The Christie Antique Show took place last weekend. I know this because I was there and because I am now thinking about all the ways a taxidermied fawn could be useful in an otherwise fawnless house.  Right off the bat I can think of roughly 100 uses beyond the obvious … jewellery display.  A taxidermy nativity scene would really amp up my front lawn at Christmas. Were there fawns in the nativity scene? Or just goats and wise men? I feel like there’s gonna be some sort of postal restrictions on delivering taxidermied wisemen.

If you want to get to know someone, walk around an antique show with them for an hour.  That hour will uncover more than 10 years of listening in on their psychotherapy.

OH! I played with that when I was a kid. (you know their age)

Where are the hand sanitizing stations? I brought my own but I ran out on the drive over here. (you know they’re a germaphobe)

Is there a section with just new stuff?  (you know they have no soul and will probably kill you while you sleep)


What would people find out about me while walking around an antique show?   That I like french fries, psychotically creepy things, vintage taxidermy, rusty metal and sometimes things that sparkle.

Also I like things that would come in handy as great wedding presents.  Like this ball and chain.

The fall show had all of it.  Fries, rust, glow, sparkle and weirdness. The one thing that really, really hit me this trip to the Christie show was how years ago people had WAY more fun stuff.  If there was a task to be done there was a tool for it.

This double pot for one burner is a prime example.  Think you need a 6 burner stove?  Don’t be ridiculous. You just need a double pot.

There were separate forks, knives, spoons, and serving pieces for every food imaginable because only the kind of barbarian that eats veins use the same fork for their dinner as they did for their lunch.  If you were kosher, you could probably count on needing approximately 2,000 square feet just to house your silverware and dishes in Victorian times.


Displaying things at an antique show is a real art form, and even if you don’t walk out with anything in your arms you’ll be walking out with a load of ideas crammed into your head. Or iPhone.




I’d love to try this stacking look in my dining room but it seems moderately impractical.

French fry break.  For me that is, for my sister it was a big schnozzy sausage.



I was half keeping my eyes open for oil portraits, which I love.  This was a charcoal work from the 1800’s.


Based on the time period, I estimate the woman’s age to be about 32.


The latest in men’s underwear skirts in 1960.



These linen grain sacks are STILL going strong.  I thought for sure they’d be done and over with a few years ago.  I said the same thing about Jadeite, New Country and Paleo.

No one could call this little guy ugly.

This taxidermy duckling was the cutest thing ever. Even Pink Tool Belt, who isn’t as in tune with the cobwebs and creep side of herself as I am, loved it.  $60.


Yeah.  Those are teeth.  Creepy but in a different way.


One of my favourite booths every show is the Vintage Inspired Cottage booth.  Other than french fries, she has all of my antique show requisites.


Remember a while back in this post I commented that back in the day there was always a specific product for a specific task?

Enter the Grade A eggs, guaranteed for babies and invalids.  Who knew there were special eggs for politicians.

As for what I got at the show, nothing creepy, nothing weird.  I got 3 ironstone mugs, a silver covered dish, 4 copper measuring cups, a flow blue platter and drinking fountain.  All for the low, low price of $108 total.

I have another use for the silver dish in my head, but for now it’s a cookie jar.

The drinking fountain. It measures 9.5 ” all around.  It’s tiny.  I’m going to install it at my community garden so I don’t have to suck hose when I forget my water bottles.

I’d like to end this post with a funny story.  When I bought this drinking fountain I wondered out loud “How am I going to install this.”.  When he overheard me, the husband of the husband and wife team who ran the booth said … wait for it … “Hire a plumber”.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Oh my sister and I laughed and laughed over that one.

Best laugh I had all day next to the time they asked if I wanted gravy on my fries.  But that’s a story for another day.



  1. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Where to find some of the coolest and creepiest stuff…at an antique show…I’ve seen a lot of enamelware but never those double pots…you’re right…the Victorians had a utensil for serving and eating everying…I am very tempted to do a frame with chicken wire to hang my old ornaments…I also like the table beside it painted like a Hudson Bay blanket!

  2. Julie says:

    That double pot is the best thing I’ve seen!

  3. Julie says:

    That double pot is da bomb!

  4. Elaine says:

    PS: I forgot to say those half saucepans are genius!!!! NEVER seen those – ever!

  5. Elaine says:

    Like Kelli (just above me), I live vicariously through you too. I couldn’t get to Christie’s so I’m thoroughly enjoying your photos. Lately, I’ve been lusting after copper (I gave away all my pieces years ago then was sorry!) and love those measuring cups you bought and the blue transferware. In an old “Flea Market Decor” magazine, it showed a fellow who collected old doll heads and displayed them in large cloches. They looked a bit creepy yet were interesting at the same time. I’m getting old now and they reminded me of dolls I used to play with in the late 40’s. Another item that excites me are Santos figures and I’m wondering if you ever see them here in Ontario.

