How the little lost cat Sugarbear found a home.

I try to do good with this website of mine. Can I be crass, bitchy, impatient, rude, or sarcastic? I sure hope so. But the goal is to entertain and inform. And to get you off your asses and get you doing stuff. To make a change. To have an impact.

To do good.

I get so excited when people say they’ve cooked something of mine and loved it, or that they got chickens because of me, or they attempted to repair something around the house they’d normally ask their husband to fix.

But I think what happened last week may have been the greatest thing this blog has ever accomplished.

I found a home for a stray cat that undoubtedly would have died otherwise.

The cat I dubbed “Sugarbear” has found a home.

Last week I posted about Sugarbear; a cat that’s been roaming the neighbourhood for the past few months. She is the nicest, sweetest, most affectionate cat I’ve ever encountered. Even after having lived on the streets. Even after having no food. Even after being covered in fleas and scabs and wounds.

Every day for the past 3 months she’d walk up onto my porch, roll over and offer her belly to whoever happened to be around. As time went on and the neighbours and I realized this little cat really didn’t have a home, we took to feeding her and giving her what she needed most; attention.

It then became a mission to find this cat a home.

We both looked into shelters and the SPCA, but the SPCA never got back to me and the shelters were full to the gunnels with cats. So we started asking friends and family. Church members, grocery store cashiers, random people walking down the street. Do you want a cat? Hey LADY. You with the cat sized dog … wouldn’t you like an actual cat?

I knew the second anyone met Sugarbear they’d want to keep her.  Even one of my sisters who has never owned a cat, has no interest in cats and is also allergic to cats considered taking her.  THAT’s how nice a cat Sugarbear is.

So when I posted about her last week I hoped Sugarbear would finally find the home she deserved.

And she did.

At 10:00 a.m. last Tuesday, the morning the post went up,  Karla emailed me.  The mother of 2 was over 2 hours away but she loved Sugarbear based on her picture.  Karla used to own a cat but she had to give him up for adoption when the cat became aggressive towards her newborn baby.  Her vet said it was for the best.  Her vet said the situation would only get worse, not better.  Her vet convinced her.  So Karla gave away her cat and has regretted it for the past 7 years.

But she didn’t feel she had a choice.

So when she saw Sugarbear she knew immediately she had to have her.  Because Sugarbear looked exactly like Max, the cat she was forced to give away.

24 hours after that initial email, Karla was standing on my front porch to pick Sugarbear up.

My neighbours had to bring Sugarbear into their house overnight so we knew where the cat would be when Karla showed up.  Stray cats have a curious habit of … roaming … so when she came for her nightly feeding they just opened their back door and Sugarbear walked straight into their kitchen where she spent the night curled up on the kitchen table.  And then the kitchen floor.  And finally the kitchen chair.

I walked Karla over and she met her new cat.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  I couldn’t have picked a better owner for Sugarbear.


Karla &amp ;- Sugar

After a 2 and a half hour drive, a 15 minute meet and greet with the cat, Karla was back in her van ready to take the cat home.  In less than 24 hours she managed to arrange a 5 hour road trip, get a cat carrier, and book a veterinary appointment for Friday.

Trip Home



They made it apparently.  According to Karla the cat napped, talked and lost her lunch twice.  Which by her standards was quite a success.


Drive Home


A small price for the cat to pay in exchange for what is going to be a happy, happy life for her.

Oh!  And before she left Karla told me what she was going to name her new cat.   Curled up on my neighbour’s kitchen floor with her new pet, Karla looked up at me and said, Her name is Sugar.




You can make a difference.  You can do stuff.  You can do good.


update:  Karla says Sugar is happy as can be.  And as it turns out, Sugar isn’t a she.  She’s a he (with a couple of parts removed).



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  1. Debbie from Illinois says:

    SWEET!!! :-)

  2. Sarah says:

    I love the way you write…… You really say it like it is….. And with humor.

  3. Lisa Thomas says:

    Awesome story!! So glad Sugar found a loving home. Thank you Karen and Karla.

  4. Nicki Woo says:

    Honestly, I’m very happy for both Karla and Sugar. But. . .you know I have to say this. . .please forgive me.. .but EVERY single picture that poor cat looks like she is trying to get away. . .is it just me?

