mom said she heard the piano playing. From what I remember, Mom went downstairs to see who was playing the piano and no one was there. She believed it was the lady that passed because she had played it before.

  10. Ev Wilcox says:

    I live in a previously inhabited house where the previous inhabitant never left. My house was built in 1806. The county records go back only to 1850. We tried to help this “whatever” move on but all it did was REALLY anger it! It calmed down and we have peacefully co-existed for 31 years. We feel that this “whatever’s” person died here. In a house this old MANY people could have died here, so we will never know the whole story. We see flitting shadows, have disjointed dreams if we fall asleep on the couch in the living room, and feel watched sometimes, nothing threatening. My husband has seen the skeletal form sitting on the couch ( I have not darn it!) and felt the presence when he was remodeling upstairs. So we share and all is peaceful!

  11. Tigersmom says:

    I’m late to this party, but it means I get to read all the prior comments, so I’m glad and creeped out at the same time.

    Years ago, my husband and I and several other couples rented a huge house (referred to as ‘the castle’ by the locals) in Costa Rica for a week. As we were arriving from different cities, most of the couples arrived a day earlier than us. The main house had several bedrooms and then there was a pool house with 2 more down a flight of about 150 stairs and set away from the house. Being the last to arrive, I was surprised that we ended up with one of the nicer bedrooms in the main house.

    One day I went to take an afternoon nap while everyone else was hanging out in the pool area. As I was laying there, but well before I was asleep, I heard a voice say my name. (Not Tigersmom, my real first name.) I looked around but already new that no one was there. I had heard no footsteps or doors open. I also knew it wasn’t someone in our group because the voice was inexplicably gender neutral, as in it was strangely neither a female or male voice and not just in an androgenous way like a woman having a deeper voice or a man having a higher one. It didn’t have a threatening tone at all. In fact, it came across as just being matter of fact like it was just letting me know that it knew who I was. It didn’t really frighten me because of its matter of factness, so I went ahead and took my nap and never said anything about it until a year or so later when reminiscing about the vacation with one of the other couples who had stayed in the pool house.

    I mentioned what had happened and the eyes of the girl got very big. She said that on their first day there (the day before we arrived) a voice had called her by her first name as she was laying down alone about to take a nap and that was the reason they decided to move and stay in the pool house.

  12. Ella says:

    I’m too terrified of anything of the sort to try to remember a ghost story. And don’t even get me started on The Exorcist!

  13. Tara in Va says:

    Sometime in the couple of weeks after my grandfather died, I was awoken by a sound in another room. The phone had been knocked off the hook and was making that annoying sound. No one else was up, no wind, no pets… no explanation I can come up with (I am skeptical about ghosts). It is just the kind of thing he would do for a laugh. I see him in dreams often… it is if I can actually feel him hug me, but in the dreams I also know that he is dead and that our time meeting in my dream will only last a moment. If he was the one who knocked the phone off the hook, I wish he would do it more often! I miss him.

  14. PATTY says:

    A few years ago my son moved in with us while his wife finished the school year in another state. One night my husband was out of town. I woke up a little before 3 am and saw a black figure standing over me holding a knife. I wasn’t afraid because I knew it wasn’t a person. I said Get out of here. I had to say it twice before the figure just disappeared. I thought it was a dream but the next morning my son said why were you walking around on the deck in the middle of the night? You woke me up making all of that noise. Of course, it wasn’t me.

  15. Bols says:

    I am a bit older than Karen and I don’t remember how old I was when I saw The Exorcist – maybe only after I moved to Canada (because a movie like that definitely was not on the list of allowed movies in Eastern Europe). I did not really scare me that much, I am not sure if I finished watching it because I found it a bit boring.
    But The Blair Witch scared the sh*t out of me, just like out of millions of other people. To this day, I still remember how terribly scared I was, sitting in the movie theatre, fully aware it’s a MOVIE and it’s all a made up story but I could not help it. I am not sure I would be equally scared if I saw it a second time – maybe not as much, who knows. Some movies are most powerful the first time and are not meant to be viewed again.

