Today is a holiday in Canada.

Which just happens to be my 3rd favourite Madonna song, only surpassed by Borderline and Don’t Tell Me (but only if I’m also watching the video where she’s dressed like a cowboy/girl).   I don’t know if you’re familiar with Madonna;  she’s the singer who can’t sing and the actress who can’t act but is still loved and adored as much as Cher, who  can both sing and act.  It’s the dichotomy of the gay icon.  There’s no making sense of it.

Speaking of things that don’t make sense, I’m taking the rest of this week off.  I know.  Crazy.  Does. Not. Make. Sense.

But I need a week off so I’m taking it.  I know there are those of you out there thinking, Good for you!  And then there are those of  you thinking, Really?  Need a break from your tough life of making soup and taking pictures of it?       In defence of myself I’m really taking a break for you.  All work and no play makes Karen a dull blogger who occasionally swears she’s going to pack it all in to open a Create Your Own Teddy Bear kiosk in the mall.

A rested Karen on the other hand is full of creative ideas.  She  …. oh my God, she does something and she does is really great in a funny way.  Maybe she shoots sparkles out of her ass.  I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE I’M NOT RESTED KAREN.  I’M DULL KAREN.

I will be back on Monday so full of creativity and great ideas you’re going to need to get more RAM for your computer just to store it all.  That wasn’t a great  reference.  See?  I need a rest so I can get creative again.

Even Cher takes time off in between all of her farewell tours.  I’m due.

I’m half thinking about Instagramming and Facebooking throughout the week but I’m also half thinking about closing my laptop and not opening it again until next Monday morning.  My only fear there is that I’ll miss a really good kitten video on Youtube. What then?

Have a good week, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and there’s always The Coop Cam where you might happen to catch a glimpse of me hug/squishing a chick so hard I almost kill it.






  1. Anita says:

    I’m definitely in the “good for you!” camp. Have a great week. And don’t worry about the kitten video. The internet never forgets.

  2. mickey says:

    Madonna is also the dancer who can’t dance.

  3. Ella says:

    Great idea! Have a lovely rest. I hope it’s filled with chips, cheese and rest–maybe even a fish pedicure!

  4. Unplug…no television. This is the hardest thing for most of us, yet the most reveling in our spirit. We need to do this…amen and love your quiet space.

  5. Tamaira says:

    Hey not all of Canada gets August 4th as a holiday! Last I checked YT is part of Canada, although most of Canada forgets we exist lol!

    • Karen says:

      Huh! No offense. I thought that the August long weekend was a federal holiday. Now that I’ve checked in fact only 4 provinces get it! So don’t take it personally. I’ve also excluded all the other provinces, lol. ~ karen!

  6. Vanessa says:

    Totally GOOD FOR YOU!!! Everyone deserves a vacation. But the real question is…WHAT ABOUT ME?? What am I supposed to do at work when I’m pretending to work?? AND I can’t get the chicken cam to work. This is going to be a LOOOONG week. But you enjoy. πŸ™‚

  7. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    OK Lady..if you are commenting the computer is not off..turn it off now..go read a book..forget the internet have two real live ones you can cuddle and play with..have a great rest..I’ll miss you..Hugs!

  8. Mary Werner says:

    You know you are really out of the loop when you have to google “gay icon”. Maybe you just need more RAM.

    • Mary Werner says:

      OK, I’m really out of it. I found the wiki results and then finally understood your paragraph about Madonna and Cher and learned some new stuff – thanks. But what really made me laugh was icon is NOT emoji but my granddaughter came in and told me what to look for. Emoji not icon. Then I found it. Thanks for an enlightening lesson today. I’m almost 70 – give me a break. OK – I’m a lot like Rose in the Golden Girls.

  9. Debbie says:


  10. Dagmar says:

    Okay, so since it is your body and brain, YOU and only YOU can tell when you need some time off. Who cares what the hell else is going on around the world. Karen needs a break, and so she should have one. You shouldn’t have to spend a whole blog explaining why you’re taking a break. You just are! So have a good rest away from the vampire-sucking device that the Internet really it, and do whatever makes you happy.