    • Karen says:

      LOL. It’s just because karla had been holding onto her for 15 minutes straight. We couldn’t let her down in case she wandered away. I dont think she would have but we were being safe. Trust me. The cat loved her. The cat loves everyone, LOL! ~ karen

  5. Diane says:

    That’s awesome. I love a happy ending!

  6. Kathy Dickerson says:

    A few nights ago my neighbor knocked on my door. She asked me to help rescue a kitty hiding out somewhere close by. Unhappy meows came from under her truck. She lured the little black and white tuxedo cat out to a bowl of food and water. He had a front paw caught up under the extremely tight collar and his armpit was rubbed raw.
    We gathered towels, gloves, scissors, cat carrier and not an ounce of sense and attempted to get ahold of him. Our plan was to cut the collar off, put him in the carrier and take him to a vet. In the process he bit my hand and fled.
    The next day my neighbor put up signs around town. A couple of hours later a young woman showed up. Her tuxedo cat Simon had been missing for 6 weeks but the posted description fit her cat. She started calling him and walking around the woods behind the house. He came right to her! A happy reunion story for the sweet little kitty and owner. The collar was cut off and the infected wound got treated.
    And I should be done with dressing changes and antibiotics by the end of the week.

  7. Mindy says:

    Bahahaha, I was totally tearing up until I read the last sentence. Which made giggle. Great story.

  8. Ellen Partridge says:

    What a happy ending, Karen.

    Perhaps you’re destined to foster stray animals? I did it for a while for a breed rescue group. It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I cried my eyes out every time a family came to my home and left with my foster dog, but I know they all have wonderful lives.

    And then I failed: I adopted the last dog I fostered.

  9. Linda S in NE says:

    What a wonderful story and outcome for Sugar and Karla. You’ve done good Karen, and let’s not forget to send a cheer to your neighbors who also cared enough to get involved. They can’t help it if they just don’t have the powers that Karen has.

  10. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    You are the best Lady!

  11. Linda says:

    Awesome! The Prince has found his Princess! :-) <3

  12. Auntiepatch says:

    Fixed males make great pets! I’ve had a number of cats in the last 40 years and the best ones are rescues and male. We lost our old timers at 18, 22, & 24. Keep them indoors (they don’t NEED to go outside) and they will live to old age.

    Good for Sugarbear! He’s found his forever home!

  13. Jeannie B says:

    Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world, if every pet was loved and wanted? They give so much back to us and ask for very little in return. Says I, who cooks a tilapia fillet every day, for my old cat who can’t eat cat food anymore. So happy for Karen, finding Karla, finding Sugarbear, finding a home.

  14. lori jones says:

    what a GREAT story!! Thanks for sharing and glad to read that it had such a great outcome!!!

  15. Leslie says:

    Well done!

  16. gloria says:

    I don’t even like cats but I like this story.

  17. Anna says:

    Such a great story! Wishing Karla & Sugar a happy life together!

  18. Maria G. says:

    Cats are my favorite animals. They can be independent and touching at the same time. I think that they can bring a lot of happiness. Last week I found a small kitten and I couldn`t leave him so now he lives with me and I`m trying to do all the best for him to be happy.

  19. Tisha says:

    Love this story! Thanks for sharing and doing a good deed, you just increased your good karma by a bajillion :)

  20. Trissi V. says:

    I am sad…but really happy…but a little sad again.

    Sad because a fixed tom cat that is not afraid of anyone, who just walks into someone’s kitchen, was once owned by someone but put out. :-(

    Super Happy that Sugar found his way onto your porch and your neighbor’s, for love and care and in the process he found his forever home.

    A little sad we won’t get to see cute pictures of him on your porch anymore. He looks good on burlap.

    This is a totally awesome blog and you do a lot of good…with tutorials and everything else…and now you can add savior to lost, sweet cats.

    Congrats to Karla and her family!

    • Grammy says:

      It’s possible Sugar was not “put out” by his previous humans. I am a dog person. I have never wanted a cat. Same for my husband.

      Years ago our next-door-neighbor remarried after the death of his wife a couple years earlier. New wife came with a cat of her own, and Lulu, the resident cat, didn’t like it. I let her hang out in my back yard for the first year during the daytime, but never put out food or even water, so she had to return home each night for dinner and to sleep.

      Those people were the most wonderful owners, they treated their animals as well as any cat lover can, they tried and tried to arrange for the two cats to be able to coexist in the same home, and still Lulu hated it. So she moved into my house. Literally. Found her on our bed one day!