  16. Mary Werner says:

    My daughter (23), granddaughter(3) and I were driving from Florida to North Carolina to visit my son. We left after work and needed lots of coffee and restrooms along the way. In South Carolina about 2AM we pulled onto the down ramp off Interstate 95 and had to stop completely as a really bad accident was being cleaned up. We were not allowed to get back on as that ramp was closed. I asked a person working the accident (whose jacket had Coroner printed on it) how to get back on I95. She told me to go onto a road nearby, drive until we saw a stop sign, turn left and follow the big curve around down towards Florida again. Then we could get onto the exit we had already passed and be able to continue going north. We did and it was way out in nowhere – no lights, no houses, no barns and no traffic. No cars and no full moon. We followed her directions and just as we got to the big curve we saw a big tent set up in the field. It was lighted from under the top and had no sides. No cars parked, nothing but the tent and what was under it. Since this was Memorial Day weekend, I thought someone had decided to honor the war injured because it was filled with ancient wooden wheelchairs, nurses, and other injured people. They were VERY still and we decided they were dummies dressed in old soldier costumes possibly from the civil war. I was driving and pulled up next to it to see and they were facing us. Didn’t seem scary until we noticed they were all looking at us. How did that work? They didn’t move but looked so very real. How was it lighted with no buildings anywhere around this field? Suddenly, we just freaked as they were really really looking at us and they appeared more like actors than dummies, so lifelike. We backed the car back onto the road and left very fast. I have searched the internet to see if anyone has had a similar experience but no! My brother said he was listening to late night radio and someone called in to report an experience very much like ours. The radio host didn’t laugh but more people called to tell him that the story was stupid and made up. I am here to tell you it did happen to us – were they actors, dummies, or ghosts? We don’t think they were automated dummies as they were so real looking, and why would actors be standing in a field that late at night? There were about 30 of them standing or sitting there looking at us. Strange, unexplained, and I would love to hear if others have ever had a similar experience. We do not normally have strange things like this happen and I guess we’ll never know.

  17. AngieC says:

    My grandmother has just put my infant father and toddler uncle down for a nap and decided to take a few minutes to have a little rest herself. She had just settled herself on the bed when a man walked into the room. He watched my dad and uncle sleep for a few seconds, turned and smiled at her and then walked out. When my grandfather came home my grandmother told him what happened and described the man. He was my great-grandfather who had died several years before.

    When I was in residence in university, I used to hear what sounded like someone dropping a big handful of straight pins on the floor. It drove me nuts because I was the only one who heard it, it never happened when I had people over. It couldn’t have been the guys in the room above me because the floors were pretty well insulated, I couldn’t hear them walking or talking, playing music or anything like that. I lived in that room for three school years and heard it every year and I’ve never heard it since. There were a lot of rumours and student urban legends about the building and campus being haunted but nothing I put much stock in. I have no idea what caused that noise. You’d think if it was pipes or something someone else would have heard it. I’m pretty good at telling the difference between when a noise is coming from outside of me or it’s just my ears playing tricks.

  18. shirley says:

    I have been in this house since last December. Last week I had been asleep and I instantly woke up. I remember my eyes opening just like a doll’s. I saw a young woman standing over me looking at me. I kept opening and closing my eyes thinking I needed to focus them but she was still there. I flung the covers off, jumped up and starting swinging at her. She backed up once then disappeared. I got back in bed and remember thinking I wasn’t particularly scared and wondered why my dogs didn’t wake up. She was a young woman and was wearing what reminded me of a school uniform. Plaid skirt with a green, sleeveless knitted pullover. Here eye socket were perfectly round but there were no eyes.

    About a month prior to this, A guy who was doing some carpentry for me asked me if I thought the back bedroom felt weird to me. I said it did but I just thought it was because I had emptied it out so he could work in there. Maybe that was why. Hmmmm.

  19. Manisha says:

    SO my ghost story is from this last summer. My brother-in-law passed away in January. The previous christmas he had given my daughter a doll that I hated and thought about throwing away while she slept. Well on the night that we learned of his death, that doll fell on my head while I laid on my daughter’s bed helping her to sleep. It was nowhere near her bed. So we kept the doll and we kept his ashes in the basement. We were waiting for the summer to scatter the ashes at the local race track. In the weeks before we did this, all the light bulbs in the house would burn out. This happened on a daily basis. Then one night I woke to find the tub faucet flowing out water like it had been turned on all the way ( it was not turned on at all). My husband tried to fix these things but nothing helped. We had to shut off the hot water in the house even after he fixed it. The day after we finally scattered his ashes, all the weird activity stopped. I had asked him to stop it, too. He would always being doing annoying things and I just knew it was him. I felt assured that I was right when it all just stopped. The tub doesn’t have even the tiniest leak and we haven’t replaced a bulb in two months. This all was more annoying than scary.

