How to Peel/Chop a Mango

Took a trip to the grocery store. Bought a mango. Made some friends.

I didn’t actually make any friends at the grocery store. For the most part I try to avoid eye contact at the grocery store so I can go about my business. Men don’t make this easy. Men are annoying. Men leave their carts in the middle of the aisle while they wander around looking for the Beefaronis. Like exactly in the middle of the aisle so to get past them you either have to do u-turn, physically move their cart yourself or glare at them. That’s where the eye contact comes in. Or the shiv.

So as I mentioned I bought some mangos at the grocery store for the sole purpose of making this video for you.

How to peel a mango


How to cut and cube a mango. Plus my new Joe Fresh top.

Wanna  know how to properly chop an onion? Take a look at this tutorial.

I ate that mango right after I shot this video by the way. It was gross. I hate fruits that come with a peel that I can’t rip off while in the grocery store. And yes. I am that person. I eat the fruit. I’m not paying $6 for a bag of grapes only to find out they taste like a bag of Sour Keys once I get them home. I try the cherries, the grapes, sometimes the strawberries and the clementines. Yeah. I even try fruit you have to peel. And I do it while glaring directly at the produce manager.

Who is usually standing right in the middle of the aisle.


  1. c says:

    you are so cute! new reader here, just wanted to say hi. Even though I *did* know how to peel a mango before this…

    I think what you may have been thinking when you did the cut-and-twist is an avocado? That trick works wonders on our yummy green friends, :p Those, and non-stick-to-the-pit-nectarines.

    • Karen says:

      c – Hi! Thanks for introducing yourself. Yes, I was thinking Avocado. LOVE avocados. What an idiot I am. I’ve peeled a mango a million times. Clearly I wasn’t thinking about the beets in the oven so I don’t know what I was thinking of, LOL. Thanks for visiting The Art of Doing Stuff! ~ karen

      • Antoinette says:

        I loved the clip ~ you are So fun! I live on the Sunny Coast in Qld, Oz … we eat A LOT of avocado’s (ha-ha) and mangoes. A neater way of cutting for full display, is to cut each FLAT side of a RIPE mango(leaving about 2-3 cm in the middle ~ including the seed). Cube and invert outter rounds as you have described. Turn the flat fruit with the remaining seed on a board and cut 2 long strips along each longer sidewith the skin still showing ~ then cube these long finger bits. These fingers are great to adorn the side of another dish too. Cooked on the BBQ for only a couple of mins each side is an awesome addition to fresh seafood too 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Sooo very late to this party! Forget the top! That silver ring is super cute. A close up of that in a future how-to video please. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Sara – Uch. Now you’re gonna make me go back and watch that video to see what ring I’m wearing, LOL! ~ karen

  3. Ana says:

    I love these videos!! I have to say this is the only blog where I literally read every single post.

    I love to wait a few days and get back in here (while at work perhaps) and catch up on three or four posts at a time. It’s like a gift to myself!

    Regarding mango peeling: I saw an episode of Poirot on Mystery! where he peeled a mango a little differently (I think it was the Christmas episode). He sliced around the mango pit like you did, but instead of cutting around the pit, he inserted a large spoon to release the mango flesh around the pit. Then he scored it, same as you. His mango was super ripe though, but I thought it was very clever, especially for a fictional character!

  4. Jamieson says:

    Wow, LOTS of commentary generated by mangoes!
    I have my own patent-pending way of cutting these slippery, juicy fellas: I use a filet knife. Filet knives have a more flexbile blade. I slice along the pit like you did, but cut right through, with my filet knife nestled along one side of the pit until the mango is halved. Then i carve out the pit by nestling the knife along the pit’s other side. The whole time while carving I cradle the mango in my other hand. If you have a sharp filet knife and a confident grip on the mango you shouldn’t cut yourself.
    Then i slice my half mangoes into 4-6 mango tenders (har) and filet the skin off each of these, again with the filet knife, cutting as close as I dare to the skin. I end up with really meaty mango spears that I can cut smaller or keep whole for more presentation options.
    It only took a couple of attempts til ai was feeling all Quickfire up in here!

  5. MARTIN says:

    An attractive Canadian blonde suggested I visit this site A. I do not ever leave my cart unattended while shopping. In fact, it is an important instrument for my reason for shopping. I wait in an aisle until an attractive lady enters the aisle (I beg to differ, but most women think they are in their vehicles and usually meander down the center of the aisle). The rule book for males intent to making eye contact is to quickly move to the same area, looking iroically for the same product. Please don’t avoid eye contact. Please let me know when you do a video on peeling a pomegranate.
    Your friendly shopper.

  6. Ha! I love it. This link was posted by a friend on my facebook page, and I clicked on it out of curiosity, as I do know how to peel mangoes. This was funny and refreshingly comfortable and honest. You made me laugh. My only suggestion is that you invest in a small tripod!
    Thanks for sharing Karen.

