How to Organize your Fridge.
Day 2 of 5 days of organizing.

When I was in University a multitude of things were always more interesting than studying for an exam or writing a paper. And fulfilling too! Trimming my toenails, finishing up that jigsaw puzzle I started when I was 9, teaching the dog the important difference between George Michael solo and Wham! And Oh! the joy I could get out of cleaning and organizing the fridge.

It was just like heaven on earth if heaven were filled with  food so far gone it had developed a face.

Welcome to day 2 of the 5 days of organizing! I’m going back to my roots.

Yesterday I brought you all of the excitement of organizing your closet, today we’re tackling the refrigerator.

Unlike the whole closet cleaning fiasco, the refrigerator is kind of fun. For one thing it doesn’t take nearly as long and for another, deciding what to keep and what to throw out is way easier.

Unless you’re like my nephew.  Who has a stomach that can easily digest 4 week old beef stew.  That’s been left out on the counter.   In a testing lab in the Centre for Disease Control.




I’m pretty sure you know how to clean your fridge.  This post is just giving you the motivation to actually do it.

Unless you have exams this week, in which case your fridge is probably already clean.

1.  Go through the fridge and throw out leftovers that have gone creature-like and expired items.

  • A great site to know whether or not to chuck it is … Still Tasty.  You can search almost ANY food homemade, or store bought and it’ll tell you how long it lasts in the fridge or freezer.
  • In the future, just a Sharpie to write the date of when you opened a can, box or package.  How many recipes call for 1 cup of broth? You stick it in your fridge and then can’t remember when you put it in there.
  • In terms of leftovers, if you can’t easily remember when you had it for dinner, just throw it out.  Even if it’s till good you’ll worry it was bad and you’ll psyche yourself into feeling sick anyway.

2.  Wash it.

  • Remove everything shelf by shelf and wipe it.  Pickle jars, salad dressings … anything that has goo on it.
  • Then remove the shelf everything was on and wash it was warm soapy water.  If the shelf doesn’t remove, just wash it with a warm, soapy cloth in the fridge.  I needed to say that because it’s inevitable that someone will leave a comment saying their shelves aren’t removable.  I know this. Because I’m a blogger.
  • Put everything back on its original shelf. (you’re going to go back and organize later)
  • Don’t forget to wash the inside of the door and the refrigerator seals.
  • If you’re so inclined you can go really nuts and clean all the crevices with toothpicks.  I find it’s fun.  I also find getting the perfect plastic wrap seal is fun.

3.  Organize it.

  • Your door is the warmest place in your fridge so put your salad dressings, BBQ sauces, condiments, water etc. there.  Do not use it for dairy or meat.
  • Check the temperature.  Your fridge should be 37°f / 3°c. (give or take 2 degrees either way is fine)
  • If your fridge didn’t come with a nifty pop dispenser you can buy this one on Amazon.


I’d love to have provided you with a picture of my refrigerator’s before and after but there’s only a before.  You see, I’m getting a new refrigerator soon and as much as I love cleaning a fridge, it’d take a pretty big exam to get me to clean a broken down fridge I’m getting rid of in a week or two.

(one hour later)

I couldn’t stand it.  I cleaned and organized my fridge. Now that I’m a grown up I can’t blame it on exams. So I shall blame it on the cats.
Have your own tips? Tricks? Let everyone know.

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  1. Laurinda says:

    I think Amber (comment #5) & I are kindred spirits! LOL! Except I like a nice, sweet red Moscato…

  2. viveka says:

    This I’m a world champion … as a chef – how to store food items!!!!! Hard long and costly training behind. – Have done a post about … some guide lines.

  3. Kristin says:

    I am ALWAYS cleaning my damn fridge. I mean, probably once every three months. And not because I’m super organized and tidy–no no no. Because the fridge is DISGUSTING about six weeks after I clean it top to bottom. Why is that? Does my refrigerator attract more spills and mayhem than most? Is it the three children in the house? Is it the fact that I cook a lot and can’t always accurately guess the right amount to cook on a given night (hence leftovers)? Is it that I have too many cooking projects like cheese making and sourdough bread? I know how to clean the fridge, but how on earth do I keep it clean thereafter? Help?

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