Halloween House Tour 2014






Welcome to my house at Halloween.  I spent the past 10 minutes trying to figure out how to spell Mua ha ha.  Or Muah ah ah.   But it keeps coming out looking like the sound a kiss makes as opposed to the evil laugh that the Count on Sesame Street makes.  Maybe if you could go back and read the first bit again, knowing that I’m referencing an evil laugh, that’d help out.  I’ll wait here.

O.K.  Now that you’re in the mood let’s start this Halloween tour off in the dining room.  I’ll take you through each room and tell you what I did and where I got the stuff to do it.


I’ll be adding in scary bits like that throughout the post so prepare yourself.  Also I’m kind of grumpy cause I thought I had a handful of chips left but don’t.  That puts me in “bad humour” as my mother would say.  If one of you out there is looking to invent something really worthwhile you might want to look into developing the bottomless bag of chips.  At the very least a bag of chips that releases a tiny sedative when you get to the bottom of it.

O.K.  The dining room.



Draped over the life sized oil painting of Margaret are swaths of black cotton netting from Dollarama.  The table has a length of burlap. It’s just the stuff you buy at the nursery to cover up your cedar hedges to keep the deer from eating them in the winter.

In the centre of the table is a candelabra I got on sale for about $10 last year accented with bones.  Real bones.  Not dollar store bones.  I saved chicken and turkey bones for 2 years to make the bone wreath and ended up with a lot left over.  I have plans for these bones but for now, for this year, they’ll just sit in a pile on the dining room table.

The mummified cat which you an see in the first first picture in the dining room is one of two I own.  They were bought after Halloween, on sale, from Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada a couple of years ago.




BOOO again!


The front hall table is home to a glass skull candleholder, one of my most favourite Halloween decorations.   It was a gift.  Also on the table are an antique Monk’s bowl that I got in Thailand with a special surprise inside, and a book with eyes that follow you. Click here for instructions on how to make the book with eyes.  It’s an Art of Doing Stuff DIY from a couple of years ago.  Creepy creep creep.

The table is draped with the same black cloth from Dollarama that I used on the painting in the dining room  and the second of the mummified cats is under the table.  This, just so you understand, is not a real mummified cat. They don’t sell those at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Or Ebay.  Or Kijiji or Craigslist or the classified ads or anywhere else I’ve looked.








You can read about the hand in the monk’s bowl in this post I did on it a while ago.




Looking from the other side of the front hall into the direction of the living room, is a large mirror I got years ago from Costco.  Draped around it are my most beloved black feather boas from Dollarama and some more of the black gauzy material.

On the floor is yet another creepy cat I got on sale from Shoppers Drug Mart.  For those of you who don’t know, Shoppers Drug Mart is a drugstore in Canada that carries everything from drugs to lipstick to … stuffed cats apparently.

And finally, in the reflection of the mirror you can see The Bone Wreath.  Click here for instructions on how to make it.





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The fireplace mantle.  The one spot in the house where every season, BOOOOOOOOO.

Got ya that time didn’t I?   It’s ’cause I sneaked up on you.





The Die-Orama was my big Halloween craft from 2012.  Click here for instructions on how to make it. The garland is just a bunch of sparkly skeletons I got (on sale, duh) after Halloween (duh) at my local grocery store.  I think they were 10 cents each.




These giant spiders I have around the house are all from Dollarama.  I tell you without Dollarama this house would be seriously lacking in Halloween decor.  Other than the genuine cobwebs it’d pretty much be a bust.




This skull I got from Homesense.  That’s Homegoods to you American folk.  I love it. It’s a candy dish but would work well as a festive flower vase as well.  I love it so much because of the attention to detail.  It actually looks like a real skull, right down to the spinal cord coming out of the back of the skull.





If you think that’s scary, you should see the dust monster I found under my bed.  It moved in such a way that would suggest it had organs. I couldn’t catch it but with any luck Shoppers Drug Mart will be selling a version of it next Halloween.

And no.  I don’t have kids.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t partake in the season. I don’t have to have kids to trim my house out to the best of my Halloween ability.  Besides.  How else am I supposed to catch one?  A kid I mean.  A kid with a pillow case filled with chips.  Lots and lots of chips.


Attention!  My kitchen reveal will be on MONDAY!

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  1. Jamieson says:

    maybe try it with a B? As in Bwuahahahaha. Or not.

    Maybe you enjoy Halloween so much – despite avoiding child rearing – because of your affinity for us Gays? It is our Christmas, after all. I’m not taking away from what it means to everyone else of course, but for some reason we Gays particularly embrace the season more than the average adults. Or another plausible reason you like Halloween is because you’re a creepy weirdo (tho we love you for it).

