How to Chop an Onion

This is the start of my onion chopping post otherwise known as How to Chop an Onion.  I know.  This is scintillating text so far.

Chopping an onion is one of those things that everyone has their own way of doing.

Some are hackers, some are whackers and some are very meticulous about it.

For dicing I used to just slice my onion and then kind of dance my knife around the slice until it was sufficiently diced.  Sometimes I’d stack 2 or 3 together onion slices together to save on time.  This rarely saved on time.  Onion slices have a tendency to fall apart and slide off each other.

So several years ago I learned how to properly dice an onion.  I saw it on some random cooking show.

And if you’ve seen a random cooking show in the last decade I assume you also know how to properly dice an onion. But in case you haven’t or you’d like a refresher, I have for your viewing enjoyment today:

How to pluck a chicken.

Just joking.

How to dice an onion.

Chopping Onions


The proper way to dice an onion. Do it this way or don’t. See if I give a care.

Sorry if the Blair Witch Boob Cam made you nauseous but I couldn’t figure out another way to shoot the video.  And yes.  Those were my onion goggles.  Get a pair.  They’ll change your life.  Never cry a tear while chopping onions again.  Just strap on your goggles and start cutting.

To recap for those of you with a slow Internet connection:

And that is the end of my onion chopping post.  Need to know how to chop a mango?  Take a look at this tutorial.


  1. Vikki says:

    I’ve done it this way all my (cooking) life–and I never even saw the random cooking show! Who knew I was an onion-genius.

  2. Arlene says:

    You are NEVER too old to learn something new.

  3. Barry says:

    I just came back to this post to tell you that I FINALLY gave the goggles a shot and OHMYGOD you’re a genius. I’m super sensitive to onions and start crying to the point that I can’t see, and then I have to beg my boyfriend to take over. He was super impressed with my onion chopping abilities and said it was an added bonus that I looked ridiculously cute while doing it! Thanks!

  4. Patti says:

    This may just have changed my life!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I am an onion chopping cry baby… face gets soaked. Just found the miracle cure. throw your onion(s) in the freezer for 5-10 minutes pre-chopping. johnson johnson no all!!! :)

  6. Erica says:

    My husband doesn’t believe me that wearing goggles works. I’m SO FREAKING GLAD you do it too. It works I tell you! It works!

  7. Meghan says:

    Haha– and I thought I was the only one who wore goggles while chopping onions!

  8. Pam'a says:

    And hey… When you DO have to do onion duty, ‘might as well chop up the whole danged thing and put the extra in a baggie in the freezer for next time.

  9. Anemone says:

    i always cry…i dont know whats wrong with the onions these days…they are jus getting more angry… i neeed a goggles….thank u for teaching this new technique…great video and boob cam

  10. Katie Carrillo says:

    My 5 year-old keeps telling me to wear goggles when I sob over my onions. I thought that I would look too silly, but if it is good enough for Karen. . .

  11. TR says:

    oh my god.

    if only ina garten wore those goggles. PER-FECTION.

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