Happy Victoria Day.
Let’s celebrate with a Canada themed giveaway!


THIS … is Queen Victoria. We in Canada are remembering the Mother of Confederation and celebrating her birthday today with the day off, BBQs (grilling to y’all), 2-4’s (cases of beer) and fireworks.

Truth is, I was speaking to one of my sisters about this the other day and neither one of us really understood what Victoria Day was. I had a general idea, that it was the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, but why, WHY was it never on the same day?

We, in Canada, generally refer to Victoria Day as the May 24th weekend, when in truth, it rarely falls on the 24th. Sometimes May 24th falls on May 23rd, Or May 18th, or like this year, May 20th.

Whose birthday randomly jumps around? I mean sure, the *year* of our birthday may change as we get older, but the day pretty much stays the same. At least until we get senile. Maybe that was it. Maybe Queen Victoria was senile and this is Canada’s tribute to senility.

After a bit of digging, I discovered that this anomaly, like a lot of other things, can be blamed on a politician.

Someone at some point decided that celebrating May 24th on May 24th was just too damn confusing and it would be better if it rotated and popped up, almost out of the blue, surprising the residents of Canada. Like herpes.

It’s the most anticipated holiday in Canada in a lot of ways because it signals the unofficial start of summer. Hence the BBQs, beer and general debauchery. And gardening.

That’s also a big part of the May long weekend, because for the most part it means that it’s warm enough to plant tender plants like tomatoes or peppers. This, like believing that May 24th falls on May 24th, is also a deceiving lie perpetrated by someone with a cruel streak. Because just 3 days ago there was a frost warning where I live and a great deal of hail and even snow.

But it’s all part of being Canadian. And we deal with it in the only way we know how. By blaming it on the Americans.

Nothing can ruin a May long weekend like a Colorado low.

This long weekend was pretty good as May long weekends go, and … to help everyone get into the spirit of Canada’s official jump into summer, I have a little giveaway for you.




The winner of this Victoria Day giveaway will get a maple leaf beach towel, a Canada inspired tote bag with a birch log background, a package of paper O Canada napkins, and a Canada inspired mug complete with crossed oars.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post. The contest is open W O R L D W I D E.  Just trying to spread the love of Canada across the planet.

And write a really easy post while I’m finishing up my vacation for the low, low cost of about $25. Worth every penny. Which by the way is now extinct in Canada (the penny I mean).

Contest closes May 23rd at midnight.

The contest is now closed to entries.


  1. Patti Williams says:

    That is 100% awesome!!!!

  2. AnnW says:

    I would love to win this Canada giveaway. I am part Canadian myself, well after 1880, not so much.

  3. Happy Victoria Day!

  4. kate-v says:

    Here’s to Victoria! and to Canada! where many of my husband’s relative either hail from or still live.
    Have a great Monday

  5. Emma Todd says:

    Oh fun! Feels almost unCanadian to go so far… At least I would be prepared for the 1st!

  6. Megan says:

    Pick Me!!! Thanks by the way.

  7. Alex Smith says:

    I stumbled across your blog when I wanted to put some shelves in my basement as I have recently wanted to tackle this “being handy” thing I’ve heard so much about.
    I live in St. Louis, and so a frost warning sounds laughable this time of year (we just had to crank the A/C today as the summer heat is taunting us).
    To prove my worthiness, I was going to record a rendition of “O Canada,” but then my better judgement reminded me to leave my singing in the shower where it belongs. I think anyone who would have listened is better off for it.
    Anyway, happy random holiday, and God save the Queen, I suppose. I hope you enjoy it randomly (at least more than one would enjoy herpes).

  8. Jamie Lynn says:

    how do you go about not using pennies? what happens when something is $.99 and you give them a dollar… do you not get change? i don’t understand!! please explain this anomaly!!! (i’m serious… i don’t get it!!)

