How to Fix an Annoying Dripping Tap

Everyone in my family is insane.

I don’t use that word casually.  We’re nuts.  All of us.  All for different reasons of course, but we’re definitely an unbalanced bunch.  You think your family has the crazy market cornered?  I think not.

My mother’s mother didn’t leave the house once.  For 20 years.  Top that.

For fun, my own loving mother used to chase me around the house with big, long eyes from potatoes screaming that they were bugs.

My oldest sister watches old movies.  Only old movies. She does not watch sitcoms or the news or anything that’s in colour.  Ever. She watches old movies.

My middle sister is such a control freak she recently tackled one of her best friends at a gift show because she thought her friend was putting her lipstick into her purse the wrong way.  My sister wanted it to go vertically, the friend was laying it horizontally.  Everything is this kind of a struggle with my sister the control freak.

When you think about it, I am the epitome of overcoming the odds when every strand of family DNA is stacked against you.  You see, I, happen to be perfectly normal.  (when compared to my own family, David Hasselhoff,  Octomom, and that super-cheap family featured on Oprah who only buy reduced produce and expired meat)

Also, I’m very normal if you don’t take into account the fact that I’m crazy.

However, recently I was able to tone done that crazy by fixing one of the most universal annoying sounds in the world.  A thing so annoying the Chinese created an entire form of torture around it.  Water.  Dripping water.

Our bathtub is old, as are the fixtures.  They aren’t antique old, but they’re old enough to be a pain in the ass.  They need to be replaced and have gotten to the point where they just can’t be fixed anymore.  They need new guts.  A quick fix is to replace the washers in them, but  we’re at the point where we’re replacing the washers every 3 months or so.   One day the tap is fine, the next day it’s dripping like a 3 year olds nose in winter.

When the tap started dripping again a couple of weeks ago I didn’t have much time on my hands to go scrambling around turning off water, and finding washers and such.  But … I couldn’t let the sound of the dripping tap push me closer and closer to the edge of crazy, either.

So I relented and I fixed the annoying dripping tap.


Kay, technically the tap’s still dripping, but it isn’t annoying anymore.

Have an annoying dripping tap?  Just tie a string to the faucet, make sure some of the string is shoved in the hole where the water comes out of the tap and enjoy.

No more torturous sounds coming from the bathroom.  Not until the next bladder infection comes along, anyway.

Oh!  And that grandmother of mine who didn’t leave the house?  Clearly she never had a dripping tap in there with her.


  1. Becky says:

    Hi Karen, I have reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, not only is it informative but enternianing as well. I LOVE IT. But I do have a question I think will really stump you. It is an “age old” question. How do you get your husband to do ANY chores? I mean anything at all. He will sit in his chair watching t.v or on the computer while I’m outside cutting/trimming the grass,pulling weeds,scooping dog poo,raking leaves ect.Or I’m running around inside doing everyones laundry,vacuuming or shampooing carpets,cleaning litter boxes,bathing dogs and last but not least taking care of my Moms needs.

    He will go to the store,occasionally cut the grass or prepare a meal,put the trash out but I have to tell him constantly. I would go on but I think you get the picture. Now I’m at the end of my rope(my shrink thinks so too!!!) So what kind of tricks do you have up your sleeve that you can share with me. I was thinking about a shock collar or whip but he’s a Veteran and it probably wouldn’t faze him (HAHA).
    Any advice you can offer would be great.

    B. in MD

    • Karen says:

      Hi Becky! If he’s like any other man he might actually *like* the shock collar and whip. Here’s one thing I did. When the fella moved in I stopped doing laundry. Stopped. Entirely. I didn’t make a fuss. Didn’t say a word. I just didn’t do a single piece of laundry. He was too smart/stupid to ask me to do it once it was piled up to the ceiling and he had no more underwear. So … he did it. He ruined a few things of mine in the learning process but I didn’t say a word and let him keep doing the laundry. He does it to this day. I told him a few years ago about my tactic and he was a bit shocked. The other way I seem to be able to get him to do stuff is to keep a list of things that have to be done. I know. He should just know. He shouldn’t need a list. But they’re men. They need to be told what to do because they’re a little bit stupid. Your husband is not going to change. He is not going to suddenly realize OH! He needs to do stuff. However, if he does things when you ask him, chances are he’ll respond to “THE LIST”. A list of things that need to be done either on a weekly, daily or once in a while basis. I create a list of things that need to be done and the day they have to be done by. (Call to book chimney cleaning by September 15th, Fix wobbly fence post TODAY or the whole fence will fall down, Power wash the rug by next Saturday so it’s ready for company on the weekend … etc.) Even if we’re not having company, and the fence won’t fall down I still word it that way. Another problem women have is it’s usually easier to do things ourselves than explain to someone else how to do it. Try to get past that even if it’s exasperating. That’s all I can think of at the moment. I … you see … am busy building custom shelves for the entire basement … while the fella is asleep. ~ karen

  2. Gayla T says:

    Actually, my late husband’s grandmother puts yours to shame of you are using the nutty chart. She left the home plenty and got run over by a car about every time. Run over is a bit too strong for what happened to her. She got hit by a car and thrown to the ground. That’s how she made her living. She would walk out in front of s slow moving vehicle, fall on to the hood or fender, fall off and roll around in pain that required an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Obviously she would be treated and released from the ER and then her attorney would start legal proceedings that were almost always settled out of court. Back in the days before internet cooperation between insurance companies it was a pretty lucrative living as she lived very well and lived a long life that didn’t end with an accident. Now days she would end up in prison for fraud but evidently no one out side the family knew what this sweet little white haired lady was up to. Beleive me, if her four daughters could have kept her in the house they would have been thrilled. LOL The plumbing in my 120 y/old house is all new but now that I know how to fix a drip that is not a relative, I’m ready.

  3. Liz says:

    Brilliant! Those kinds of noises are so annoying.

    I have a running, not really dripping, toilet. And while I know it is fixable, that has not happened yet. So I actually turn on and off the water with each use. Which is also annoying.

    • Karen says:

      Liz – Have you checked to see if the chain running from the arm in the tank to the stopper at the bottom is long enough? If it isn’t it can cause the toilet to sound like it’s constantly running/filling. ~ karen

      • Liz says:

        Yes, I even double checked again just to be sure. Unfortunately the problem seems to be that the flapper seal is all bubbly and I (we – my man has done most of the looking, to be fair) can’t seem to just be able to buy that part. I think I need to replace the whole internal stack? I’m mostly making up my terminology here, so I could be kinda lying about what I need. But the chain is plenty long.

  4. kelliblue says:

    one word: earplugs. Ahhh…peace and quiet.

    Akorse, you have to really like the sound of your own breathing/heartbeat/blood rushing in your ears, but other than that, it’s perfect. And so is your solution!

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