  2. Dee says:

    Spoooooky! What fun. Hope you are having a party to give your friends this treat too.

  3. Katie says:

    Those cats are just wrong. DEAD wrong. (<—see what I did there?)

    Seriously, though. They'd freak me out every time I saw them. I make my husband squish things that freak me out, so he'd probably be pretty frustrated by those…

  4. Debbie says:

    Urban dictionary can’t spell maniacal, but it seems to have bwah ha ha down pat. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bwahaha

  5. Maria says:

    That 1st ‘cat’ looks like a gargoyle! Love it. Love the silver round pedestaled table and stuff on it! Want one (table that is). Spiders? I’m running out of the house on those! Great job.

  6. gloria says:

    A couple of those cats are in poses that look like they are about to hurk up a hairball. Is this intentional?

    • Sandra says:

      Walking into a room and finding a furball is way scarier than those mimmified cats. Is it terrible that I always hope my husband finds it first so he can clean it up? Gag-O-Rama!

  7. dana says:

    I LOVE that mummified cat next to Margaret. That skull really looks real. I have been looking for one and none look as authentic as that one. And you say the fella left? Or did he stay and become part of the decor? Lol! The little skeleton garland is really cute.

  8. Grammy says:

    OK — where are you hiding the chocolate? I know you’re not going to give it to the kids, so where is it? Of course you know that potato chips and a Snickers bar constitute a well-balanced meal, don’t you? Wash ’email down with a Pepsi and you’re set for the whole day.

  9. Grammy says:

    Screw auto correct. It’s wash ’em down. I don’t care what you do with your email.

  10. Melanie says:

    Mummified cats? Available, but not cheap. The rats are a better deal.

    NOT for the squeamish: http://www.headsandtails.co.uk/Exotic&unusual/Exotic.htm

    And now I’m sorry I even felt the need to look that up.

    • Karen says:

      And as it turns out I own not one, but two of the things shown for sale on that page. Which says a lot about my devotion to ick. The MOST hilarious thing on that page is right down near the bottom, after the mummified cats but before the selection of heads, is the ever so terrifying “basket of fruit”, lol. ~ karen!

    • Heather says:

      Mounted Lioness in driving mode????

  11. Olga says:

    Your house looks very creepy now. I know you mentioned several times that this is 150 year old house, and I just noticed that you have wood floors. Does your floors squeak in a creepy way? That would totally freak me out with all the sculls around haha

  12. Amber says:

    I was so sure the Halloween thing was going to be about Freshwater Fish. I mean, you’ve got the book, right there under Hubert the candy-dish-human-skull, and fish have googly eyes and tend to be predators and they are kinda weird if you think about it… Makes sense, right?

  13. maggie van sickle says:

    Good job Karen and did that glass skull hold vodka at one time because I have seen vodka holding skulls in the LCBO in the past. Just wonderin. Happy Boo to you.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Maggie! No, it really is a candle holder, but I DO have that glass skull Vodka. 🙂 I even went to the States to buy it about 4 years ago because you couldn’t get it here. Still has some Vodka in it! ~ karen

      • Cred says:

        I remember that post where you travelled to the states for the bottle of Crystal Head. I bought the mini bottle recently and recalled your sojourn. Although, I thought it was because it was far cheaper there. I didn’t realize it wasn’t sold in Canada at the time- doesn’t make sense since it’s made in Newfoundland.
        Love that skull and the mummified cats. Your entire Halloween setup works perfectly in your house. Many of us would have to work harder without the painting of Margaret, the open fireplace, wood floors and other original features of a century home. Beautiful and creepy!

      • Scott says:

        Strange that you couldn’t find the Vodka there. Its distilled in Canada by Dan Aykroyd. Crystal Head Vodka.

      • Jake says:

        If you are not going to drink it I finish it up for you. Let me know.

  14. chris aka monkey says:

    i would suppose because muhhaaha is not a real word you can spell it any dam way you want, i would be creeped out in your house those cats are not for the faint of heart…. but i love the skull sitting on top of a short guide to a happy life..you have a weird sense of humor or is that just chip withdrawals? xx

  15. Tracie Berry says:

    Extremely ghoulish, and oddly tasteful….kudos, Karen. I’m just so envious of your energy….but totally love it!

  16. Christy says:

    The mantle is a home run! The mummified cats look like they are going number two.

  17. Those cats! Eeeeek! Most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a while… but I think the most important part of this post is THE KITCHEN REVEAL ON MONDAY!!! AAAAAHHHHH!

