Halloween Giveaway. A gift from me to you.

It may seem a little late for a Halloween giveaway.  I mean … Halloween stuff has been on the shelves since I threw my first hotdog on the BBQ some time back in June.  You know.  Around the same time stores started to hang massive foam snowflakes around their winter parka displays.

So you’ll have to excuse me for my tardiness.

But what I lack in timeliness I make up for in sheer fun.  Halloween fun.

It’s giveaway time!

Wanna know what I’m giving away?  Take a look at the video …






Yes indeed. I’m giving away EVERYTHING you need to create your very own version of my super-fantastic, elegant yet creepy … Halloween Wreath.

Haven’t seen my Halloween Wreath before? Here’s the tutorial on how to make it, only you’ll be using the Pool Noodle wreath technique instead of the styrofoam technique.

One lucky winner will get a Craft Box filled with …

8 black feather boas
3 sparkly skulls
1 sheet of black cotton gauze
1 pool noodle (pre-cut to the appropriate length)
1 small portion of plastic pipe for securing the noodle into a circle
Several lengths of pre-cut wire for attaching boas and gauze

This contest is open to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD.

To enter just leave a comment. You can say anything you want.

Then go and tell everyone you know how great I am.

Contest closes Saturday, September 22nd at midnight E.S.T. Winner will be randomly drawn and announced next Tuesday (September 25th).

This contest is no longer taking entries.


  1. SK Farm Girl says:

    Did I scare ya?!?!?!

  2. Elle says:

    I love the video! What song is it?

    Unfortunately for me, I live in a country where Halloween is not celebrated by the masses so there is NEVER NOTHING IN THE STORES FOR HALLOWEEN. ever.

    We are a few families with kids, all lived in the US in the past, that LOVE HALLOWEEN and we celebrate it with a big party every year. We have to rally get crafty to create decorations as there are none to buy.
    In our former house, we had really nice open-minded neighbors and I told them about Halloween and gave them some candy so our kids got to do “trick or treat”.

    I think this wreath will be the a huge hit at our party tonight (we have never made a wreath before, either. No wreaths at all at my little corner of the globe).

  3. Celina hemmeter says:

    Love it!! Would look supe creepy on the front of my old home circa 1910…

  4. Christina Boyll says:

    Creepy! I love it!

  5. Stephanie bray-voorhes says:

    Ooh. Love the creepy….

  6. jezz says:

    Love the wreath! Really love the video!! I could use some creep in my Halloween, oh great one!!!

  7. Liz says:

    You are the most amazing woman I know of and I want to be just like you! (How’s that for a comment…)

  8. Denise Leavens says:

    Just so you know, I would love to know how to make a stop motion video like this here giveaway one. I, too, love the music (How To Choose Music will be in the video tutorial as well, right?) The materials for making your Halloween wreath is a brilliant idea for a giveaway. How do you come up with such terrific ideas?

    Oh, I know.

    Magic hiccups.

  9. Traci says:

    I love that you chose Squirrel Nut Zippers for the video soundtrack! Man, you rock!!!

  10. Cathy says:

    My grand kids would love this . We always have so much fun with them at Halloween.

  11. Amber E. says:

    OMGoodness! This is definitely neat. Truthfully, I followed the link because I’m a contest junkie. I totally dig the skulls, though. I’m gonna give them red, jeweled eyes.

    • Karen says:

      Amber – LOL! Well, I hope you decide to stick around a bit. It’s not all contests and rainbows and confetti every day … but it’s pretty good around here. ~ karen!

  12. Daniela says:

    I need something scary for my door – thanks, Karen!

  13. Karl says:

    Only 43 more days until Halloween! Pick me pick me pick me!!

  14. deborah f says:

    I’ve watched the wreath video a number of times, because I think it is so totally cool! The person who wins is on lucky ducky :)
    Great giveaway Karen!

  15. Kim Kline says:

    Love the video, the wreath, your hilarious blog and all of your amazing and very cool ideas! Thanks for the continued laughs!

  16. Carly H. says:

    I want one! Or, in the spirit of Halloween: I VANT VONE!
    Did that come across like a Vampire? If not, go back and try again. I was aiming for vampire voice

  17. katie says:

    this is exactly what my new front door needs!

  18. susan Preston says:

    I hope, even if I can just go “across the street” for all the stuff to make my own wreath, that I can still win! This would go great with my creepy spider laden troll inhabited basement and my giant pumpkins that I put out for Hallowe’en! Besides I can never have enough decorations for one of my favourite times of the year!! thanks!! Boo!!

  19. Dory Gardner says:

    I love this wreath! I was just looking in our local dollar store for the stuff to make it…I would love to win this goodie box!

  20. katy oneill says:

    Looks great!

