How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

How to Fold Sheet

Finally … by popular demand, I have for you how to fold a fitted sheet.  You see … I’ve been putting it off.  Why?  Because it’s kind of hard to translate on video without an entire video crew, several cameras and a jug of Creme de Menthe.

I believe I have captured the gist of it for you.  Observe … How to Fold a Fitted Sheet.

O.K.  Yes.  I now realize after watching the video a few times that for the majority of it, you can’t actually see me fold a fitted sheet.  Which as far as how-to videos go, is pretty stupid.  But, I think you got the important parts.

So, to recap, basically all you’re doing is pinching the tips of all 4 corners of the sheet and allowing the excess fabric to fold inward.  This creates a perfect rectangle.  Like so …

I’ve taken the liberty of including this photograph to help compensate for my sucky video where you can’t actually see me fold much of the sheet.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Quick tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet.


Then all you have to do is fold it up like a regular sheet.  You know, fold it over until the edges meet, repeat, repeat.  Maybe even repeat again.  Smooth it out with your hands and glance at it lovingly.  Walk it upstairs with the reverence you’d use for carrying  your country’s flag.  Then … let it sit in on your dresser for an hour or two  until you change the sheets, unfold all of your hard work and get em wrinkly again.

Personally, with all the hard work this folding business involves I’m beginning to think all linen closets should have glass doors with pot lights inside.

There’s another way to deal with fitted sheets.  Which I’m going to tell you about in the near future.  So go have a glass of Creme De Menthe and I’ll see you here tomorrow.

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  1. Tigersmom says:

    You may not be able to “muscle a sheet,” but apparently a sheet can “muscle” you. ; )

    I laughed my *ss off both times I watched this as you disappeared behind the sheet in search of that elusive fourth corner. Priceless, and so much more entertaining than perfection.

    Way to play it straight when you realized you knocked over the artichoke, too.

    Thanks for the laughs, again.

  2. janey says:

    Discovered your blog today. Your writing is laugh out loud funny and the video was hilarious. This is the first blog I’ve added to my reading list in a very long time!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Janey! I’m glad you found the site! Um … I plan to do a better video in the future. Maybe. Out of curiosity … how did you find my site? Just curious. Out of curiosity. ‘Cause that’s the way I am. ~ karen!

      • janey says:

        Hahaha bc Jenny over at MFAMB said you were crazy enough to fashion a table out of a tree stump and that was good enough for me. I wish I could remember what I googled when I originally found MFAMB a year or so ago as I am the curious type as well but alas…

  3. Linda says:

    You are flipping hilarious. And, you look so Buff!!! Geesh, I’m 55 and my arms wave like flags at a used car lot.
    Any secrets?

  4. Anemone says:

    Best vid ever! I fold my fitted sheets like in the first part of your video then hide it under the flat sheets and comforters…hoping the weight of the sheets will eventually flatten it out. I am gonna try it that way…

  5. Jodie says:

    Hahaha! I just laughed until I cried!!! By far the worst how-to video you’ve ever made! Thank you.

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