    Where’s a Tardis when I need one!

  18. Lynn Jackson says:

    Great tour, my son is an adult, every Halloween I still decorate, the day after Thanksgiving , got my glass skull in Newfoundland at that time it was only place I knew where it could be bought, also I saved my turkey bones planted them in my vegetable garden an the next spring got my grandchildren to help me get my garden ready an we pretend to find dinosaur bones they just loved digging and finding them, Good Memories. HAVE A GREAT HA LLOWEEN KAREN!!!!

  19. karen says:

    1. I tend to spell it BWa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
    2. Ok, science now has a 3-D printer and they’re making dumb things like, oh, artificial limbs and heart valves… WHY NOT POTATO CHIPS???? When the bag is empty, one could just stroll over to the 3-D printer and make some more!!!!

  20. Karol says:

    I pictured you wringing your hands and hunched over a little bit while you said… Muahaha

  21. Darlene Cox says:


    I really hate to bring this up – but, your header reads: “your Daily Post” I think you need to change this. sad to say, that is unless you plan to come back to Daily!!!

  22. Su says:

    The cats are creepy no doubt…. LOVE the candelabra with bones and the bones wreath…. you are seriously disturbed but my hero none the less…. cause you got everything on clearance after the holiday… happy haunting!

  23. Suanne says:

    Your house is so creepy….
    No one could be sleepy
    Due to floor creeks and howls thru the night.
    But one fact that is true
    Is….. we all envy you
    For your ability to give us such fright!


  24. Jody says:

    I was really enjoying the house until the ginormous spider. Spiders are horrible creatures. What do your real live cats think of their mummy cousins that visit once a year?

  25. Ev Wilcox says:

    Cats are really creepy-good! How do your cats react to them? I once put a wooden box turtle in with my guys and they BURIED IT! For real! They must have thought it was real or they would not have done that. Your house looks good and scary Karen! Will be waiting with bated breath for the kitchen reveal, though! Thanks for nice camera work today, as always.

  26. Tigersmom says:

    I like to spell it Mwooooooooo haaaaa haaaa! The more purely phonetic the better, it seems.

    I love how Margaret remains so elegant even draped in creepy cloth. Those mummified cats are fantastically life(actually death, I suppose)-like. The whole house looks great.

    Can’t wait to see the kitchen. My physical issue of Canadian Living that I ordered never arrived. : (

  27. Debbie D says:


  28. Mary Werner says:

    Your spider with the long leg that is reaching out for the skull stacked on books – is that dollarama also? That is the nastiest looking beast I’ve ever seen and would have a hard time going anywhere near it. I do not like spiders and that is the worst one yet! Love your decor – my sister in law leaves her Jack the Pumpkin King display up all through Christmas which, of course, is the creepiest thing. Except for her husband, my brother, who plays, ever so quietly, a child singing Christmas songs inside their darkened house on Halloween when the trick or treaters come. Great post and home decor! I did keep smiling all along the BOO way.

  29. Kim C. says:

    Love it! I was at Dollarama yesterday and walked the Halloween aisle. Your tasteful sense of creepy helped out tremendously as I said to myself, ”What would Karen do?” Saw old perv hand there too and this time it made me smile. 😉

  30. DanniS says:

    Love, love, lurve the book with eyes that is definitely a must have! Also dont ever tell Melanie where you live lol that is seriously creepy stuff on that website!

  31. jainegayer says:

    Your house looks elegantly creepy, Karen.
    Dollar Store, here I come!

  32. Valerie says:

    Fun, goofy question for Hallowe’en:

    Why don’t witches get pregnant?
    Because their boyfriends have hollow weenies.

  33. Leslie says:

    How on earth do you walk around your house at night and not get COMPLETELY freaked out??? It looks amazing, by the way.

  34. Kat says:

    Everything is just perfect! Except I missed seeing your black boa skull wreath on the front door. But you are probably doing a photo shoot of the front of your spooky house in another post.

  35. Sandra says:

    FANTASTIC! Those mummified cats are simply wonderful. We don’t have a Dollarama where I live. We have a really low class Dollar Store that carries nothing, NOTHING, like your Dollarama. If they did I would probably be inclined to hang out on delivery day just to have first dibs. Now do tell, what does the outside of your house look like? My front yard is a cemetary (I know, I know, everyone’s front yard is a cemetary). You know you’ve done a great job when the neighbor dog stops and barks at all of the dead babies crawling out of their graves. My little bit of upgrade this year was repainting over all of the blackened eyes with glow in the dark paint. So disturbing! That and the baby I found this year at the Goodwill who is missing half a head!

