How to Spend a Sunday

Wake up early ….

Hop in the car with fella, armed with passports and ….

… some homemade baked goods and hot, home brewed coffee. what?

Admire  the healthy, homemade sustenance you lovingly made for you and “yours”.

Head out on the highway, (insert guitar riff) lookin’ for adventure.  (made ya sing) Hang  a right at the sign.  So thirsty suddenly!  Luckily …

… my divining rod hair led us to water.

Marvel at the 7th wonder of the world.  An M&M vending machine.

Oh … and Niagara Falls.  They’re quite a wonder as well.  Take the obligatory “tourist” shot.

Head into Duty Free shop, lookin’ for a very special vodka.  No, I don’t drink, why do you ask?  I do like crystal skulls however, and this vodka just happens to come in one.  Hence the name “Crystal Head Vodka”.  Purchase 2 bottles, then head to America.

You are now entering The United States of America.

You are now exiting The United States of America.  (literally had to do a u-turn into and out of America to pay the duty on our “duty free” booze heads.

Apparently we did things a bit backwards so….  Go to see the friendly folks at customs who I’m sure aren’t really the spawn of Rosemary’s baby and a bad Gremlin.

Accept the bill for duty and taxes on our purchases with grace and charm.

I think it shows good breeding to embed a bit of culture into every trip so … just around the corner from the “Wax Museum of Somewhat Recognizable Rock Stars”and a few doors down from the “House of Frankenstein” is … the Hershey store.

Quite literally …

like a kid in a candy store.

Stumble upon the HOLY GRAIL for diet coke lovers.  DIET COKE IN TALL GLASS BOTTLES.  I’ve never, EVER seen such a perfect specimen.   Purchase 6 and head screaming and giggling towards the door.  We must leave now ’cause it can only go downhill from here.

As luck would have it, I was able to make a quick cup of home brewed coffee for the drive home.

Finish the day at home, fireside with a souvenir from Hershey’s.   I mean a homemade treat.   A treat that I made here in our home.  Not exactly the Prime Rib dinner I planned to make for Sunday dinner but … like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman … I too am a fly by the seat of my pants kindda gal.  On occasion anyway.  Once in a while you have to throw caution to the wind.  Besides, that stupid wind needs another purpose in life other than messing up your hair in vacation photos.


  1. Tricia Rose says:

    A throw-your-cap-over-the-windmill kinda gal…

  2. Liz says:

    I like it. Good adventure.

  3. Langela says:

    Great! Now I need chocolate. What’s worse than a windy vacation photo? Monday, reading about someone with chocolate and me with no way to get any! JK. Looks like a nice day out.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Langela! You know what’s funny? I don’t even like chocolate! It’s more of a fella thing. Now potato chips! THAT’S something I can get into. You don’t happen to have any potato chips do you? 🙂

      • Langela says:

        Always have potato chips, but rarely eat them. See, I have this problem. Once I pop, I can’t stop. So, I don’t pop! Alright, now I want chocolate, salmon, and cool ranch Doritos. Instead, I am making my own birthday cake for tomorrow. It will be chocolate with mocha buttercream filling and covered in chocolate marshmallow fondant. That’s as healthy as I get on my birthday.

  4. Wow. Your man is hot! Lucky lady. Sounds like you guys had fun – I want some Crystal Head Vodka. *pout*

  5. Foxadora says:

    Next time you cross the border woman you best keep driving until you reach NY. We have vodka in real human skulls down here, and they’re all painted white.

  6. The adventures that involve u-turns. I love the divining rod hair. I am pretty sure that I have seen it somewhere before. Thanks for the morning giggle with my coffee…which is surfer made, the best there ever was 🙂

  7. jenna says:

    hi bertie!!, that right there. that’s a good time! sounds like a hoot! i did not know vodka came in skulls. and may i say your eyebrows..they look fab.
    p.s. you have to check out my friend’s new site. her name is laura and to do stuff! but for a green cause. let me know what you think!!! let’s do your brows before i go back across the pond! miss you! xoxo

  8. Uncle Shifty says:

    A tip. The M & M vending machine, if kicked hard on the right side, just above the second M, will deliver, free of charge, enough M & Ms to make you feel a little sick.

  9. Marisa says:

    divining rod hair. laughed so hard it sent orangina out of my nose.

    • Karen says:

      Pfttt. Your comment about my funny hair made me spray spittle onto my computer screen! So, I guess we’re even. 🙂

  10. Cathy says:

    Always laugh when I read your posts (well almost always) and am almost caught up on all of them since I found your blog last month. While looking through the Sears Wishbook, thought of you on page 41, item19 and 20, that’s how I know I’ve read too many posts in one night. You’ve got lots of time to add it to your Christmas list!!

  11. Vicki C. says:

    I’m home sick today, flipping through t.v. channels when I saw you on… What’s that show w/ the two
    designing men? (You made the portable fireplace) Anyway, found your website via theirs and have been giggling like a fool for several hours. I feel healthier already. I’m not the least bit crafty and have no artistic talent to speak of. However, I’m enjoying the hell out of your site. And hey, If I learn a thing or two while laughing my ass off, that’s a bonus.

  12. Laura says:

    Oh my Gosh Karen! Great minds I tell ya. I do not have the love of skulls that you have my friend, but I saw that skull vodka in the supermarket and I had to have it. I am not much of a drinker, but that thing is just too cool! My husband and I have already had all of the vodka (amazingly fantastic) and have filled it with water. We are thinking about an LED lighted base for the bottom, but I think I like it where it is in the kitchen at the moment. Couldn’t you just see that head with a bunch of flowers in it? Loving your blog! Cheers and keep it comin!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Laura! Mine’s still full of vodka, but whenever my mom has company she borrows the vodka skull. So .. it’s starting to get a bit low. That’s the great thing about it is once you’re finished the vodka, you still have the great skull! – karen p.s. if you’re only on this post you still have a LOT to go, LOL. You should catch up by some time around Thanksgiving. 😉

      • Laura says:

        Music to my ears that I have a long way to go to get to the end of all of your wonderful stories, ideas and humor. I can’t believe your MOM likes the skull and borrows it too! That is too funny!

        I love your home, the minimalism, style. And that white vase with the holes in it is really stunning. Good choice!

        On another note, I am not sure if I have seen it on your blog or another, forgive me, but I am pretty sure it was your blog, as I visit it quite regularly and the others are just kind like ships passing in the night, one stop and then on to the next, while you my friend are bookmarked….Did you happen to link a Scandinavian design website in any of your posts? I have been going through what I have read so far to find it as the homes and layouts were just magnificent, but I cannot find it thus far. I may have the wrong blog though, so forgive me if I am have it incorrectly.

        Sorry so a long a response and thanks for writing back! Take care and have a great weekend, smooth and productive (you see, I added productive, cause I know that’s just the kind of gal you are).


  13. Jane says:

    Now you can add to your collection of glass skulls with these shot glasses:

  14. Veni ram says:

    Sundays need not be a special but be careful to not make this a waste day as this day gives you a fresh start to the coming week. Do u know what mind voice do I have in the weekdays! Of course, eagerly waiting for the weekend that to Sunday to come, to enjoy the laziness in me!

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