    Usually I’m terrified of such things but Bob just annoyed me. Just thinking about the Exorcist gets my heart going. My family is not Christian and so I felt I would always be susceptible to demon possession. OH man, I wish I hadn’t actually written that!

  20. Trish says:

    So I have a bizzilion stories, okay, that might be an exaggeration. So, I went to the oldest Catholic College in the nation (Mt. St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, MD) and lived in Gettsyburg, PA, notoriously known for its ghosts. After college, I lived briefly in a house on campus for college workers. I was a guest of a friend living their so I stayed in the ‘library’. The house was previously occupied by an old priest (the college is also a seminary). The room had wood bookshelves all around the room built into the walls. I had pictures of family members scattered around the shelves in front of the books. Several times I would come in and one or two pictures that were originally on top shelves would be sitting on the lower desks that were connected. I always thought it was my roommate coming in and getting a book and just not putting it back, but a few years later when we were reminiscing I mentioned it and she got all wide eyed and shook her head.

    My gf’s sister moved to a small town near Gettysburg, called Fairfield, PA. There is a hotel there that apparently is known for its ghost, she worked there for a short period of time. One day a previous hotel guest came by and showed them polaroid pictures she had taken while staying there years ago. She said she took them when she got to her room but they didn’t develop, so she put them in her drawer at home when she got home. Months later she opened the drawer and the picture was developed. I’ve added a link to the picture, although I don’t know if it will work. If it doesn’t, it clearly shows a white glowy silhouette of a boy standing in the middle of the room. She was also in empty restaurant, took a picture, and clearly on the side of the picture is a black silhouette of a boy’s head. C:\Users\trobinson_bal\Pictures\185179_4563760577280_505752953_n.jpgC:\Users\trobinson_bal\Pictures\185179_4563760577280_505752953_n.jpg

    Lastly, but not least, my uncle who is as far from a believer as they come, a very handy man to have around, was over at his friends house down in southern GA assisting with repairs. The owners of the home are very close friends and had moved into the relatively new house a few years ago. My uncle and the husband were beneath the house working, when a woman asked my uncle what he was doing, thinking it was his friends wife, he answered, “I’m repairing the such and such by doing such and such” (clearly not verbatim;) After a few minutes my uncle turned to look for his wife’s friend but she wasn’t there. The friend watched my uncle (and yes he heard the conversation take place) get out from under the house and walk around looking for the wife, when he came back still puzzled, his friend explained to them that they had a secret. They have a pair of ghosts in the house. There is a woman ghost, who always asks the husband, ‘what is he doing?’ and there is a male ghost, that always harasses the wife – i.e. she’ll be folding laundry and the male ghost will shout ‘hey’ at her. They don’t know if the two ghosts know each other or are somehow related, but they only interact with the opposite sexes. My uncle is a believer now.

  21. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    Great stories, thanks everyone!

  22. Vicky says:

    My Dad died about 10 months before my son was born so he didn’t know I was having him. We named him after my maternal grandfather and his own Dad. I knew my Dad would like the names as we had named our first son after my Dad. Well, about 2 weeks after the baby was born, the phone rang in the middle of the night. My husband was sleeping in his lounger in the living room so I answered the phone by the bed. It was my Dad! He told me how much he loved the new baby and how much he loved my grandpa (his dad was a jerk) and that us naming the baby after Grandpa made Grandpa and Grandma so happy! Then he told me to go back to sleep because the baby was going to start sleeping thru the night. I must have fallen asleep but I woke up with the phone in my hand making that awful “off the hook” noise.

    When I told my Mom that Dad had called, she laughed and said if he calls again, tell him to give her a call too.

  23. Mary says:

    When I firts graduated from nursing school (too many years ago to mention), I worked at a downtown Toronto Senior residence. I had a couple of very unsettling experiences there, but I will share this one. We had just finished making rounds and all patients were settled nicely in their beds. All things were quiet and there was nothing to be concerned about so I settled into doing my paper work. All of a sudden I was compelled to visit a single resident at the far end of the building (this is a big place). No reason to single her out as she was absolutely fine on first rounds, but I was compelled to go and see her. Do I need to say that she was dead when I found her? Well, she was. She was as dead as door nail. I don’t think I was ever so scared in all my life.