  36. Tanya says:

    Just a couple nights ago I went to Michael’s to look for some Halloween decor, The selection was okay, but they didn’t even have little plastic spiders. I went to the dollarama next-door? Huge awesome selection. Love that place!

  37. Brenda says:

    Yes, I also wonder what the outside of your house looks like, “Halloweened up”
    I looove that creepy web site……Karen, what items do you have from there?

    How about making that creepy mermaid next year out of a Dollar Store skull and the bones of that whole fish you had for dinner last Friday???

  38. Love it Karen! Sophisticated and charming, which is what I’d like to do, but I always go waaaay overboard. I LOVE Halloween! If you’d like to see my “house tour”, here it is: http://theyearoflivingfabulously.com/2014/10/15/victorian-gothic-halloween-a-home-tour-today-the-front-room-decorating-on-the-cheap-diys-tips-tricks/ Well, there are actually 3 Halloween house blog posts…like I said, I go overboard!

  39. Sandy says:

    I hope you got those cats when it was 20X the points at Shoppers!!!

  40. sera says:

    first, I love it all!
    second, I think your dollarama is better than my local dollar store. although I do love my local Daiso Japanese dollar store. But I want that black fabric!!!
    third, do your cats freak out at the fake cats? my sister-in-law got my husband a creepy squirrel puppet and my cat HATES it. She’s totally traumatized by it.

  41. Amy in StL says:

    Your bone wreath reminds me of my creepiest piece of jewelry. It’s a pendant that has something written in German in it. The gold is worn down to the base metal so its kind of coppery and inside is a coil made of real human hair. Apparently hair of the deceased brother, which the pendant is dedicated to.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amy! Cool. Yup. That’d be a Victorian Mourning necklace. (could be earlier than Victoria era … but that’s when they were the most popular) ~ karen!

  42. What I love about your Halloween is that it is adult Halloween. It is not cutesy stuff, Its the Dark evening it conjures up and the spirits it entices. You should have ended it with your zipper face makeup in a huge size, that would have scared the chip out of me…muuuuuuauaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, boo

  43. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    CLEO!!! ERNIE!!! WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO YOU!!!!!…OK..you got me with that last BOO..scared the HELL out of me!!!..You are Twisted…Sister…mah hahahaha..and that is not a kiss..

  44. Tracey says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m going to be totally, totally honest here….I wasn’t going to read this post, because I’m not into Halloween at all. I give out candies to the young’uns at the door ’cause I think they are dang adorable, and I have a few pumpkins on the step. But, I never got the whole decorating the house thing. And I don’t like orange (or red at Chritsmas). Those colours are to garish for me. (Don’t hate me fellow readers- it’s not you it’s me).
    Well, I thought…what the heck, read the post…you only get to read Karen’s posts 3 times a week…you gotta read it…
    Uh WOW, my opinion has changed now that I see what you’ve done. No Orange in site. No cutesy stuff. Just creepy, weird, tastefully eccentric looking cool stuff. THIS IS “the Art of Doing Halloween”.
    (I’d also love to see what you do for the outside of your house).
    SO fantastic!

  45. Debbie W. says:

    That’s crazy, I have a LOT of the same halloween decorations as you!! And there was a tv show on, where a person brings in an item, and 4 antiques dealers get to make an offer on it if they wished… but they would all be in separate rooms? Or did I daydream this up?? Anyhoo, the one person brought in a REAL mummified cat!! Found in the walls of an old building in Eastern Canada. Apparently, people used to do this for good luck. Anyways, nobody would make the poor guy an offer. And the mummified cat went back to the east coast.

    And I think it needs to read “muahahahahahahahaha”

  46. I love it! That book is so creepy

  47. mary says:

    love the decorations, but I especially love the nude drawing, so simple and yet so detailed. Did you do it yourself?

  48. pat says:

    Karen, you should adopt a black cat (only if your current pets are up for it) and name it Spooky to go along with your decor. Except not at this time of year because the animal shelters aren’t keen on that. Anyhoo, that’s what we did and because we didn’t know her birthdate, Halloween was dubbed her birthday by my daughter. And on this day she is outfitted with a lovely orange ribbon tied into a bow and no one can resist her cuteness and she gets lots of picking up and hugs (which, of course, she despises). And if you’re really “lucky”, your neighbour will admit to you she’s rescuing cats and you’ll go out on your deck a few days later to see three black cats with little blue collars running around your yard. And none of them are yours. Sigh. Makes for outdoor Halloween decor year round. Inside, yes, I still decorate for Halloween even though my kids are 23 and 18.

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