The Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer. A Kitchen Gadget That’s Worth the Space it Takes.

I get the strangest Christmas gifts you could ever imagine.  They could range from half of a sweater, to a taxidermy bird, to this thing … a Foodsaver.

I guess compared to a taxidermy bird a Foodsaver isn’t all that strange a gift but it’d definitely something I wouldn’t have bought myself.  When you have VERY little cupboard space any gadget is something that needs to be considered very carefully. My house was built in 1840 so there isn’t a lot of storage space in it. There weren’t a lot of closets and cupboards back then.

Quick note on kitchen gadgets that take up space?  Read what I think about the Instant Pot.

Mainly people only owned a pair of shoes, a bonnet and 3 knives so there wasn’t a huge need for things like closets and cupboards.

I can’t even remember who gave me my Foodsaver but I thank them for it.  That Foodsaver finally died on me after over a decade of use, last week. So I bought a new one.  There are all different styles and models you can choose from but I based my decision on the size.  I just wanted the smallest, least expensive, most utilitarian model of Foodsaver around.   And that’s what I got.

So what can you use a Foodsaver for?


I started off slow, just using it to freeze meat because that’s the thing that’s most likely to get freezer burn around here, and because I like to buy lots of it at once. Sometimes at Costco and sometimes from local producers.

Then I graduated to freezing leftovers like soups, stews and lasagna.  

Once I had that down I moved onto the more expert level things like using it to brine chicken.  YES you can use a Foodsaver to brine chicken.

If you have a big enough freezer and know where some good meat sales are … get yourself a Foodsaver.  Read more about it and other kitchen doodads in my “13 Kitchen Tools That Every Self-Respecting Cook Needs

Now for those of you, who don’t know how to do it … How to Use a Foodsaver!

How to Use a Foodsaver


How to use a Foodsaver. Yup. That pretty much sums it up. Suck the life out of just about anything.


  1. LaDawna says:

    ok I just cringed when you didn’t wash your hands after touching the meat. lol! However, thank you for the demonstration!

  2. Tigersmom says:

    It’s me again.

    Question: What’s the best (i.e. fastest) way you have found to defrost meat you have frozen after foodsaving?

    You may not have the answer to this as you do something I am utterly incapable of which is meal planning. I am the person who looks at the clock around 5:30 and thinks, “Hmmm, I should figure out something for dinner.” My husband LOVES this about me. He also flatly refuses to eat meat that is defrosted in the microwave, even though we have a pretty fancy one that can do it without starting to cook it. (And I can’t always do this secretly because sometimes he is around. So, you see, I really need your help.)

    Anyway, it occurred to me that you could put a sealed, foodsaved bag of meat in a pan of pretty warm water (not hot, because that may start to cook it, ooooorrrr would it? I’m asking Karen.

    • Karen says:

      Tigersmom – I’d be more apt to put it in a pot/bowl with cool water. The warm water could get bacteria and stuff going … keeping the water will help defrost the steaks w/out warming them beyond safe temperature. (says the girl who just throws her meat on the counter until they’re defrosted) Another thing you can do to speed things up is to elevate the steaks on a cookie rack while they defrost on the counter. This keeps air moving underneath them and speeds things up a bit. ~ k!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Do you know which model of Foodsaver you have?
    I’m looking at getting one, but am confused by all the different models.
    Any tips for which ones are best?

    • Karen says:

      Carolyn – I have no idea what model I have other than … the really, REALLY old one. To be honest if I were you, I’d just get the one that fits in your cupboard, LOL. If mine ever died I would just buy whichever was the smallest model they had. Yup. :) ~ karen

  4. Angelnina says:

    I just discovered your blog, and I have to tell you, your blog is the first blog I’ve wanted to read in its entirety! I’ve also wanted to buy a food saver (I do a lot of veggie gardening), and I appreciate seeing it in action. Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Angelnina – Thank you so much! Feel free to pass the site along to all your family and friends. :) I can’t say enough good things about the Foodsaver by the way! LOVE it. ~ karen!

  5. jeremy says:

    Very confused as to where the Foodsaver video is. But I did like the meat grinding demo.

    • Karen says:

      Jeremy! Thanks for bringing the missing video to my attention! Back up and running now. Thx again. – karen

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