  7. cred says:

    ditto~ love your videos! btw- I peel my mangoes much like this, however, a little more dangerously by holding the mango half in my hand while scoring (yes, I cut myself a lot, too). One thing I do differently, is to use a large spoon to scoop the cubes away from the peel- safer, quicker and allows you to gets closer to the peel. Works best when the mango is ripe~ a must for me since unripe mango tastes like ass.

    Then I toss the pit to the kids to chew on- lots of flesh left on it but too messy and slippery for my liking. But my goofy kids like chewing on the pit.

  8. Lesley H says:

    You are a credit to all Canadians – seriously! I’m heading to the Superstore (on the west coast) to pick up a Joe Fresh top and mangoes…in that order. Thanks for the ridiculous amount of fun you packed into 4 minutes!

  9. Carol says:

    I’m so buying that top,,LUV nautical stripes. I’m gonna put it on the grocery list today and see if BF comes home with it!!! Those in the states might know “Joe” as Joe Mimran,,,,aka founder of Club Monaco and Caban, aka husband of Kimberly Newport Mimran of the fashion labell Pink Tartan. Serious style setters high and low. (He’s also the man behind all the Loblaws PC Home collection,,,,.). I make a delish mango/tomato salsa that I put on almost everything; fish, chicken, pork….its a ‘staple’ but i’ve never peeled a mango like that before,thx!

    • Karen says:

      Carol – Thanks for the fill in on Joe Fresh! I wasn’t about to get into all that! LOL. Have you seen their house? It was in House and Home a few years ago. Wow! WOW! If you put the top on the grocery list aim for a size smaller than you would normally get. Fits on the big side. I’m wearing an XS. ~ karen

  10. liz a. says:

    oh, i forgot, let me know if you make this, i would love your opinion. did you hate it, was it disgusting and you had to spit it out….or, was it nirvana, awesome, okay, so-so…………inquiring minds will want to know. me too!

  11. liz a. says:

    okay girlfriend……you asked for it! this is soooo good, you can eat it by the spoonful just because! so addicting! 3 mangos, peeled, seeded and diced; 2 cucumbers, peeled, seeded and diced; 2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and finely chopped; 1 red onion, finely diced; 1 or 2 cloves garlic, finely minced; about 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped. mix all this together and add the juice of a couple of limes, add some salt and pepper and you are good to go, and of course, you can add or subtract amounts of ingredients as you please, but it will be good, so enjoy! now i want some, off to the store i go……

  12. Joni N. says:

    Love your vids and love mangoes, although a ripe mango is tough to find lately.

    Tip: Slice off a bit of the top or bottom of the mango first. This way you’ll be able to see some of the pit and then be able slice the mango away from the pit a whole lot easiser.

  13. mbb. says:

    i think this is my favourite video to date. seriously.

    i learned how to cut a mango when my family was staying in – wait for it – rochester ny, and we got one at the local grocery store – the produce man taught us…i still use the tip to this day.

    also, i’m sad there’s no joe fresh here in the UK. i am stocking up on my next trip home. seriously cute top. cuteness is definitely increased by the price.

    • Karen says:

      mbb – Thanks! But seriously? Better than the opening a wine bottle on a tree trunk video? LOL. Definitely look out for Joe Fresh when you come home! ~ karen

      • Alissa says:

        If I may say so, the wine bottle on tree trunk video is your finest TAODS work to date, Karen.

        • Karen says:

          Alissa – Thanks! That’s pretty funny when you consider about half of my videos are professionally produced for an actual television show. You can tell the professional ones from my show Playing House by the fact that they look professional. I kind of prefer my half-assed, bad videos. Like the wine bottle video for instance. 😉 ~ karen

  14. Ashley @ Susie B. Mag says:

    Yes yes! My mom taught me this trick years ago. It makes all of the difference in the world. But I usually eat it straight from the peel!

  15. Anna says:

    Great video!! Love the top – who is “Joe Fresh”?

    • Karen says:

      Anna – Joe Fresh is a line of clothing that you can buy in grocery stores in many parts of Canada. LOL. Classy, eh! The funny thing is they’re GREAT clothes. Here’s a link to Joe Fresh stuff. They sell clothing, make up etc. etc. Cheap and up to date. Good stuff! ~ karen

      • Anna says:

        Thanks Karen, the grocery store where I shop also sells clothes, electronics, makeup, toys, hardware, etc. It’s great to get everything in one stop!!! That would be Fred Meyer in the Pacific Northwest!!!

        • Karen says:

          Anna – I don’t think I explained Joe Fresh very well. LOL. It’s not just that the clothing is for sale in a grocery store, it’s actually designed for and only sold at the grocery store (Loblaws and Fortinos in Canada). At Toronto Fashion Week, Joe Fresh was probably the most talked about / Twittered about show! And at fashion week in New York City this year their nail polishes were a big hit. Funny. Watch for it! I would expend they’ll expand into the States. Possibly coming to a grocery store near you. 🙂 ~ karen!

