Before I get to the star of this post, the video, I’m going to give you a little background.  As you know, I’ve been trying to use my Instagram account a little bit more.  Partly because it really is fun and partly because it’s part of my job.  If you go to my account you’re likely to find photos of what I had for breakfast …



what I had for dinner …



And what I won’t be having for dinner …




So a lot of food and chickens with the odd cat thrown in.  I’ll also show corners of my house that you don’t normally see and different things I’m working on.



The reason I’m mentioning this is because last week I went out and shot a quick video of the chickens having their afternoon snack for Instagram.  You can post videos to Instagram, in case you didn’t know, but they can only be 15 seconds long.

When I looked at the footage I had of the chickens I knew right away there was no way I could cut it down to 15 seconds. It was too ridiculous. And good.  So, I decided to withhold it from Instagram and make an entire post out of it.

Also this video took over half a day to edit which explains why the rest of this post is kind of a turd.   You’ll forgive me once you watch the video.

Even though I’ve decided to retire as a television host,  I think I’ve figured out a way to keep myself in the exciting and high paying world of entertainment without having to be entertaining myself.  I’ll make my chickens do the entertaining.  Like a stage mother, but only with chickens.  So a stage mother hen.

You mark my words, this is an untapped goldmine, this whole chickens eating in slow motion video idea.  And that’s what this is by the way.  Hollywood will be banging down the coop door in a matter of moments.

Please enjoy this video of the chickens having their afternoon snack, in slow motion, set to Scottish Highland music.  Because why not.

Make sure you watch the credits at the end.

No autographs please.


  1. Kelli says:

    The Scottish music made it feel pretty epic like Braveheart, lol

  2. DanniS says:

    I never thought I would say this but jumping chickens are adorable. Have you thought about possibly adding to the chicken family?

  3. Tracy says:

    Were they jumping, or was that some sort of reel? 🙂 Thanks for the laugh, K — needed it today! 🙂 Please give my regards to your feathered short-movie stars!

  4. TucsonPatty says:

    Oh. My. God. I thought I was watching Michael Flatley and Riverdance. slightly different music, but what a great video!
    You never cease to amaze me, Karen…you just thought, I haven’t anything to do for a half hour, guess I’ll go make a TV show. Karen the the Stage Mother Hen with her talented and ever so Cutie Pie Chicks. Thanks for the show!

  5. Lin N says:

    The wee grey chicken didna want ta be a jumpin? She looked like it wa beneath her ta be doin the jump….
    Loved the video, especially the leg shots while jumping. I can see Hollywood will be clamouring at your door shortly.

  6. Heather J Tebbutt says:

    Thumbs Up, Karen…very clever editing to get the Scottish music & jumping chickens co-ordinated…very entertaining…loved it.

  7. MissChris SA says:

    Tusconpatty took the words out of my mouth!!
    Michael Flatley – eat your heart out!!!
    Cheez Whiz can sure jump!
    In fact Karen, you better be careful or maybe your chickens will be offered a major contract for “Riverdance, the Funky Chickens”.

    Really one of the coolest videos I have seen.


  8. jan says:

    Wow that is good! Wonderful coordination of video to music (surely there’s some technical/artsy word for that). What did you shoot it with?

    • Karen says:

      My iPhone 6. Which I accidentally held the wrong way so the video is tall and skinny, lol. ~ k!

      • Jan in Waterdown says:

        Glad you mentioned it before someone else did.
        And nothin’ like the pipes to get your wee lassies dancing. Some corn on the cob doesn’t hurt either!

      • jan says:

        Well, the vertical aspect of it looks very purposeful, and the lighting of the kernel spew is most artfully done!
        I have a 10 yr old slider phone LOL! But that 6 could make me consider something new!

  9. Edith says:

    Hi Karen,

    I really like how you timed the drum to the landings. I can see how that took a lot of tedious editing. Great job!

    Those are some fine looking birds.

  10. YvonneM says:

    Och, Karen, ye’ll soon lose a finger if ye carry oan like that. Ye’ll hae tae tell us what thon music wuz so we can a’ dance tae it! It wuz fine tae see the chickens hae a wee bit o’ a gatherin’.
    Hollywood should be there any day now, statuette in hand…

  11. Wendi Miller says:

    Your chickens are so beautiful, Karen!