    • Karen says:

      That’s right. You don’t get the penny change. Conversely, if an item is $1.01 or $1.02 you only pay $1. Since it costs more than a penny to make a penny they have decided to not produce them anymore and take them out of circulation. They will always be considered legal currency though. ~ karen

      • Jamie Lynn says:

        HUH! ya learn something new every day. and since it’s past midnight, i’m good for monday! woo! thanks Karen! but wait… does this mean when I go to Canada I can’t give my two cents? 🙂

      • there were 2 cents tax on my 10 cent candy. But I didn’t have to pay it ’cause it was under the 5 cent mark. Take that sucka!

      • Nancy Blue Moon says:

        I do believe our country is debating whether to get rid of the penny or not also..Same as Canada..it costs more to make it than it is worth!!

  9. Jean in BC says:

    ooh, good way to celebrate my Canadian-ness-ish eh!

  10. Lemurific says:

    I love Canada! But can you take back Nickleback?

  11. Eric mason says:

    O Canada!
    Our home and native land
    True patriot, love, in all thy sons command!

  12. Christina B says:

    <3 Canada! 🙂

  13. Hope says:

    Awesome patriotic giveaway….great way to be prepared for the other holiday coming up….Canada Day on July1.

  14. Carly Mae says:

    Oh happy day! I keep telling everyone I’m going to move to Canada, maybe if I win this giveaway I’ll take it as a sign and just do it!

  15. Melissa says:

    Happy Victoria Day! I cannot wait to share your post with my 15-year old daughter. She LOVES Canada and says she will move there one day. Here is another tidbit of Canadian trivia!

  16. Karla C says:

    I will be celebrating Victoria Day by working…sigh. I guess I’ll plant those tomatoes next weekend.

  17. katy oneill says:

    Happy Victoria Day!

  18. Julie says:

    Bonne Journée nationale des patriotes! Happy Victoria Day! Happy BBQ, beer and gardening day! 🙂

  19. shawn says:

    Winning this giveaway would make my Canadian friend living here in the states so envious, (eh?)
    …..but I would totally share with him! (Or should that be, “tote-ally”?)

  20. Erica J. says:

    Good luck getting those tomatoes in. 🙂 Go Canada!

  21. Terri H. says:

    I miss the coop cam. The girls were fun to watch…..geeeeeze I need a life! Happy Victoria Day!

  22. Pat says:

    I’m back! Had tried to ignore you for a few months cuz I was almost late for work a couple of times because I was reading your blog. I’m back because I have missed starting my day with your wild sense of Canadian humour. And seeing the fab. magazine spread on your yard was also a reminder of what I’ve been missing!

    Canadian, eh!

  23. Brenda J. Moore says:

    Im of this “true north, strong and free” and I love the “Maple Leaf forever”. I cant imagine being anything but Canadian – we really are living in the most wonderful country there is.

  24. Kathe says:

    30 years ago,May 24,I gave birth to my 1st child,giving him a reason to party harder than the average Canadian!

  25. carol says:

    I LOVE Canada! Lived there for 6 years and have family living there. If only the winters didn’t last so long, I’d leave sunny California in a heartbeat.

  26. Angela says:

    I really think I should win this. Because I’m an American. Living in Korea. And I started shopping at Skin Food because of a guest post on your site. And I just read a book that Amazon recommended to me that happens to be written by a Canadian author. And my life’s goal is to meet the Fella’s father and eat a true pie with him. Even though I don’t like cooked fruit.

    The end.

  27. Happy Victoria Day Karen!
    I’d love to enter your giveaway, seeing as it’s WORLDWIDE!!!

  28. brandi says:

    I honestly cant say i own anything canadian. …yet. i also blame bad…(super hot) weather on the us too!

  29. Tara says:

    Hail Canada! 😀

  30. Meg says:

    I want this in the worst way!! Red is my favorite color, and I’ve always secretly wanted to be Canadian!

  31. Kmarie says:

    Since I was in grade school, I’ve always loved the flag of Canada and the fact that my Grandpa was French Canadian. I’d love to have a Canada flag towel for the beach this summer!