        • Anna says:

          I hope they do come to the US – I’m jealous that we don’t have it, sounds like a good thing…enjoy your top, I will just covet it from a distance!

  16. amyjk says:

    forget the damn top, YOU are what’s cute!

    i use the OXO mango pitter thingy– i think that’s its official name :). it splits the pit right out of the middle and two pit-less halves fall perfectly to the side, ready for scoring. i usually avoid kitchen tools that have only one purpose, but this little item is so swift and nifty, and the mango pit so cranky and unyielding, i think it’s worth it. since getting it we eat a lot more mangoes!

    after pitting i use the same technique that you showed. when the scored half is popped out it always reminds me of those funky bathing caps…

  17. Devin says:

    Last Friday I made Tequila shrimp tacos with spicy beans and mango-pineapple salsa. It took me about 20 minutes to peel the mango. The whole time I was thinking: I wish Karen would make a how to peel a mango post!

    I ended up using a vegetable peeler.

    Also, about the video thing: I love watching your videos (they crack me up), only I do most of my blog reading (which now actually consists only of TAODS reading) at work, so I can’t really watch the video (at least not with sound) and then I forget to re-look at it once I get home.

    • Karen says:

      Devin! Ah ha! Well reading these comments is explaining quite a bit about the videos. If there’s one that people absolutely HAVE to watch, I’ll have to make a mental note to tell everyone to make sure they watch it once they get home from work. Thanks for the input! ~ karen

  18. Christina says:

    Well don’t count my view of the written part of this post against your video views because I am at work and can not watch videos. I mean I could… but there are no speakers hooked up to my computer. So yeah.

  19. Yes, please, more videos! It was pretty stinkin’ funny. =) And great, because I never have cut one that way before – I should try it. And find the peach peeling tutorial. 😉

    Also, you may appreciate a truly ripe mango a bit more. When they’re not ready, they’re kinda crunchy and really not so good. But when they’re “done,” they’re fantastic! And great on salads.

    • Karen says:

      Kristen – LOL, I know! I”m old. I’ve eaten many a mango in my day. This one I was using for the video just wasn’t ready yet. In fact I bought 3 mangos on that trip to the store and I’ve since eaten all of them. Probably took 4 days on the counter to ripen though! ~ karen

  20. marilyn says:

    you read my mind about the knife…and the and you shopped at the f-word..really? that hurt karen.

  21. kim says:

    What did you have in the oven? Love the video!

    • Karen says:

      Kim – Beets. I was roasting beets in the oven. If you take a look at the post on How to Make Making Dinner Easier, the beets in the picture are the exact beets I was cooking! 🙂 ~ karen

  22. We all want that recipe pretty please!

  23. Amie says:

    So how did the beets turn out? That bit made me laugh the hardest.

  24. shauna says:

    I too leave my cart in the middle of the isle!! But my excuse is from having to take small children to the grocery store! It’s not really a place for children, you end up spending way too much money on crap they won’t even like or has way too much sugar!! Anyway, back to the point, carts parked in the middle of the isle make it hard for small arms to reach out and grab things. Otherwise you end up at the till with items you don’t want. Then you are just forced to tell the clerk you hadn’t meant to get that item, but the free cookie didn’t distract your child long enough and they got grabby, and I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my child 😀 (no kids at the store…. Add it to your money saving list!!)

  25. Adrienne Audrey says:

    Thanks, I actually did not know how to cut a mango. But what about the side with the pit? How do you get the pit out??
    “Beets in the oven!”- LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! too funny

  26. liz a. says:

    i have a recipe for the best, totally the best ever! cucumber mango salsa. the kind of salsa you want to eat all day, every day, all summer long! really! if you want the recipe, just let me know. oh, cute top. 🙂

  27. Wow. I do not have the balls to actually try fruit before I buy it at the grocery store. So snaps for you.

    Also, more videos, please. I would not normally say that to a blogger because sometimes having to watch videos is annoying, but you are as funny if not funnier on camera as you are in your writing.

    Good day to YOU <3

    • Karen says:

      Alexandra – Thanks. I actually don’t do a lot of videos because of exactly what you inferred. People really don’t seem to like watching videos on blogs. On my blog anyway, LOL. I always get fewer views of the video than of the written part of the post. A big of a blow to my fragile ego, considering I make my actual living by hosting television shows. 🙂 ~ karen

      • Candy says:

        Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog most days, I would watch the video but I am at work and can’t really get away with it. Maybe other people are in a similar situation, that might explain some of the unbalanced blog-reader to video-watcher ratio.

        Fragile Ego restored??


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