      Ultimately, we figured she’s pretty old (12) so we might as well let her live her remaining couple of years in peace. She moved in enthusiastically. The neighbors were sad that she had “run away from home” but glad that we would care for her. Lulu had a fine life here for ten more years. Her original family grieved, as we did, upon her passing.

      Not everything is what it appears to be. That’s why people like Karen exist — because no matter what the reason, some things need fixing, and she’s willing to be the fixer. And in fixing Sugar’s life, she made Karla’s world better, too. Lovely story.

  21. Kim from Milwaukee says:

    I’m not surprised she is a HE. Male kitties are very very lovable, more like dogs than cats in ways. Females can be very ‘you can only touch me when I want you to, and then you better pet me now or you’ll get swiped!’

    Brought tears to my eyes this story did. I’m so glad Sugar has a home. Karen, you racked up a lot of karma points for this one!

  22. kelliblue says:

    I agree. Best. Story. Ever. Hooray for Sugar(bear)! Hooray for Karla! (who does indeed look like a very nice person) Win-win all around. I even welled up a bit reading this story, so thanks Karen. This was a very bright spot on an otherwise rather *auspicious* and sad date. Here’s to hoping Sugar has a fabulous and cushy new life, as we know all kitties deserve! :)

  23. Marion says:

    What a wonderful story! I am so happy that Sugar found the home he deserves, he’s a lucky cat to have wondered into your neighborhood and onto your porch. He must have known the lady with the veggies in her yard has a big heart. And congrats to Karla and her family on their new addition!

  24. Feral Turtle says:

    What a wonderful story! So glad to hear it had a happy ending!

  25. Edwina says:

    Wow, wonderful story. It made tear up a little. What a lovely start to my day!

  26. christine says:

    Sugarman. I love it. Great story.

  27. Johan says:

    Karen, I believe there is a loving home for any pet but not everyone takes the time to help them find it. You are one of the good ones!

  28. Candace says:

    So great to read this happy story this morning! Thanks for taking the time to help out an animal in need, and may it inspire others to do the same :)

  29. Barbara says:

    Ahhh, sniff, sniff. This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful cat, and what a great ending! Hope Karla will check in periodically with up-dates on this special kitty.

  30. Lynn says:

    okay… I totally cried while reading this ~ tears of joy of course! Bravo Karen. Bravo blog. Bravo Karla.

    Maybe since he’s male he can be her Sugar Daddy?


  31. Robbin Caskenette says:

    I’m so happy! (said with tear running down face). I LOVE these kind of stories and I’m so glad Sugar found a new, loving home. Thanks for making this happen for Sugar Karen!

  32. marilyn says:

    made my day! i am a cat lover!

  33. Kyle says:

    Good thing Sugarbear wasn’t a racist cat or he/she wouldn’t have found a forever home…..that blonde in the photo must be a CIA cover……cool.

  34. Roisin says:

    This makes me so happy! We’re in the process of adopting a kitten from the humane society right now, and this makes me even more excited! I’m so glad this worked out so well :)

  35. Raymonde says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!

  36. JoAnn Stump says:

    Yayyyy!!!! Yay for Karla, Yay for Sugar, and Yay for people who help!

  37. Carolyn says:

    Thank you, Karen! I love that you worked so hard to find a forever home for Sugar. KUDOS!!! to you.

  38. Melissa Leach says:

    Such a heartwarming story. You did good :)
    I think you threw the FBI off with your good deed.

  39. Julie says:

    Well done Karen. Great ending for a great cat.

  40. Lori says:

    What a wonderful story….started my day off right! Thank you!

  41. Bethany Jones says:

    That is wonderful! The best cat I ever had was a stray – sometimes you have to look past their rough exterior to the sweet, precious animal inside that, like all of us, just wants to be loved.
    I hope Karla keeps you (and the rest of us) posted the “Great New Life of Sugar!” And good for you, Karen…using your powers for good!

  42. Christina says:

    Thank you so much for caring about little Sugarbear, Karen. I only have two cats but I’m still known as a crazy cat lady because of how much I love them. Well and I volunteer at a cat shelter, that probably has a lot to do with it too. One of my cats was a stray who started showing up on my deck. He is hands down the most affectionate cat I have ever known, and I could give a damn that he has the Feline Leukemia Virus and transient diabetes (he’s in remission, yay!). I so wish more people would open their hearts to strays! Thank you!