  24. Janet says:

    I have a few ghost stories but this one is the most recent. When we were house hunting last winter, we got really excited about an old farmhouse with a gorgeous property that seemed a little underpriced for what it had to offer. We went to see it with our agent and my husband and I almost immediately started exchanging the “this could be the one” glances – there was a warm fire going, the place was immaculately renovated and decorated, it just seemed so inviting. Until we turned around and saw our 11-year old son, white as a sheet, trembling and crying in the front hallway. We asked him what was wrong and he blurted out, “Someone died here. This house feels like death. Can I PLEASE go wait in the driveway? I can’t stay in here anymore.” And he ran out of the house. It was -30 degrees that night so he really wanted to leave! I’m still thinking we need to get him his own reality show.

    • Amy says:

      I had a similar thing happen. I was in high school and my mom found what she thought was a great real estate deal. We never viewed the house, but the thought of going there terrified me for no other reason than it felt like a bad place. We later found out the previous owners had died in a murder-suicide.

      • Janet says:

        Yikes! And you didn’t even have to visit the house? I was especially willing to believe my son because the week prior, we were viewing another old house (a much creepier one because the woman who lived there made art similar to the stuff Phoebe on Friends did) when all at the same time, my son, our realtor and I had the same creepy feeling and felt a chill go through us. We ALL left the house that time.

  25. Patti says:

    The Exorcist came out when my sister and I were 11 and 12. My sister went to see it, she couldn’t sleep afterwards. My mother found out she saw the movie and grounded her for 2 weeks. I have never seen it and never will, absolutely no interest in movies that have to do with the devil, way too scary for me. Same sister told me she thinks my Dad came to her one day a short while after he passed in 2001. She was sitting alone on her bed, feeling very sad about the way she was living her life and thinking how our parents would be so unhappy with her when all of a sudden she felt a hand on the back of her head comforting her. She just knew in her gut it was my father. It lasted just a moment, but it made her feel better, not scared at all.

  26. Linda says:

    I live in a 100 year old house that has taken me years to not be terrified of the basement. The house was originally built by the first surgeons in our city…always wonder about bodies/parts stashed down there. Anyway, we have prankster ghosts, spirits or lots of wind. A pedestal clock that doesn’t work but when my daughter visits, it will start moving until she leaves. Upstairs photos of images in the background, moving holiday ornaments–one swinging wildly while the others next to it aren’t moving–and a young girl who will yell ‘Mom’ in the middle of the night. Woke us both up, got up and of course, no one but us and the dogs. Happy Halloween, y’all.

  27. Susan says:

    Anybody who lives alone and watches scary movies is my hero. Couldn’t do it!
    It’s not just houses that can be haunted. Years ago, I bought a beautiful maple secretary at an estate sale and left it at my parent’s until I could borrow a truck. My mother asked me the next morning to please get it out of there; she had to get up in the night and pass it to get to the bathroom and felt a malevolent chill in front of it that frightened her. I laughed and thought she was a little flaky, of course, and took it home. For several years after I got it, sometimes when I was reading in the livingroom, I’d suddenly get a strong smell of tobacco, just like someone had opened a fresh can of pipe tobacco and it would linger for about 10 minutes. I checked over that secretary for smells and of course it had none, but in a tiny drawer was a lock of hair and a little paper bluebird. It was kind of a comfortable feeling, like sitting with someone, me reading and him smoking his pipe and I got to enjoy it. It was disappointing when he left for good and at the same time, the hair and the bluebird disappeared.
    My second story was rather humorous. My husband trained racehorses and his sons did the driving. The one time my husband did drive, he won the race and one of our owners gave him a very large, framed picture of the win. Hubby hated that picture with a passion, saying it made him look like an old man. I moved down to PEI, where he was from, and bought a little convenience store. Because there were people around who might have known him, and also partly as a conversation starter, I put his win picture up. The first time it just came off the wall with a thump – must have been the wind. Hung it again and a few days later, off it came again. No wind, and I was starting to get suspicious. So I hung it again, made sure it was secure, and it came off and broke the glass. Put it up again without the glass and it came off and bend the frame all to heck. I laughed and said, “okay, you win!” and put it in a drawer.
    Happy Hallowe’en!

  28. Vanessa says:

    I used to work at the Charles Inn, also in Niagara on the Lake. The Inn, basically a large stately home, had a tunnel in the basement that led to a former fort (circa 1812, located on the present day golf course). Most likely it was also used as passage for the Underground Railway as well. So you can imagine the likelihood of hauntings around the place.
    No major issues from guests, as they assumed any creaking on the floorboards were just nighttime staff moving about. But I recall seeing many shadows/smoke in around the dining room across from my front desk.
    The worst scare was when all the kitchen staff had gone home for the evening, guests were in there rooms, and I heard steps coming out from the kitchen, through the butler’s pantry where then there was a crashing noise. I get up from the desk to turn the corner into that hallway, only to see all the serving trays, wine bottles, utensils and coffee mugs all removed from their shelves and piled on the floor on the opposite side of the hall. Creepy.

