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As you know, I went to the Christie’s Antique Show and Sale.  I’m making such a big deal about it, you’d think it was my one and only yearly outing from the asylum.

Which isn’t too far from the truth.

As a blogger, most of my life is spent locked up in my house being forced to take pictures and write posts.  What would happen if I didn’t take pictures and write posts?  Well, let’s just say *I* don’t want to be the one responsible for some idiot in North Dakota’s mascara running down their face  because they didn’t know enough to wear onion goggles.

I apologize for the horrifying visual, but you needed to understand the kind of responsibility I’m dealing with here.

I have a lot on my shoulders

I do leave the house on occasion but it’s usually just so I can go out and forage for  emergency supplies like white glue, craft paper and gold spray paint.  And potato chips.

What was I talking about?

CHRISTIE’S!  That’s right.  So when team Bertelsen and I went up to Christie’s, one of the first things we came upon was a booth filled with herb plantings, most of them done in rusted out picnic baskets.  If you can remember wayyyyyyy back to the beginning of this post, I’ve considerately supplied you with a photograph of one of these plantings.

‘Cause I’m considerate like that.

The first thing I thought when I saw the herb planted picnic basket was “Wow!  I wish I were the sort of person to go on a picnic. As it turns out I’m the sort of person who only gets as far as thinking about going on a picnic.

My next thought was “Wow! You never hear about John Davidson anymore. That’s incredible.”

And finally, I thought “Wow!  I’m pretty sure I have that exact same picnic basket in my potting shed”

When I went home, I didn’t find John Davidson in my potting shed, but I did find my picnic basket.

And on my front porch, I found some herbs I hadn’t planted yet.

It was kind of a match made in heaven.  That’s incredible.


Wanna make your own herb planting?  Here we go …







Herbs In Picnic Basket


Done.  If it isn’t rusted out on the bottom, you’ll need to hammer a few nails through the bottom of the picnic basket (or whatever other unique vessel you’re using) for drainage.

Now.  Who wants to go on a picnic with John Davidson?  I’ll bring the gold spray paint.






  1. Tanya M. says:

    While I don’t have a picnic basket (or know who John Davidson is) I wanted to pop in to say thanks as always for your witty wittiness. It makes me smile. And also to let you know that yours is the ONLY blog that I keep in my Google Reader that doesn’t let me see the whole post. Normally that drives me nuts, but not with yours–I click over immediately. Just wanted you to know. Have a lovely evening!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Hi Tanya. Thanks! The reason I don’t allow the whole post to be read in google Reader is because if I *do* I don’t make any advertising money from the post (other than the small Google ad that is allowed to run. I figure clicking isn’t all that difficult so people won’t mind. I’m not sure if the other bloggers don’t realize they aren’t making any money when they include their whole post or if they don’t care. Me? I need money. Lots of money. LOL. ~ karen!

      • Tanya M. says:

        I figured that was the reason and I am MORE than happy to help by visiting directly because you crack me up!

      • I agree with Tanya…..yours is the ONLY blog I will keep in my Reader that isn’t full post. Even if others realized it isn’t making them money, their blogs just wouldn’t be good enough for me to bother clicking thru.

  2. Brenda j says:

    Very cool and I’m very confused? (not unusual)
    How does one travel from the picnic to “golding” the old pretty-boy. TOO FUNNY!!
    – dont even think to say>walking! hahaha.

  3. Denise says:

    John Davidson?! Wow, that’s a blast from the past! Oh, and cute herbnic basket. ~Denise

  4. Karen J says:

    John Davidson!
    My daughters would say John who???
    Karen you’re showing your age.

  5. Deborah says:

    HA HA HA! John Davidson indeed…why oh why do you always pull out the BAD memories that should be kept locked away? 🙂 More importantly, WHY didn’t you use the photo of him in the Cosmo Spread in 1970?? (google it) LMAO! Although I am old enough to remember he actually DID it! I love the picnic basket, I had one just like it and now I am mad I don’t have it anymore – POO!

    • Karen says:

      Deborah – I actually didn’t know he posed for Cosmo. I knew Burt Reynolds did. I remember John Davidson from That’s Incredible! that ran from 1980 – 1984. I think he also probably made numerous Love Boat appearances, LOL. ~ karen

      • Deborah says:

        Burt Reynolds was much better IMHO 😉

      • Dee says:

        Yes, Burt Reynolds did the first male shoot for Cosmo. Maybe John followed. I think I have that magazine in a box someplace…..collector’s item maybe???? maybe not. Best to keep Burt in the past.

        • Karen says:

          I just realized the only way I know of the Burt Reynolds shoot is from seeing it on television, LOL. I figured I knew about it because it was later than John Davidson. Apparently not. Clearly John didn’t get as much media coverage. ~ karen

  6. Thera says:

    Very cool!

  7. Loved the idea this morning but what really caught my eye was the Orbit “stewardess” looking lady! Did you know you can click on the food and it ends up in her hand? I clearly have too much time on my hands. I mean how often would you hold a whole turkey in one hand! she must be really strong!

