Hey handsome! Where ya from?

My name’s Karen. I’m from about an hour outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Some of you didn’t know that did you? Some of you thought I was from The United States of America, didn’t you? I am not.

See how interesting that was? (not for those of you who knew I was from Canada … for those of you who knew I was from Canada, it was common knowledge and a waste of the reading time it took to absorb the sentance)

I used to have a little thingamabob on the side of my website that was a map showing where everyone who was looking at my site at that very moment, was from. My mother LOVED looking at the thingamabob.

But the thingamabob looked a bit blhetto. That’s blog ghetto. So, much to the dismay of my mother who would spend hours just staring at the map, I took it down.

The good news is my mother now has a LOT more time to spend playing games on her iPad.

The bad news is I kind of miss the blhetto map. I miss seeing where everyone is from. It’s strangely exciting to know that at any given moment someone from Japan or France or Germany is looking at the words you wrote.

And then you notice everyone is getting along and interacting in the comments section. It’s like the United Nations without the need for secret service. And where many of the members are dressed in pajamas, drinking coffee.

I did this once before and I’m going to do it again because I think it’s fun and interesting for everyone.


Tell me handsome, where are you from?

And yes. Women can be handsome. Bea Arthur was a perfect example. And Bruce Jenner.

So tell me, where are you reading this blog from right now? City, Country, Location in house/office etc.

I’ll start.

I’m Karen. I’m reading this blog from Southern Ontario, Canada. I’m in my kitchen.

Now you go.

Have a good weekend. Wherever you are!