  29. Heather says:

    Sorry, no ghost story. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Hallowe’en. I hope your evening is everything you want it to be. I now live in an apartment so I won’t be giving out treats although I did donate treats to be given out in the lobby. I plan to sit myself down with homemade pizza, wine (always wine) and watching “Hocus Pocus” and maybe “Practical Magic” if I can make it through 2 movies. I’m not into scary movies.: enjoy yours.

    Happy Hallowe’en, Karen.

  30. Jody says:

    I don’t have a ghost story but reading these comments is freaking me out.

  31. Danni says:

    I’ve been a widow for 12 years now, but this is as clear as if it happened yesterday…
    We had been married about 20 years, and you fall into routines, like Saturday night sex. Well, my husband died on a Monday, and that following Saturday I had a vivid dream, terrified me because in my “dream” I knew he couldn’t be there. His touch burnt and I woke terrified. The next day there were 10 fingerprint bruises on my inner thighs, couldn’t have been done by me in any way, couldn’t twist my hands around that way…
    He haunted me for a long time, but I soon realized he was trying to help. Money was always tight, I worked 7 days a week, two jobs, to keep the roof over our heads, and there was never any $ to spare. Things would always happen to work out, usually having to do with water. He liked to break pipes and overflow toilets, I would do all the clean up and repairs, but then would have the insurance $ to pay for the kids graduation parties, stuff like that. Always happened when I was in desperate need.
    The last thing that happened, swear to god, there was a summer thunderstorm and I stood at the front door and literally shook my fist in the air and said “GO AHEAD!” and BOOOOM! Yup, struck by lightning. I cursed him out something awful, but the interesting thing is this… the only things that were destroyed were things that I needed to fix or replace but couldn’t afford to. Homeowners insurance to the rescue.
    I never worry anymore, things always work out.

  32. Louise says:

    OK, this isn’t an actual ghost story, but it is a true story that happened to my great grandfather in Louisiana back in the early 1940’s. He was driving his truck through cotton fields towards the bridge that crosses the river to Natches, Mississippi. There didn’t seem to be a soul around for miles, and dusk was falling, so when he saw a man walking along the road, my great grandfather pulled over, threw open the passenger door and said, “Hop on in!” The man never said a word, but climbed in and sat silently for some time. After a while, my great grandfather thought, “This guy is awfully quiet!” and turned to look at him. That’s when he noticed that the man was holding an axe and a human head in his lap! He later said that was the longest drive he ever took in his life because he sure wasn’t going to stop in the middle of nowhere with this guy! So he had to continue on through the empty fields, across the bridge and then drove straight to the police station. He jumped right out and told the police about his passenger, answered a few questions and then left. So we never got the hear the rest of the story and I’ve often wondered about it.

  33. Tracey says:

    Karen, you are hilarious as ever…however, this topic of ghosts really scares the BEJEEBERS outta me! Devil type things too….yikes.
    I think I was about 10 when The Excorcist came out. My cousin was reading the book when she came to visit. She had the book in the nightstand drawer. I opened the drawer and saw the picture on the paperback cover and I couldn’t open the drawer again for years, just in case the damn book was still there. What a baby. I don’t even like listening to the theme song.
    I’m scared of things you can’t see. By that I mean I used to have dreams ALL the time, where there were “ghosts” or some kind of evil living in certain parts of the house. The terrifying thing to me is that I could never see them, But you KNEW THEY WERE THERE. I had those dreams almost nightly in a house we used to live in.
    I love old farmhouses and houses with “nooks and crannies”, but realistically I could never buy one for fear it would be haunted. I’m sure there are folks reading this who think I’m ridiculous.
    Oh ya,….I just remembered. My husband had an encounter with a ghost when he worked at a funeral home. Should I tell it….or should I just shut up already…lol

