How’d you get here?

Hi. My name’s Karen. I came to The Art of Doing Stuff because I wanted a creative outlet where no one would tell me what I could or couldn’t say.

That’s how *I* got to The Art of Doing Stuff.

I’m always curious about how you got here. I know most of you probably won’t remember how you got here. It’s not like it was a life changing moment for you like the birth of your child or the delivery of your first washer and dryer.

But I’m sure some of you remember how you happened upon The Art of Doing Stuff. Whether it was from one of my DIYs on Design*Sponge, or a Google search for how to cure a yeast infection.

You might be curious about why I’m curious about how you got here. Well for two reasons actually. The first being, I’m just plain curious. It’s my nature. Sometimes it works for me sometimes it’s an embarrassment to those around me. If I’m in a restaurant and I like their dishes I have no problem lifting the plate over my head to see if it’s marked on the bottom or tracking down the owner to ask them. I ask questions, peek in people’s windows and never stop wondering about stuff. You don’t wanna be anywhere near me when there’s a room full of men with kilts on.

But the second reason I’d like to know how you got here is because it might help me in building up the readership of The Art of Doing Stuff.


You might be able to let me in on information I had no idea about. Like maybe I have a bigger Youtube following than I thought. Or maybe most of you reading this came here from Pinterest.

As a blogger, I have some idea of how people get to my site through things like Google Analytics, which is a site that analyzes all of your website data including how people came to your site, how long they stayed and how many pages they viewed. Don’t worry. I have no idea who the people are, just general information like the city the views came from. And whether you’re wearing your underwear inside out.

So if you remember, let me know how you came to this site AND … why’d you come back?   Do you like learning stuff?  Or is it the writing (kay, not the writing of this particular post which is verging on the dullest post I’ve ever slammed out).

This isn’t an Oh, Karen!  You’re so GREAT post.  Because you know I am, I know I am and everyone I tell knows I am.  What this is, is figuring out how to make the site better for you and for me.  Karen.  The Great One.  Wayne Gretzky stole that from me by the way and we’re still in litigation over it.  I’ve promised to knit his daughter a baggy head to toe Icelandic sweater if he promises to drop the lawsuit.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. Dani says:

    I was looking at another person’s blog and they recommended checking you out…Unfortunately, I don’t remember that blogger & I’m sure I no longer “follow” them. You’re fun & interesting…always something different.

    re: Pinterest — I haven’t joined because I’m afraid I’ll never get off the computer — because I’ll be “collecting” pins FOREVER. 🙂

  2. dana says:

    I remember exactly how I got here. Our dryer crapped out. Hubby mentioned it could be a fuse because there were no symptoms before it crapped out. No squeaking, etc, burning smell. Nothing. I started searching online and that’s how I found your blog. The first one I read came up when I searched for dryer fuse issues. It was the one where you replaced a fuse for cents and found some cents behind the dryer. While hubs slaved away fixing the dryer I read your blog posts. By the way, it wasn’t a fuse. It was the ball thingy that holds the drum on had worn down. And I have been a reader ever since.

  3. Jen says:

    I came in via Pinterest. That’s how I stumble upon a lot of the blogs I read.

    I know it was one of the how to make… something. I draw the blank there. I think it was yogurt.

    However, I keep coming back because I like the way you write, explain things, and so on. I like learning, (hence my getting an MBA), and I like DYI, I like decor. (I work selling lighting, so I love looking at design.)

  4. Jean says:

    Saw an article online about when you redid your house. Checked out your blog and I was hooked.

  5. ruth says:

    if I can remember I’ll let you know. All I remember is I checked out your blog and spent the whole Christmas season reading the previous posts. And it’s at least three or four years ago. Might have been a reference from The Nester blog.

  6. Mel says:

    I think I found you on Pinterest while researching outdoor lighting and your outdoor globes popped up. I came back because you’re so freakin’ hilarious (even though my sense of humour has taken a dramatic decline since reaching my 38th week of pregnancy…).

  7. ruth says:

    Oh I stay because you hilarious and you do stuff I like.

  8. Dana says:

    It was the coop. I really, really want to build a coop. The kids keep trying to bring home the chicks that they hatch in their classrooms. Unfortunately, the bears really want chickens too, so the plan has to include very sturdy electric fencing, and you haven’t written a post on that yet. You’re most welcome to try it out here, in my yard, with the bears.
    I keep coming back because you keep posting things I like to read, or didn’t know I needed to know until the next week, when we needed to patch the drywall, for example.
    I also think you’d fit right in with the bookclub, if you’re ever near Vancouver, stop by.

  9. Kaaren says:

    I found you via Design Sponge. I have stayed because I love your sense of humor–and I have learned some cool stuff!

  10. Lynne says:

    I think, if my crappy memory serves me, I found you after watching you on Steven and Chris and probably googled you. Maybe. Possibly. Let’s just say I did. And I’m glad I did. So there.

  11. Louise says:

    I got here after Betty mentioned your blog at a quilt class and I’ve been following your blog ever since. It’s interesting, often funny, and I enjoy reading it.

  12. Ann says:

    Yes, it was the infamous yeast infection frozen yogurt you tube or Google, I can’t remember. I stay because you crack me up and your posts sounds like my friends and I talking. I almost peed myself after the pedicure post and my heart hurt when the Fella bailed. Yeah, you know it, but it needs to be stated again…you rock!

  13. Teresa J says:

    I saw your article in the magazine, either Style at Home or Chatelaine, can’t quite remember. about redoing your backyard by yourself. Thought you were either crazy or had guts, now I know you are both! 🙂 As a divorced by choice mom and homeowner I salute you!

  14. Laura Watt says:

    Corrine McDermott introduced us on twitter, and she was right, we needed to meet! I met her at “so you have a new baby and are now totally isolated from the world” group.

  15. Erin says:

    I was pursuing Pinterest and found a pin from your blog showing how to save tomato seeds. I read a couple more posts and appreciated your humor and the variety of interesting topics.

  16. Ella says:

    Pinterest image of the coop! Then I saw your home makeover buttons on your site. The visuals hooked me; and then your writing–funny and informative! I also just like to do stuff and have similar interests. After I saw the coop and the home makeover, I read 2 years of your blog entries over the course of a couple of weeks. I now read you every day!

  17. victoria says:

    My friend told me about your blog because we both like diy stuff. Love the diy!!!!! ♥

  18. Katie says:

    I started reading years ago. It was either from Nester about how you re-did your house OOOOR I feel like it could’ve been one of your dollar store craft posts (which I think you should bring back btw). But it’s been so long. You helped me brainstorm how to make a bird x-mas tree topper in 2010… your willingness to do things like that for little ol me is what makes me stick around.

  19. Roses Kruvand says:

    I don’t know how I stumbled in here but I stayed because you’re so funny.

  20. Odette says:

    I got here because of a friend who followed you. She couldn’t stop talking about you and your site.. “Oh Odette, you’ve got to read her….” I got curious and so I went. I ended up reading your blogs because it was very enjoyable and there’s always new to learn. I’ve also learned to make ‘homemade’ yogurt from you and I’ve been making it ever since. Thank you!

  21. Susie Heller says:

    This is Susie who hates to cook.
    I started reading your blog before the chickens, after the legs on the log, before the back yard was redone. When you had the old light globes with Christmas lights inside in the flower beds or maybe with the do it yourself fire pit, which is still waiting for me to finish gluing it together. I love to make/re purpose things and quirky humor and was soon hooked on this crazy Canadian who even had folks send in pictures of mail boxes! I read all the cooking things just for the laughs even knowing I will never have or want a garden or love cooking. I do, live in the country and want to have chickens. I cried when your little one died!
    I think I Googled making things and you popped up or maybe saw your home in the Canadian Living magazine.

    My son went to University in Canada, married a wonderful girl from Nova Scotia and never returned. (We live in Washington State in a minute town, Winthrop) I send them and my two adorable grand kids a lot of US stuff so they will remember they are also US citizens. Anyway Maybe I saw your article with the cool Ikea Light and fur on chair magazine article while visiting Vancouver and subscribed. I have loved every article, except when the Fella left…damn him…. and continue to read your blog each day. Best to you. I like you better than Centsational Girl even though you credited her with helping you. I am sure she is wonderful, but not as funny. I need fun and laughter as much as water. Susie

  22. Jamie Lynn says:

    nope, I don’t remember exactly how I got here. However, oddly enough, I remember that when I did get here, I was immediately sucked into the vortex that is Karen and I read a good 8 months worth of posts, one after another. And I remember that I commented on one post, somewhere about halfway through, and no I don’t remember which one either, but I do know that I mentioned in that comment how I got here. So, technically you could go back through all your old posts and find out. 😉 I’ve been a subscriber for about a year now so you can start there. Good luck. Report back and let me know where I came from. 🙂

    PS – I’m glad I did get here, however the hell I did. I freaking love you.

    • Karen says:

      Jamie Lynn – October 3rd, 2012 “Also, i just happened upon your blog tonight, about 5 hours ago (do i remember where i came in from? not anymore!), and have been going through your posts ever since, starting back in mid-2010… (glad i found a link to a recent post which led me to this one!) you’re HILARIOUS and i am definitely your newest, giggling follower! you rock!!!” 😉 ~ karen

      • Jamie Lynn says:

        Ok then! You are too much Karen! 🙂 So I guess I don’t remember where I came from. Now *I’m* curious!! Damn!!

        • Liz says:

          This sounds like me… I don’t know when and where, but when it happened, I couldn’t stop clicking and reading and laughing and learning! I called my sister immediately to tell her that I found her new favorite blog. I’ve recommended you to many friends since 🙂

  23. Christina B. says:

    Not very helpful but I found out about you from my mom, not sure where she found you and your site. I stay because you are funny, smart, a great teacher, and just plain awesome!! I always enjoy your posts and usually learn something new and interesting! Plus I live in somewhat the same general area as you so I recognize a lot of places you mention which is cool!

  24. Sherry says:

    The light globes on Pinterest got me here and I love the way you write. And the variety of topics. And the “can do” attitude. And reading your posts is a lot like a good conversation with a friend. Go girl!

  25. Pat says:

    Saw the article about your house re-do in Style at Home awhile back, when you bought that couch/sofa that started your whole house change and decided to check you out. Ended up reading all your category posts. It’s been nothing but fun and free info. since then. I often share your blog verbally with a friend cuz she doesn’t like to read blogs. She refers to you as my “blog friend”!

  26. Ramona says:

    It’s Lynne Knowltons fault. Somehow, someway, her blog brought me to you. I stay because you talked me in to chickens, I’m also remodeling a kitchen, love the gardening stuff and your unbelievable creativity. You are me, only funnier!!! And I love your oh-so-random Oscar statues! Don’t know why those stick with me, but they do. I love that you post so often! I wish Lynne did, but she’s got stuff right now. STUFF. (Thank you, Lynne, for the better than Baily’s recipe! I enjoyed it all winter, and even found special bottles for it for next winter. Yes. Bottles, with an ‘s’. I will need multiples.) It’s just L-O-V-E Karen… That’s why I stay…

  27. Valerie says:

    Because I live rurally and there is not the availability of tradesmen or handy type persons available, I end up doing the oddest of jobs around this home; everything from painting ceilings with rollers attached to broom handles, refinishing logs with grinders, repairing appliances, making jams and jellies etc. Once about three years ago I accessed your site when I was embarking on a repair adventure. I think it had to do with a washing machine or a dryer, I don’t remember exactly. After visiting your site regularly for a month or more I was so impressed by the ease and humour with which you explained a variety of issues that I decided to subscribe. You reach a wide array of individuals because your life and times reflect and are replete with a wide array of interests. And always you appoint everything with a genuine human touch.

  28. Pam says:

    Well, it’s been a couple of years so I don’t recall exactly, but I’m pretty sure I saw your blog in an article titled something like ‘Great blogs everyone should read’ and it had like 20 blogs. I checked out almost all of them and got addicted to yours and two others. I’ve recommended your blog to many friends and I’m going to keep scanning the comments to see if one of them gives me a shout out. 😉

    • Bobbi says:

      Pam…what are the other two ?

      • Pam says:

        Bobbi- One is called The Everywhereist which is kind of a travel blog by a woman who has a lovely narrative style, an adorable husband and an addiction to cupcakes. And this interesting, funny blog called By Ken Burns. He is a television writer and radio host and spent years writing for MASH, Cheers and other shows. Check ’em out!