    P.S. Mel, I am DYYYYIng to see Capitain Picard, can you email a picture (Karen can Mel send it to you, and then you email it to me?, next week of course

  11. Laura Bee says:

    The cats can wait and so can we – shut it down! Maybe you can catch your cats doing something hilarious. They could be the next interweb sensation. =^..^=

  12. JeannieB says:

    Karen is rebooting herself so she’ll get her mojo back.

  13. AngieC says:

    Hide the laptop and have a good week off. Cher is pretty fabulous, saw her in concert in Edmonton in June. It’s a good thing she took to wearing headdresses young, you need some serious neck and shoulder muscles for those things. Not the kind of thing you want to take up in your 60s. She and Cyndi Lauper rocked hard. If you’re half as fabulous when you come back as she is, you’ll be shedding sparkles from every pore.

  14. Holiday Bug says:

    Ha! Initially thought you were yelling at me when I opened the email. (subject line) Anyway, glad you’re taking some time off. When you need it, you NEED IT. Have a great week and relax! πŸ™‚

  15. Marion says:

    Have a stress-free, relaxing week off. I’m looking forward to the sparkles when you get back!!!

  16. Kathy says:

    Have an electronic free holiday!

  17. Tigersmom says:

    I very much share your opinion of Madonna. Am I the only one that noticed how her singing changed when she did Evita? Her earliest stuff is very nasal and higher and her stuff (once she took some instruction to sing show tunes as opposed to bubblegum pop) is all deeper and less nasal. Notice I’m saying her singing is different, not better.

    I always wonder at the comparisons people make between her and Lady Gaga. Both love there gimmicks and share the need to shock, but strip away that crap and that is where the difference lies. I could do without all her extraneous stuff, but Lady Gaga has actual pipes.

    Enjoy your vacay. Relax your way. (I think that means getting stuff done without having to stop and take pics of it for us, right?)

  18. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    Shut ‘er down and let the sparks fly!

  19. Rondina says:

    With that build-up, I’m half expecting instructions on how to shoot sparkles out of your ass when you return. We don’t necessarily need pictures though.

    Spent a week without the laptop in the living room while it was in the shop. I wish it had stayed there.

    In the meantime, everyone has Coop Cam, but me. I get sent to an older post, but cannot seem to get to the sign-in. Any help would be appreciated, whether now or after your mental vacation.

    • Rondina says:

      Changed to Mozilla/Firefox. Chickens are there. Black & white? I don’t remember that before. Better than no chickens though.

      • Karen says:

        I was just going to suggest changing browsers, lol. The chicks will be in colour now. I hadn’t opened up their main door yet so it was dark in the coop. When it’s dark the camera goes into night vision which is black and white. πŸ™‚ ~ karen

  20. Deb says:

    Take me with you! I also need a break. I can tell that it is time because picturing myself snapping off the heads of my coworkers becomes my main hobby. Hope your break time is wonderful.

  21. A great week to you Karen! Cheers!

  22. Maureen Locke says:

    Enjoy your vacation and come back refreshed. I don’t want to think of what my day would be like if you decided to start a teddy bear kiosk. I’d miss you horribly. πŸ™

  23. Susan Preston says:

    No way! How come you get a holiday? I want one too! …enjoy! Xox

  24. Ruth says:

    Have fun ‘resting’….. my moon isn’t even blue, so those quotation marks are necessary. πŸ˜‰

  25. jainegayer says:

    Have a good rest and enjoy your week.
    (please don’t leave us to open the teddy bear at the mall thing)

  26. Tracey says:

    I work from home so no one thinks I do “real” work. When I take a “vacation”, it usually involves taking delivery of 8-10 cubic yards of soil to top up my gardens with. For the holiday weekend I spent ALL DAY (’till sundown) yesterday in my garden (the yard, 2 my two acres is my happy place).
    My neighbours do not think that is rest. Anyway, enjoy doing whatever makes you feel rested and we’ll see you when you get back.
    I’ll be reading past posts to keep myself entertained. πŸ™‚

  27. Su says:

    close the laptop…. turn around and walk away…. a week off with a laptop is not a week off… cat videos will be waiting when you return

  28. Laura N. says:

    OMG I’m trying to write a novel and one of the little girl’s in the story tries to squish a chicks. Her name is Anna.

