Gone Fishin’





I am taking a couple of days off for these last few days of summer.

In that time I expect to accomplish the following:


  • A relaxing trip to the cottage including BBQing, reading, fishing, wandering.
  • Clean out every closet/drawer in the house.
  • Build shelves for the basement, completely reorganize and colour code all of its contents and put it all back together.
  • Reinsulate the chicken coop.
  • Build screens to block the view of my garbage cans.
  • Buy a fridge
  • Remodel the entire kitchen in order to accommodate said fridge
  • Swap the ugly summer p’jamas out for the ugly winter ones.  That now smell like drawer.
  • Assign a really cool nickname to all of the lamps in the house.
  • Develop the cure for scoliosis so no child has to touch their toes while wearing underpants.
  • Attempt to facilitate a comeback of Road Runner jeans.
  • Build my own backyard furniture out of stuff I find around the house.  And other people’s houses.
  • Eat some chips.


If by some fluke I find I don’t have time to accomplish everything on the list, the list will be pared down to only the first and last tasks on the list.

For the remainder of the week, I will be re-posting the very first 4 posts I ever wrote for The Art of Doing Stuff with all new introductions and insights into them.  It’ll be fun.  I promise.  At least for me it will.  I’ll be eating chips.





  1. Elle says:

    You still haven’t bought a fridge?
    i think that while you are fishing and waiting for those fish to bite the bait, you should browse the web on your smartphone and find a fridge.


  2. Lol! Enjoy, and I hope your weather is different to ours (dark, cold, wet); if it happens to be the same with you, just read! And wear those winter pj’s!

  3. magali says:

    you haven’t bought a fridge yet?! it shows you have a vegetable garden!

  4. Laura Bee says:

    Brilliant! Seriously-yesterday I was going back in time through your posts trying to find the first one – then my daughter woke up. Everytime I try, I never find it. It’s a mystery.
    Enjoy your time “off” haha. Most of those things sound quite enjoyable-except the basement…you will get satisfaction I’m sure, but no enjoyment. Watch out for “those” bugs.

  5. Debbie says:

    Have a relaxing, do nothing time!
    When I first started reading your list, I thought “relaxing”? Sounds like work and you’re going to need more than a couple days! Then realized you were joshing by about the 3rd or 4th point…yeah it takes me a while, or actually I just read so fast it takes my mind a second to catch up.
    Debbie 🙂

  6. Judy says:

    Everything but the first and last can wait. (Unless of course it rains…and then it should be only the first and last, too!) Enjoy!

  7. Karen Boreham says:

    OMG! Road runner jeans! Thanks for that!

  8. cred says:

    hahaha! Road Runner jeans!

  9. Diana says:

    Hey Karen,
    enjoy some free days!
    Have a good time.

  10. FLP says:

    I finally committed to a new fridge last week. No more frozen vegetables and I don’t mean in the freezer. No more carrots frozen to the bottom of the crisper drawer. No more ice cube-like cucumbers. Wonderful.

    Enjoy a change in your routine. Organizing and tossing can be a happy experience too.

  11. Have fun Karen,you will be missed but everyone deserves a break!

  12. Jasmine says:

    I hope the chips will be some Old Dutch Salt and Vinegar and not those nasty dill pickle ones you keep buying. Have a great holiday!

    • Nicole2 says:

      Heeey, those dill pickle chips are delicious!!

      I love how you manage to accomplish more during your vacation week than I accomplished all summer. Heck, all year.

  13. Road Runner….catch him if you can. Or Karen. Catch her if you can. She has a big a$$ list ahead of her. Thanks, I now have the joneses for some potato chips.

  14. nancyeileen says:

    Can’t wait!

  15. marilyn says:

    karen fyi…road runner jeans are still available at gt boutique aka as giant tiger..also at select value villages near you.laughed out loud tho..they were/are great! have a great week.xo

  16. Barbie says:

    Good for you! Have a FUN and RELAXING time….

  17. Lisa says:

    You are good for a laugh, that’s for sure. I read your blog daily despite the fact that we have only one thing in common: chips.

  18. Piece of cake for you. However what’s so bad about touching your toes in underpants?

  19. Annie says:

    “that now smell like drawer” – love it!

  20. Annie Kip says:

    Oh, I can relate to that “To Do” list. Getting it into a realiztic state is the biggest battle – or perhaps I need to get my priorities straight and just eat more chips! You are one of the most productive people I have encountered – you deserve a brak. Enjoy!!!

  21. Evalyn says:

    So what are you planning for Day 2?

  22. Evalyn says:

    Just Googled Road Runner jeans – EBay has a pair of high-waited harem pant style for $15.00. Gett’em while you can!

  23. Angela says:

    You are hilarious! Blessings to you on your mini-vacation, or maxi-vacation, if you can fit it all in!

  24. Brie says:

    Have a wonderful “vacation.” Please use caution while reorganizing your basement- I fear the centipedes will swarm. They are carnivores, you know. ICK.

  25. Kate says:

    Just thought I’d drop a note to say I saw the dill chips for the first time ever yesterday. I thought of you and I bought them- and I don’t even like dill pickles! See, you’re making a difference one bag of chips at a time (to be fair, I didn’t really like the chips, but at least I tried something new). You’ve earned a vacation!

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