  29. Laura says:

    I wanted to make Anijitos and googled to find a recipe… I found uncle shifty’s recipe and couldnt get over how funny the post was and how well it was written. I clicked around your site and fell in love with your house makeover, and your backyard makeover. I keep coming back because your posts are hilarious, useful and genuine. I read every day (night) and always look forward to it. I always read the comments too — I like that you actually respond to them — and I really feel that your site is a place for intelligent, interesting people to converge. As someone said yesterday, Thanks for being one of the best parts of the internet, as someone said yesterday.

  30. Anna says:

    I googled or searched pinterest for how to grow garlic and found your post on how to plant it. Somehow from there I got to your post on scapes, and after seeing you wearing them on your head I knew I was a reader for life. Over the next two weeks I think I read every single post on your blog.

    I come back every day because I love your humor and I love learning how to DIY things around the house.

  31. Sakina says:

    We recently renovated our house, and I must have found your blog on pinterest. I’m a new reader of your blog…only started reading it about 2 months ago. I get your emails at about 6am each morning in Johannesburg, South Africa. And I start my day smiling whilst reading off my phone in one hand, and mug of coffee in the other! Thank you.

  32. Deb says:

    Oh, the light globes waaaay long ago, I think from Design Sponge. That was pure genius. I even used the idea at home and still use them. The second thing that sticks in my rattly brain is the video on how to open a wine bottle with a shoe and a tree. I’ve been hooked since those two posts. Worse than crack, I tell ya, but not nearly as health hazardous.

  33. Therese says:

    I Googled ‘Contemporary Chicken Coop’ and you came up first. I loved what you’d done, and your attitude to doing things yourself. That was 4 years ago and I’ve been a follower ever since. I love your writing, how your posts can make me snort, and how much your readers love you. Your daily posts make me feel as if I’ve chatted to a hilarious friend for a few minutes each day.

    • Dana says:

      Same here about the same time, too! I had just done a tour of urban chicken coops and was looking for a great coop design. Voila, Karen! Been an avid reader since.

  34. Lin says:

    I’m a handy kind of grrl and I believe I found you by way of one of your DIY projects. Don’t ask which one cuz it was a long, long time ago and my memory is only good for one ‘long time ago’. I’ve stayed because of your off the wall, sidewise slant to the world wisdom and humour. Also for your sometimes great and unique DIY’s…so there ya have it.

  35. Margaret K. says:

    How I found you: the light globes or the dollar store mirror plant holders on Pinterest when I was looking for projects to do with my grandkids. Read back through all your articles and been reading ever since.
    You have a superb feel for the right balance of humor, seriousness, and length, as well as the variety of subjects in which I have at least some interest. Some blogs I have wandered through go on and on and on instead of getting to the point. And while I am OK with a bit of – umm – somewhat risqué language, I don’t care for blogs that have cuss words in every sentence. Sorry to go on so long, but you did want feedback on what keeps us here, as well as what brought us here.
    I am a gardener, and cook, and DIYer, but no chickens. Although I enjoy reading about your chickies. Hope to be reading your posts for a long, long time.

  36. Agnes says:

    I don’t remember how I found you, but my earliest memory was of the tampon popcicles…you were so charming I couldn’t stay away. I look forward to reading your posts everyday- and when I know my day is too busy to read them without being rushed, I save them up and binge read all in one evening 🙂

  37. Kristin S. says:

    I’m pretty sure I came from Studio G. They have a resources page, and I was bored. I came back because your writing makes me laugh. I don’t find it too condescending, referential, or cutesy, and that’s rare. You also had some DIYs that didn’t seem ridiculously expensive or facile.

  38. Allison says:

    I didn’t know how to fold a fitted sheet … so I Googled something like video folded fitted sheet. I saw your second version of how to fold a fitted sheet but it didn’t take on the first try and proved a bit harder than I liked. So I dropped it. But the next week when I folded my sheets and I was in better spirits so I Googled it again but got pissed when I didn’t immediately find the antler lady (you) I had found before. It took a bit of digging again and when I found you I bookmarked your blog and studied that video until I got it. I think of your blog every week now when I fold my sheets and wonder what other things you are up to. I now have your blog in my facebook feed but sometimes I find your blog when I’m randomly Googling things I want to do. (self leveling cement, gardening, etc) Lately though I’ve been searching your blog for things I’m currently working on to see if you’ve written anything about it. <3

  39. Kim from Milwaukee says:

    I’m trying to remember the first post of yours I read….I think it was your pond reno on Design Sponge and I was enthralled by your energy to take on such a huge project, and inspired by your DIY spirit. I was really hooked by the ‘falling down the stairs’ post…your sense of humour reminds me a lot of my Mom who passed on when she was 49 and was also Canadian..newfie actually. You have her gumption, and I think she would have been a chum of yours.

    Reading your blog pushes me to be courageous and complete the projects I dream of…ok, start the projects and hopefully finish them! And it’s crazy but every post is something want to do…I nearly died when you got chickens, living in the city…exactly what I dream of doing.

    I wish I was your neighbor….maybe I could borrow your saw?

  40. Robin C. says:

    Hi Karen,
    I got to you via another blog – maybe Censational Girl, but I can’t remember for sure – just very glad I found your blog!

  41. Sabrina says:

    I’m fairly certain one of your recipes was posted on Foodgawker or a DIY was on Craftgawker. I went through a phase where I was on there every day looking up new recipes, a few bloggers I would read through, but most I didn’t. Yours, I did. All of them. And I’ve been back at lady 3x weekly since.

  42. kelly says:

    I think I followed you back here after you left a comment on another blog.

  43. Veronica says:

    I think it was a couple of years ago on The Nester. I keep reading because of your sense of fun and the fact that you are not afraid to tackle any project.

  44. Rosey says:

    I think I found you from another blog showing off your new look for your home. I remember your big portrait in your dining room and liked her. And you made me laugh and so I subscribed. I love a good laugh. I started following you while living in Kansas City and now I live in Idaho. I’m trying my hand at gardening and love making my house a home. Your posts are great–I learn something while I chuckle. It’s a win-win. 😉

  45. Bridget P. says:

    I found you through the bloggies, or some other award you were nominated for. I was looking through all the nominees and ended up staying because I liked your voice (I like the snark!) and because you were talking about things I wasn’t finding anywhere else.

  46. Colleen says:

    I think it was random blog hopping, but I remember the dollar store craft ideas… And loving the fact that I’d stumbled upon a blogger from Canada. I subscribe through a feed reader, and have now for, a couple years? Maybe more…

  47. Nicole says:

    I read an article about you in the Hamilton Spectator that mentioned your blog and I decided to check it out. I don’t remember what the article was about or what posts I read at the time that got me hooked. I’m interested in all of your subject matter from DIY to chickens and find your writing very entertaining. I think it’s just a bonus that I’m local and already shopped at some if your sources. I eagerly check out new sources that you reference and know that I’m in the same gardening zone but would probably have kept coming back if you were across the continent.

  48. Vicki says:

    I think my sister sent me a link to your site, but I can’t remember what the post was about. I was hooked by definitely the first paragraph, and subsequently started reading old posts after old posts, and have followed ever since. LOVE your wit. Quick and sharp – cracks me up every time. Your style is unlike any other DIY blogs out there I’ve read. I do read a handful of other blogs too, and they can be interesting, fun and informative, but they’re all pretty “safe”. You know when you laugh so hard that no sound comes out but only tears? Like the laughing equivalent to a dry-heave, only enjoyable and you want it to happen again. It’s just fabulous.

  49. Edith says:

    I’m pretty sure it was through The Nester. I love that you’re so curious and independent and stubborn and brave. A capable no-nonsense survivor, with a good sense of humor. Much like me 🙂 You would have been a great frontier woman.

  50. judy says:

    It might have been your Herculean remake of your entire yard-yard doesn’t convey the monumental effort put forth that resulted in something so stunning I couldn’t believe that a woman who looked about the size of a 13 year old girl could have accomplished given her entire life! Anyone who was that accomplished and incredibly witty would have my undivided attention 4ever! Also your blog titles are very good-intriguing ,irreverent and sometimes racy-that always draws in readers-kinda like The Enquirer but with way more class.

  51. Glenda says:

    I haven’t a hot clue. Sorry, I know how helpful that is. Thanks for sharing, right? I think it might have been a Canadian magazine, one that recommends top blog sites to check out. All I know is once I arrived. I’ve never left. You are funny and oh so Canadian. I love that. I haven’t seen you at all on Pinterest and I have 90 boards and pin EVERY day. That’s not your in. I would say I pick up most blogs from links from other blogs. Blogging networking is apparently a thing. Like coming over for virtual coffee. Cept no calories or commuting. Score! Used a hockey reference. So canadian. Lol.

  52. Nicole says:

    Of your sources. Tiny iphone lack of keyboard.

  53. Kat says:

    It was the Black Boa and Skull Halloween wreath. Pinterest I believe is where it was spotted. Then read a slew of you past blogs over the next few days and mostly laughed through them all. What keeps me coming back is you honest wit and you just tell it like it is. Myself I was never into your menu of the week articles because mostly you eat too healthy like quinoa, and I eat down home budget friendly comfort food.Anyway I skip the food articles but pretty much read all the others as I just like your style.

  54. Patricia says:

    I found you through another blog, do not recall which one. I keep coming back because you are very irreverent, very funny, and you share all your great DIY projects. I like the way you just get into a project and confidently make it happen! That has rubbed off on me! Unfortunately, my husband does not appreciate your plucky DIY style. “We” are currently working on a wooden walkway in the backyard! Thank you!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Good! That’s what I’m here for. To encourage people to do things. And to piss off husbands. 🙂 ~ karen

  55. Cynthia Jones says:

    I was about to attempt to make 4,000 gallons of enzyme cleaner out of fermented orange skins and something else. This was after my neighbour came over with her dog who decided it would be his house and peed in my kitchen. I went off and bought an enzyme spray to get rid of any lingering odour and was horrified at the price. This usually makes me determined to find a do-it-yourself money saving way to getting the same result.

    Luckily, when I googled enzyme cleaners your post came up where you tested it against Windex and decided it was crap. That was good enough for me. So I then went out and bought some Windex.

    I come back because I like your writing style, I like the concept of not actually “working” for a living by going to another building from 9 to 5 and I think you’re hilarious. I am also an avid “do-it-yourselfer” and love to work with my hands.

    I am also interested in cosmetic surgery. I’ve had a few procedures done over the years, so if you ever get any ideas on dollar saving in this area, let me know. I do draw the line at injecting bathroom silicone, but would be happy to share my ideas on face exercises vs face lifts and where to buy your own bulk lactic acid and glycolic acid to do your own peels at home. Ha! This is from someone who clips her nails to the quick so I don’t have to clean them. Just can’t stand the bigwigs to take my dollars unnecessarily.

  56. Sandra A. says:

    It had something to do with a chicken egg without the outer shell, it was probably Pinterest , then I went to your blog page and was so entertained that I couldn’t wait to read the next article and so on. You crack me up!

  57. TucsonPatty says:

    I’ve tried and tried to remember how I found you, and I simply can’t. I do know that I have read every post from your first post, which I really thought was longer ago than 2010! You seem like a friend that I have had much longer than that! I love your humor and Loved Learning Loads of Lessons from you. I love “How to open a package of Spaghetti”. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. (There have been several viewings by me!)
    I continue to read every day because you delight and entertain me. I read parts of your blog to co-workers and friends, and have gotten into trouble by lending my friend my computer so she could read a very funny post. She was in turn, inspired to reply using my name, for which I had to apologize, and you were ever so kind to reassure me – no harm no foul. I love your blog, I love your humor, I love the subjects about which you choose to write posts. I am an admirer. I am not quite a stalker. I love that you post daily.
    I have now gone back and begun re-reading from the beginning, because once a day isn’t enough.
    May you Live Long and Prosper.

  58. Janet says:

    Oh,Karen…it was all about finding out what Pinterest was all about. The garden globes first hooked me. The first Pinterest post I looked at. It was at least another couple weeks before I even got back to Pinterest after seeing those globes and reading your blog…I’ve got to tell you, you’ve given me many a good laugh since then, not to mention all the coffee I’ve shared with my computer screen while reading. Your blog has been the morning highlight for me…Karen and coffee, it’s what starts most my days. I appreciate that you take the time to personally comment on your readers comments too. Who by the way also have given me quite a lot to laugh about. In saying that, you know, I’ve been a little, OK, not a little, more like a lot curious about those guys and their kilts too, so since you, when curious usually ask questions…maybe you now know about that? So, I’m asking…

    • Karen says:

      Depends on how traditional they are Janet. 😉 ~ karen

      • Shirley says:

        Reminds me of the time I watched pipers perform at Inverness Castle, Scotland on a terribly cold, wet and windy April evening. Afterwards several of them came into the bar of the hotel of the hotel I was staying in, to warm up and have a dram or two. I asked one of them if it wasn’t really difficult to play the pipes under such terrible conditions, and he replied, “Noooo, I’m morrrre afrrrraid o’ the wind catchin’ ma kilt!” Guess he was a traditionalist!