    • Karen says:

      That’s funny! Because I had in my head I was going to do something with dolls heads and cloches for Halloween! I thought I was quite brilliant. Guess there isn’t an original thought in the world, lol. ~ karen!

  6. Kelli says:

    Drinking fountain. It’s called a BUBBLER, Karen. Come on. Sheesh. 🙄

    And you found the Tooth Fairy’s stash. Gosh, that’s…um…special. Ew.

    Sure wish they had fun ‘rummage’ or antique sales like that down around here. Yours are chic and classy, not gross and trashy. Burlap upholstery with crystal chandies? Cool enamel double pots? Yup. Never seen those down here. Love living vicariously through you!

  7. Barbara says:

    Try the Aberfoyle show! Every Sunday u till the end of October with a special show Saturday 23 September!

    • Karen says:

      Oh come now. You think I’ve gone to Christie’s every year for the past decade or so but haven’t gone to Aberfoyle. ;) The HUGE antler you might see in some of my interior shots is from there. :) ~ karen!

  8. Alena says:

    I love the copper measuring cups you’ve got – but are they for different volumes than 1 cup, 1/2 cup, etc.? They look a bit too large for those.
    Otherwise, I am still chuckling about the ‘Hire a plumber’. LOL!!!

  9. Kerrill says:

    Red Desk Phone = Hot Line — Want!

  10. Thandi says:

    I had a tatty taxidermied vervet monkey. My mom worked at our local museum when I was small, and I ran around like their little pet weirdo. The taxidermy guys gave it to me as a birthday gift when they were clearing up a storeroom. I loved that damn thing. It smelled weird and the tip of the tail had broken off, but it was the best monkey ever. My mom made me chuck it out. She clearly had no taste. I still get all nostalgic at the smell of formaldehyde.
    (Am also obviously still a weirdo)

  11. Jennie Lee says:

    I will never, ever tire of my Jadeite. The color just makes me go “Oooooh!”

  12. Beckie says:

    I covet that box of vintage sewing patterns!

  13. Sandra Blackwell says:

    I have a friend that I often go to garage sales with. Her often heard comment is “you could hurt someone with this.”

    We have often gone out on our bikes, with our water packs on our back. At one sale the guy asked if we had beer in the pack…”No, vodka!”

  14. Dale Lacina says:

    That sausage had to be tasty, all nestled in with the sauerkraut!

    Be sure to install that drinking fountain before the water line/hose feeds into your drip watering system. Good pressure still, fresh and cold water. Have the drain lead to a water starved plant nearby with a mesh screen over the outlet to keep who-knows-what creepy crawler from climbing up into the catch basin looking up at you when you dip down for a sip.

    • Karen says:

      I actually have 2 taps I can access for my plot (because I technically have 2 plots, side by side) so the fountain will be going on the other tap. Also GOOD POINT about the mesh over the drain pipe, lol. OMG I never would have thought of that!! ~ karen

  15. Audrey says:

    I love your story re: “Hire a plumber” Last weekend I purchased a used 5th wheel camper. My buddy Frank went to pick it up. The former owner said, “Now make sure you get someone to winterize it for you”. When we got into the truck for the ride home, Frank’s first comment was, “That fellow doesn’t know you at all, does he?” We laughed and laughed too.

  16. Those ducks were also at my small local flea market last weekend for $6.00 each. Cute but too creepy for me. I am wondering where they came from.

    • SusanR says:

      Likely from China. In the late 1990s I wandered around the International Market Place in Waikiki one Saturday afternoon, and came upon some adorable little kitten purses at a small vendor kiosk. At least, they were adorable until I realized they had once actually been kittens. I dropped the one I was holding, like it was radioactive, turned and fled.

      The price is a clue they’re from China, also, or else a budding serial killer lives in the area and has chickens.

      • Elaine says:

        Oh God! I’m never ever going to China now!!! What getween their Dog Festival and kitten purses, I’m done! Crossing it off my bucket list, for sure.

        • Elaine says:

          Sorry for typo …. should be “between”.

        • SusanR says:

          No worries. To be fair to the Chinese, they have a different culture than ours, and different sensibilities regarding animals. Those cultural differences are strong, and include many uplifting attitudes towards other things. I wouldn’t exclude a trip to visit the country based on what was probably a short-lived “fad” export. Japan has a penis festival, in which people parade around dressed as penises, which I also find horrifying in concept, but if I ever have a chance to go there, I plan on going, even if only to shop for textiles. I’ll just stay away from the town that has the festival.

