Great Valentine’s Decorations!
Supereasy, Supercheap, Superfun! A Dollarama post!

Boo hiss Valentine’s day. Hissss hisssss.

It’s coming up in just a week. You know it’s funny (in that ironic, kind of bitter tasting, not funny ha ha way) but in my entire 11 years with the fella I didn’t care about Valentine’s Day. It was a scam holiday that we both kind of ignored.

But now that there is no fella I find I am no longer indifferent to Valentine’s Day. I’m angry at it. Hisssss hissss ackk ackkk. Kackkk.

I do however still like cheery and cheesy Valentine’s decorations. I can’t help it. It’s the same thing in me that makes me like Santa shaped wine bottle covers and green sequin shamrocks. I may appear to have elevated tastes in home decor but at heart I’m a sucker for a cheesy holiday decoration. And cheese in general.

So when my niece texted me a few pictures of some Valentine’s decorations she put together with stuff she got at the Dollar Store I FREAKED.

They weren’t cheesy but they WERE very cheery and very traditionally Valentiney. She sent me the texts at 10:00 at night and then must have gone to bed right away. I didn’t get the texts until 11:37 and then started repeatedly texting her every 5 minutes asking if I could come over and take some photos.

She replied to me immediately 7 hours later. At which point in time I was asleep. Then I got busy and she got busy, kids had hockey, I developed a rash and needed to pick up medication blah, blah … anyhow … fast forward a year and here we are!

Just kidding. I did get my pictures though. By taking the ones she texted me and fancying them up a bit. I kind of cheesed them up a bit actually.

The point is I have photos of supereasy, supercheap, superfun Valentine’s decorations which can be made with stuff from your local dollar store.

Please enjoy.

Hearts On Frame

To make: Stick felt hearts onto the backside (cardboard) of a picture frame.

Candles And String

To make: Wrap twine around the base of a candle, secure with glue. Stick felt heart on it.

Framed Bags

To make: Frame inexpensive Valentine gift bags. Love this one!

Sooooooooo, heh. Some time after writing up this post and prior to publishing it my niece mentioned she got all of these ideas from Pinterest. Which makes these Valentine’s decorations slightly less life changing for those of you who have already seen them ideas before. Sorry ’bout that.

So whether you’re single, separated, bitter or bothered don’t let the red hearts of Valentine’s Day bleed all over you. There are enough bleeding hearts in this world as it is.

Embrace Valentine’s Day for what it TRULY is. Not a day to get overpriced roses, not a day to eat cheap chocolates. What Valentine’s Day REALLY IS … is an excuse to put your pajamas on, head to the Dollar Store and come home with an armful of red sparkly junk.

Far more appealing than the obligatory gift of edible underwear if you ask me.

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  1. Amber says:

    Serious hairball in the opening statement, kudos! And I want that frog in the second pic.
    Valetines schmalentines, the froggy is great.

  2. victoria says:

    at least you haven’t lost your humor! !!! 😉 and I’m sure the is a line of new fellas, wishing…….

  3. Deb says:

    I love Valentine’s Day because I love love love the shape of hearts (I’m sure there’s some psychological reason for that…the rounded edges must mean something), red is my favorite color, I would sell a kidney for chocolate, and mostly it’s just prep for my birthday which is a few days later. I used to love Valentine’s Day when I was married a hundred years ago because I love baubles and I’m just too cheap to buy myself expensive jewelry. Anyway, I’m with you. I still love Valentine’s Day. Such a sap, but I can live with it. (I sure used the word “love” a lot, didn’t I? Fitting, I guess).

  4. Niki Dee says:

    Ok. I also like cheese. The hearts are great but you really lead me on with all the cheese talk. Me and the frog are gonna grab that great looking tree stump and head out to find some cheese. Pay no attention to us…. just keep playing with your shiny red stuff…

  5. Marti says:

    On behalf of all the single women whose Valentines’ Days suck, thank you. That was lovely. I do like cheesy Valentines’ crap… even if I buy it for myself.

  6. Debbie says:

    I have a frog in my powder room that would love your frog. Can we get them together? Our four foot “Welcome” frog that is outside suffered an injury from a falling branch. We think he will heal by the spring; he has a crooked leg. It’s too dangerous to try to fix him now. It’s a sheet of ice out there, not to mention the ten inches of snow. School is closed for the third day this week (Tuesday was a late opening). Am I rambling after being cooped up in the house all week? Thank goodness for the generator.

    Oh – we don’t celebrate Hallmark, I mean Valentine’s Day. We were never thrilled with it. The origins is a bit sketchy –

    We just have to celebrate our love by, okay, it’s time to go to sleep. G’nite!