        P.S. I came here because of a reference to your blog in another delightful blog I read (Ali Does It) and I stayed because we are now friends, whether you know it or not. 🙂

  59. Jen says:

    Commenting only because I found you via word of mouth….like actually words out of the mouth of a person I met. A random person at a chicken conference in Vancouver(we were stuck at the same table and making small talk…she was from the US of A) mentioned how she loved this Canadian lady blogger who kept chickens….surely I must know of her? So I made it my business to know of her. Good move on my part.
    BTW – Paulina needs a good head to toe cover-up! Wayne would owe you big time.

  60. Tricia Mullen says:

    I came via Pinterest. Your outdoor lights (old globe shades over outdoor white lights) was the visual that caught my eye.

    I sent in a question about ridding my shed of squirrels, to which you responded with an interesting, but sadly ineffective, solution.

    I stay because you make me smile.


  61. Kate says:

    It was the light globes again, but started reading your other posts and I was instantly hooked.

  62. Abby says:

    I found you through Pinterest. I believe it was your fire pit tutorial. I stayed because I wanted to see what other DIYs you had, and because I like how you write.

  63. Becky says:

    Came thru from Pintrest pin of outdoor globe lights. Been a fan of your style ever since. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Gini says:

    I think I was searching how to do something, and your blog came up and I was hooked.

  65. Melanie says:

    I can via Pinterest, through a pic of your fantastic chicken coop! Had a look through and found your posts interesting and funny as well as informative. I was especially hooked in by your DIY fix it type posts as well as your home renos. Love it!

  66. Katrina says:

    Pinterest. It was the DIY yard globes post that grabbed my attention. I’ve stayed because you are hilarious and I’ve learned a lot! Thank you!

  67. Nicole says:

    I can’t remember how I heard about your blog, it’s like youve always been around! I love your humor and friendly way of sharing knowledge whether it’s gardening, cooking, diy, repairs, remodelin, even the silly ones and posts like the chicken anatomy one which is why we all know why to wash the eggs! Thank you for sharing with all of us, Karen. You Rock!

  68. Kris Wilson says:

    Found you while looking up how to make a table out of a log, which we did and they (we made 2) turned out beautifully! I, too, have been hooked ever since, because I’m curious, my husband calls me the queen of questions, and because you have a style of writing that is so appealing. For all of the reasons everyone has mentioned so far, your humour, gumption, and the huge variety of topics that you cover. I think it must be rare for a writer to be so loved by her readers that everyone wants to be your best friend, and that’s what keeps us coming back!

  69. Olga says:

    I got here from Russia. Well, technically I got here from California, after I moved there from Russia. I remember my friend emailing me a link to one of your post about what one should be doing when one have a tree root on their way. And then I thought: “wow that lady is old but just as crazy as me. ( I don’t think you that much older then me lol ) And she is saying everything that would go through my mind at that particular moment…”. I was lurking occasionally, but after Chris left, I wanted to move in with you, or you move in with us. I felt like you are part of our family and I wanted to have a sleepover or a slumber party, whatever… I just felt weird need to be here. I must sound like a stalker lol I don’t nesserely come here to learn, or for advise or laugh, I just like to come here and be surprised with whatever that you writing about. You are unpredictable and I love that.

  70. Laura says:

    I have no idea how I found you but yours is a blog I always read every single word of and one that I find myself chatting about out on the street quite often as all my smart friends read every word, too.

  71. Holly says:

    I remember exactly how I found you. I googled something like outdoor Christmas orbs as I was planning a Christmas party. I came back ever since then because you were funny, informative and very relatable. Plus love love love the decorating ideas. and holiday ideas. I look forward to every post whether it’s something I am interested in or not! Why..because you are a person I would love to know, and do, from a distance. You are the real deal. Love your family, too. I have been thru and am still going thru some of the worst times of my life, and you make me feel better somehow. Plus your readers’ remarks. Scanned quickly thru previous remarks and sounds like a bunch of us landed here because of the outdoor orbs.. interesting. Thanks, Karen!

  72. meg says:

    My dear friend Amie pointed me to your blog. I read this post: and nearly fell out of my chair laughing. My first reply to a post was

    I remember this all so well because this little blog became one of the few breaks I had, in the sea of home repair of my late mother’s house. I remember waiting for images to load from your blog via my phone, which was the only internet access I had. I’d go rewire something or put up drywall, and come back later to a fully loaded web page – as well as some laughs.

    Thank you for those times and thank you for a continued hiliarious excursion into your life!

  73. Auntiepatch says:

    I’ve been following for so long that I don’t remember HOW if found your blog. But, like everyone else, I don’t miss an episode! We love you! And Betty! And The Girls, too!

  74. Tracie says:

    I watch Steven and Chris, and you were featured there doing my coveted, firepit diy! I’ve since seen you open a bottle of wine by smashing it against a tree, build a pretty high-tech chicken coop, turn your front yard into a garden paradise, completely renovate your kitchen, not to mention your whole house and back yard….and prove to yourself, that a woman can thrive when the man she once loved, turns out to be a person she cannot count on. And that, by the way, is the kindest way I could think to put it. (Because I think he is evil…) Sorry. I love you Karen, and I appreciate all that you do for me, um, us…..:) Plus, I love the fella’s dad. So sorry for your loss…..

  75. Jacquie says:

    Tampon, definitely. Which was weird because I had a bladder infection, not a yeast infection. Hey ho, God works in mysterious ways because I loved your blog immediately and have read it ever since. I even googled for your first post and am now working forward from there. Thanks for the fun Karen but your tampon advice is useless for the bladder.

  76. shauna says:

    I was thinking of creating a site / blog about “Cool Stuff I Like” because I like a lot of cool stuff – so I Googled
    Cool Stuff I Like – and The Art of Doing Stuff came up among other listings. It sounded the closest to what I was interested in. Reading one of your posts I laughed out loud and thought, “I like this gal” and I’ve been enjoying The Art of Doing Stuff ever since. Kindred spirits – we both like doing stuff, being funny, writing – but I won’t be raising chickens and I have a brown thumb. Thanks for your communication – it is evidently very much enjoyed by many many many people. Well done!

  77. Anna says:

    We bought chicks. And it was all uphill from there, because your chicken coop was a building feat to be envied, which I did. So I tried to build it for our 7 little ladies and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. OK, that was just a dream, but you did give me lots of ideas and we did get it built.

    I stay because you’re damn interesting, and it seems like you would be fun to have as a friend. You’re an imaginer and a doer and you’re sarcastic with a heart of gold.

  78. Gio says:

    I remember exactly! The Nester mentioned your post on ctnr+alt+del your home in two weeks (TWO WEEKS), I read the post and I was hocked. I loved your streamlined warm decorating style, love love love how you style a table with dollar store items, but the reason I keep coming back is because I love your writing. You could be writing about a chicken coop for all I care 😉

  79. Renee says:

    I came here by way of the blog Vignette design. I keep coming back because you are so funny and I learn stuff!

  80. Elizabeth says:

    I found you after reading about the veggie garden in your front yard. I have no idea where I read that but I thought I would check it out and I thought it and you were amazing . I an an Aussie living in the UK at the moment and your blog is like a little ray of sunshine . I love coming here every morning when I have my breakfast. What a great way to start my day. You are so funny and it just makes me smile every time I read your blog. Well done Karen and please keep up the good work.

  81. Jocinda says:

    I *think* I got here through one of my thrice-yearly Pinterest Binges.
    I *know* I stayed because you taught me how to properly open spaghetti.
    Skills like those last a lifetime.

  82. Sally A says:

    It was at least a couple of years ago and I don’t know what it was, but I know what it wasn’t..It was not Pinterest or Youtube. It may possibly have been, like another commenter said, a recommendation from another blogger…pretty positive that was it…possibly Lynne Knowlton? I keep coming back because you have convinced me that you know what you’re talking about and you’re hilarious! I was also impressed that the first time I commented, you responded and welcomed me to your blog. Super sweet.

  83. Pinterest, though I don’t remember what the pin was. I’m a rabid DIYer, and I love hilariousness, so this blog was a perfect fit.

  84. Jean says:

    I wanted chickens and googled chicken coops. Yours came up and it is the most artistic coop I have ever seen. Left me feeling inadequate, though, as does every post you do on your achievements. I am constantly astonished at what you do. You are inspired and an inspiration. Funny, too. I wish you lived next door.

  85. The Advicist says:

    I googled something along the lines of ‘How do I cut a huge Steak into Smaller Pieces’, hoping to get a deal on decent steak at Costco and freezing the rest. Obviously, you showed me exactly how to do it. And of course, 4 years later, I still have never done it. But I come back everyday to read about how to do lots of other incredibly useful things that I will never actually do. So thank you Karen!

  86. Jennifer D says:

    I think I found you via Curbly post. Did you ever have a link to Curbly? Let’s just say yes. If I remember correctly, it was a how to make the fire pit.
    Yes, it was Curbly and it was the fire pit:!Si0Qa
    I was impressed with your site, your writing, and your projects, so I’ve been lurking ever since. I’ve even forwarded your links about your chickens to my sister so that she and her son, the Poultry King of Lincoln County, can compare notes.

  87. nicole says:

    I am, at times, a bit of a binge Bikram girl. When I’m in the midst of one of these binges I will scour the internet for information and insights into other’s experiences with Bikram. That’s how I came to this website… I dunno maybe more than a year ago??? I read your post and it stood out as being the ONLY thing I had read that was reflective of what it is actually like to go to Bikram for the first time. From there, I continued for two reasons: I like that you are disciplined about posting (with the odd exception), and I like learning stuff about how to make or fix things. Witness: I just made a tree stump table!

  88. Patty Martin says:

    My g/f forwarded your email on your daily blog post on Mar 19, 2014 titled ” That’s not just a dress! That’s a post!!” along with a msg that said, “I follow this woman’s blog because she’s usually pretty damn funny, and she reminds me of you…real type “A” person! Check her out…she’s from Canada.” I started reading it and I was hooked. I also believe in doing everything I possibly can do myself because no one does anything as good as what I’m going to do. I also read your blog because I currently live in California & will be moving to the mountains of Colorado if I can ever sell my house here in CA. I kind of know what I’m getting into since I grew up in northern WI, but your blog posts about living in Canada are a good reminder about what it’s going to be like living in the cold and snow again. Once we get settled at 9000′ in CO, I hope to have a greenhouse so I can grow things at that high of an altitude and in that cold, short growing season. I enjoy reading your posts on the challenges of gardening in Canada because I’ll be facing those challenges soon.

  89. Ember says:

    I think I was like Mel up there and it had something to do with the lit light globe thingies….or a facebook ad. Anyway, I got hooked because of the chicken cams. Finally, I realized I could sign up for the blogs. I enjoy your witty humor and the fact that you try things out before people with all thumbs like me has to do them. Keep writing!

  90. Tigersmom says:

    I found you through Centsational Girl. I think it was her mention of other blogs she likes or it may have been her giving a shout out specifically to you.

    In a twist on what seems to be the norm, YOU are the reason I first went to Pinterest. I think it was a giveaway and the entry was to pin one of your posts (or Christmas decorations or maybe it was just around Christmas?) and the phrase “I love the Art of Doing Stuff”. Clever girl. Pinterest is some of the best free advertising there is.

    You know I wish you continued success in your blog because I’ve come to rely on you for my morning chuckle (or guffaw) even though you occasionally make me cry instead. (Don’t go getting a big head or anything: it’s not that hard to make me cry. Stupid hormones!) Also, because I have come to care about you and even feel protective of you (not that you need it) in a non-creepy way (really, I swear). More in an inexplicable way considering we’ve never met, but I feel like I know you somewhat even though you manage to keep some large important parts of your life private. Parts that you could share because they make you look good, but don’t and I totally respect that.

  91. Melody Madden says:

    For me it’s the writing. Your personality shines through in each and every post and God, you make me laugh. I’ve been waking up every morning at 5:30 a.m. these days and your post is the first thing I read. It makes my morning and i realize laughter truly is the best medicine. Sometimes you never know the extent to which you can impact another’s life. Thanks for sharing your gift ….

