How to Peel/Chop a Mango

Took a trip to the grocery store. Bought a mango. Made some friends.

I didn’t actually make any friends at the grocery store. For the most part I try to avoid eye contact at the grocery store so I can go about my business. Men don’t make this easy. Men are annoying. Men leave their carts in the middle of the aisle while they wander around looking for the Beefaronis. Like exactly in the middle of the aisle so to get past them you either have to do u-turn, physically move their cart yourself or glare at them. That’s where the eye contact comes in. Or the shiv.

So as I mentioned I bought some mangos at the grocery store for the sole purpose of making this video for you.

How to peel a mango


How to cut and cube a mango. Plus my new Joe Fresh top.

Wanna  know how to properly chop an onion? Take a look at this tutorial.

I ate that mango right after I shot this video by the way. It was gross. I hate fruits that come with a peel that I can’t rip off while in the grocery store. And yes. I am that person. I eat the fruit. I’m not paying $6 for a bag of grapes only to find out they taste like a bag of Sour Keys once I get them home. I try the cherries, the grapes, sometimes the strawberries and the clementines. Yeah. I even try fruit you have to peel. And I do it while glaring directly at the produce manager.

Who is usually standing right in the middle of the aisle.