  29. Danica says:

    In case you find yourself in a conundrum of boredom we accept free labour to help build our house. We move there in 11 days, we still don’t have water and hydro. Yes, I’m leaving this same comment on all blogger’s posts that I know can build things. LOL. I live in Hockley Valley.

    We may allow you to test out one of our classic cars. We may provide oreo cookies.

  30. Good on ya Karen, it’s important to know when you need a break, we don’t begrudge you at all, or at least only a little bit.
    I laughed out loud at the “need more RAM for your computer”……are you saying I need a break too?

  31. Pam'a says:

    Don’t try too hard to relax… That’d be stressful. Just enjoy the break in your routine and go nuts!

  32. Louise says:

    Waaaah! I’m not like everyone else here, saying “Good for you!” and “Have a great time!” I’m addicted to reading your blog every night before I go to sleep. (I’m on the West Coast.) I’ll be missing you the entire time and cursing your need for rest, although you certainly do deserve it! Thank God I can go thru all your old posts, which is what I do on weekends. So alright, go ahead and “Have a great time!” (sniff, sob!) πŸ™

    • Grammy says:

      Get a hold of yourself, Louise!

      You’ve got to find another friend. Surely there is at least one other person in all of the Internet who could tell you an acceptable bedtime story until Karen gets back. Sure, it won’t be as interesting, or as funny, but you’ve got to let her take a break. Really. You don’t want her to collapse and have everybody say it’s all your fault, do you? I didn’t think so.

      Look through your recipes. Then you can tell her all about what you found when she gets back.

      • Grammy says:

        Dang it, I did something amusing and it didn’t show up because I entered it incorrectly using something that is reserved for HTML. Imagine, please, that right after it says “Get a hold of yourself, Louise!” that you see me holding Louise by the shoulders and gently shaking her as I speak. It was pretty funny when I thought it. Not so much now.

  33. Ember says:

    Enjoy your time off Karen. If you get monumentally bored you could come down to Alabama and help me pack my family up for a move to upper New York state…18 miles from Canada. Your awesome organizational skills would be grand! Have fun relaxing!

  34. Cynthia Jones says:

    Checked ’em. One blinked so that are not dead. Then I flicked through the comments and got to the one about compost heaps and turning them. Bloody Nora, now I feel I do need to make a compost heap. All of those vague “one day” ideas now seem so obligatory.

    Influenced by a long ago post about organising freeazers, my new frost free freezer is perfectly dry. I got the BEKO brand they use on Master Chef. I love it so much. All of the meals I put in it are in square foil containers with the type of meal written on the lid and each drawer is given a specific purpose.

    Of course, now I have to save up for the BEKO fridge which I also love.

    The power of Karen is as influential as ol’ Zuckerberg and Facebook. She has created an army of wrench wielding, freezer organisers who meditate on chickens and rip out their own kitchens. Nah, I am not going that far. There is a limit, but it sure is fun to be encouraged.

  35. Luanne says:

    Enjoy the time off!

  36. Cynthia Jones says:

    No pressure to be wittier from me. I think your level is exemplary already. Big word I learned at University.
    Madonna needs to do a song called “Narcissist” to go along with her “Borderline” song so that she has all the personality disorders covered.

    “ooh, did I say that out loud?”.

    I think she is interesting and attractive, but what’s with all the blinking?

    By the way, every time I look at your chooks they look like they are dead, but I dont’ always check the settings on the International clock on my laptop for Canada time first, so it could well be in the middle of the night.

    I tried once to stop myself from using my laptop when I got obsessed wtih a particular forum, so I hid it in the cupboard. WTF? I knew where it was, but I really thought that would work. It was a PTSD forum which includes memory loss and trauma.

    Wishing you many mindless days free of all obligations. Try to include one episode of sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping a piccolo or a latte’, staring at men and their shoes. It works wonders for me. Must admit staring at their butts is even better. Like those high-set rounded ones.

    She said we can talk amongst ourselves, guys. I got the laundry tub clear. There was a ribbon in the U bend and copious amounts of powdered lime. I recall the ribbon being dyed with fabric about five months ago. Now I have a new tool, a bright red pipe wrench. Ta Dah!

