How the little lost cat Sugarbear found a home.

I try to do good with this website of mine. Can I be crass, bitchy, impatient, rude, or sarcastic? I sure hope so. But the goal is to entertain and inform. And to get you off your asses and get you doing stuff. To make a change. To have an impact.

To do good.

I get so excited when people say they’ve cooked something of mine and loved it, or that they got chickens because of me, or they attempted to repair something around the house they’d normally ask their husband to fix.

But I think what happened last week may have been the greatest thing this blog has ever accomplished.

I found a home for a stray cat that undoubtedly would have died otherwise.

The cat I dubbed “Sugarbear” has found a home.

Last week I posted about Sugarbear; a cat that’s been roaming the neighbourhood for the past few months. She is the nicest, sweetest, most affectionate cat I’ve ever encountered. Even after having lived on the streets. Even after having no food. Even after being covered in fleas and scabs and wounds.

Every day for the past 3 months she’d walk up onto my porch, roll over and offer her belly to whoever happened to be around. As time went on and the neighbours and I realized this little cat really didn’t have a home, we took to feeding her and giving her what she needed most; attention.

It then became a mission to find this cat a home.

We both looked into shelters and the SPCA, but the SPCA never got back to me and the shelters were full to the gunnels with cats. So we started asking friends and family. Church members, grocery store cashiers, random people walking down the street. Do you want a cat? Hey LADY. You with the cat sized dog … wouldn’t you like an actual cat?

I knew the second anyone met Sugarbear they’d want to keep her.  Even one of my sisters who has never owned a cat, has no interest in cats and is also allergic to cats considered taking her.  THAT’s how nice a cat Sugarbear is.

So when I posted about her last week I hoped Sugarbear would finally find the home she deserved.

And she did.

At 10:00 a.m. last Tuesday, the morning the post went up,  Karla emailed me.  The mother of 2 was over 2 hours away but she loved Sugarbear based on her picture.  Karla used to own a cat but she had to give him up for adoption when the cat became aggressive towards her newborn baby.  Her vet said it was for the best.  Her vet said the situation would only get worse, not better.  Her vet convinced her.  So Karla gave away her cat and has regretted it for the past 7 years.

But she didn’t feel she had a choice.

So when she saw Sugarbear she knew immediately she had to have her.  Because Sugarbear looked exactly like Max, the cat she was forced to give away.

24 hours after that initial email, Karla was standing on my front porch to pick Sugarbear up.

My neighbours had to bring Sugarbear into their house overnight so we knew where the cat would be when Karla showed up.  Stray cats have a curious habit of … roaming … so when she came for her nightly feeding they just opened their back door and Sugarbear walked straight into their kitchen where she spent the night curled up on the kitchen table.  And then the kitchen floor.  And finally the kitchen chair.

I walked Karla over and she met her new cat.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  I couldn’t have picked a better owner for Sugarbear.


Karla &amp ;- Sugar

After a 2 and a half hour drive, a 15 minute meet and greet with the cat, Karla was back in her van ready to take the cat home.  In less than 24 hours she managed to arrange a 5 hour road trip, get a cat carrier, and book a veterinary appointment for Friday.

Trip Home



They made it apparently.  According to Karla the cat napped, talked and lost her lunch twice.  Which by her standards was quite a success.


Drive Home


A small price for the cat to pay in exchange for what is going to be a happy, happy life for her.

Oh!  And before she left Karla told me what she was going to name her new cat.   Curled up on my neighbour’s kitchen floor with her new pet, Karla looked up at me and said, Her name is Sugar.




You can make a difference.  You can do stuff.  You can do good.


update:  Karla says Sugar is happy as can be.  And as it turns out, Sugar isn’t a she.  She’s a he (with a couple of parts removed).



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  1. Nora says:

    Thank you Karen and Karla!! Many blessings!

  2. Corinna says:

    yay! Sugar! Congrats to his new family. :)

  3. Lisa says:

    What a great story to start the day! Brought tears to my eyes…. A great reminder that anyone can make a difference!!


  4. Susan says:

    What a happy story to start my day – (made me cry too). Sugar had no idea how his life was about to change when he walked up to your porch!

  5. Mary says:

    Awesome job Karen!

  6. Diane S says:

    So Sugar, aka Sugarbear, is actually just plain “Bear”! Congrats to Karla! And thank you Karen for providing a rescue an earned family to love. You dun gud!

  7. Jackie MacDougall says:

    As a cat lover…I have two and an 8 month old Border Collie, I can’t tell you how happy I am for Sugar and his new family! Thanks for this, it made my day

    • Sue T. says:

      Jackie…years ago we lived in a townhouse, me, hub, 2 young sons, ‘Gracie'(about 90% border collie), a cat who had ‘found us’, a lop-eared rabbit, and 2 guinea pigs. Amazingly ALL the animals liked each other, whether one-on-one or with everyone out at the same time! Once in awhile the cat would get outside and take off…all I needed to do was open the front door and say “Gracie go bring Ms. Puddie home”. Within 30 seconds the cat was circled and run into the house, followed by the dog!! Neighbors were always disbelieving!