  21. Caroline says:

    My birthday is on October 31st, at least it was, until I had a kid. Now I spend the anniversary of my birth trick or treating, which is fun for ten minutes and then I want to go to a bar and get drunk. But instead I trick or treat for another hour.
    If you make me the winner I will hang the wreath on my door every year until I get my birthday back. I’m guessing I have another 6 or 7 years of candy grabbing birthday torture. On my 45th birthday I will take my daughter’s trick or treat bag and burn it atop this wreath in a celebratory ritual where everyone has to slam chocolate martinis whilst wearing pink party hats.
    Thanks you.

  22. Tabitha says:

    Halloween is my absolute, 100%, undeniably favorite holiday EVER & I don’t even have a Halloween wreath. I have more Halloween decoration containers than I do Christmas decoration containers & am willing to add this fabulous wreath to my collection!

  23. Carla says:

    Wantz it!

  24. Sarah says:

    I love it! It’s just what Oklahoma needs. (It’s pretty flat and dead here.) Pick me! Pick me!

  25. Camarin says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  26. Erica Filpi says:

    How awesome would it be to win a fantastic wreath, for my absolute favorite holiday (by the way I was shopping in the stores in June for the Halloween stuff haha) from my favorite blog??

    You have so much fun with your videos *L*. Thank you, your blog always makes me smile.

  27. Katy says:

    ohhhh! what a great giveaway!

  28. Bedalia says:

    You are VERY, VERY late, in fact – my friend saw CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS in Zellers this past week! And I saw a lit Christmas tree in someone’s window tonight – considering my neighbourhood, I’m hoping it was a student house and they think they’re being “ironic”.

    P.S. Leave me out of the contest, or give it to someone else if I win. I don’t do wreaths. I’m grumpy like that.

  29. Candice says:

    I found you accidentaly through youtube. Frozen yogurt tampon is kindof catchy, no? I’ve been laughing at that for months! Aaaaaand your chickens are badass. And I would totally attempt a late night bandage on the hubs! And I too love dollar store chic! Keep posting your amazing stuff sparklepants! We wouldn’t be folding our sheets right without you! -C

  30. Ashley Creech says:

    Great video! Looks like it took forever to make it…are we gong to see a behind the scene making of the video?

  31. Rachel says:

    I wanna creepy wreath (making kit)!! :)

  32. sherry says:

    nice, but could you throw in a bag of chips?

  33. Lauren from Winnipeg says:

    I have coveted this wreath from the time I first saw it. And I am the least craft-oriented person around. I think it is magnificent and would be proud to hang on my front door and creep out the little buggers…er…I mean delightful trick and treaters. And kudos on the music. Very cool and apropos.

  34. Shele says:

    This is Tim Burton cool! Gotta have it and if I don’t get it, gotta make it anyway!

  35. kelly says:

    how did you make that video… love it! I do so wish I will win this give away, it would class up my place for halloween. All I have now is a piece of candy corn that lights up!

    • Karen says:

      Kelly – It’s a stop motion video done with a combination of photos and iMovie. I may post about it in the future if enough people are interested in doing. They’re really easy and HUGE fun to do. ~ k!

  36. Heather says:

    Ok let’s try this commenting thing again (first one didn’t post)

    That is an exceptationally spooky wreath that I would be honored to adorn my door.

    As always, you are fabulous!!!

    And I would shout this out loud but, I’m in the library at my University and I don’t want to get kicked out before I complete this paper I’ve been working on for 3+ hours (many more till I’m done). So, I will just write it on the bathroom wall. I mean that IS where all vital information is found in college :-)

  37. Sparky says:

    Well, Golleee, I don’t care whether I win or not, I love the video! xSparky

  38. Jean says:

    love the video! this is perfect for Halloween!

  39. Tanya Stewart says:

    Your videography skills are* astoundingly *fantastic.

  40. Jenn says:

    <3 Will totally be making this wreath but would love for it to come directly from you to meeeee!!! Thanks for your awesomeness!

  41. Laura says:

    You are great. And I tell everyone all the time.

  42. Ricki says:

    The video works ok for me! Nice music! There’s my comment. ;)

  43. Agnes says:

    Video works now!!

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say all these items came from Dollarama…

  44. Liz S. says:

    This is awesome!

  45. Jodi says:

    As the first person to comment and evade I have NEVER won any of your contests including the ones I DESPERATELY wanted like the rain boots or the linen or tea towels. Or. Heck. I’ll take the Lays potato chips, I hope being first means I WILL WIN. please. Thank you.

  46. Whozat says:

    Very creepy! I want one!

  47. Becky says:

    I really want one of these wreaths, but I too can’t see the video.

  48. Dana says:

    Oooh! It would be perfect for the annual Halloween party.

  49. jen says:

    ohh, pretty!

    um… but your video is a no-go.

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