  92. JennyW says:

    I came to follow you via the Nester, years ago. The post was about how you sold all your stuff and changed your home. You have inspired me from that moment on! I have changed my design style from dark, primitive country, to a light modern cottage 🙂 I got over my fear of power tools, and tackled “manly” jobs, lol. I also put in my own backyard pond, and now make THE best caesar salad dressing in all of the land! Yours is the first blog I read every morning, cause you make me smile, and the only one I leave comments on, because you make your readers feel like we are part of the “in crowd”. Your Canadian and You Rock! nuff said

  93. Maureen Locke says:

    I came because of the infamous yogurt tampon video and have stayed because I love this blog. The humour that has me laughing that spit out your coffee laugh and having to clench my legs, lest I dribble. You share your life, the good and bad and I feel you’re my friend. You’re Canadian and that makes things even better. Every day is a new adventure with you and I look forward to starting my morning with your blog. It’s quite amazing to read how everyone has found you, but we’re all staying for the same reasons. You da best Karen and thank you for being you and sharing your life with us. 🙂

  94. Debbie says:

    I saw you on CHCH morning show when you where up for best diy blog award on apartment therapy. You brought in the car mitt pillow, the globe light and the flower pot fire pit. I was like….this girl is a genius! I went to your blog and was hooked. I started following you immediately and caught up on about 2 years worth of archives over the next few visits. I’ve been starting my day with your blog ever since.

  95. Karen Duke says:

    I had done a google search about how to make my central vac work and that’s how I found you. Your personality and your writing style keeps me addicted to your blog. I look for your post every morning for a good laugh and great ideas.

  96. Merrilee says:

    Light globes.

  97. Debbie D says:

    I am a recent subscriber. I think I found you this month, but lately all time blends into itself. Love your blog!!!

    I live in the bowels of central California in a rural community. Grew up in Los Angeles. This is culture shock for me. Wouldn’t go back for anything (maybe $30 million dollars but then only for a year so I could afford to leave!).

    Found you via some hyperlink on another website (Houz?). It was either a post on your kitchen (must be the range/stove one–which I love BTW), or something about a wine bottle and a shoe???? Loved that one as well but don’t think I will get the courage to try it as I am sure it will break all over the place and then I have distroyed a perfectly good bottle of wine!

    Why I stayed? First of all, your interests are my interests. Also, you actually do read what we post! I got a pleasant surprise this week when you responded to a comment I made about your mouse melons and quinoa. (You know, that comment could take a whole different twist if you let it but don’t go there). I am very similar re: DIY projects around the house (although in my old age, not as much anymore), am an avid gardener (surprise for such a city girl growing up), and am very much into fixing up my house, now that my gypsy feet have finally settled down and I can afford one but just barely.

    BTW, I am dying to know, and no I am not some freak, how do you get such good abs??? Jealous! I so need to start going back to the gym. My body and dance partners would very much appreciate it. Would love a post on that.

  98. Jill says:

    I don’t remember exactly how I got here, but I know it wasn’t through Pinterest, Design Sponge, You Tube, a magazine article, or another blog. More than likely, I had Googled “how to _____” and your site came up. I stayed because you’re highly entertaining.

  99. Angela says:

    I think my friend Lisa recommended you or linked to one of your posts or something. But I stayed because I have a (possibly unhealthy) love for your humor. And I keep trying to add a second ‘u’ in humor, but my American computer thinks it’s unpatriotic.

  100. Rhonda Topor says:

    As a few others have already said, I found your pin on Pintrest about the light orbs, which then lead me to your chicken cam. I have been hooked since. You are the first thing I read every morning. You give me my daily dose of inspiration, smiles and reflection.

  101. Alex says:

    I went looking for you! I loved the quirky TV monologues you used to do. One day I thought, “I wonder whatever happened to that blonde girl?” So, I went looking electronically. Does that make me a stalker? Anyway, there you were, about to take a break after emotional trauma, my poor baby.
    So delighted that you roared back better than ever. You Go Girrrl

  102. Leigh says:

    I followed a link from Pinterest…don’t remember which one! I snooped around a bit, liked what I saw and decided to stay! 🙂

  103. Kathy smith says:

    I googled (and so do you) creative outdoor designs DIY…and you came up… Funny, I clicked on your blog ,watched the YouTube,”losing weight” lol and said ,” I found a kindred spirit!” The aha moment came when I opted in to receive your emails and I love your sense if humor, your determination and most of all your quirky self-analysis! I will continue to follow and forward your blogs to infinity and beyond. Krazy kathy from ormond beach,Florida! P.s. The skinny girl margaritas are in the blender and the float is in the saltwater pool whatcha waiting for: an invitation????

  104. Rose says:

    Found you from The Nester. You had made over your home
    .Love your sweetness and courage and of course your funky sense of humor. You are delightful.

  105. Lauren says:

    A few years ago I wanted to make a Halloween wreath but I wasn’t sure how to get started. So I Googled “Halloween wreath” and your site up top. I’ve read your posts every day since.

  106. Natalie says:

    I think I stumbled across your blog when I googled how to make yoghurt. I stayed because I’ve been living overseas for the last 14 years and it gives me a little glimpse of home (I’m from Canada). Also I’m slowly starting to garden!

  107. This took some heavy duty thinking because I’m lucky if I can remember yesterday, but it eventually came back. My little convenience store has a whole section of shelf that we made into a free library and people bring books and take books. Every once in awhile someone brings in a pile of magazines and we were gifted with some Style At Home, which were immediately put behind the counter so we could read them first. I don’t remember the article but a) you sounded really interesting and b) you looked incredibly familiar. Since it was winter and slow time in the store, I googled you to see where you were from (and I’m still sure I know you from somewhere) and found your blog and was immediately hooked. My horrible sense of humour doesn’t always fly down here in PEI and I need your daily reminder that other people find strange things funny. So thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Susan – Lol, yes, you probably know me from television. Which is my real job. Or WAS my real job until I gave it up to be a blogger. I hosted and write television shows for 15 years or so on HGTV, MuchMoreMusic, W network etc. etc. So there you go. ~ karen!

  108. Jody says:

    I discovered your blog through The Spectator. A few years ago they did an article on you having the chickens and your blog. When I checked it out, you and your blog were local, interesting, informative and FUN. Yours was the first blog that I started to follow and the only one I have stayed with. Some of the reasons are you have a mix of topics, gardening, cooking, decorating, repairs. It is urban homesteading. But the biggest reason I follow your blog is that you post everyday. Thanks.

  109. Stella Mac says:

    I searched google for a Canadian blog, I was tired of stumbling on American content all the time.

  110. Suzanne says:

    It was the chickens that started it all. Good old google got me directions to your blog, and ever since, my life has changed. 🙂 love your diyness (yes, I’ve learned new words here too ) and humor is priceless. Knowing there is a real person with feelings behind it makes me loyal to the blog.

    Thank you for sharing! I LOVE this blog!!!

  111. Farquist says:

    The Style At Home feature on your house linked me to your blog. Been a reader ever since.

  112. marika says:

    I came across your blog via another one. It was a random post with something like ‘five DIY blogs you should be following’.
    The very first post I read was when you cut your finger making the coop and set up the coop-cam.
    I initially came back because you have chickens and I really, really, really want chickens one day. But I also really liked the tone and writing of the blog. There are a lot of things about you I realte to (working in media, making things, building things, appreciation for chickens, antiques, design, love of good clothes, we also happened to be going through a break-up at the same time). Thanks for the good times, ideas and laughs, Karen.

  113. Em-jay says:

    To be frank, I simply can’t believe it took me so long to find you. The amount of time that I have studiously poured into googling and pintrest-ing random stuff, its amazing it didnt happen before. It was after many frustrating hours of trying to find a cheap way of putting light orbs on my very large salt encrusted lake ( I know, it should have been easy, I mean EVERYBODY has a salt encrusted lake they are trying to light up) when I stumbled upon your orb lights. Brillant! My one saying that I bore everyone I know with is, “if a dim-witted twenty something kid can do it as a trade, surely a half intelligent woman that has some sort of work ethic can give it a good crack”. When I saw you write something to that effect I knew I had found a woman after my own heart and subscribed. As for trying to get new readers I am afraid I may not be able to help, I am greedily keeping you a secret. (I know its bad I dont like sharing) and can I say how lucky I feel that I get posts at midday. There has got to be some advantage to living near the bottom of west Australia! And that is the end of my first ever comment… I promise I will not bore you with another, brevity is not one of my stong points. (oh and if it makes you feel better about having a crappy spring, down here in Oz, I thought it was never going to rain again! Not good for a farmer, but very good for my salt lake)

  114. LilyMacBloom says:

    Googled outdoor lamps and your globes came up.
    Since I was home sick that day, I went through your blog post by post, by day two it felt like stalking!

  115. Delvalle says:

    My friend lives in Erie, Pennsylvania emailed me a link to this site. I can’t remember what it was about but a year later I am still here. You are amusing and I am a DIY’r myself and find some of your post helpful and entertaining.

  116. Renee A says:

    I linked over from apartment therapy when you were nominated a few years back. Your non-self-deprecating humor and irreverence keep me coming back. The content, including how you make the content posts (like your iPhone on a string), always teaches something. And, you have the greatest commenters– helpful, funny, and non-abusive, which is a rarity in many comment boards. I get twitchy when you take a well deserved week off.

  117. Stephanie says:

    I got here when I looked up how to darn a sock (great instructions by the way – I had no idea how to darn, and now I love it! It also saved a $35 pair of socks which had developed holes almost immediately). I stayed for the humour, the pictures of your gorgeous house, and the chickens.

  118. Karol says:

    I followed a Pinterest link back to your blog and now you are my favorite First Thing To Do in the morning. Yu had me at Hello.

  119. Su says:

    hmmm don’t remember other than it was thru some other blog and I clicked on yours cause I liked your title…. then I read some stuff you wrote and signed up for a daily posting…. and then I spent a great deal of a really cold crappy day reading all your past posts and laughed till I almost pissed myself…. and snorted coffee at one point too…. your recommendations for stuff on Etsy and some other cool vendors have helped me get some pretty cool gifts for others, so thank you!
    I like that I never know what you be chatting with us about…. new stove (sweet!), the girls in the yard, exotic seeds smuggled into the country, or a tribute to someone you lost and loved… whatever it makes me think and laugh and smile….. so THANK YOU….
    ok I know you weren’t looking for accolades, but hey it’s Friday so I’m feeling fine….

  120. CheekyMomma says:

    I came via Pinterest and the outdoor lantern with the panes out of photo frames. Then I just started reading and couldn’t stop and subscribed!

  121. maggie says:

    My friend made the garden globes and I loved them.She found them on Pinterest. She followed you on Facebook so it was easy for me to find you and follow too. I always recommend your blog to anyone looking for DIY help or just a good laugh!

  122. Jocelyne says:

    I believe it was a link from Design Sponge on your backyard….pretty early on in your blogging career? Thought you were pretty funny and knowledgable plus I realized you were the TV host I always enjoyed in your various incarnations so I stuck around.

  123. marilyn says:

    pink tool belt sister

  124. Karen says:

    It WAS life changing, to be sure!! ha! I was going on a trip with my vegan friend and googled: “vegan cookies”. It sent me to your post on no cook hippie cookies (which I make often), which led me to your post on your experience with crossfit, which hooked me. BEST PHOTO EVER (of you looking pained out exercising), by the way. HILARIOUS!!!

  125. Mitch from Boston says:

    Hi Karen, I’m male, 65 years old, and I know exactly when I came across your blog. I had seen that wine guy’s video about how to open a wine bottle with your shoe, and I didn’t believe it. So I did a Google search for “open wine bottle with shoe” and found your video of the same thing. Hilarious! I especially liked the cutaway shots with your mother.

    From there I found your post on your toilet-unclogging fail and the one on how I invented Yelp, and I was hooked. You have a wonderful talent for telling a story and I love the way you are totally honest about your fumblings and failures.

    Sorry about the guy (I had no clue until your anniversary post). What was he thinking???

    Hope that’s helpful. Keep up the good work!

  126. Dixie says:

    Pintrest! I saw a pin for DIY orb garden lights and the link led me to your blog…fell in love…and here we are now…

  127. Tara says:

    I’m going to chime in my worthless two-cents and say I can’t remember! I feel like some of the first posts I read included you completely redoing your house which makes me think that I found you via another blog or The Nester or something..

    And your writing style and wit prompted me to READ. ALL. THE. THINGS.

    I must have stayed up for about 8 hours just reading away – you’re still the only blog I subscribe to and I talk about your posts to my husband at least every other day. He actually came in yesterday while I was reading your advertisement post and saw the picture of you with your apron (pinafore?) on and said, “Oh, is that your girlfriend?” To which I said, yes. Yes she is. 🙂

  128. Sharon says:


    You are required reading because you’re eternally entertaining, I recognize you from television, and I love your style. The farmer in me is living vicariously through you. Someday I will have a garden as beautiful as yours and chickens and a kick ass kitchen like yours. And you do it yourself. Admirable.