    And I have to say, putting that music to their jumping, with the slow-mo corn juice flying through the air….All BRILLIANT!!

  12. Laura Bee says:

    I love it! Is little Miss Cheese Whiz still laying her beautiful eggs? Will you be adding to the flock come spring? Will there be more ‘Will They Eat It?’ videos?
    So many questions left unanswered. Eagerly awaiting the sequel. I am thinking 80s legwarmers & some Go Go’s or Laura Branigan.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Laura. Probably no more Will they Eat it. I may have retired that series. Cheez Whiz hasn’t laid since last September and I will try to add one or two in the spring. 🙂 ~ karen!

  13. Mark says:

    Impressive chicken jumping! Should be a new Olympic sport – no drug test required.

    PS: Looked like you had to really hang on to the cob for deal life :).

  14. Paula says:

    That is really funny, I love the way the grey one appears to take a step back to get a better run at it. Way to make them work for it!

  15. barbee says:

    For some reason, I get audio only. So frustrating! I’m dying so see your chickens dance! I’ll try again later.

    • Karen says:

      Try either using another browser, clearing your cache or turning your computer off then on again. Chances are it’s a YouTube thing or a compatibility thing. ~ karen!

  16. Denise Hosner says:

    Those poor girls will never finish their corn if they have to jump all day for a bite!. I did love the music you chose. Have you ever thought of putting a mirror in their coop . I would like to see a video of that.

  17. peg says:

    that was a fun 2:51

  18. Noreen says:

    Hey There!
    Did he stars have many demands? Mabel looks like a bit of a diva ?

    Loved the post!

  19. Alita says:

    Ha ha! Brilliant! Your girls look very much like mine. I have a mix of Copper Black Marans, Copper Blue Marans, a red hybrid, 3 random bantams (aka leaders of the pack), and a couple of British Araucanas.

    I can attest to the leaping ability of chooks. We have currant bushes that are always, for a few brief days each year, loaded with berries. Until the gang nab them. They leap up and get what they can. then they send the cockerel up to weigh down branches so that they can access the really high ones. Little devils.

  20. Jenny W says:

    – Luv how Mabel just hangs back and lets Cheese Whiz do most of the work.
    – The Scottish music is getting me excited for season 2 of Outlander.
    – I’m thinking stuffed chicken breasts with a side of corn for dinner tonight.
    All in all, a very inspiring little video 🙂

  21. Kathy says:

    Such a splendid way to start my day – thank you!

  22. Ruth says:

    Loved this! 😀

  23. Rose says:

    Awesome highland dance chicks! Good timing of the movie to the snap of the beaks. Like the slo mo.

  24. Jennie says:

    Damn fine editing!

  25. Shelly M. says:

    Loved it 🙂

  26. Tigersmom says:

    That’s pretty athletic of your girls.

    I especially appreciated your stage mother hen joke.

    Ever take one of those beaks to the cuticle though? That would be my luck.

  27. Mike says:

    So eggcellent. Poultry in motion, really. Except for when Mabel committed a fowl against Josephine. That’s no way to treat a special-appearance colleague. Reminds me of the Mabel who drove the elementary school bus where I grew up. She was a tough cookie. And she loved Cheez Whiz (the processed cheese sauce, not the corn-crazy chicken).

  28. barb says:

    the jumping chickens look like what we think the cheerleaders of the opposing team look like!

  29. Stacey says:

    hello, I’ve been lurking around here for a while and thought you might enjoy this short video of my chickens. They are clever, but teaching them to spell took me foreeeever. Also, I love everything you do. Everything. Thanks!

  30. Chris says:

    Fun! Do you feed your chickens meat bones, like marrow bones or pork chop? Because they love those! I throw them in and get out of the way, because they look at you as if sizing up whether you are also good to eat. They are raptors!

    When I see the feel-good, vegetarian eggs at the grocery store I have to smirk. If they only knew how chickens love grubs, spiders, the occasional mouse….

