Happy Weekend. Shut it all down!

I’m taking the day off today so I’ve given myself a limit of 4 minutes to write this post.

I’m starting the timer now …

Today is Good Friday and I was reminded by the nice man working in Lee Valley yesterday that Good Friday is a holiday. When you work from home you lose track of these things. Because every day is a holiday when you work at home!

No it’s not. But it’s pretty good. The truth is when you work at home/for yourself there really isn’t such a as a day off or a holiday. That’s especially true if you work in anything that has anything to do with social media.

But I’m going to unplug this weekend and have an entire laptop/Twitter/Facebook free weekend.

And I challenge you to do the same. Yes. I CHALLENGE YOU!

No iPhone, no iPad, no Tweets, Likes or Instas. Nothing. Not even a Game Boy. Let’s take it back to the olden days where we only had radio, playing cards, board games and highly advanced, technologically miraculous televisions that are only 2″ thick.

I can’t tell you what to do with your long weekend … do whatever you want with it. But I CAN tell you what I’ll be doing with mine and maybe, perhaps it’ll give you an idea or two.


There will be no post on Monday at all. Not even a 4 minute post like this one. I will be back Tuesday with an update on what’s delaying the kitchen progress.  

And the challenge begins everyone … turn it all off. Or not. Whatever actually. Maybe we shouldn’t do this after all. I mean, what’s a little tweet. Or facebook stalking. How’s one supposed to enjoy their weekend knowing someone out there could be eating cheese or putting up cute puppy photos AND WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT????

I’m starting to rethink all of this turning everything off idea. Seems almost dangerous.

GASP. SEE?? Just like that all my eyelashes fell out from the stress of it all. Just right now. This second. Seems like a bad sign.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a good weekend,



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