  7. Grammy says:

    The mister and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day because it’s just a ploy to sell greeting cards. Besides, our wedding anniversary (#35 this year!) is at the end of February, so we’ve always had a real reason to say sweet nothings to one another without all the red sparkly crap.

    However, in the past couple of years, V Day has become a big deal around here because we have a grandson who is almost 5. I’ve got dish towels with hearts, we make cupcakes with heart decorations, we make paper hearts into all kinds of junk, and sparkly red heart stickers are just the best thing. There’s something about a child who sincerely offers paper hearts with silly stickers to you as a genuine token of love that makes a person willing to do all kinds of schmaltzy stuff.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. viveka says:

    Not a fan of … Valentine – why not show our love and appreciation more often during the whole year – instead of going mental on one day per year. Singles are singled out on Valentine.
    Happy Birthday …

  9. Tigersmom says:

    As far as frogs go, that is the only one I’ve seen that looks like he’s actually saying, “Really Darling, I promise, one kiss and I am forever your prince.”

    Don’t worry, I am completely happy with my piggy salt and pepper shakers. Thank you again and I still love them and use them everyday.

    My favorite of these decorations is the chain made of (craft foam?) hearts. I actually hate craft foam (something I can’t really explain about it being so nearly weightless) and am not into heart shapes but somehow, I’m really loving that. Maybe it is the way it drapes on the table.

  10. Thera says:

    I too love the frog and I am none of the above (single, separated, bitter or bothered) so I have thrown out some hints to hubby. One of the things I found was the infamous pink tool belt and pink tools to go with it!

  11. Kelly says:

    I embrace a Grade Two view of Valentines. It ain’t about romance. It’s a chance to tell all your friends you love them. Everyone you know, really: you don’t want to leave anyone out. And it’s a chance to eat chocolate. What’s not to enjoy?

    • MelanHelen says:

      I love that — “Grade Two view of Valentines”! I don’t care about getting flowers or jewelry or chocolate or any of the rest of it — but I do like to let my friends know I love them (especially since I didn’t get my Christmas cards out on time) …

  12. We all take our turns batting for the other team…this year, after many years of boo hisses, I won’t be sneering at every red rose mocking me back, or pissed off because every restaurant from O YA to Mickey D’s has a damn waiting line. Enjoy the lull…and treat yourself to your favorite bottle of champagne and richest darkest most decadent chocolate because you are fabulous all by your lonesome…AND go watch Magic Mike.

  13. Gail says:

    Maybe Valentines Day is a diversion from the mountains of snow and ice! Takes your brain and focuses somewhere else, at least for a few days!!!

  14. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    What great inspiration! Love the framed Valentines print paper, it’s so r1diculously simple!

  15. Patti says:

    Super fun, Karen!

    I totally won’t actually do these crafts because time always has a way of getting away on me, but I will enjoy how nice yours look, how easy they would be for me to do, and that’ll be enough for me! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Well technically they aren’t mine. They’re my nieces. Remember, these are just pictures she sent me. So far all I have in terms of Valentine decorations is a cherry tomato and half a chocolate bar. ~ karen!

      • Patti says:

        Well, you’re already in the spirit of Valentine’s Day with the chocolate, Karen, so I think you’re good to go! 🙂

        My mom was a wizard with decorating for every holiday – I get bright ideas, but pulling them off is an entirely different story!

  16. Ruth says:

    Cute frog… Valentine decorations are usually only seen stores here. Christmas is the season when island folk decorate their houses, yards, pets, and anything else that can handle ‘bling’, but these are cool.

  17. Mindy says:

    Too funny. I’m married with children, so my booing and hissing isn’t ear-piercing, but I do still think it’s a dumb holiday. That being said, I made a paper heart garland for the mantle and will put together a little goody bag for each of the kiddos. Last year, I used it as an excuse to make a “fancy” dinner for home, and will most likely do the same this year. Any excuse to drink champagne in the evening is a good one, if you as me.
    I love that everyone commented on the frog instead of the actual post contents.

  18. Amie says:

    As a couple, and before even when I was single, I/we never make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.

    Instead, I have always made it a friend day. I make sure to spoil my friends with some love in the form of baked goods or a quick handwritten note mailed carefully in time to get to them on V-Day.

    I am now doing the same for my nieces – they get little Valentine’s Day packages from me in the mail, with a lot of cheesey things from Dollarama.

    I am sending a couple more packages this year to friends who moved away. I made up some Valentine’s bunting, bought some Laura Secord chocolate, David’s Tea samples, cinnamon hearts, cupcake liners and cheesy pink paper straws. I cannot wait to hear them exclaim!