    Going to check on Karen’s chooks now.

  37. Grammy says:

    Rest up, have fun, and bask in the warm glow of knowledge that you’re right about Madonna. We promise not to set fire to anything while you’re not here, so just relax. See you when you feel witty again!

  38. Marsha Jean says:

    Close the laptop and enjoy yourself! And, that’s an order…sorta.

  39. Penley says:

    I say close your laptop and don’t look back til next Monday. We all need a break sometimes. I was where you were a couple of weeks ago so took a week off and went down to our family holiday house in Tasmania and just chilled for a week. Went fishing, to the markets, sat around, watched movies, read trashy books, enjoyed some good reds and ate whatever I damn well pleased. Bliss.

  40. kathy says:

    We go all out for the 4th of July in the States. Whatca got going on for the 4th of Aug? It is also my youngest daughter’s birthday. I replaced her Striiv pedometer as once you get hooked with one of these you cannot be without. I have let a good portion of this day slid by while I try my best to line of those blasted candies. I am way better off to not play computer games but sometimes they pull me in anyway:) Now I am going to read how you were Etsy-fried. May it seem like your off for a long time.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Today is the first Monday in August, in Canada and in Ireland and the UK, maybe Australia, haven’t checked, August Bank Holiday, because banks are closed, or August Civic Holiday. I believe it may be a disguised relic of Lughnassa, a Celtic festival of the first harvest- but we like to have a long weekend at the nicest part of our short summer.

  41. Laura says:

    Every single night as I am laying around doing nothing, after a long day of doing nothing, my phone makes that noise that means there is a new post from Karen. Every single night I think, “Wow, how can she come up with so must cool stuff?” & “I wonder what it’ll be tonight?!?!!!” Have a good time getting reinvigorated!

  42. ralph says:

    Who says that you’re dull? That’s a good one!

    There will be two moons in the sky when a person such as yourself takes a real rest…I’m looking out my window and it hasn’t happened yet. Anyway I wish you success in what you consider to be an attempt at resting.

    “Take a rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop”…Ovid

    Be well.

    • Karen says:

      NO really. I’m really going to try. Once I shut down this laptop tonight that is IT. I’m relaxing. To anyone walking by or entering the house they’ll wonder how they’d never noticed before that I’m actually a cat. Truly. I hope. ~ karen!

  43. nancy w says:

    In defence of Madonna, she really can sing, if you only ignore the outfits.
    Cher is also very talented, although if you have seen her on an interview with Robert what’s his name on that TCM channel with the old movies, well she is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. (sorry Cher! You are a great singer/actress, but really!)
    Now you have something else to ponder while you are on vacation Karen. I envy your vacation. So do enjoy it, and we will be right here when you get back! (no pressure πŸ™‚ )

    • Karen says:

      Nancy W. I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on Madonna, lol. I like her outfits. Still don’t agree about her singing. She’s great on CD of course but without a producer and autotune she’s … well she’s just an outfit, lol. ~ karen!

      • nancy w says:

        ok I have to agree, I have only heard her on CD and I am sure her outfits are amazing in person.

        Meanwhile I made the worst pie crust ever and am now browsing for an internet recipe to make the rest of the blackberry/peach filling into some sort of muffin or cake. So yesterday’s post is quite timely.

        • Pam'a says:

          Make a galette! It’s just a sh*tty (er, I mean RUSTIC) pie crust with fruit dumped on it, then folded up in sloppy fashion and baked. Sprinkle some sugar on it = Fancy!

  44. Mel says:

    Enjoy the rest. Don’t open the laptop. We’ll be right here. I’ll be doing GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) and making things like a John Barrowman head sculpted out of duct tape. And I also made a Captain Picard painting out of condiments. It’s looney.

  45. Cathy Reeves says:

    You could do some rubber stamp crafts….

  46. Ellen says:

    Good for you!!!! I so enjoy your blog but I know that once you are rested you will let her rip and be absolutely fabulous.

  47. Stephanie Hobson says:

    You spelled defense wrong. That’s all I’ve got. (Haha, I know you Canadians think it’s right, but you’re wrong about that too.)

    Have a nice restful vacation. We’ll be here when you get back.

  48. Debbie from Illinois says:


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