Give these people a flying high five.

I’ve been giving more thought to doing blog consultations. I’d like to do them on a more regular basis because I know exactly what it feels like to start a blog and then have approximately 742 questions (per minute) you need answered. Mom’s are good for some things but starting blogs isn’t often one of them.

Mom’s are good for telling you which liquor store still carries the acid green coloured creme de menthe, not the new fangled clear stuff. People often ask me how my site became a bit of a success. I say bit because it can always be more successful. And I tell everyone the same thing. It took a whole lotta work and a whole lotta support.

Support from my family, HUGE support from my readers and continued, unfailing support from my advertisers. And coffee. Really quite an enormous amount of coffee. And when all the support teams work together, this site runs like a well oiled caffeine.

Today’s the one day a month I ask you to support my advertisers and in turn, support this site so I can continue to bring you such ground breaking posts as “Hair on my Knee” or “Big Hairy Balls“. These are a few things from my sponsors I think you’d like.

Condiment pump!  

at Chris’ Store Fixtures


Printable Instant Art! Love this farm scene

from Disposable Art Shop


Beautiful Geometric floor tiles

from Cement Tile Shop


Be the Black Sheep sign

from Bainbridge Farm Goods


The Rough Linen Pinafore I cannot say enough good things about this pinafore. I own two and LOVE them both.

The black is new and as you can see quite fetching on a man.



One of a Kind is now online!

Remember The One of a Kind craft show I featured a couple of months ago?  They’ve launched an online site!

Daniela from Curious Citizen tells you all about it


Wood lids for assorted sized jars.

from Brenda at Cattails Woodwork.

(I own two of them. EVERYONE who sees them tries to steal  them)



40 Funny Facts about Men.

(including a nekked shot of her husband Michael)

Courtesy of Lynne Knowlton of Design the Life You Want to Live


Vintage look Embroidered dish towels

from Diamond Dust Studio


Grow a beautiful garden with this colourful garden mix of seeds

from Cubits



Wondering about how to get a blog or website created?

Read about the process from WayLay Design


Woad Blue
Wondering what Woad Blue is?
Read about the history of this fascinating French colour at Ellenoire.



Need the perfect blue mason jar for Brenda’s beautiful wood lids?
Look no further than Craft de Ville


Thank you for looking, thank you for clicking, thank you for buying, thank you for reading, thank you for advertising. Thank you for supporting The Art of Doing Stuff.

Enough with the mushy stuff. Go away now.
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  1. Teresa J says:

    Love them all Karen!! Great picks!!

  2. Gigi says:

    Yes, of course I want to steal the wooden lids. The pinafore looks smashing and the rest? Piques my curiosity. Shall take a peek at wooden lid pricing, shortly.

  3. Amber says:

    It’s true that the shot of the nekkid man on my mobile is what drew me in to this post. And then I scrolled down and there he is AGAIN!!! Still nekkid, and twiddling his footsies.
    But now the thinking has kicked in (oh that awful thinking) and I can’t stop being stopped by What the Hell is he Doing???

  4. dana says:

    Is a pinafore an apron? Is that a dumb question? I checked out (perused) Curious Citizen and its a neat blog. But not as neat as yours. <3

  5. Ann says:

    Those lids. OMG. Want, want, want. But I am getting ready to go to Costa Rica on vaca and need to save every last penny til I go. I made sure I put them into favorites on Etsy cause I so am getting some. That is the best vendor you have ever shown.

  6. Tigersmom says:

    Ok – the disposable art is kinda brilliant. If you put the individual panels in dollar store certificate frames you can have a sofa size art piece for under 20 bucks. And if you get sick of things ridiculously fast and have to change them out often, big whoop. It’s not going to cost a fortune.

    And I’m coveting a natural and a black pinafore. The natural one to get dirty and wear over a bathing suit when I’m working and painting furniture in the garage in the Texas heat and the black one just to wear because its cute.

    Love those wood lids and the blue of the Mason jars and woad.

    And I have fallen hard for Parisian carrots. I don’t know which has me more hooked, their sweet flavor or their adorable bulby round shape. I was seriously wondering about growing them as they are hard to find. I’ll have to screw up some courage on that as my black thumb is making me hesitate.