  43. SuzyM says:

    I hope you’ll indulge me a happy animal story today too, Karen. I volunteer for a national dog breed rescue group. Almost 4 1/2 weeks ago in CA a dog was found by the side of the road. He was in very bad shape with broken bones and open wounds. He’d been hit by at least one car. Two good samaritans took him to a vet’s office and he was in critical condition. He was nursed back to health and all bills were covered by the women who found him. When he was able to be released to the vet’s office, he was given to our rescue where he continued his rehab for the past two weeks.

    Just by chance, his foster mom happened to see a sort of Ambler Alert for dogs via her Facebook page. She thought nothing of it, until sometime later that day when she thought that perhaps the shaved down dog that she was taking care of could perhaps be this lost dog. She called the name listed on the alert, Enzo. Immediately his ears pointed upwards and he ran to her. Can you imagine how incredible that must have been? The owners were immediately contacted and yesterday, the foster mom, the good samaritans and the owners all gathered with Enzo. There was not a dry eye in the place as Enzo looked lovingly into the eyes of his owners.

    So, with so much terrible news in the world, and so much conflict, I thought I would share this story of a family who never gave up on their beloved pet, the generosity of strangers and the need to support dog rescue organizations. It’s all good!

  44. Diana says:

    We adopted a 5y old dog from Spain. Lola. She had to drive to the airport 1,5h. Fly for 3,5h and then we took her from Frankfurt and drove finally 3h to bring her home!
    All because of love at fisrt sight.

    What can I say. Best decision we could make. What a lovely dog. She was in the shelter for over 4 years! Now she shows us everyday how thankful she is…
    We love her!

  45. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for posting this wonderful story. I am a cat lover and have had the pleasure of having many in my life. This year has been rather rough. I had to put-down 3 of my four cats. One of them just last week. Two were 17 years old and 1 was 19 years old. They all lived good lives, but had grown very old and kidney failure, hypertension, a seizure disorder made their lives miserable. Sugar looks just like one of my cats, Shrimp. Shrimp was a stray and was so very tiny when she appeared on the doorstop that we couldn’t think of any other name for her. Sugar is a perfect name for a sweet cat! So now I have only 1 cat and 1 dog. I think it will be this way for a while. Until I get chickens!

    • Karen says:

      Cheryl – I’m sorry about your cats. Bringing an animal to the vet to have it put down is gut wrenching. Even if you know you’re doing the right thing. To do it 3 times in one year would be almost unbearable. ~ karen

  46. DzynByJules says:

    You brought tears to my eyes once again!!! Reminds me of my PeeWee (the one in the video I sent you a while back, who catches cheese in his 6 toed paws?) It took over a year of feeding this feral cat to earn his trust and lure him into a carrier for a trip to the vet (which turned out disastrous for many reasons, the vet’s malpractice on so many levels, not the cat’s fault, another long story) but, I too had no interest in adopting another cat, but I had never encountered such an affectionate feline in my entire life! How someone could abandon a 3 month old kitten in the brutal winter months of the mid-west, was beyond me. I built an igloo for it out of an old Omaha steak cooler with a heating pad in it which kept him warm on the 35 degree below windchill factor that hit Illinois for several straight days a few years back. My husband thought I was bat-shit crazy, but he too was won over with his amazing personality. The BEST.CAT.EVER! My other indoor cat is not too fond of him, but we couldn’t be happier that we rescued him from the hungry coyotes, raccoons and frigid winter weather. He has completely stolen our hearts, just like Sugarbear! I’m sure he and Karla will have many years of happiness together. Thanks Karen, for bringing them together and for doing such great things on this amazing blog!

  47. Judi Fleman says:

    Beautiful story! Thanks so much for the uplifting feeling I have right now!

  48. Debbie W. says:

    Awesome job Karen!! It’s so nice to read about people doing good things, instead of all the bad, dumb, stupid crap that people are doing these days! Love that little Sugar, congratulations Karla!!

  49. Karla says:

    I cried through this story, and I already knew the outcome. Thank you so much Karen, for your blog and especially for Sugar.

  50. Tammy says:

    Sugar is such a sweet lucky cat! You made my day :)

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