  129. RuthAnn says:

    I came by way of pinterest or bing, not sure which? I came for the moss garden article and haven’t left. Love your style of writing and I like what you do, figuring things out and then doing them, cause I do that too!

  130. Susan says:

    I remember how I found your blog because it was only a few weeks ago. A friend had posted a link to some DIY projects on Facebook. Your outdoor globe lighting project was on the list. I browsed around and read some of your older posts. I also commented on your screen printing post because I’m a screen printer and saw that your readers had a lot of questions about it. I hope that’s okay!

    Love your projects and your writing style! If you keep blogging, I’ll keep reading!

  131. Beckie says:

    Kristin at linked to your post about glowing globes for the garden and I love her blog, so therefore I had to read through a blog she linked to (I’m big on clicking through links people posts to other blogs and checking a blog’s blog roll)

    I enjoyed that post of yours, so I read some more and enjoyed all of that, so I went back to the very beginning and read it start to whatever post you were up to by the time I got through the older posts.

    I now have you in my bookmark bar and check in every morning (you get LOTS of points for posting everyday!!) and I keep coming back because you write really well (very casual and welcoming), you are witty and I learn new things. All big pluses!

    ps: True Confession: I am a “plate lifter” too!! I have what is called (in my house) *dishues* I own more dishes than any one person has a right to and I change them with the seasons and holidays!

  132. Luanne says:

    Your blog was “prescribed” to me by a retired country doctor. I come back because I love your writing and like to see what stuff you’re up to.

  133. Christina says:

    I started following after about the fourth time, over the period of a couple months, I googled how to do something random (save hydrangeas, make ricotta, etc…) and you came up every time.

    I subscribed because you are the perfect combination of doing a great variety of very useful stuff and being very entertaining. Most blogs only do one or the other, so I don’t follow most blogs. Actually, nobody else does such a good variety of random stuff, so I’d follow you anyway, probably.

  134. Terri says:

    I found you when I was researching maple syrup. I’m so glad I did and have followed you for a couple of years now. Your email is the first thing I read in the morning.

  135. Rose says:

    I found you sometime around the tree stump table, which I sill have to make. I got shivers down my spine when I saw all your stuff in one blog. Now I check it out every day and send stuff to my friends. I love the pictures and the commentary and the fact that some one is so curious and brave to try it all.

  136. I’m a blogger too (for 7 or 8 years now) and I do not recall how I got here but you know how in the old days (before there were so many and it was all big business) you would read a blog and next thing you know you were 3 blogs down the road and an hour had gone by. I think that’s how I found you. And I’ll be honest….I did not think this blog was for me. I’m a Mom, a marriage and family counselor, love fashion and home design but I’m not a DIY-er at all. And I did not garden. It was you and your wit and your writing that drew me in. And now I feel part of this community. Yu really have an amazing talent, Karen. And you are very likable. I read every day and you are the only blog I read daily. And this year, we planted a garden with our 7 year old daughter! So, I doubt this helped you with your marketing (except that it pays to comment on other blogs too and get your link out there) but I hope it made you smile cause I really appreciate having you in blogdom.


  137. Teresa says:

    It’s just a guess, I suspect a pretty good one, but I’d wager it was through Pinterest because it was right around the time that I dedicated my life to clicking pretty pictures all day that I started reading your blog. I keep coming back because aspects of you remind me of me. I enjoy watching you live your life (the parts that we see) and you have an engaging writing style that makes me feel like I can see the guts of you. Because if you don’t show me your guts, I get bored pretty quick 🙂

  138. Sarah says:

    I found you through the “homies” awards on Apartment Therapy a couple years ago. Your humor and writing had me coming back to check in. I also loved the chickens, the recipes, and the weekly menus. Now I’m a daily reader. Thanks! 🙂

  139. Michelle says:

    I don’t exactly remember how I found it, but I would have to say my “gateway drug” to The Art of Doing Stuff was the video ‘Opening a Wine Bottle with a Tree Trunk.’ Then I moved on to the heavier stuff (like ‘Frozen Yogourt Tampons’) and after laughing so hard I couldn’t see. I was pretty much hooked.

    P.S. I live in Buffalo and I keep missing the Christie’s Antique Show! I’ve got to get to that because then I see your posts after the event and then I get all jealous of all the really cool stuff you found. DOH!

  140. Sue says:

    I think I found you through Centsational Girl about 2 or 3 years ago – You did a guest post?? I read that post, went to your site and then spent the next several hours catching up on ALL of your prior posts. I’ve been a daily reader ever since! You are the first thing I read when I get to the office every morning beacause I know I will begin my day with a chuckle! Thanks Karen! You’re Amazing!

  141. Robyn says:

    From Marilyn …the mad hugger at Metro and my neighbour! 🙂
    I stay because it’s nice to know I’m not alone finding the humour in my own DIY projects. You kick off my work day with a smile.

  142. Maggie V says:

    Appears you have a lot of reading to do here Karen so to make a long story short my sister Marilyn put me onto your sight quite awhile ago and I am still here. Thank you

  143. Lynne says:

    I stumbled onto your blog either through another blogger or via Pinterest. I think it was idle curiosity about a post that had to do with chickens – I find the idea of having chickens fascinating although I’m sure I’m never going to go there. I came, I read, then read a whole lot more, laughed my ass off and now I’m a regular reader and sometimes commenter.

    As a fellow Canuck I’m always pleased to find a Canadian blogger to follow and I live in Southern Ontario – not far from you actually. I live in an older house that my ex and I gutted and added to. I think it was the story of your garden renovation that really hooked me – your gardening, renovation/decor/home maintenance stories hold a particular resonance for me – as, unfortunately, did your sad experience with your fella last year. I also share your interest in cooking.

    So you’re stuck with me.

  144. Carolyn Boyd says:

    Your posts have been starting my mornings for the last 5 or 6 years, ever since I moved from Toronto to a sleepy Nova Scotia village. I think it must have been a mention in Style at Home or House & Home that turned me on to your blog, but I can’t remember (getting old-ish). Love, love, love your posts; funny, informative and smart! You are the only one I read on a regular basis. My day doesn’t start until I see what you have been up to – that sounds a little sad, doesn’t it? 🙂

  145. Corinna says:

    I love your how-to posts.

  146. Corinna says:

    (and more importantly, you’re funny)

  147. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Karen, I am a long time reader and I don’t remember how I found your blog. I do remember that I did fall down the rabbit hole and I read almost all of your previous posts in a couple days. You are one of my favorite bloggers……you keep it real! Thanks!

  148. Joslynne says:

    I found you on Chatelaine on How to Darn a Sock! I’m a Canadian living in Japan, so I get my laugh from you early in the morn! I don’t do any of the stuff you do, but I love reading your blog! I rarely leave a comment, but only read the comments that you comment on(did you get that?)

    Anyway, keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading and imagining doing all that stuff!

  149. Nat says:

    Kitty littler brought me: I bought a great apothecary chest that had a musty smell. I googled how to get rid of it and and found your post on kitty litter and old suitcases. I’ve been coming back since 🙂

  150. Carolyne says:

    Every so often I get really tired of trying to think of what to have for supper. For years I would google “dinner menus” or “weekly menus” and 3 or 4 years ago, you showed up in the search results. I am still here!

  151. Andrea says:

    Hi Karen,
    I first saw your blog when you were mentioned on Rambling Renovators. Of course, I never comment but read your blog faithfully every morning – inspirational and humourous (so are your followers!). Never miss a post now with my coffee and toast!

  152. Gretchen Sexton says:

    It was the DIY stuff and your design style. I think it was from a Google search. Once I connected, I haven’t quit. You’re funny, interesting, and helpful. You take great pictures and I like your style. Plus I love the chickens. I think it was the chicken story or the re-do of your backyard that was my first read. You greet me every morning at work and I look forward to seeing what’s in store. Wish I could be more precise…

  153. Gwen says:

    Via Linda Crago at Tree and Twig

  154. I think I saw you on someone’s favorite blog list…maybe Lynne Knowlton’s? Can’t recall for sure. I love French blogs, but that obviously isn’t how… probably some cool design blog or crafty stuff blog. Either way, I’m staying for the laughs, videos and fabulous way you make single gals everywhere more confident that we can do all this shit ourselves! Keep ’em coming!

  155. Becky says:

    I googled how to get sharpie off your hardwood floors and your blog popped up. Magic eraser did in fact get the sharpie explosion/evidence of strawberry shortcake’s murder off the floors and we didn’t have to replace them. I have been reading ever since.

  156. Shelagh says:

    It started with the chicken coop. Then it was the fact that you built it yourself, and your ongoing information about chickens. I loved the chicken cam, although I was a little concerned about my mental state- looking forward to watching a chicken video first thing in the morning with my morning coffee. Then I was hooked on your menus and general household do it yourself projects. Lastly, the fact that you are a Canadian blogger!

  157. Emily says:

    You were a recommended read from the gomi forums. And I kept reading because a- you are hilarious (this post aside) and b- you do so much stuff with such variety to your stuff, but know how to write succinctly about the stuff.

  158. Holly says:

    I came from another blog who had a quick mention of how to place your silverware when you’re finished dining with a link to your site.

    I read weekday daily because you’re fun and I don’t want to miss a chance at learning something I didn’t know I didn’t know and might be useful someday.

  159. Buvezdevin says:

    I came to your site through a link on another blog, years ago, and I don’t know for certain which blog I have to thank for the introduction – though I am thankful! Became a regular reader of yours due to your humor and writing style, covering a range of topics. I appreciate the combination of immediately useful information, aspirational stuff (I now have raised beds of vegetables and herbs in my front yard, and I vicariously enjoy chicken raising through your site), and the sublimely ridiculous.

  160. Hope says:

    I have a young friend who started raising chickens and linked one of your articles to FB. That was 2-3 yrs ago.
    You became the chicken lady at our house as I told your stories over dinner…well some of them that were suitable to meal conversation LOL. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and spend a lot of time on the couch or in bed. You are often living the life I would love to live…minus the Fella plus the elephant ride!

  161. Laura says:

    Design Sponge for me! I followed a link to the site and never looked back. In fact, my first day here I read every single post. No lie, I was THAT entertained. So unless you stop doing cool things and writing funny posts, you’re stuck with me. But hey, I can always promise you concert tickets in return. 🙂

  162. Elizabeth says:

    I was up around three AM unable to sleep, so with my mug of Ovaltine in one hand, I began wandering around the Internet, finding people’s houses on Google Maps, then randomly Googling things which came into my head. The next morning, there was your blog in my e-mail inbox. ” Oh!, I must have liked this site,” I thought. So I opened the post, and have been opening them ever since. I, too am rural, and like doing stuff. Which is good, because I have to. I live in an old house in a remote place. Your projects are within my ability: the step-by-step photos clear, and amusing, and you are so funny I snort my tea out my nose sometimes. I reread some, like the Maple Sugar Massacre. And send the Lin to friends. You should be everywhere by now.

  163. Jane says:

    A friend recommended you and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m not a foodie, I don’t DIY, rarely decorate and garden only enough to keep the weeds at bay, but you writing is hilarious. I usually try to save your posts til morning so I can start the day with a smile.

  164. Susan S says:

    I checked you out from another blog, Wanda Works, and was intrigued as to why Wanda follows you. I know why as you both are quirky, feisty, have great senses of humour, creative, and the list goes on. You hooked me when I read about why a paint stick has an indent in it. It was so brilliant and I couldn’t believe I didn’t know the reason and have promptly told as many people as I could about it (giving your bog the credit of course!). While I don’t comment often I read you every day and have recommended you to others. Good luck in your data analyzing!

  165. sarah says:

    My fabulous boss told me about you last year, and I sure am glad she did! I’ve been following you since, because I like your writing, your sense of humor, and I like to trick myself into thinking I’ll tackle some DIY projects eventually… the only other time I have commented was on your post about Christmas movies, because apparently I have very strong feelings about what movies everyone should be watching come December.

  166. Karen C says:

    My Mom is friends with your Mom, who suggested I check out your blog…and I have been reading it every day since. Funny, informative, witty, emotional, entertaining are just a few words to describe your blog. Always look forward to the next day.

  167. Sarah In Illinois says:

    I think I found you by just clicking on someone else’s sidebar. I’ll be superficially honest, your simple clear header at the top of the page drew me in, “kitchen” “workshop” “design” etc. And your writing had me hooked. My favorite topics you cover are gardening and building small projects.

  168. Amy says:

    I found you through another design blog’s reference to you getting rid of everything in your house and starting over. I’ve long since given up on the other blog (which shall remain nameless) but wouldn’t miss reading yours! You make me laugh.