    • Karen says:

      Funny thing, my chickens don’t like meat! I didn’t feed them any to begin with and when I tried it after a couple of years (liver) they were horrified. I did put out something with meat the other day and the two newer chickens scarfed it down but the original bird (Cheez Whiz) still won’t have anything to do with meat). She doesn’t even like worms that are too big, lol ~ karen!

      • Alita says:

        Last summer, I looked out into the garden to see the chooks chasing each other, because one had something especially good in her beak. When I went over to see what it was I thought for a moment that they had murdered a fairy or something. The chicken had a tiny hand in her beak, then I realised it was a rat’s paw. EEEW! The worst bit is I didn’t find the rest of it.

    • Judy Jackson says:

      Mine loooooove meat. When I show up with hamburger they get aaaall excited. Don’t let them get between me and the door to the chicken yard because they’ll surely take me down if I don’t give up the goods quick enough — there are only 2 of them, but a force to be reckoned with.

  31. Karin says:

    This is probably beneath your level of expertise, but for us amateurs, the dubsmash app will provide hours of entertainment. You can make videos to audio of all sorts. I see a whole series of chickens in famous movie scenes on the horizon…. Gotta check it out!

  32. Elen G says:

    lmao – Okay. I don’t need to read any other blogs today. I have been entertained. Perfect pairing of video and music.

  33. Teddee Grace says:

    They are sort of magnificent and scary. Love the splits. Definitely Sundance quality!

  34. marcia says:

    This was a fun way to wake up, Karen! Are your chickens of Scottish descent? Or, are they just fans of the music? No matter what, if Hollywood fails to notice your talents, you most definitely have a career as “The Chicken Whisperer”. I can’t wait to see your next film!

  35. Julie Gordon says:

    Mad genius! Instagram’s loss is our gain. Thanks Karen.

  36. whitequeen96 says:

    Oh my God, HOW did you train those chickens to do that to the music?!! 😉

  37. Thera says:

    Ah see you should have posted one of the 15 sec shots of say the jumping feet to Instagram, as a preview and a link to this post for the full video 🙂

  38. Linda in Illinois says:

    The mouth clapping shut at the perfect time of the drum beat.. out standing, thumbs up. Love everything about it.

  39. Mary Kay says:

    symbol..(thumbs up)..don’t have emoji on keyboard.

  40. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Talented in front of the camera, talented in back of the camera!
    Maybe a future TIFF entry??

  41. Kip says:

    Would they dance the Highland Wing?

  42. Mary W says:

    At 1:07, the feathers on Cheez Whiz are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in awhile. WHERE did you get the tiny rubber chicken. I want it for a stocking stuffer for my poultry loving sis-in-law. A chicken blew into their yard during a hurricane and she just let it come inside where each night it roosted under her desk. After many months, two big dogs jumped her chain link fence and had chicken for supper. So sad. She needs this chicken – its been several years so the time is right. I hope it was on-line so I can get it.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mary W. It wasn’t online I’m afraid. I got it in a tacky gift shop on Beale Street in Memphis. You can try Googling it. It probably only 1″ high in total. ~ karen!

  43. Cindy says:

    Well done Karen! Hahaha

  44. Ev Wilcox says:

    Your editing was superb Karen! Well done! The girls are beautiful, and well done there also. A couple of months ago I finished the last “Outlander” book and am immersed in the world of all things Scotland. And Jamie. I am 1/4th Irish and sort of wish it was Scottish now! I even got a set of fine wooden spurtles to make my parritch! Thanks for a very well done video.

  45. Not Hollywood. But National Geographic now… Aye. They’ll be penciling you in.

  46. Amy in KC says:

    HAHA! I am at work (shh, don’t tell) and I had to watch the video without sound. I will be sure to watch it later on my phone or at home so I can hear the epic music! But it was super hilarious on silent as well. It gave a different feel to the footage, more like I was watching a bunch of chicken basketball players practicing their dunking skills. And the credits were great—I especially loved the “special appearance by Josephine”!

  47. AngieC says:

    Oh, the way the corn blood er, juice flew. It’s easy to see their theropod ancestors in that video.

  48. Jillian says:

    Love it! Brilliant..

  49. Jenny Brandon says:

    You’re weird. I am inspired by your weirdness. That means I’m weirder. So there.

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