  34. Su says:

    When my oldest daughter was a baby we once lived in a house that had built in the 1930’s by our landlords father. Shortly after we moved in during the fall we would hear hammering from ‘somewhere’… not really sure where it was coming from, and we figured one of the neighbors was remodeling their home. As we got to know them we discovered no one had been working on their house, but we kept hearing the tapping. As time went on we could hear it mostly in the wall between the living room and master bedroom. One NYE my husband was out and we were experiencing a blizzard. I put my daughter to bed and went to bed myself. I started hearing the hammering again, louder than ever heard before and it seemed to be going up and down the wall almost frantically. Didn’t scare, but pissed me off – I was trying to sleep. I said out loud ‘oh for God’s sake will you knock it off!’ And all of a sudden it just stopped. THAT scared me! I got up, turned on all the lights in the house. Never heard the hammering again. Landlord later told me that her dad had passed in the house on NYE many years before…….
    Story #2 – Second house we lived in was built in 1904 – big American 4 square. When downstairs with all the kids and animals, you could hear someone moving around upstairs, floors would squeak, doors would shut. Objects would turn up in the most unlikely places, like a sewing basket in the shower, roller skates too small for any of the kids that had been packed away up in the loft in the garage turned up in the pantry, a single high heel on the top shelf of the pantry…. the dogs and cats would seemingly at random perk up and stare at something in the room….. Happy Halloween!!

  35. Beth W says:

    Mine’s a truth one too. I moved into my house, having accidentally realized that I lived next-door to the original owner (from 1939) when we were in our apartments for 5 years. She told me about how her husband Andrew had died and that’s why she had to give up the house. I moved in and would notice that the light at the front door was on from time to time. I kept turning it off thinking I had done it by mistake when checking the mail slot, as I never used the front door for anything else. Once I paid more attention, I realized it wasn’t me doing it. So I politely thanked Andrew for making sure I had a light to come home to (although it wasn’t always on at night) and told him I didn’t use that door so it was wasting electricity and he needed to stop. It did. Then a few months later, the knocker (one of those hardcore old fashioned ones) on the backdoor was, well, knocked. The dog went barking full speed to the backdoor . . and no one was there. Although it’s a backdoor, it goes into our sunroom so there’s no chance of a windy day. I ignored it. Then it happened again another day, and again . . . so I politely let Andrew know that while he might have found it amusing, it was a bit tedious having to get up to calm the dog down each time, so I appreciated him stopping. It did. Now the only evidence of him seems to be my dog staring, unexplainably, into the place where the wall meets the ceiling at the edge of our living room… over and behind my right shoulder when I sit watching tv or on the computer. I have to fight myself not to turn around each and every time, but as long as he’s not knocking things over, Andrew can hang out wherever he wants

  36. Dava says:

    I have on old mantle clock that belonged to my grandmother. That clock doesn’t run, and didn’t run when my grandmother had it. I keep thinking I should get it fixed. One Christmas eve at midnight that clock started bonging. My boyfriend and I just looked at each other. It didn’t seem scary. Without missing a beat I said “Hi Grandma! Merry Christmas!” The clock has never bonged again.

  37. Rondina says:

    Although I have never experienced a ghost, although first-person testimony has my great-grandmother still running around in her nightgown at the farmhouse my great-grandfather built, I do have interactions with dead people on a regular basis. As a professional genealogist, my research is based on evidence garnered from documentation. The scientific method is used to write proof discussions. Rarely, does even oral tradition pass muster. When researching a family, you get to know them pretty darn well. You know their marital, mental, health, and financial problems, what their growing in the fields … and whether they want you to know. Each family has a personality and you can discern who the “ugly duckling” was. I am not alone in running into the phenomenon of having a subject that is uncooperative. There are also subjects that “help” researchers along. I’ve never had one like that. I just like it when they don’t stand in my way. You betcha—I believe that the entities that we call ghosts are real. You had a nice one. If you haven’t researched the house, it would interesting who he/she was.

  38. Sally A says:

    I love ghost stories! I do not have any of my own though. We live in a 1920’s home that I thought would surely contain a ghost, but unfortunately/fortunately we have found an explaination for every bump-in-the-night. I’m torn if I want to see one. The idea is exciting but the reality (my husband would laugh at the use of the word reality as he does not believe in ghosts) would probably put me into a fear induced coma. Along these same lines, I love watching Long Island Medium with Teresa Caputo. If it’s a trick, she’s super good at it!

    Love your story! Happy Halloween!

  39. Claire says:

    I don’t have much in the way pf ghost stories about people, but I have been visited by fomer pets (all cats). One night, I was sitting home alone working on the computer with our only cat next to me when I heard the unmistakable sound of a jingle ball rolling across the upstairs landing.

    Happy Hallowe’en!

  40. Holly says:

    Happy Halloween, Karen and all. Yes, I have had some things happen but really don’t even want to repeat because they were so weird and scary.

