Here comes the sun … 2014 Sunglass choices guest starring Betty.

My name’s Karen and I have a tiny little head. If my head were any smaller Hawks would swoop down and try to carry me away.



Because of my diminutive skull I have a really hard time finding  sunglasses that fit.  Stupid tiny head.

But when we were away I found a pair of Ray-Bans that looked great on me (according to Betty) and fit well.  They were in the Hong Kong airport and more than anything I wanted to buy them so when someone said “I like your sunglasses” I could say “Thanks, I got them in the Hong Kong airport.”  Instead of my normal response when someone says they like something I have on which is “Thanks I got it next to the frozen fish and just down from the masking tape.”

I didn’t buy the sunglasses because we were running for our connecting flight.  We were running not because there wasn’t enough time between flights but because Betty refused to leave one of the world’s largest airports without a visit to the duty free shop for some whiskey.

So when I got home I did a bit of research into the world of sunglasses and came up with a few favourites.  Some would look great on me and some would look ridiculous.  But I like them all.


1. Lookmatic Marilyn $62

2.  Warby Parker “Liv”   $120

3. Aldo Wroxton $12

4.  Rayban New Wayfarer  $74  (the Hong Kong airport sunglasses)

5.   Proof Eyewear Boise Bamboo   $120 (made from wood)

6.  Shwood Belmont    $145 (made from wood)

7.  Big Pinks, to be found somewhere in the night market across from The Dusit hotel.  Next to the fried silk moths.

Now some of you are saying, WHY spend $145 on sunglasses when you can spend $12?  Or even less in some places.  The reason is simple.  Sunglasses make us all look better, no doubt about it.  But what $100 sunglasses do is protect your eyes, where $12 ones are more apt to harm them.

As great as looking cool is (and it is great) the most miraculous thing about sunglasses is what they can help prevent.  Good, quality sunglasses are sunblock for your eyes and protect your eyes from cancerous cells forming as well.

Top 3 conditions that wearing good Sunglasses can help prevent.

1.  Skin cancer (of the eyelid)

2.  Cataracts

3.  Macular Degeneration



With regards to the Big Pinks my mother Betty is wearing, they’re a bit on the large side. Best reserved for those with more generous heads.



  1. Marti says:

    I think you look good with a tiny head. You nearly made me laugh out loud with the “fried silk moths”… and I’m doing my nightly “oil pulling” regimen, so this is NOT the moment to do that to a girl!

    You went to Hong Kong, too, then? Is that the Night Market you’re talking about? The Amazing Globe-Trotting Betty and her Girls!

  2. Melanie says:

    Oh, just buy the Ray Ban sunglasses online. You can always say, “I saw them at the Hong Kong airport, and I just HAD to have them!” Which is almost the same thing as “Thanks, I got them in the Hong Kong airport.” Besides, have you seen the prices at the LCBO lately? Betty’s got her priorities straight, if you ask me.

  3. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    “The Incredible Shrunken Head Lady”..I’m with Betty..I vote for the Wayfarers..You are just a doll in those big pinks Betty!!

  4. Barbie says:

    ….there’s that pink tool belt again! Did I miss the give away?
    I like #1

  5. Holly says:

    Welcome back! 1 or 4 would look great on you, just my humble opinion : )

  6. Jake says:

    I think those big pinks are just the thing with the animal print swim suit for Betty. Shame we are still under a foot of snow. For you I think the raybans are the one, so just bite the bullet and buy em’

  7. Amie Mason says:

    Wow. Did you stock up on sunnies at the markets in Phuket? We have a whole draw full of Ray’s from our last trip! Love them

  8. Natika says:

    Buy the Raybans! Not only are they a classic style, they have real glass lenses which is better for your eyes than the various types of plastic lenses. (There’s next to no distortion so you won’t get a headache from prolonged wear). They know their stuff as they’ve been doing it for quite some time now and their prices reflect their actual value, not just marketing hype like some other brands I won’t mention here… ahem… O.kl.y… ahem…

    (For three out of the four years I was in university I worked in an optometry shop…)

    Plus, as Melanie said, you can say, “I saw them at the Hong Kong airport, and I just HAD to have them!” 😉

  9. Laura Bee says:

    Thanks for an image I’ll never get out of my head. And beside the last one…..a Mike Holmes Express Rooter ad popped up beside you . You two would have the weirdest children lol

  10. Miss R says:

    Loved you article because… I have a little tiny head too! So hard to find sunglasses!!!