  19. Manisha says:

    OK. Confession time…I eloped on Valentine’s Day. When making our plans, we looked at the calendar and just picked the next upcoming “holiday.” Every year, it feels like all of North America is celebrating our anniversary. This year is our 20th anniversary and we’re finally getting around to a honeymoon. For me, having this special day makes February and the dregs of winter a bit more bearable.

  20. CC says:

    What happened to the Fella, anyway….???? seriously he had to have had a hole in the middle of his head, to let go of you..I promise you Karen…. it happened to me, I thought WTF and now I have a better wiser sweeter Man than I ever thought possible.. there is a plan to everything, we just gotta be patient to see the results..

  21. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    OK..but I still want chocolate..

  22. Apparently the frog steals the show:) So cute! Oh and the decorations too.

  23. Lita says:

    I’ve been participating in the valentine’s swap that Aunt Peaches hosts through her blog. A bunch of people sign up, you’re sent three random addresses and you send three handmade valentines. In return you get three in the mail from others. So fun! I also sent one to a girlfriend who moved away, and am working on a few more.

    I see it as a general love day, not necessarily just romantic love. And of course an opportunity to unabashedly engage in cheesy colors and shapes. Then the day after i buy lots of discounted chocolate. I have to say, I’m a fan 🙂

  24. Debbie says:

    I love it, an excuse to be mushy and its ok.

  25. kari says:

    Cute decorations. I am so efficient that I removed the green finger knit garland out of the red, white and green mix on my Christmas mantle and called it Valentine’s day decorations. Oh wait, maybe that’s not efficient, maybe that is called lazy. Oh well. But dangit, now I want a tree stump table for Valentine’s Day! I will actually have to put legs on one of the zillion stumps I have in my wood “pile”. Cheers!

  26. Leslie says:

    My first wedding was on Valentine’s Day. My first divorce was final on Thanksgiving. Just saying …

  27. Janet James says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the frog…must have the frog….where did you get the frog?

  28. ~JackieVB says:

    Your niece has the same knack for decorating/craftiness that you do. Seems you should collaborate on something.
    Well I guess you just did – great post. Thanks 😉

  29. Barbie says:

    but…..I kinda like the edible underwear……..

  30. Laura Bee says:

    Funny! And I am not single but I am bothered sometimes.

  31. sera says:

    While I’m not really a fan of valentines day, in the last few years I have become very into heart on things. I’ve been embroidering hearts onto my husband’s t-shirts and sweaters. I don’t know that I’ll decorate, but I may make a little something sweet and chocolate-y.
    But I love the ideas anyway Karen. (And is it just me, or do people not read. how many people have asked you about the frog that is your niece’s???)

  32. Susan says:

    I like Valentine’s Day. I spent 40 years alone, after an absolutely disastrous marriage followed by an absolutely even MORE disastrous first-relationship-after-marriage. Having finally found someone I love and who actually really loves me, I want to celebrate it, not to mention that I’m all for ANY days on which I can either give or receive presents! I don’t expect anything, and we don’t make a fuss out of it. I’ll make some candy and maybe some cupcakes. We’ll go out to dinner some time that week. I’ve already ordered a present for him that I’m sure he’ll like and use for years. And one of my friends is marrying a woman that day, which is also her birthday, after my friend finally got out of a nightmarishly horrendous marriage of over 30 years. So there’s even more reason to celebrate this year! Love the simplicity of the easy-to-make decorations, as well as how festive they look! I may just cut out some felt hearts and paste them onto the mantle this year!

  33. kelliblue says:

    I’m with you: Valentines schmalentines. Bah humbug. Boo hiss boo and all that. Although being from the dairy state, my love of cheese could almost become a Valentine ode unto itself…

    I haven’t celebrated Valentines since my last ‘fella’ which was many many moons ago. I’m very ambivalent about Valentines Day – my head knows it was started by greeting card companies to drum up business, but my heart is always wishfully thinkin…

    Can creativity skip down a generation diagonally? Cos I think your niece inherited yours. 🙂

  34. jezz says:

    Is the intertwined heart garland handmade? And if so, could you let us know how?

  35. Karen says:

    Really, LOL?! I had no idea. ~ karen

  36. ARod says:

    super cute and cheap awesome

  37. Ashley W says:

    boo hiss Valentines indeed. now I need a chocolate bar. 😉

  38. Kari says:

    The gift bag thing is such a cute idea!

  39. Katie C says:

    Wait, I can wear my pajamas to the dollar store??!!! Cool.

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