    After my dad died, we gave his bed to some good friends. She did not know his history. He was a retired Major in the USAF for 20 years and flew missions everywhere. She said when she went to sleep she would dream of this young airman and be in his plane and he flew her all over the world and she met all his friends, but she was exhausted when she woke up! He was very friendly. This was my dad’s true love, next to my mom. He totally loved those years. She met with someone who also told her to tell him firmly she needed her sleep and couldn’t do this anymore.. he left her alone after that.

    Lately, I have noticed my best buddy Buster, my chocolate lab, who is very calm, watch intently as if he was watching someone, moving his head, ears up, but never in a bad or agitated way. It doesn’t scare me. I think it’s my mom or dad, who both have passed recently and are the greatest people in the world. It freaks my daughter out, so I don’t mention it anymore.

    I also find dimes everywhere..have for years, in file folders, on my car seat, in drawers, the shower, medicine cabinet, on top of paint cans, so weird. Not where you usually would through normal life movements. Happy Halloween, have fun, stay safe!

    • Holly says:

      upon reading again, I didn’t make myself very clear. When I said I didn’t want to repeat some of the things, I meant that. It seems in my original post as if I went ahead and listed them. Those are other things that have happened that are much more harmless and cool.

    • Debison says:

      I fnd dimes too Holly. In the past 4 years I have found around 70 of them. I keep them all.

  41. AmyKate says:

    I was about 11 or 12 yrs old visiting my crabby Great Grandmother. She was in her 90s and mean as a snake. She had raised 6 kids on her own,married twice, the husbands both died of heart attacks in the house. The same house she lived in till she died. My parents, My Gram (her daughter) and my Great Grandma were all out side in the garden in the yard.( I could see them from the window) I was in the kitchen eating a bowl of ice cream when I heard foot steps coming down the back stairs to
    the kitchen. It was heavy steps. Like a tall man wearing dress
    shoes. I look up and no one ever comes down. I look out the window and see Mom,Dad,Gram and Great Gram….everyone that could make the noise. Scared, I ran down the back steps and stood by my Mom. White faced..I refused to say anything about it till we had left the house. It never happened again. But my Mom told me a similar thing happened to her. We think it was one of the Great Grandpa’s that died in the house..Happy Halloween!

  42. amanda says:

    The Exorcist is one of my favorite movies, but the book is infinitely better. Anyway, I love all things horror, I don’t scare easily, and I don’t have any ghost stories of my own, but one thing that does freak me out is ‘glitch in the matrix’ type stories. Not too sure why, but having something happen that would make me question reality itself seems SO MUCH SCARIER than a ghost.

  43. Auntiepatch says:

    About a week after my father passed away my mom was sitting in the family room thinking about him. All of a sudden all three of their dogs shot to their feet, started doing a happy dance, barked and “sang”, and looked at the same area of the room. They all looked at my mom and then back to the empty area. My mom felt like dad had come to say goodbye to her and their dogs. After about 15 minutes the dogs settled down and she felt a deep peace.
    A few years later mom passed in the middle of November. A friend of ours went to a Christmas party and a psychic was there doing readings. My friend was told that my mom was there and wanted all of us to know that she was “there” with dad and that they were young again. And that they were surrounded by all the dogs that they had had in their long marriage. She said to tell the family that they were all right and happy.

  44. Grammy says:

    My sister lives in a house that’s more than 100 years old. For many years, she had a ghost. She said his name was Walter. Evidently, she found out after some spooky things had occurred and she researched previous owners that a man named Walter was either murdered or committed suicide (I forget which) in the 1920s in the home. I wanted Walter to do something when I visited, but she said he never bothered women. His main target for harassment was her new husband who was younger than two of her sons and was unemployed when they wed, after which he decided to pan for gold but never found any. After she got a divorce Walter apparently was able to rest in peace and never made an appearance again. As sad as a failed marriage can be, I’ve always enjoyed how “Walter” worked.

  45. Stephbo says:

    The daughter of the woman who now lives in my great-grandma’s house told her mother that a ghost came to her in her bedroom and talked to her. She described the ghost as a nice, old lady who wore a white dress and apron. I sent a photo of my great-grandma to the mom, who showed it to her daughter and asked if she knew who the woman in the picture was. The girl’s eyes got really big, and she said, “That’s Miss Mazie!” Mazie was my great-grandma. She was dead before this girl was born, and even though my grandparents (Mazie’s son and DiL) lived next door, they both died before she would have been old enough to see pictures, so I know she has never seen photos of her before the one I sent. From what I understand, the daughter sleeps in the bedroom my great-grandma used when she first moved into the house. I love that my great-grandma is still hanging around. When I visited the family last summer, I told the daughter to tell her “hi” from me if she sees her again.

