How to Grind Beef Meat Video

How to grind meat in 1 minute or less. (it’s actually closer to 3 minutes, but that’s not as catchy) And I’m not sure why I seem so frantic in this video. I’m pretty sure coffee might have had something to do with it.

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How to Grind Beef Meat


How to use a KitchenAid Grinder attachment to grind meat.


  1. Tracy K says:

    Ok, so my question isn’t about the grinding, but the awsome SS tilted bowl on the window ledge. Where did you get it? Brand? I would love something like that for a few things for ripening, but not in direct sunlight, but still get the warmth…

  2. Mary W says:

    I remember clearly the day a man that worked for a beef processing place relayed the story of a train load of beef anus being in an accident and spilling contents. I forgot all the details except for his response when I exclaimed who’d ever want to use that? and he said soup companies use them for beef pieces. That was the end of my enjoying beef soup from a can. I also find odd bits of grissel (I can’t spell it.) in my burgers unless I use the more expensive ground beef – noses? Oh no, another picture in my mind I can’t get out. I had our own steer butchered each year way back when and it never had odd grisselly stuff so your video was very informative and would be great for people to split the cost of the equipment or just pay someone to harvest their steer using real meat in order to get great burgers. (Not buggers.) sounds like a T-shirt sentiment.

  3. Jo-Lane Birkigt says:

    If you put a slice of bread in after the meat is all done, it will clean out the grinder.

  4. Andrew Goetzmann says:

    Hi, no disrespect intended but I thought the video was common sense and I don’t see why it should be needed. But I digress b/c I really just wanted to say that the reason I finished the video is because you remind me of my ol’ college crush and think you are georgous. Damn woman, your husband should be proud of himself for snagging you. Sure your name isn’t Kristi??…

  5. Tigersmom says:


    Hearing the fella actually speak a few lines, I see now why you thought to have him do the voiceover for your “Will They Eat It” videos. (And, yes, I’m going to continue to bring them up until you make more of them. I suggest hot dogs as the next food item. Oh, and I’d like to see which they prefer, cooked or raw.) Back to what I was saying, the fella’s display of attitude here leans perfectly toward the ideal intro for the above mentioned segments. Men. It’s funny how so much of what we do annoys them and endears them at the same time. Unfortunately, that’s not always a two-way street. At least not one with an equal amount of lanes going each way.

  6. Dallas says:

    Was this really your first post ever? How to grid meat…well I guess you have to start somewhere. How’d you get so many followers with this? Any special tips or hints on the makings of an awesome blog???

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