  169. Carrie says:

    Hi Karen I came to your blog after my sister Barb recommended it to me. You two used to work together in television. I always liked you on tv too! I look forward to reading your blog and I have recommended it to friends on Facebook. Love your common sense and practicality!

  170. Bethany Jones says:

    I *think* I found you years ago because I searched for how to fix something. If I was to find you today, it would be because of a Google search for the phrase, “room full of men with kilts on.”

  171. Holly says:

    I came to you via googling, “how to open a wine bottle”. After that, it was like a car accident, I didn’t want to look but couldn’t stop myself.

  172. JF says:

    so. . .not quite positive on where the reference came from (Apartment Therapy? Design Sponge? America’s Most Wanted?) but clicked on the link and here I am

    why do I stay? THE WRITING! yes, TAODS is full of great inspiration, how-to’s, general silliness and Very Pretty Pictures but I adore your “voice” — I know how difficult good writing is and you make it look effortless

    so, great writing, fabulous ideas and DIYs, wit, regular updates and an online Canadian friend — I’m here for the duration!

  173. Melanie says:

    My sister (in Memphis) found you, and told me (in Ontario) to come look. [Shout-out to my sister: just one more reason why you are the BEST!] It was the globes, but I don’t know where she saw them. I’ve lived in the same ’70s bungalow for 23 years, and it came with many of those globe lights. Full disclosure: I still have one left; it’s one of two lights in my half-renovated main bathroom. But it hasn’t worked since I put in new light switches many years ago, so it doesn’t count.

    I stay because the blog is good. And funny. I feel inspired and motivated and jealous and lazy. I joined a gym once, and paid extra for a personal trainer. She was great: she called me “Sweetie” while she busted my ass. So, kind of like that.

    Also, the non-functioning bathroom globe light notwithstanding, I do have a great appreciation for the finer things in life. You’re one…thank you.

  174. Kristin says:

    I found your posts on I’ve been reading for a month or so now and love it! I even joined Pinterest because of it (but still haven’t figured out how it works.)

  175. Kim C. says:

    Oh gosh, my husband and I were reminiscing about TV a couple of years ago. You know, one of those conversations that start with ”Remember that show about…?” and that led us to you Karen! Remember that show where these two gals drove an RV across Ontario giving lovely women makeovers? Ooo, or Handyman Superstar Challenge when Karen hosted? I always enjoyed your personality and humour on TV and thought it would be neat or nosy 🙂 to find out what you were up to so I Googled your name! I was pretty happy to discover your blog and even more thrilled after reading several posts. You rock! Your blog is such an entertaining, informative, witty mix of stuff and I continue to admire you and all you do! Wishing you continued success.:-)

  176. Lemurific says:

    I got here via your nomination from apartment therapy’s the homies awards. I stay because you are hilarious and your content is really relevant to my life. Initially, I scoured through your dollar store diy sections and I drooled over your backyard makeover. I love your gardening tips, since I am basically just over the pond (Erie) from you. And hour chicken curry salad is kickass. Also I like you (eww not like that). You are relatable to me. And I trust you to not bullshit your readers (since the Internet lies). You entertain me. As a result, I want to help support you through your affiliates, which all seem to be very well curated. Oh and I am not sure if this helps, but I am not a blog whore. I read very few blogs since the demise of google reader. Yours made the cut.

  177. Maryanne says:

    Hi Karen, I really wish I could remember how I found your blog. I vaguely recall looking for something via Google to fix, reading your post regarding the issue and then laughing so hard that I forgot that I was supposed to DO the fix (it’s probably still not done). I keep coming back to read because your posts are funny, knowledgable and honest. I relate what you write on a variety of levels and I always look forward to reading the next new post. Keep’em coming and thank you 🙂

  178. Carla says:

    I was looking for step by step specific instructions on how to harden off plants and your site was the only non-vague one I found. I kept coming back because it’s a funny entertaining blog.

  179. Diana says:

    I am pretty sure I saw the post on building a fire pit at either Design Sponge or Apartment Therapy and that brought me to your blog. I never made the fire pit, but have made some of your recipes and a few other things I sadly cannot recall at 9:15 on a Friday morning. I’ve also referred friends to your blog.

  180. Deb J. says:

    I found your website through your home redecoration article in ‘Style at Home’. I recognized you from your TV work and checked you out. I stay because you teach me things, are funny and have a good group of followers. Yours is the only blog where I routinely read ALL of the comments – they are often just as entertaining as the post:) I like the DIY/educational stuff the most but enjoy it all. And you being Canadian helps – we tend to have a bit of an inferiority complex so it is wonderful when our favourite thing is from here.

  181. leslie says:

    I was googling instructions on DIY screen printing which I hadn’t done for ages. I found your post on it and got hooked on your quirky, inappropriate humor. I’ve been following ever since. No breaks. Totally devoted.

  182. Lauren says:

    I believe I followed a link from Centsational Girl and started checking in daily. I stay because you make me laugh!

  183. Caitlin says:

    I came across your blog from pinterest. We had just purchased a house and it around Halloween time, and I wanted to be the young cool house with the neat stuff outside. I saw your pumpkin project that you make a little vignette in side the faux pumpkin. I’ve been reading ever since.

  184. pat barford says:

    I’m pretty sure your cool glass patio fireplaces were featured on Design Sponge and I followed the link. Thrilled to discover a fellow Canadian and funny writer. Hve been comeing back since. Was that 2009 or 2010?

  185. Allison says:

    I THINK it was a link from another blog that led to your tree stump table. Maybe. I’m not sure exactly, because once I was here, I was snort laughing so hard that I compulsively read about 245,768,731,357 of your older posts. They all sort of blended together. I’m a bit addicted to humor and a lot addicted to DIY, so you are now my drug of choice.

    Lots of love from Texas!

  186. Rebecca says:

    Oh how I wish I could remember! I think I may have commented on a previous post about it. It’s likely Design Sponge brought me here, I no longer visit Design Sponge. The yogurt tampon post and the centipede post are the most memorable for early on. I stick around because I love the variety of content, learning how to do things and your humo(u)r. You’re hands down my favorite blogger.

  187. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    I got here via another blog…sorry, I can’t recall which one. Pretty sure I don’t subcribe to them anymore. I get my fix with you. It’s your humous writing, the chickens, the DIY and the occasional Betty posts that keep me coming back for more. I’m still hanging in there for the final corner of the kitchen…the MS cabinets!!!

  188. Allison says:

    OH! and I found the most perfect tree stump for my very own tree stump table. Unfortunately once we trimmed off the bark, we found that it was infested with the gnarliest looking worm/grub creatures I’ve ever seen. 🙁

    Hubby then nixed the idea of a stump table. I’m still trying to figure out a way to make a different one and sneak it in unnoticed.

  189. kristen says:

    I came here from an post of yours linked in Apartment Therapy!

  190. Tami says:

    Stumbled onto a pinterest photo of the outdoor globes and the rest is history. Been reading and enjoying your blog since. The remodels, the coop, the chicken cam and the Fella. Love your sense of humor, your sense of style, and your love for your family.

  191. Lyn says:

    I decided I wanted to keep chickens, and your gorgeous coop came up on a google search. Now, 2-3 years later, I still don’t have any chickens, sadly, but read your blog daily. Partly, I learn things, partly, I laugh! Of course, I still haven’t quite forgiven you for remodeling your kitchen 2 years after I did mine, instead of before, when it could have been useful…

  192. Cleo says:

    Someone shared your DYI article for the outdoor globes, on Facebook and it took me to your blog. You make me laugh and I love your sense of humor, and your courage. I look forward to getting your posts in my email.

  193. AbracaDebra says:

    Hmmmm? I know I wasn’t linked via Pinterest or You Tube and I don’t follow the magazines. Must have been Google. I’m recalling the pix of your home decorated for the holidays two years ago. And the festive coop! And recalling the smell of the chicken coop at my Grandma’s house. I remember enjoying it immensely, jumping through previous entries and then thinking “I’ll be back!” (credit Mr. Schwarzenegger and the writer of Terminator!)!

  194. Patty says:

    I stumbled here a few years ago, I think it was off of another blog that I don’t follow anymore. Ive stayed b/c I love your funny DIY posts and your great design sense.

  195. SarahP says:

    I’ve been following you for so long – I can’t remember how I got here. It wasn’t from Twitter, PInterest or Facebook. I vaguely remember reading an article – was there ever anything in the Hamilton Spectator? I recognized you from garage sales, once at Mizeners Flea Market (used to be Cicle M). From the first time I read your blog – I was hooked. Yes, I learn things occasionally – but mostly I come back for a laugh while drinking my morning coffee.

  196. Jeanne B says:

    I was reading the comments on Victoria Elizabeth Barnes’ blog post about her kitchen and someone recommended your blog and your new kitchen. I came, I looked, I decided to stay.

  197. Ana Rocadas says:

    I remember exactly how I got to this site. I was looking up how to remove a cork out of a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. I got to a few different videos then your video where you’re smacking the bottle against the tree. I think your mom was holding the camera, or she was around, at least. I thought the dynamic in the video and your attitude was great, so I kept reading!

  198. Tara says:

    I got here from Pinterest, fairly recently. I think it was the post on how to print on wooden boards. I started reading older posts, and was totally hooked when I got to the backyard renovation, especially since it’s a current project at our house.

  199. Jamieson says:

    You emailed me (a bulk email, I imagine) that you had started a blog recently and I should click on the link and read it. Now’s the interesting part because MY weird thing (okay, one of them) is having a freaky memory for little things. I remember I was walking west on Wellington Street, from Spadina, near my office at the time I read your email and clicked the link to read the post. I was wearing shorts but it wasn’t yet full summer, and you had only recently started the blog, so it was likely May or June 2010. I remember it so well because I hadn’t heard from you in many years but you somehow tracked me down and I loved your blog and still read it every morning to this day! I think that first post I read was about your loony love of dollar stores. (FYI The post that my friends reference most is how to raise monarch butterflies, especially those with kids.)
    Since then I have discovered and now remember that you started the blog around March 5 because that is MY birthday!
    So basically to increase readership I recommend emailing everyone you have ever met.

  200. Linda Barnett says:

    Ooh, I know this one!!! I did a google search for how to make the perfect crispy sweet potato fry, and there you were! You reeled me in with your refreshingly honest and humorous take on how to do it, even though you didn’t super-love it (because why would you eat a sweet potato fry when you could eat a real French fry).

    I suspected that I would like your writing, so I went to your “about” section. My suspicions were then confirmed. I liked your writing, and I liked you. And knew I would then be reading whatever you would put out from that day forth.

  201. Patti says:

    Hi Karen!

    I can totally remember what brought me to your website for the first time, and I was absolutely your captive audience from that moment on. I read through your archives, but I think there were only a couple of other entries. I was looking for a recipe for the best antijitos, and stumbled upon Uncle Shifty’s Antijitos recipe. It’s still my go-to, and, in fact, I’ll be making it this weekend for a neighbourhood BBQ! Wanna come?

    Although this isn’t meant to be a “you’re so awesome” post, I do have to tell you that your posts have been so helpful and useful over the years – my husband knows who you are because I’m forever saying “Oh, Karen has a post on that, let me pull it up.” You share a lot of helpful information, and it’s awesome. So, thanks!

    • Patti says:

      So, another note – your recipes are awesome, and since I know they’re tried, tested and true – I recommend including these as often as you can – especially with your new kitchen! I’ve tried so many of the recipes that you’ve posted (except the french fries – that looked like too much work)! People like cooking and they like looking at food! haha!

  202. Maria says:

    I was looking for ideas for my chicken coop. Stole several of yours and they work great even after 18 months. Stayed for the funny comments you make and that you can write and articulate a thought in English with no typos and correct grammar. This is rarer than you might imagine. I wander off occasionally and I come back whether you want me to or not.

  203. Paula says:

    I googled what to do with leftover mashed potatoes and found your gnocchi recipe. I liked the writing style (and the gnocchi turned out great) so I started looking through the kitchen section for more recipes. I mostly found kitchen remodel posts which I’m also interested in. I was totally hooked after the post about getting the corner cabinet into your house via over the fence. I died laughing (that would SO happen to us – minus the tripod+pictures which were the best part) and added you to my reader.

  204. Jackie says:

    Found it following a link to DIY indoor glass firepit! Love your blog, never cease to make me laugh my butt off!

  205. Amanda says:

    I’m pretty sure I got here after googling “how to make crispy sweet potato fries.” I stay for the writing, the humor and the occasional chicken stalking.

