The Holiday Gift Guide  extravaganza continues today with great hostess gifts, stocking stuffer ideas and a bunch of gifts for under $25.

Hostess Gift Ideas

Hostess Gift ideas

Hostess gifts

  1.  Copper plated appetizer picks.   2. Cake crown topper.   3. Rolling Whiskey Glasses.   4. Sequined Table Runner.   5. Modern gold candle holders.  6. Instant Heat Lavender scented eye mask.   7. Matcha Tea Set.   8. Holidays on Ice (by David Sedaris).   9. Woodfire scented candle.  10.  Glass nail file in rose gold case.

I got a snowblower for Christmas once.  A big one. It had a headlight.  I can’t say it was my favourite Christmas present but as far as gifts go, something with wheels is always memorable.  Bike, car, skateboard, rollerblades, pianos;  they’re full of wheels.  You almost never overhear conversations in an old folks home about the great Christmas of ’32 when they got their first pair of long pants.  You know why?  No wheels.

Please note, none of my picks today have wheels. Sorry ’bout that.

Three of the things on this list are personal recommendations from me because I own and love them.  The first is the book Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris.  This is only suitable for the hostess who isn’t offended by … well … anything.  It. Is. Hilarious.

The other thing here that I own is the Illume “Woodfire” scented candle.  The only problem with it is I think they should have named it “Cottage”.  It smells exactly like a family cottage.  Not mine of course, our family cottage was more like a dressed down version of Guantanamo Bay with a nudie calendar on the wall.  But a regular families cottage would smell just like this candle.

The LAST thing on this list that I own and love are the Instant Heat Lavender eye masks.  My friend Andrea, whom I’ve mentioned on my blog before, lives in Singapore and every time she visits she brings me a box of weird shit from Singapore.  (I used the words “whom” and “shit” in the same sentence which shows some real skills) These masks were part of the package she brought me this year.  I loved them SO much I ordered them myself from Amazon immediately.  They look exactly like a panty liner but when you take it out of the package and open it up it instantly warms up to a pleasant temperature, wafting a subtle scent of lavender.  Do panty liners smell like lavender??  I wonder if these are actually just repackaged panty liners.  K, it’s possible I got duped but seriously, these things really are great.

Stocking stuffer ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers

  1.  Padlock Flash drive.   2.  Dammit Doll for stress.   3.  Poo-Pourri.   4.  Bacon Toothpicks.   5. Animal Head Keychain.   6.  Magnetic Slime.   7. Tomato Manual timer.   8.  Salt and Pepper.   9.  Peter Heater.   10.  Back Scratcher.

I know you’re immediately wondering which of these gifts I own. And yes.  It is the Peter Heater but I use it as an oven mitt.  As far as stocking stuff ideas go, it’s my second favourite item falling right after the animal head keychain.  Stockings are the BEST thing about Christmas. Ask anyone.  If they say church service or the joy in the air or love of fellow (wo)man, or anything like that they’re LYING.  It’s the stocking.

Gifts for under $25

Gifts under $25

Gifts under $25


  1.  Guzzle Buddy.   2.  Grill Scraper.   3.  Funky Vegetable Kit.   4. HUGE stick on wall clock.  5. Extra Large Playing Cards.  6.  Nut bowl.   7.  Bamboo calculator.   8.  Cube clock.   9. Stuffed Heart.   10. Transistor Radio.

Let’s talk about #1, The Guzzle Buddy, for a minute shall we?  There isn’t a single person among us who doesn’t know someone who needs a Guzzle Buddy.

And the huge deck of cards are great for older people who can’t see a regular deck but love to play cards.  Of course if they’re also arthritic and can’t hold cards that’s another issue entirely.

Then there’s item #4, the wall clock.  It.  Is.  $10.  I can’t figure out how or why it’s so cheap but I’d almost like to order one just to see.  From what I can tell it’s a regular metal, mechanical clock with huge hands and then foam numbers you stick on the wall.  $10!!!