  11. Tigersmom says:

    I like numbers 1 and 4, too.

    I also have a tiny little pin head and I have had Ray Bans in the past and they are wonderful.

    Thanks for the Betty cameo. She is rockin’ those big pinks even with their crazy insect eye vibe.

  12. Sally A. says:

    Betty makes the best model!! She should have a weekly segment on your blog, like “In the Kitchen With Betty” if she likes to cook, or I’m sure she’d make any subject great!

  13. Su says:

    I so understand your problem. I have a small head also and wear glasses…. I have to pick mine out from the kiddie section….. upside is they are usually less $$ and because I do wear glasses I get a pr tinted…. Betty looks cool 🙂

  14. marilyn says:

    of course i love # 1…and betty

  15. Carrie says:

    Hi Karen… I too have a small head. Spend the money and get some women’s Maui Jim’s. They fit me! And the best part is that they are meant to be worn on your head when they aren’t on your eyes. They have rubber on the arms, so they fit snugly on your head. Then you can’t lose them!

  16. Meg says:

    I love the Hong Kong Airport sunglasses, do it! But remember, once you go nice expensive sunglasses, you will never go back.

    • Karen says:

      Oh cripes. I’ve had Chanel sunglasses for the past 5 years (2 pair) and they’re AWFUL. Worst sunglasses I’ve ever had. NEVER buy Chanel sunglasses. My friend says the same thing. Their lenses peel off! The coating on them I mean. Plus mine were covered in Swarovski crystals and right from the start they began falling out one by one. Bleh. ~ karen!

      • Meg says:

        I’d had very good luck with Maui Jim. I’m also a fan of Ray Bans and Smiths.

        • Natika says:

          Chanel are a fashion brand. An expensive fashion brand, but still just a fashion brand. You’re paying for their supposedly amazing design sense, but the lenses are basically no better than what you can get in $12 sunglasses.

          Ray-bans and Maui Jims are the real deal. Maui Jims have excellent polarized and mirrored lenses done in many layers of GLASS. They are absolutely exquisitely crafted. I used to drool over the Maui Jim technical details section. (Yes, I’m a geek).

          Maui Jims are the best of the best (in my opinion and clearly a few other readers), but Ray-bans are very good value for the money and have the added bonus that they are cheaper. I also feel they are better for general all around wear. I’d buy Maui Jims for a more specific purpose (if I spent a lot of time out on the water or snow or if I was a trucker driving long distances daily).

          Also, they’ve probably changed designs over the years, but Maui Jims were always too big on my small head… 😉

  17. mickey says:

    Betty….you look awesome!

  18. #1 #5 #6 I’m leaning toward #6. I used to buy the matching clip-ons to my scrip glasses, but they were just too small. Sunlight came in from every direction. I had to ask myself what was the point? So one year, I let Mr. G, honey gift me a pair of Coach scrip sunglasses. They are big and have that 1950s retro thing going on. I will only give them up if they get crushed under a snow plow. #1 does have some fabulous colour and design going on there, too.

  19. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    I think your family has an affinity to PINK!!! Do your girls lay pink eggs?

  20. Cynna says:

    Go with the Ray Bans–always a hip classic. And do try oil-pulling!

  21. I will gladly share part of my ginormous head with you. I’d love to be able to wear hats, but I simply can’t, because of my big noggin’. I look totally ridiculous. Want to have a good time? Take me to the mall and make me put hats on. Guaranteed laughs.

    And the sunglasses thing? Now that’s a dilemma too. I’m near-sighted so I need Rx sunglasses and I’m too cheap to buy them because sunglasses have a way of going missing quite easily. So I don’t wear them. Bad, I know.

    I’m a mess. But I do like those sunglasses you like. You should buy them. All of them.