  32. Susan says:

    Actually, if we truly think about it…Anytime there is a Holiday on a Monday it is a great holiday. Queen Victoria’s Birthday is a great reason for a Monday Holiday. Hope to win all the great things…

  33. Susan says:

    I would like to win this for my Daughter and family living in Austria. They moved there 4 years ago when it was only supposed to be 12-18 months! She is ALWAYS looking for very Canadian things when she comes home to visit.please pick me! Thank youxo

  34. Nancy W says:

    Well I am one eighth French Canadian, and I always thought it was code for postman, or milkman….;)
    I would love to win these lovely Canadian items, I deserve a prize since I just detected a skunk in my backyard…euuuu it reeks!

  35. Maureen Locke says:

    Happy Victoria Day, even though I don’t get it off. I work all day and I know it’s going to be crazy busy with all the nonworkers coming in to purchase stuff for their celebration. I wish when they make a holiday, they make it for all. My husband is all cuddly and warm in bed while I’m having breakfast and getting ready for work. I’d sooner be in my nice warm bed. Oh well, on the up side… I got up on the right side of the grass today. 🙂 Enjoy your day

  36. Jantine says:

    I’d love to join, although I hope for you that someone more near will win 😉

    Could it have something to do with pentecost? Since it’s the day after pentecost today – we always get a day off then. I guess the Netherlands is the only country with second Christmas day, second Easter day and second Pentecost day xD after these holidays we always get another day off.

  37. Gwennie says:

    Enjoy your well earned vacation!

  38. Robyn says:

    It’s ok that we in Australia don’t get to celebrate Queen Vic’s birthday. But we get a holiday for Queen Liz’s b/day. Though this is celebrated on 10 June (this year) in the state of Victoria(where I live) and on 30 September (this year)in Western Australia.

    I blame the Americans!

    Have an awesome day! 🙂

  39. Diana says:

    I don`t know who is fooling us, but this weekend in germany we are celebrating Pfingsten. Which is a holyday for christians…

    Queen victory? Nope! Church and politicians-all the same.

  40. Naomi says:

    It would be great to have some Canadian paraphernalia, a bit of home away from home!

  41. Kathy W says:

    I almost live in your backyard…er…. front yard. I would love to advertise my almost Canadianess from western NY. I even planted impatiens yesterday. Frost begone!

  42. Bonnie says:

    You are so cool!
    Canada is cool!
    And, the fella is cool (in case he is helping choose a winner again)!


  43. Jan says:

    Lying in bed, looking for an excuse to not get up. Suddenly feeling Canadian 🙂 I want Victoria Day too! Hope you enjoyed your stay va-cay. They are my fav! Cheap & get soooo much done!

  44. Amy says:

    Oh Canada!

  45. Farquist says:

    Here in Winnipeg, in the middle of Canada, it has been raining all weekend. On the bright side? No snow.
    Here in Winnipeg, when we sing O Canada, we shout the “TRUE NORTH” part at the top of our lungs. Even the kids in school do it every morning. This is because the TRUE NORTH group paid all that money to bring our beloved Jets back to us.
    Here in Winnipeg, the tomatoes and annuals will have to wait until June to be planted and I will wait to see if I have won this fab bunch of stuff.

  46. Maureen says:

    Well, I feel compelled to comment and enter this contest because my birthday is May 24! I have never seen so many references to my birthdate in a blog post. Unless my mother wrote it. And, well, she doesn’t have a blog because she’s over 80. But yay Canada!

  47. Amanda says:

    It’s like our Memorial Day weekend, except it means Canadian summer starts a week before ours does. I can support that! Happy Victoria Day!

  48. Flossie says:

    Every year we are grateful to the Thunderbay Dragon Boat group for letting us rent their boats for our races in Grand Marais, MN. I guess that is enough to celebrate with a Canadian-themed party this summer during race week! Hope I win…Flossie

  49. Rhonda Topor says:

    Thank you for telling us “Victoria’s Secret” I Love reading you first thing every morning. I would love to win your getaway and, by the way, Canada’s National Anthem is my favorite of all anthems, you got us beat with that one for sure.

  50. Jack says:

    And here I have been celebrating Victoria Secret’s birthday all these years and fireworks has been a large part of it……! Somehow I just don’t think it is ever going to be the same….

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