My favourite thing from the Under $25 list is the transistor radio.  Other than the obvious fact that it’s super-cool you wanna know why I love it?  Static.  You would be able to hear bits of static on it. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Again, no wheels on these lists,  but when you start handing out Guzzle Buddies it’s probably best there isn’t anything with wheels around anyway.



  1. Heather Pepper says:

    Hi Karen. Dropping a quick note to let you know your suggestions – back scratcher bacon toothpicks and transistor radio were huge hits. For stocking stuffers this year! You’ve helped to maintain my ” edgy” rep for the stuff in stockings. Kudos. Looking forward to next years suggestions!

    • Karen says:

      That’s great! I wish someone had bought me a transistor radio. And that one was so cute! Glad the stuffers went over well, sounds like I’d like you to make me a stocking. You know what you’re doing! ;) ~ karen!

  2. Grammy says:

    Somewhere along the line in the 40+ years we’ve been together, the Mr. and I decided it was no fun trying to figure out what big, special thing we could get each other at Christmas since we get each other things just for no reason throughout the year and we’re way past “needing” most things. So we established a “stockings only” policy between us. We go ahead and give nice gifts to others, but we are very firm that for each other, we just do stockings. Granted, we often can’t fit every single thing in the stocking, but it has to reasonably be able to be hidden underneath said sock if it won’t fit inside.

    We have such a lovely Christmas morning sitting at the dining table drinking coffee while we take turns discovering what nifty little things we’ve found for one another. A few hours later the rest of the family descends on our home and there is the usual chaos that entails, but we really like our stocking stuff the best. Santa is a cool guy.

  3. leslie zuroski says:

    My daughter’s new mother-in-law hosted us again this year. I brought her a box of 100 tiny lipsticks from Avon and she loved it! She actually said it was the best present she ever got in her life. Yeah, she really liked it.

  4. Sarah says:

    I wish I had a Peter for that heater…but alas, I’ve got a stand mixer that makes me quite happy. Karen as always, thank you for making me laugh and have a wonderful rest of your week!!

  5. linda in illinois says:

    never a dull moment with Karen. love the posts.. great ideas, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  6. Julie says:

    My mom got rid of stockings when my brother and I were kids and we had a gigantic mutiny and she did it for one more year. And when I say kids, I mean we were in our early 20’s. I am 47 and still get and give stockings!

  7. Eileen says:

    there shoulda been a warning…am now wiping up the coffee mess from snorting laughter at the peter heater….
    I guess there are worse ways to start the day.

  8. Mary W says:

    Oh my! I still haven’t had my one Christmas wish fulfilled – the projected wall clock. I have a high up blank wall over my fireplace mantel which would look super cool with a clock face/night light projected onto the wall. I know a wonderful Santa’s elf that is just the sort of elf to invent it. Even saw a picture of her on your blog once. I guess I need to wait until next year. (I do think that black foamy $10 clock would be great out in a garage or “man cave” so they could see the time from anywhere in the space. This may be a good pickle prize this year.) And I do love the little cube clock but alas, it’s too small for what I need it for.

  9. Ei Con says:

    Bacon toothpicks appeal to everyone, sure. But for those with more sophisticated taste, you might want to try these Single Malt Scotch or Bourbon toothpicks:

  10. Sarah says:

    FYI, your link to for the scented candle is one of those stupid things where they charge you a billion dollars (or in this case $117.70) for a small candle. For Canadians, worth noting that candle is currently on sale on for $13.48. Or for Americans, feel free to buy it from the link above since, with exchange, it will work out to about the same. ;)

  11. Katie C. says:

    Ooooh! My mom got me the Funky Veg Kit for Christmas last year. The cosmic purple carrots were awesome!

  12. dana says:

    The crocheted Peter Heater! I also found Dick Soap when I followed the link. It has a hole in it!

  13. Thandi says:

    I had to Google Peter heater. Now I can’t stop laughing.

  14. Tracie Berry says:

    I was so excited to see this post that I didn’t even investigate everything yet…thank you, I love these gift ideas so much! Now, back to the post…

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