  8. Tigersmom says:

    Thank you for including the picture of John Davidson at the end there. It’s certainly not that I’m not old enough to remember him, but perhaps because I am so old that I could not, for the life of me, remember what he looked like.

    But, you’re just considerate like that. ; )

  9. There’s only one thing left to say:

    “That’s Incredible!” 🙂

  10. Brenda says:

    This is cute Karen..I think I have an old tin breadbox from the 60’s around here somewhere….I am going to hunt it down and do a AODS-Hack.

  11. Langela says:

    Very cool! I love the basket. I just grow my herbs in my boring, old, not plaid garden.

  12. Great replica. I love freshening up old pieces and putting them to good use. Thanks for the idea.

  13. Barbie says:

    I KNOW! You really never hear about John Davidson anymore huh? LOLOL I thought I was the only one who noticed that!
    LOVE the herb planter….I love to plant in old vintage containers…but never thought of an old picnic basket…thanks for the new idea Karen!

  14. Alice says:

    I had an old wicker picnic basket that I used as a planter by my front door…it lasted several years, in spite of the fact that I didn’t bring it in for winter. Yours is really cute!

  15. BGrigg says:

    Karen, I’m kinda, sorta (but not really) disappointed. I would have thought you would have pulled out the image of him posing for Cosmopolitan.

  16. Cheryl in Wisconsin says:

    This past weekend I took my old picnic basket (which is not cool plaid metal like these but “wicker” so caught up in a 80’s country blue mode the only thing it was missing was a cheap wooden duck applique…but I digress) and spray painted it white & pink and put it on my kitchen counter to store my loaf of bread and dog treats and taco chips. It has tamed the clutter – for this week at least.

  17. Fran says:

    Confession time: I crushed on John Davidson when he first appeared on the Carol Burnett Variety show. That makes me WAY older than the rest of you:)

    • Larraine says:

      Not WAY older, Fran. I go back to the 1900’s with him — summer of ’64. A handsome-clean-cut-nice-guy who could actually sing. That’ll show all those shaggy British invaders!

  18. Gayla T says:

    I’m at my normal morning level of confusion. What does JD have to do with a picnic or a tin of herbs? I’m thinking you should have used Herb Alpert…Tijuana Brass…..remember? I remember JD but not a single song he did. Oh, my Gosh, I better get to my therapist. I have a John Davidson block. Now, a bit off topic- why does that not surprise anyone? How did Ms. Gunn get to be Laura? I wanted to be Laura and you would not allow it! You said you get to be Laura! So, you are now playing favorites. You love Ms Gunn more than you love me! Oh, what a morning! I’m going back to bed as soon as I get an appointment set up with my shrink!

  19. Carol says:

    Karen, once again, you having me laughing like a hyenia. Geesh, John Davidson, what a blast from the past! I just had to Google him. Check out his website… he looks the same, only with a full head of gray hair! Oh my! Here’s a link to his website. http://www.johndavidson.com/ Looks like he has a following in the mid-west. 🙂

  20. Marie says:

    I almost didn’t see the basket I was so taken by your pink peonies. How do you get them to grow so well? I get 2 pink peonies every year, no more, no less. My white peonies are too plentiful to count, but the pink – 2. I have fertilized, watered, not watered, talked nice, and pleaded, still – 2. The leaves turned silver last fall so I cut it down (as instructed by the internet) and it came back strong in the spring, but only 2 flowers.

    • Karen says:

      Hmm. I don’t know. I pretty much ignore mine and it does well. How old is yours? It does take a few years to get an abundance of peonies. It could also be planted too deep. Peonies are very particular about their planting depth. They have to be planted at exactly the same depth as they were growing in the container you bought/got them in. Or … you just have a dud. ~ karen

      • Marie says:

        Both peonies are 3 years old. I’ll dig up the pink one in the fall and re-plant it a little higher, hoping it’s not a dud. Recently learned I have to do the same with my irises. Thanks for the tip and the ever funny, educational blog.

  21. Carole says:

    Love it!I have the same pic nic basket in my basement and tomorrow I am going to copy yours
    and plant herbs. Did you take the herbs out of the pots or put the pots in the basket?

  22. caryl says:

    3 litre olive oil can-also good for herbs

  23. Sherri says:

    Those herbs look fantastic in the metal picnic basket! I have some planted in an old copper boiler, but your container is much more colorful and kitschy. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something like what you’ve got next time I’m at a garage or estate sale.

  24. Anemone says:

    Cool mon cool…so When again will you be showing us your lovely garden?

    • Karen says:

      Anemone – Funny you should mention that. I’ll be doing a 1 month update next week. Maybe the week after. I took the pictures today! ~ karen

  25. Gillian says:

    Don’t the Barenaked Ladies sing about John Davidson’s remains? For the younger crowd, that is about the only reference we have to this “legend.” Thanks, Karen.

  26. Diane Stairs says:

    I bought one of these metal picnic hampers at the Aberfoyle antique market…and now I know excactly what to do with it. thanks again.

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