  46. judy says:

    The thing that makes me doubt the existence of Ghosts is the number of Humans who must of died in our supposed million or so years of existence. Its got to number in the hundreds of Billions. That’s a lot of ghosts to squeeze into this side of being alive. One would think with such numbers one could hardly avoid them, they would be stacked up ceiling high in every building-on the corners-the middle of the street -behind you right now watching your every move! Bwahhh ha ha ha-BOO!

    • Sally A says:

      Thanks a lot Judy! Eeek!

    • Kim from Milwaukee says:

      That makes sense only if you believe EVERY person who dies wants to be a ghost. But from what I hear only those who have unfinished business or those who are restless or those who really don’t want to leave are the ones who stick around.

  47. Jennifer says:

    I work in Niagara-on-the-Lake (the most haunted town in Canada, according to the Fort George Ghost Tours) and this summer we started renovating the “Miller House” which was built in 1817. We are opening a floral/decor shop. Anyway I have been creeped out by the hallway ever since I first walked in the door. One day my co-worker and I were working in the house and I made a point of walking through the hallway, which I normally avoid, and decided to stop and unscrew a shelf to prepare the wall for painting. It’s then that I felt what I thought was my co-worker walk behind me only to turn to say something to her and no one was there, I screamed and ran, and my coworker heard me from the other room and we both ran from the house screaming! After we calmed down we realized that we had just been talking about working alone in the house…I think the “ghost” just wanted to let us know we weren’t alone. When I got up my nerve to walk back into the hallway I said “don’t worry we are just fixing up your house” and it’s been all good ever since. I’m still a little creeped out and not looking forward to working in there in the dark winter evenings!

  48. Michelle says:

    I don’t know if I’d call this a ghost story, as it was an encounter that still gives me pause to this day. If there’s a difference? Here goes…my father in law was a very troubled man who committed suicide about 20 years ago. He loved Aramis cologne, and I will always remember the HUGE ginormous bottle from Macy’s he kept on his bathroom counter. Anyway, one day several years after his passing, I was working in the yard (he was a fantastic urban gardener), and all of a sudden I got the biggest whiff of Aramis. I remember dropping the shovel and actually calling out to my husband, wondering if it was him by chance. It wasn’t, and it has never happened since, and I’ll sure never forget that afternoon!

  49. Cool story! What a decent ghost. Here’s mine:
    When my friend Kathleen and I were young, we were inseperable. I was at her house more than mine. She got a ouiji board and we gave it a try, just us two. We asked if there were any spirits out there and one replied immediately. I still remember her name was ajax, she had died young, and was quite polite and very open to answering anything about herself. We asked her questions about Kathleens brothers friends (in the next room) that we wouldn’t know, but Ajax did. It was so cool! I think we stayed in touch with her for a while but one day we took out the board and a different spirit responded. He was not a good person. He said horrible things like her brother should die and that he would kill him. Again, it was just us two and I am 100% sure Kathleen was not faking this, nor was I. We took the board outside, I put a rosary in the box and we left it in the rain. I will never try that again!

    • Karen says:

      Ouija boards terrify me. TERRIFY me. ~ karen

      • Beckie says:

        Me too!! They should not be sold in the toy aisle, imho.

        My mother’s house had a…resident? There was a cabinet in the kitchen that would constantly be open, in spite of the fact that the house had a severe slant and logic would dictate this particular cabinet should always close because of it.

        We’d hear footsteps on the second floor when everyone who was in the house was on the first floor. Stuff like that. We were fairly certain it was the former owner who died in the house, so my mom would talk to Millie. When Millie would get too mischievous, she’d get a stern talking to and she’d then settle down for a bit.

        Oddly enough, my mom’s husband and my mom each passed away in the house in the years since. Should be interesting for whomever moves in next!.

  50. Laura says:

    There was this time my friend Laura and me ( she has the same name) pulled up to my father in laws log cabin after a couple beers. Farm. Long dirt driveway. Like half a mile long. Lights flicked when we were in the driveway. We went in any way . Made it to the kitchen , lights went out. Pitch black. Laura had very big boobs. We got stuck in the door trying to get out of the house. Hysterical. I’ll never forget it.

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