  8. Emily says:

    Love this story ! But am I the only one who sees the date is wrong. Shouldn’t that be Sept. 4th? Or did a time warp happen? :-)

    • Karen says:

      I might have the date wrong. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to look at a calendar. She did email the day of the post and did show up to pick Sugar up the immediate day after. So .. whenever that was. :) ~ karen

  9. Mary Kay says:

    Yay Sugar & Karla – thanks Karen for making the world just a little bit better today.

  10. Gale says:

    What a great story. You did good!

  11. Dixie says:

    Wonderful story! good job Karen!

  12. Laura Bee` says:

    I actually said a little “Oh yay!” & clapped my hands! So happy for Sugar & his new family. This is the Warm & Fuzzy Side of Karen that I love! I’m a sucker for soft things. I also love it when you are tearing shit apart and rebuilding it – but this is special.
    p.s. My mom had a little calico cat when she was a teenager she named Rose. Turned out Rose was a boy too.

  13. Kim says:

    sniff…when you said sweetest cat ever, I KNEW it was a boy cat.

  14. Kyle says:

    Karen, you are an awesome chick. I secretly want to be you but that would be very different for me since I’m black. I guess it would take some getting used to. Oh well, there goes another idea. I love happy stories like this!

  15. Kari says:

    I love animals. ^^ they look like they were meant to find each other! Could Karla be more adorable? We adopted a stray cat this year we named Juno. She’s so cute, she looks like a creamsicle. She also had a rough life, part of her ear is bitten off. She was in survival mode and super nervous when we first started feeding her but now she’s sooooo sweet.

  16. jainegayer says:


  17. Jody says:

    That is the best news. Happy happy long long life together for Karla, her family, and, Mr Sugar.

  18. Deb Booth says:

    I loved reading this today. Coincidentally, it’s the start of a 21-day challenge called, prosaically enough, “The 21-Day Kindness Challenge” – where participants are urged to do at least one kind thing for someone else during their day. Doesn’t have to be big – wonder can come wrapped in small packages. And if you’re prepared, you leave a “Smile – you’ve been tagged” card that asks the recipient of the kindness to pay it forward, and to leave the smile card behind for their recipient when they do. Thanks for being part of the wave, and for finding Sugar a home. With love, Deb Booth

  19. Erica says:

    Yayyyyyyyy to all. I love a happy ending.

  20. sue says:

    While reading your first posting about Sugar, I’m thinking, I could take him…yeah, with 3 cats of my own and living in Maine. Such a cutie, but Karla and Sugar were destined to be together. I hope Karla realizes she made the right decision years ago and now she has made good karma in her life and in Sugar’s.
    People are basically good. We all need to be kind and try our best. You done good, Karen.

  21. Natika says:

    That’s quite the adoption story! Nice job!

  22. Judy Bickford says:

    I just thought of another moral to this story. ( There was one, wasn’t there?)
    Obviously Sugar(bear) was someone’s beloved pet at one time since they took the trouble to neuter him. But, he either was abandoned or wandered off. If you want a pet, think of all the pros and cons before you get one. And for goodness sakes–don’t let them out! They’re not wild animals. This little sweetheart could just as easily encountered a racoon or a not so nice dog-sized dog, not someone who cared, like you Karen. If you want to keep a domestic cat, keep them–inside!

  23. Susan Dulley says:

    Ditto…I too have had to find homes form Cats and Kittens…The feeling of placing an animal that needs a good home with just the perfect owner/friend, is one that is difficult to top. Sugar is just like my Shira Kahn. HE, too, was one of the if not the most affectionate Friend I have ever had. Thank you for your wonderful spirit, it is so special.

  24. Debbie J says:

    Truly a heartwarming story! We had a male cat that looked just like Sugar but he was affectionate only to my son and detested all other humanity.
    Good work Karen.

  25. Maryanne says:

    Your a matchmaker too!

  26. Tigersmom says:

    Well done!

    And thank you for real proof that someone can be crass, bitchy, impatient, rude, or sarcastic but also kind, productive and an inspiration.

  27. Rhonda Smartypants says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…sweet!Congratulations to Karla and Sugar – not sure, but I think both of you think you got the best end of the deal. A match made in heaven!