      • Thanks for the info, Susan. I can only say “eww ” with a sick heart

        • SusanR says:

          Yes, that’s how my heart felt the moment I realized what I was holding. But as I said to someone else, to be fair, their culture has different sensibilities about animals than ours does.

  17. Sabina Missana says:

    An old drinking fountain! Brilliant!

  18. linda in illinois says:

    Love, love, love..
    hire a plumber !!! r o f l

  19. You never fail to crack me up! I want that green cabinet that was in your favorite vendor booth. Can’t imagine what shipping to Colorado would cost!

  20. Jenny says:

    Call me boring, but I really want that green metal filing cabinet in the 6th picture down, haha. ^_^
    And I just remembered that my husband wants a vintage wooden shoe shine box to corral his polishing gear for Christmas–I need to get looking!

  21. NinaMargo says:

    The dolly rolling her eyes is my expression when I saw the teeth you could buy. That must be recycling in its purest form yet! Just be cause. Who knew you could be a tooth donor?

    • Noreen Mckechnie says:

      There is a Toronto jewelry maker whose dad is/was a denturist and Danny made several pieces using things that his father was not pleased with. My daughter has a choker that has as a centre 2 halves of an upper plate (teeth and gums) from a distance it looks quite elegant up close people have strange reactions.

  22. Melissa says:

    I really loved the Christmas bulbs being displayed on chicken wire inside that white frame – very eye catching.

    This reminded me I still don’t have a good way to display my holiday cards (I use that gray sticky stuff to pop mine all over my kitchen wall. I know, needs help).

    Anyway… the frame might work, but it occurred to me that Karen (and her readers) might have ideas that could inspire me now— it’s never too early for Karen’s Christmas Challenge.

    Karen, would you consider doing a post on the topic of Holiday card display? While you’re still freshly inspired from the booth displays… please? I’d be so dang grateful!

    • Karen says:

      That’s a good idea Melissa. I’ll start scouring for ideas now. :) ~ karen!

      • Melissa says:

        Woot! So excited.

        So excited that when I hit “reply” on my phone, my finger hit the link underneath by accident. So… while you’re out there perusing the world for holiday card display ideas, please make sure I am still on your subscription list, xo

    • Renee Ryz says:

      This may seem kinda hokey, but years ago I saw in a craft book, you paint the pinchy type clothespins green, then alternate them and a large red bead or jingle bell on heavy wire or coat hanger, and make it into a circular wreath. Then pinch each card as you wish! I have always wanted to do this- picture was cute. I just did a Pinterest search for “clothespin Christmas wreath” & a TON of cool ideas came up.

      • Karen says:

        I think a way to update that and make it not so hokey would be to stay away from painting the pegs green. Just keeping them natural or doing them in an unexpected colour like black would update the idea so it would look great. :) ~ karen!

  23. Leisa says:

    When I was a kid (lol) we had an unusual taxidermy piece…two squirrels in a boxing ring – with leather gloves and between them?….a chipmunk referee of course! It was the thing I used to show to new friends. Turns out I’m a loner!

  24. Sue Horner says:

    Karen, if you love the Christie Antique Show, you’ll love the Aberfoyle Antique Market — open Sundays spring through fall but a special big show twice a year. Great stuff and better pricing than Christie. The fall show is Saturday, Sept. 23: https://www.facebook.com/aberfoylemrkt/?fref=nf

    • Karen says:

      Yes I’ve been going to Aberfoyle for years. :) It’s not the “Event” that Christie’s is or the size but it’s also fun! Plus they have french fries. ~ karen!

      • Sue Horner says:

        It IS lots of fun and the two special shows have some of the same vendors that go to Christie’s. And the French fries!!!! Yum.

      • Elaine says:

        Hi Karen – they used to also have the BEST butter tarts! (Even better than the ones at Detour … sorry Detour!). Last time I was there, they didn’t have them. Phooey.

    • Terry says:

      I’m going to have to remember that the next time I visit my son. He lives near Aberfoyle. I wonder how much I can stuff in my suitcase for the bus trip back home.

  25. Jane S says:

    My fav is the dolly looking up to heaven wondering where her body has gone.

  26. Susan says:

    It’s just as well we don’t shop together since we seem to have similar interests. I have approximately sixty percent of what you took pictures of, including the teeth. My brother worked at a rag and cloth company and people would throw in other stuff with clothes and textiles, so he’d come home with all sorts of weird stuff. I have the teeth in an apothecary jar and bring them out at Halloween. Taxidermy is a no, though I am fascinated, since I love animals. I’ve seen time-lapsed photography showing the kritters that live in fur coats, so I couldn’t do it.
    Also, Is that Clark Gable modeling those striped flared underwear, smoking a cigarette? Only he could carry those off.