  7. Cheers to some pretty cool stuff!

  8. Beckie says:

    but you *need* clear creme de menthe to make an awesome fruit salad

    drain maraschino cherries, mandarin oranges and pineapple chunks, put in a large, covered glass container (mine is an old gallon relish jar from a deli) and cover with half clear creme de menthe and half ginger ale (how much liquid obviously depends on how much fruit you use)

    let stand for at least a few days, but it does get better with age

    I usually make this Thanksgiving weekend (I’m in the USA) to have for the Christmas holidays

    but if you use the green one, the fruit turns a really muddy color

    so, see…you NEED the new-fangled clear one!!

  9. Anna Starner says:

    Love Disposable Art Shop and also Cattail Woodworks. I pinned those so I wont forget them When I am ready for some new STUFF. We all need more stuff every now and then.

  10. Mariella says:


    I love your blog. I end up here when I needed to organize my bookshelves. Somehow, I end up on a post where you teach how to organize bookshelves. Brilliant post. Then I read about your patio renovation and some of the things you do to your house. I have an old house like you, and I want to do similar, where the old meets the new. You have great tips. I end creating a blog for myself as well. You gave me some tips once, which I apreciate so much! I do get when you say the it is a lot of work!!!

    Your sponsors are of a great taste! Good luck with this awesome blog. Please, don’t abandon us when you decide to write a book or have your own design line. I have seen bloggers do that…


  11. Robin says:

    I love the pinafore…my body looks horrible in them though. Us pear-shaped peeps don’t look good in them, ends up looking more like a gunny sack!
    Mason Jars have always been a fave! So I will check out Craft de Ville
    Thanks for the look-see’s!

  12. Toni says:

    Karen, could you change the Mom’s to Moms? More than one Mom? or Mom’s apple pie?

  13. jainegayer says:

    I love my pinny and Rough Linen’s sheets.
    Will definitely check out everything else.
    Thank you Karen, for doing the legwork…nice picks!

  14. Krista says:

    Love this blog and adore the items you’ve shared! So sorry, but no matter how many times you tell me to go away – I’m sticking with you 🙂

  15. LAURA GERBER says:

    I pinned the image of the gold deer head in the empty picture frame, and at least once a week I get a notice that a stranger has re-pinned it. So glad we can all help your empire expand!

  16. lynda dunham-watkins says:

    Karen, Love your blog…been following you for awhile. The pinafore is a must have. Problem with a wood fence gate fastener….dog getting out and it is a mickey mouse fastener anyway….just hate it. Goggled solutions and your post in 2010 came up!! Cracked up and realized I should have just asked you for a solution to begin with!! Are you still happy with the magnetic closure? I plan to order two sets and work on them soon. You are such a character and I love you!! Please respond??

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lynda – I pretty much always respond. And yes, the magnetic gate closure things I made up are still working perfectly. I LOVE them! ~ karen!

  17. michelle r says:

    Karen, is your pinny itchy ? being linen it can somewhat be prickly…
    By the way you look good in your pinafore.

    michelle r

  18. kelliblue says:

    love them all, especially those tiles! 🙂

    the man on his computer sans wardrobe made me remember one of my favorite quotes: “Naked means you are without clothes; Nekkid means you are without clothes … and you’re up to something.”

    don’t recall who the quote is from but it’s a good’n. 🙂

  19. Kay says:

    Are The Cement Tiles available in Canada?

    • Karen says:

      They will ship to Canada Kay. Just go to their site, find the contact form and email them. 🙂 ~ karen

  20. SarahP says:

    I LOVE the wooden lids. I have much of my scrapbooking supplies in old jars with glass lids – I’m forever worried I’ll drop one and it’ll smash. Wooden ones – BRILLIANT!

  21. Love cubits seeds found them through you and ordered frkm them. Excellent customer service going to have to look into more of your advertisers.

  22. Felicita says:

    Stunning Pictures Thanks for sharing !

  23. Liz says:

    Officially in love with the lids, and Lynne Knowlton.

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