  206. Becky says:

    Okay, Karen, you asked. (Having recently discovered you, I have been thinking about writing you a long gushy “fan mail” email, but I’ll just try to put the less TMI version here.)

    I googled “rehabbing old–ah, vintage–suitcases” and you came up on Pinterest, I think. After seeing your post on getting rid of the odor, I bookmarked you because your “way” and sense of humor are right up my alley.

    When I came back for another visit, I discovered that you are redoing your kitchen–something I have been trying to get the nerve up to tackle as well. And you inspired me to go ahead and start. Your planning and thought processes, along with many helpful comments from your blog readers, have helped me focus on what I want for “my” kitchen.

    And then the deal was clinched when I found your heartfelt posts about your fella leaving. (So ironic–you and I are on a similar timeline with “recrafting” our lives. Last spring my now-ex-husband…well, you know.)

    I am just tickled that I found your blog! I am a do-it-yourselfer, a gardener, a quilter, and trying to become a cook again. And you make me laugh…that knee hair thing?

    Okay, I need to stop now.

  207. Nancy R. says:

    I found you in Canadian House and Home magazine (or was it Style at Home?) Anyway, the one that showcased the renovation of your backyard. Your blog was mentioned in the article and your sense of humour in the actual article got me hooked.

  208. Cred says:

    Steven and Chris- I don’t know if it was the diy fire pit or the dollar store tour since after I had watched it, I then found the video for the other and then headed to your blog. I binge read all your posts and my children thought their mother had slipped over the edge- I was laughing uncontrollably by myself, tears running down my face.
    I read every morning since then- always sorry that I had binged on the past posts cuz then I only had one to read each morning. I finally subscribed once I found out how to do it- yours was the first blog I’d ever read. I started following others, some came, some went. Now I only follow a handful but I’m still here where I first started.

  209. Robin says:

    I was swayed to check out your blog from a friend. She highly recommended your blog and said you were hilarious. She was right. I have definitely enjoyed and look forward to reading your posts. We share a similar wit and dare I say, filthy thinking mind! I have wanted to respond to some of your posts using my filthy mind thinkin’ but I did not want to offend some of your readers! I have a better sense of what I am saying in writing than I do in person….I usually say something and sometimes live to regret it. Oh well, too bad so sad for some! I will continue to enjoy your posts, so keep ’em coming, filth or no filth! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

  210. Sherri says:

    It was your chicken coop post. Someone had posted a photo of the coop on Pinterest, which led me to your blog. I admired your creativity (that is one beautiful chicken house!) and laughed hard enough to pee my pants a little. That led me on a mission to read EVERY BLOG ENTRY ON YOUR SITE, which consumed a good portion of my two-month summer hiatus from my paying job. I’m really not a slow reader, but I wanted to take my time and relish the experience. My sense of humor can be a little dark at times so I connected with your writing style and your unique take on life experiences. If I could actually get you to sit down for 15 minutes, I’d love to have a cup of coffee with you some day. It’s on my bucket list. Really.

  211. Terri in Colorado says:

    I stumbled on your website when I was told that my concrete basement floor was not level and the contractor wanted over $1000 to level it. A google search gave me your website and showed me how easy it would be to do. But after figuring out the cost of the material and the effects on my back of carrying 30 plus bags down the rickety stairs to the basement, I let the contractor level the floors.

  212. Shelly McKay says:

    A couple of years ago I had been on a mad internet search for coop ideas & came across your blog…….best day ever! I remember staring at my computer for hours laughing my ass off & my hubby asking “What is so funny??” “Karen!” I replied, with tears streaming down my face =D A couple of weeks later I had an old shed converted into the “Fuster Cluck Coop” & currently have 4 ISA brown’s & “Foghorn Leghorn”, our Araucana rooster.
    I find you & all of your posts inspiring………not to mention hilarious!!! Thanks! 🙂

  213. Jen W says:

    Chickens and potatoes. 🙂 I was researching raising chickens at my house, and growing potatoes for the first time. Both searches brought me to you…..figured it was fate. 🙂

  214. Jessica says:

    Pinterest. I was looking for an interesting way to use a sweet potato and found your post about sweet potato fries. I keep coming back because of the witty writing AND because I love learning new things. You’re always sharing new and interesting things that I probably didn’t know I wanted to learn about. 🙂

  215. Allison says:

    It was your stump table on Pinterest that got me in the door. I stay because you hit all my favorite topics (diy, decor, cooking, gardening, holidays, etc) in such a fresh, funny, and genuine way. And without all the fluff. We would totally be friends in real life. Keep up the great work!

  216. Barbara says:

    Just the way Dani did – It was a link from another person’s blog and I don’t remember who. You have a great sense of humor and interesting things to say and do so I happily look forward to your blog every day. Besides, you’re like having a great friend to visit with daily. Thanks for being here, Karen!

  217. janpartist says:

    I’m not positive because I’ve been reading you for at least several years but, I think I was probably reading another decorating blog (I’m mostly interested in decorating blogs) and they either had a link or mentioned your blog. Once I clicked on it I came back again and again. I think shortly after I discovered your blog I read back issues and came upon the perfect pie blog and adored the quirky nature of your blog and began the daily check in. Mostly I really don’t care for all the gardening stuff although I garden myself, it just doesn’t interest me. But, I am sure that there are a certain amount of others that read your blog primarily for the garden stuff, so I just don’t read those days and come back the next day.

  218. Eric H says:

    Came to the site for the DIY glass fire pit, linked by another DIY site (can’t remember which).

    I was totally hooked by the wry humor, but what struck me were the photos and clear instructions. Your humor and knowledge make for a potent combination. I’d say it gives you a lot of credibility, you are willing to try lots of things/options to determine the best approach.

    Keep up the great work, I’m always excited to read your posts!

  219. Deva says:

    I don’t remember when or how I got here. It’s been quite awhile and I am not leaving! I love your attitude. I love learning new things and I try quite a few things you are doing. I love keeping my house and garden and cooking and crafting. I’m the same age as your mother and love your youth and joy of life! I start my day with your blog.

  220. Joanne says:

    Long time reader, and have been following you since… I don’t even know. Really close to the beginning I think. Anyway, I came to you from some other site’s link to a “best DIY blog” contest.

    I didn’t think I could vote for them unless I read their competition… and I ‘ve never looked back. As I said, I don’t even remember whose site it was that got me here, but there are only a handful of pages that have “stuck” with me, and yours is one.

  221. Sandy says:

    I think I found you after your backyard was featured in Style at Home or CH&H and I was like “it’s the OMNI/CFMT chick with the great hair” and I stayed cause’ you love the Oscars like I do (my contest involves money) and you make me laugh. AND so much of the DIY/lifestyle blogging world has become so friggin’ annoying, ohhhhhhhhhh my list grows daily and, well, you are a breath of fresh air.

  222. Gina Winkler says:

    I saw a link to your birdbath project and then read about your house redo–around three years ago, I think. I’m not really handy but I like to think I could be. Someday. Maybe. Let me get another cup of coffee and read about another awesome project you’ve done and think about it. It’s your humor and creativity and design sensibility that keep me reading. First thing every morning.

  223. Barbara says:

    found you through *Design Sponge, your glass sided fire pit tutorial, it was “da bomb” (haven’t made one though).

  224. ~JackieVB says:

    Was looking for a recipe for baked sweet potato fries – and found a great one by the way! Stayed because of the great photos and many real DIY projects that aren’t just crafts.

  225. Janet says:

    I read “Turn Your Front Yard into a Vegetable Garden” in Canadian Gardening magazine then went straight to your blog and have read it every day since! I absolutely LOVE your randomness, courageousness, and humor.

  226. Katie says:

    I remember! it was years ago, and we didn’t have a wine bottle opener (not sure how that happened…), and I googled how to get into my surely-delicious-yet-elusive wine bottle. Bam. Youtubes with either a pompous Frenchman or YOU, a hilarious Canadian, both opening bottles with a tennis shoe. fIt was a soft sell, and I was hooked.

  227. Kari says:

    Not sure if it was Pinterest or a google search on front yard gardens. But it was definitely your post on front yard gardens that first brought me here.

    Then it was your sense of humor, interests and style that keep me here.

    I also really like the clean, simplicity (user friendly), style of your site. Finding and or getting around the site is easy. Except for the “Lighted Garden Orb” post. Took me forever to find it a again because I was using “globe” not orb! Tomato, tomato. Good thing I didn’t call it off because I eventually found it.

  228. Lauren from Winnipeg says:

    I discovered you through my daughter. She was telling me about this woman who had single handedly tore apart and redid her backyard and that I had to check it out. She had also done a version of your stump table, but she silver leafed hers. It was probably about a year or more since you started your blog that I started to read. I began at the beginning and read every blog. I thought you were hilarious and irreverent (the yogurt tampon – fabulous!) which has kept me reading to this day.

    Sometimes things work out the way you imagine, sometimes they don’t. This is life. You send the message that this shouldn’t make you scared to try.

  229. Sboo says:

    It was the post about building the glass-enclosed fire “pit”. Not sure I remember where I originally saw the link, but probably Facebook. Possibly Pinterest. Anyhow, I poked around your archives a bit, liked what I saw, and have been lingering ever since! Enjoy all your posts: food, decor, chickens, DIY, and life musings.

  230. lynne says:

    I found you through Design Sponge and then on Pinterest! I keep coming back because you’re funny, really funny, not just trying to be funny. Funny.

  231. Kathy says:

    In February, I dream of being a gardener. So I trudged through 40 km in a snowstorm to get to Seedy Saturday in Niagara Falls. And there you were. Talking about your front yard garden. I don’t garden much… just in February. But I really enjoy your blog. And I live near Tree and Twig.

  232. martina says:

    It was while looking how to fix something. Or was it trying to find more info about raising chickens? Anyway it was ages ago. When you stopped the blog after the fella incident, I stopped going, thinking you had quit permanently. Then about six months ago I thought just maybe you were back and have once again been reading your blog daily. YEAH!

  233. Mary Werner says:

    This is one of the few times I won’t be reading your comments – TOO many! I found you a couple years ago while searching for DIY garden globe projects. Never looked back – 1st blog each morning that I read to start my day off right.

  234. Irene says:

    Um, I think it was from Lynne’s blog.
    I then, like many others, went right back to the beginning and had a Karen mega-binge. I stay because you are you. 🙂
    Thank you for being you!

  235. Brenda says:

    Three years ago…Pinterest….Glowing orbs….read that post and several more that day then I came back the next day and then I added you to my favorites….which BTW your blog was the FIRST to make it to my favorites. I will also credit you with kickstarting my DIY journey and getting me started reading the 30+ DIY blogs i read each day (yours is still the first one in my ‘favorites’).

  236. Carol says:

    It’s weird that I remember, considering my finely aged brain, but I do. It was a link to your tree stump table from a comment on another blog I have read for years called My sister reads you every day because I told her to so I am responsible for at least one of your readers.

    You’re welcome.

  237. Miriam says:

    I *think* I got here via a newspaper article that mentioned you. I remembered you from years back when I had the privilege of working with you (many, many moons ago. So many moons that I won’t waste the little time we have left on the planet by counting them). I sent you an email asking about how to put in a patio. I tried lifting the patio stones, then I hired a professional. I think you remembered me too, vaguely.
    Now, I have another question: is there any use for dog poop aside from putting it in the green bin?

  238. Chris says:

    I found you through pinterest. It was the infamous frozen yogurt tampon. Just to be clear, I did not have a yeast infection, just a sick sense of humor.

  239. Sandra says:

    I was reading a Xmas magazine I got from the library (I think I named it the very first time I left a comment) and you were mentioned. I like to support a fellow CDN, so I came to your blog, found that you’re funny as all get out, and subscribed. Haven’t been sorry!

  240. Jodi T. says:

    I believe it was about the time that Pinterest got me so amped up to redo some furniture (never did) or repaint a room (never did) or cook a great meal. Pinterest is the reason I found ALL of my favorite blogs. All I know is I found your blog then started from the beginning and worked my way back (I do this with all of my favorites). We’re basically old friends, Karen!! 😉 The reason I keep coming back is because you are hysterically funny, have a great sense of style, and I love your chickens. ‘Specially Norma. 😀

  241. Tres says:

    About four years, and a one house ago, I was wanting to redo my backyard and I came across “How I Rebuilt My Entire Backyard” ( via a Google search. I showed it to my partner and said, “if a crazy Canadian woman can do this much, I can fix up the deck.”

    I replaced the deck , built a shed for gardening supplies, and have been reading your blog ever since.

  242. Tina says:

    I can’t remember how I found you but am so glad I did. Like so many others, I read you first thing in the morning with my morning coffee. Just have to be careful not to choke while laughing. But you make I y’all worthwhile.