  27. Bonnie says:

    Next best thing to being there, thanks for the tour. It’s a wonderful event and I need to go again next year. Yes, the men’s underwear are from 1945 and the pattern number is 1960 — this I know because it was definitely before my time thank goodness.

  28. susan Whelan says:

    I scrolled by the charcoal of the old lady quickly, wondering why anybody would actually want it. And then I scrolled back over everything and kept getting stuck on her. She has a fascinating face and I’ll bet she didn’t have to hire a plumber either. The more you look at her, the more you can see kind of a Mona Lisa expression going on there. I want her to be my Margaret!

  29. Sandi says:

    The vintage patterns were interesting to me. I follow another blogger as well called
    “Male Pattern Boldness”


    and he has that vintage men’s underwear pattern. The number in the top left of the pattern envelope is the number of the pattern, not the year. The pattern was published in about the 1940’s.
    The french fries looked yummy.

  30. Jacquie says:

    Love the chairs and trunk. I thought you always had gravy with your chips? I might have to adjust my feelings towards you if not.

    • Karen says:

      NO. Salt, vinegar, ketchup on fries at Christies. Always. I do love gravy on french fries, but not at outdoor shopping markets. ~ karen!

  31. Centi says:

    When I was a kid (back in the 80’s) there was a flower shop in our town selling taxidermy ducklings as an easter decoration. 20 fulffy, dead ducklings in a row. Creepiest thing I have ever seen!

  32. Benjamin says:

    Hire. A. Plumber. ROFLMAO I’m gonna explode!! I love you, Karen. You make life worthwhile every other day.

  33. MrsChrisSA says:

    Oh how I would love to attend that.

    Those wingback chairs
    Those dressmakers dummies
    The long black boots………………………..
    swoon!! I want them all

    Oh, except for those teeth – those are absolutely hurlworthy!!!

  34. Paula says:

    I am soooo upset that I missed the show! I thought it was later, and when I checked last Thursday…I had missed it. Spring…

  35. Deborah Burns says:

    What a cute drinking fountain! No more dehydrated gardeners!

  36. Kathleen Aberley says:

    Oh that chest in picture 2. Absolutely beautiful.
    And what a lovely idea – the picture frame with the baubles… I might just try that this year. have limited space and this might just be the answer / alternative to a Christmas tree!

    • Sue says:

      Regarding the framed chicken wire with ornaments, count me in. I love ornaments but I really hate the whole tree thing. “Yes, let’s crowd the furniture to get this damned thing in the living room, obsessively water it, and constantly clean up after it.” No, no and no.

    • SusanR says:

      I have a chest like the one in the second photo, just not white-washed. It was my Irish great-grandmother’s chest. It’s traveled to Ireland and back from Illinois, then to Washington state, Hawaii and California. It weighs a ton. Solid quite thick wood.

  37. Fonda says:

    There are lots of wonderful things I would enjoy having, but I don’t think my house will hold any more!

    • Karen says:

      I know the feeling. That’s why I’m so happy a couple of my friends need a bit of help decorating their homes. I get to go shopping at antique markets but don’t have to bring any of the stuff to my house, lol. ~ karen!

  38. Susan says:

    Don’t knock the double pot. My mom had 3 pots that fitted on 1 plate. Electricity saver.

  39. Alisa Kester says:

    I WANT that double pan! Seriously…I’m going to go Google them and see if they are still being made. So practical!

    • SmartAlex says:

      I have one of the double pans. Very clever. I collect enamelware and watched eBay for years. Only my color combo of course, but I’ve only ever seen two come up. So watch eBay and Etsy. I’ve also seen triples, but you can imagine the handles become a space problem. Sometimes they switched to mug handles on the triples.

    • Bev Rommens says:

      My mom had triple pans – same principle but three to make 1 circle. Great for Sunday lunch since all veg had to cooked for hours and the hot plates might be needed for gravy or boiling water. Wonder what happened to them…

  40. Jani Wolfe says:

    Oh how I would love to shop at one of those booths. You got alot of really nice things. Enjoy!

  41. Robert says:

    Hire a plumber???????
    Yeah right not even if he where your partner and you weren’t paying it in actual money

  42. Cathleen clark says:

    Would love to attend a Christy’s Antique Show. For now I will live vicariously through you…whilst eating French fries. Cheers from PTSHS
    (Post tramatic stress hurricane syndrome) land.

  43. dana says:

    I would give my left b👀b for that sewing chest atop all that stacked stuff you said you would like to try in your dining room. Love the measuring cups you got!

    • Tina says:

      I have no doubt that notions chest went for a tit-load of money! There are a lot of people who collect those.

      • Paula says:

        Yes, it is a spool cabinet. Popular in merchantiles and general stores. I have 5 of them! Too pretty and functional to pass up! Thanks for sharing.

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