  22. Laura says:

    Years ago when I worked for an optometrist we had a Rayban catalog, which had a “kids” section. You may want to see if like any in that section before you order some online. We used to order them for folks who needed the smaller sizes. Just a thought. =)

  23. Ruth says:

    I’m partial to #1 and #4.

    Something about #6 reminds me a bit of those 3D glasses I had as a child…. the ones that you could slide circular disks into and use a lever to scroll through the ‘slides’.

  24. Kristin Ferguson says:

    No. 1 is the one! I’m sure of it. By far the most interesting and beautiful. Of course, I buy all my sunglasses at the 99-cent store. They always have a little label that says they block UV rays, and the label looks official, like some government-required dealio, so I assume they are a safe choice. My reason for wearing sunglasses is twofold: first, I just want to be able to open my eyes around here. Sometimes the sun is so bright I can’t keep my eyes open without sunglasses. Second, I’m vain. I don’t mind if I get crow’s feet around my eyes from laughing, but I’ll be damned if I get them from squinting!

  25. kellliblue says:

    YOU in #1’s

    BETTY in #7’s

    I have a friend who swears by super pricey shades…then she breaks them. Or loses them completely. Me, I’m all about the dollar store, and have found some really great, really CUTE pairs that way. I will not suffer for fashion. 🙂

  26. Manisha says:

    For most of my life, I bought cheap sunglasses because I am clumsy and always seem to break them never, ever thinking about the fact that because they were so cheap they were easily breakable. Four years ago I bought an expensive pair ($100) and haven’t broken them yet but that could be because I’m more careful? I don’t know if that’s true but I love them and understand now the reasons for this sort of personal investment. I didn’t know about the cancer stuff but now because of you I do!

  27. Gretchen Sexton says:

    I vote 1, 4 or maybe 5. You may have a small head, but you also have a small, fit body. I, on the hand, have a small head, on a larger (5’7″), somewhat less fit body. It is even funnier to look at!
    Love love love your posts!

  28. Brian Smith says:

    I thought the same thing Karen.

    I visited the site and it looks legit…plus, this is advertised as a one day sale. I generally work with the old adage, “If it looks too good to be true…” However, this time, I’m going to take a leap of faith…

  29. Marion says:

    I have a teeny tiny head as well (seriously, trying on glasses is worse than buying a new pair of jeans. You can’t just hem a pair of glasses, and I refuse to wear ones with Spongebob or glitter or hearts all over them just because they fit my face!). Anyways, my point is, go with the Raybans, especially if you’re not able to try the others one without ordering them.

  30. Laurinda says:

    Definitely the Lookmatic Marilyn’s! You’ll always look glamorous, even when you’re not trying.

  31. Marie says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only petite adult that shops the kiddie frames! Currently have Ralph Lauren Polo frames from the kids rack. But when it comes to sun glasses, the bigger the better – I like the pink ones!

  32. Diane S says:

    RayBan’s in the HK airport huh? Are they like the “Chanel” purse I picked up on my way out of Tijuana? ;D

  33. Patricia says:

    I am a “pinhead” too and the best fitting sunglasses for me are Smiths. Check ’em out
    I love my Smiths!

  34. I can’t decide which headshot I like better. The big one or the little one….either way, you are one hot sunglass wearing chick. I think you get it from Betty!

  35. Nicole says:

    For a completely vain thing sunglasses prevent: crow’s feet! 🙂

  36. You would think the ophthalmologist would inform me of these facts. I will now be sporting sunglasses while gardening.

  37. Jana says:

    #1 is the absolute only one for you lol only I am serious…

    #5 should be stepped on as many times as needed making it unrecognizable in order to erase it from memory…

    True Story 🙂

  38. Sheri says:

    I have the opposite problem. A large head. I wear glasses and most of the current styles look ridiculous on me. Some of these sunglasses would look okay on my head, but, alas, won’t fit over my glasses (bifocals).

  39. Fifi says:

    Yay! A guest appearance by Betty !! Love the pink lipstick to match your shades Betty! Karen….if you really want small…..why not John Lennon type glasses….really they only just cover your tiny eyeballs !! 😎

  40. katerina says:

    Hi there, somebody bought the ray-ban sunglasses from

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