    We (you and the rest of us who read your blog) began our summer season in the most summer-iest of ways when we were asked by you to write about our pets – past (sigh~) and present sigh(!). Then we were given a most glorious summertime experience with the best street party/block picnic I’ve ever (not) attended. After wiping our greasy fingers on the linen napkins, we were all marching smartly into July (as smartly as most of us can march when most of us live where July is H-O-T !!!) when we learned about pie judging, were given some incredibly good summer reads and treated to another list: true squares. Come mid July, dear readers, the captain of our little blog-ship, Cap’n Karen, hit a rough patch; met a squall mid sail that was a’brewin’ for a while, but still pitched her to and fro for a bit. Only for a bit – a wee bit or so. We all held our breaths for a week or two or almost three waiting to see if we might be called upon for resuscitation efforts during the last part of July and into August. Much to no one’s surprise (your readers, at least) our fearless and courageous leader navigated her way through the storm and began to right herself for the remaining leg of the summer run, at least. And now, almost 90 days later, as the summer of 2013 is being put to bed and the anticipation is beginning to build for the annual Dollar-o-rama gift extravaganza posts, we have the perfect ending to such a wild and crazy season — a love story with a lovely ending. Karla and Sugar — sweet. In fact, just to belabor the point, the sweetest ‘giveaway’ you’ve ever arranged, Cap’n Karen. If I wore a hat, I’d be able to truthfully say, ‘My hat’s off to you.’ Since I don’t wear a hat (because I have a big, square head), I’ll just say, ‘Brava, Karen, brava!’ The best is yet to come!

  28. Nicole2 says:

    Aaaaaw, I love a good cat story with a happy ending, me! I’m reading this as my cat sits on my lap purring.

    I also picked up stray a few weeks ago, he was sick as, well, a dog with upper resp an flea bitten. Got him fixed up and he will be going to my local no kill shelter where he’ll find a good home.

    I wish people took better care of their cats and did not let them roam unspayed and unneutered, then dump them when they get pregnant because it’s not their problem anymore.

    Thanks for a great story Karen!

  29. Nic says:

    So much warm fuzziness is bouncing around in my belly ❤

  30. Maggie V says:


  31. Kat says:

    Yup I cried while reading this… I hate crybabies so stop with the mushy stuff. Oh and another job well done!

  32. Lin says:

    Awwww that’s just awesome. You done good, Sugar is a happy boy and Karla’s smile says it all! Bravo! We just adopted a kitten (12 weeks) that was found trapped in a ‘live trap’. Took the foster mum three days before she could touch her but when she did she started to purr and wanted more touching. She’s bouncing around the house and playing with my big orange 2 yr. old boy cat. (Who I am madly in love with!)

  33. Claire says:

    Sugar is a lucky boy! But Karla is also a lucky girl! A lovely ending

  34. carey says:

    Saint Karen has a nice ring to it. Well done, friend!

  35. Alisha says:

    Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if Sugar was actually Max and some insane twist of fate (and divine Karen intervention) brought then back together again? *sigh* I like to think that’s more possible than plausible.

  36. Jerrica says:

    I LOVE THIS! [sniffle] I love a happy ending :) I’m so happy those two found each other.

  37. Lesley Williamson says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations to Karla and Sugar. You can tell from the pix that Sugar knows he’s hit the jackpot :)

  38. Jane says:

    Wow Karen….you did good!!! That is a heartwarming story with a happy ending…love it!

  39. Christina says:

    LOVE this story!!

  40. Bols says:

    Wishing Karla and Sugarbear many years of happiness.

  41. Nancy Eileen says:

    Looks like a wonderful match. Great job!
    And Sugarbear is so happy he’s making air-biscuits!

    • Rhonda Smartypants says:

      “Air-biscuits” – never heard that term before, but it is a perfect description. I can’t wait to use it again – I’ve got to go find a cat and then make it so happy that I get to say, “Ah, look – ‘air-biscuits!’ Thanks so much, Miss Nancy Eileen.

  42. Amanda says:

    Beautiful! I’m so happy Karla and Sugar found eachother. And, all thanks to you and your wonderful work, Karen. Cats are such wonderful creatures!

  43. Kat says:

    Thank you, Karen, for working to find that sweet Sugar a home. It makes my heart happy! Congrats, Karla! Your new kitty is a lucky boy!

  44. Jcrn says:

    They look perfect together. Instant bonding! Great photos too. Did I ask before about your camera model? Those are some quality pics!

    • Karen says:

      Um, I can’t remember. Regardless, it’s an old Nikon D40 with the standard lens in it. You can probably get one cheap on Kijiji or Ebay since it’s such an old model. Works great tho. ~ karen!

  45. Valerie says:

    I have owned cats for a number of years, both male and female. When they are young females seem more bound to their owners than males. As they age females become more retiring and males (particularly neutered males) become very affectionate and close with those that provide their care.
    I loved this posting about Sugar and his new owner Karla – what a heart warming tale you have given us tonight Karen.

  46. toekneetoni says:

    How wonderful for both of them! Just lovely.

  47. What a happy story. Brought a smile to my face!

  48. Laura says:

    Best story EVER.

  49. Marti says:

    Congrats Karla! Excellent adoptive choices and all!

    Karen, I’m getting a complex. Do all your other readers look like such nice people? I’m not sure I fit in at all. I certainly don’t have reincarnations of long lost pets leading double-lives in the Great White North somewhere… I hope. It’s all so scary. I may have to start reading your blog first thing in the morning instead of last thing before bed, if this keeps up. This is very unsettling.

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