Have Chickens? What to Do With That First Egg.

Did you get your very first egg from your backyard chickens?  DON’T CRACK IT!  Here’s what to do with it … 

copper egg

Several years ago I got my first flock of backyard chickens.  Like you, I could not WAIT to get my first egg. It was wildly exciting and a real exercise in patience.  It was all I could do not to just grab those chickens and squish them until something, anything popped out.

Realizing that the first thing to pop out was likely to be one of their useful organs, I refrained from doing this.

After a lot of debate about souffle, omelette, scrambled or poached … this is what I ended up doing with the very first egg I ever got from  my chickens.

I bronzed it. Well, coppered it to be exact.

How to Bronze Your First Chicken Egg

  1. DON’T CRACK THE EGG, instead blow it out like you would an Easter Egg.
  2. Gently add a tiny amount of soap to one of the holes in the egg and run water into it.  (low flow water obviously so you don’t shatter the egg to bits)
  3. Prop the egg up and let the water drain out and dry for several days after you’re sure it’s clean inside.
  4. Spray with a bronze spray paint and let dry.
  5. Display your egg in your favorite egg cup.

I’ve had my bronzed egg on a shelf in my kitchen for years and it still makes me smile every time I look at it. I’ve had a lot of eggs since then but this one is and always will be the most special.


  1. Leslie in Hampton says:

    Well at least you understand me LOL I was so over the moon excited when my new hen laid her first egg. No one else was though. My husband said oh, my son said great and no one at work was excited for me. Ugh. Well I was. I walked around the house with it holding it high in the air…. then I ate it LOL

    • Karen says:

      The day I got my first egg I ran into one of my neighbours at the grocery store and she hugged me, lol! My neighbours like my chickens. My family … you’re right. They weren’t all that excited, but they’re still stunned if they open a nesting box door on a whim and come across an egg! ~ karen

  2. Rocky says:

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  5. Melissa says:

    Our first egg was a blue one, and I hollowed it out and strung it on a string, and turned it into a Christmas ornament!

  6. Stacey says:

    Did you boil it blow it. Or anything first? I got my first egg too. I really don’t want to eat it!

  7. Marcia O'Duggan says:

    Oh…a kindred spirit! Chickens AND sarcasm!
    We saved our first egg, too…what else to do with a $500 egg? Display it proudly! Mostly to baffle my linear thinking mother. We also put nice, comfy benches in the chicken yard
    for watching our chickens eat….kind of quiet here in rural Minnesota!

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