  243. Marion says:

    I have absolutely no idea how I came across your blog. It could easily have been Pinterest, or Design Sponge, or possibly I was looking up how to raise backyard chickens when I was in grad school and procrastinating writing papers while dreaming about my future (which is still chickenless). All I know is I stumbled across your blog, found you hilarious, and now I mention you and your posts so often to my husband that you have become a household name for us. I know that one of the firsts posts I read was the yogurt tampon, so I miiiiight have been looking up ways to get rid of yeast infections. OMG I have no freakin’ clue!!!!! Clearly my brain didn’t retain much information from grad school…

  244. Andrea Ward says:

    The Nester mentioned you on her blog.

  245. Jackie says:

    I found you by some miracle while I was cruising on Pinterest. I don’t remember what it was I was looking at but got connected to your blog & signed up for it. You were my 1st. Aren’t you proud? I have stayed because you are so funny & smart & have interests in many of the things I do. I don’t really follow many blogs except yours. I don’t have the time & they are not as funny or as talented as you.. I can’t wait to see your full new kitchen & follow your garden this year. Thanks, Karen.

  246. Jane C. says:

    I read about your back yard project in Style at Home and have been following your blog ever since. It’s always interesting, and funny, and there are chickens!

  247. Tigersmom says:

    I already told you where I came from.

    This is to show you something I found on Etsy that struck me as something you would love.

    I’m not sure the link is going to work so the shop name is TeslerMendelovitch and she makes amazing real wood skin clutches lined in leather and they are gorgeous. Works of art, really.

  248. Wendy W says:

    Hi Karen, I think it was pinterest. I’m thinking one of the posts about the light globes and sticking Christmas lights in them or the bird hanger, not sure which. I stayed because I like your style and try to read your blog every day. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  249. Heather says:

    Pinterest via cupfakes (side note very disappointing to others in the house if you make them while burning vanilla scented candles. Oops). Also the garden orbs from your backyard. Then I remembered watching some of your pre-blog tv appearances and loved your writing style (it’s very true to your voice).

  250. julie says:

    Darn, I wish I could remember how I found you! I’m pretty sure I was googling something to DIY, but I can’t remember what! BTW, one feature of your blog I particularly like is that commenters get emailed if someone comments on their comment…so convenient if one has asked a question! Also, if someone agrees with you!

  251. Marie says:

    I found you through Design*Sponge. I quickly got bored and dropped them but stuck with you. Your humor and do-able DIYs are what keep me coming back. You’re a keeper!

  252. FlagirlinTN says:

    I found you via Google waaaaayyyyy back from your “How to toilet train your cat” post. I love how you cover such a range of topics, and share your life experiences (good and bad). We fell like we are on the journey with you. Speaking of which, when are “We” going back to the Christie Antique show? Love to see what you take pictures of and what you see as the trends.

    • Karen says:

      Hey! A Christie Antique show post coming up next week! I went last weekend but didn’t have time to fit it in this week. ~ karen!

  253. Sally says:

    Two words: Doc Richardson

  254. Kimberly says:

    I’ve been reading for years but I cant remember exactly how I got here. I’m thinking it may have been while blog hopping. It was possibly through Design Sponge or The Nester, but either way I stayed because you make me laugh. I do remember I read late into the night with lots of laughs! I rarely comment but The Art of Doing Stuff is my fav!

  255. Liene says:

    It was your portable firepit DIY via Design*Sponge.

    And once i found this blog, been reading it ever since. mostly because
    – the DIYs are great and original
    – the articles are super funny and gross at the same time. and that’s what you want from a good blog post.
    – the personal entries that you add here every now and then. lets readers know you’re a real person.

    Plus your taste in decorating is awesome, so lots of new knowledge and ideas from here.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life.

  256. Leslie says:

    I’m pretty sure someone posted a link of one of your chicken coop posts to their facebook page, and I clicked through …

  257. Nans says:

    There was an annual blog award (maybe on Design Sponge) and your site had a lot of votes, so I checked it out.

  258. Kitten Caboodle says:

    I think I found you through a fashion blog called “Go Fug Yourself”. The Fug girls are funny and catty and, c’mon, who doesn’t like giving Gwyneth Paltrow another reason to say something completely batshit crazy in a public forum?

    They post a weekly article called “Fugs and Pieces” which is just a recap of all of the cool, funny, weird things they’ve found on the internet during the week. I tried to locate the exact post they linked but couldn’t find it – they’ve completely overhauled their site since then. But it was enough to make me want to take a closer look around and subscribe.

    It was also how I found McSweeney’ – another source of work-avoidance material. This is one of the funnier articles posted:

  259. Teddee Grace says:

    I don’t recall what prompted me to look at the first of your posts I read…must have been a link from another blog…but I keep reading because you can actually spell and you’re funny and irreverent. Keep going!

  260. Jake says:

    I really don’t remember, but I like to think it was the yogurt tampon. Anyone who comes up with weird stuff like that is my kind of blogger. So I always start my day with your blog, it usually sets the mood for my day.

  261. Tanya B says:

    I came here through Pinterest. I think it was a post about growing garlic. I stayed because anyone who can talk about Scape Porn is someone I want to hear from. 🙂 I couldn’t stop giggling over that one and found that I enjoyed your humor and what you were talking about.

  262. Maribeth says:

    Can’t remember exactly, but it was a link to the awesome chicken coop you built. Then we found the, “Will They Eat That” chicken videos, and laughed and laughed. It was your amazing skills of building and your fantastic sense of humor, which caught my interest.

  263. West Coast Nan says:

    I think it was first through Centsational Girl’s recommendation of blogs to read but then I saw something on Pintrest and really liked the way you wrote about how to reference someone else’s blog and to make sure to give credit to the original poster. I thought it was very diplomatically written, not just Hey, quit ripping off other’s work and calling it your own. I subscribed because I read back through previous posts and really enjoyed your writing style.

  264. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I saw your DIY for the garden globe lights somewhere out there..followed it to your blog..the they history..or herstory..or yourstory..They also say..”A Day Without Karen Is Like A Day Without Sunshine”..actually they didn’t say that..I did..

  265. Nancy W says:

    Found you through the blog Ali Does it Herself. I had googled a DIY which led me to subscribing to her blog. One day she posted a link to your post on how to clean a leek…after being quite entertained by this one post I read a few more and subscribed that day! You are FUNNY. And all the stuff everyone else said! I will look for you on Pinterest, those globes sound cool!
    I love that you post every day, your broad range of topics, your sense of humour, and all the comments. Sometimes I will come back to a post if I see it right when you have sent it out, just to read more comments.
    Thanks for sticking with it.
    ~Nancy W.

  266. Vanessa says:

    I am a bit of a Halloween freak. If there is a reason to dress up I’m there, much to my children’s delight and horror. I like to make/buy one or two new things each year. So I searched Halloween crafts and your feather wreath with the glitter skulls came up. I didn’t make it, it doesn’t go with my overall theme of “witch’s hovel” but I book marked it and came back to visit it every once and awhile. Then about a month ago I came by and flipped to the next post and have been here ever since. I love your humor and writing. and then you posted on the Diva Cup. I laughed, I cried (it was that funny) I sent it to several people. The only thing I’m bummed about is now that I am caught up on all the older posts I only get to read one every day or so. Thanks for the chuckles. (And I have been trying to get my husband to put a waste hole in the counter for YEARS! )

  267. Mary Kay says:

    Your chicken coop – I found it on Pinterest and followed the link back to you. Started reading your blog and thought you were pretty damn funny, so I signed up and stayed. I think it has been over a year since I started reading your blog and I enjoy all your posts, DIY, food, adventures and the chickens!!

    You haven’t done anything on the chickens lately – how are the girls??

  268. Trish R says:

    So, I’m going to say pinterest but I’m not 100% certain on that. If it wasn’t originally via pinterest, it would eventually have been. I stayed because, look at you, you are fabulous. You are a perfect combination of my parents, funny, witty and sarcastic (my dad), hardworking and always improving and doing(my mom). So, that makes us sisters, right?!

  269. Carol says:

    Pre Pinterest reader. I come back daily because of the excellent writing and useful information plus I want to see your finished kitchen.

  270. Trissi V. says:

    You’re chicken coupe was featured on Apartment Therapy…I thought to myself this is the most awesome chicken coupe ever, so I clicked on the link. I then went back and read about 10 posts right then and there and decided, this is a blog that needs to be followed. Been reading regularly ever since.

  271. Ruth says:

    Honestly… I have no idea how I got here, but I stayed because…. stuff. Mainly the threads of hilarity in your posts and the even more hilarious responses in the comments. Then came the chicken coop with the chickens, and I was sucked in before I knew what was happening.

    Along the way, I discovered that there were no true soups, pies, squares or chips in my Jamaican culture… so I developed a new category: Truly Jamaican… and carried on while munching on chips made from thin slices of green banana. *crunch-crunch*

  272. Kate says:

    Found you through a pinterest post of the coop. Stay so I can say I know a Canadian. 🙂

  273. Thera says:

    I was reading a post on Apartment Therapy and someone commenting had a link, when I clicked I recognized you from your t.v. days and started reading your posts and checking things out 🙂

  274. kate-v says:

    your blog was mentioned or referenced in someones blog – I can’t remember whose – it’s been a few years back. I’ve raised back yard chickens and kept a garden and done so many home repairs by myself over the years (45) – just not the roof. because i’ve always had to do it myself, your over all theme struck a chord with me.

  275. Debbie says:

    I was searching for something on the internet and your site came up. The preview lines looked interesting and I liked the name of the blog, so I clicked. I was laughing hysterically and read it to my husband. He was laughing hysterically, so I knew I had to subscribe.

    I find it comforting that you are real and share that reality. You do it with a wonderful sense of humor. You don’t shy away from any topic and you respond to your readers.

    I’ve become a bit more than a DIYer and more confident in trying thanks to your posts. I love that you have chickens!

  276. Fran P. says:

    I saw an article in a magazine that featured you and mentioned your blog. I also remembered you from your days with Lucy Z. We live in the same beautiful town and that is a real connection, although your blog obviously has world wide appeal. Many of us come back daily to start our day with a smile or to learn something we didn’t know we needed to know. We miss you on the weekends.

  277. Kathy Hartzell says:

    I was in midst of designing a new kitchen for my near the beach house…and wanted it to have a certain LOOK that wasn’t out of a kitchen mag….wanted the whole house to have some look evocative of my Swedish relatives’ sommerhuses (yeah, I know that isn’t a real word) …and my search took me to a particular post about your living room that was to feature Ina Canadian design mag….and despirte the pic of you with those enviable abs and all posing with the fish, I was hooked (I did not plan that, really, I didn’t).

    I DO things. I fix things. Learned to hang wallpaper when I was ten, Sheetrock taping at 11, refinished my first Goodwill dresser at 11 also. So I love to see what other people do THEMSELVES as opposed to having it all done for them….

    I invented the artichoke broken light bulb removal system all by myself (o.k. The carrot was a hint) because it was funnier than the carrot trick. Of we were neighbors, we would trade veggies.

  278. Debra says:

    I found you through a Pinterest search for chicken coop design. I think it was 2 years ago. I loved your coop immediately and quickly became hooked to your blog. I do not follow any other blogs but I found myself checking your blog first thing in the morning while I was still laying in bed. You give me a few laughs to start my day. I am also an avid DIY’er and thoroughly get off on men being amazed at what I can all do. I am woman…hear me roar 🙂
    Love you Karen!

  279. Kat says:

    Through a website I go to often – She has a list of “Creative Folks Who Inspire” and I was checking those out. This was several months ago and now I always follow that link. I LOVE your blog. It is so full of useful information and you always make me laugh! Thanks.

  280. Margaret says:

    I’m not 100% sure but I think I was googling and found your article about how to fold a fitted sheet and then I recognized you from TV and was so happy to see you I went down a rabbit hole and now I read your site every few days and get caught up. There’s still some old stuff I haven’t read which I eventually plan to. I loved you on CFMT (I thought it was Rogers but you say it wasn’t so I guess I have to believe you) and I love your blog even more since you say whatever you want. I want more videos though. Your facial expressions are the best.

  281. melanie says:

    I found you on interest via the side table you made from a log. Then I read a few other posts and was completely entertained. When you wrote the open letter to Idris , you got me good. I visit your site daily now.

  282. Sera says:

    It was years ago, but I know it was Design Sponge. Now I read your blog nearly every day, way more often than DS. Your writing is fantastic, entertaining, educational. And where my projects usually peter out before I’d ever really show them, your end results are always amazing. I think your backyard project was the first thing and it was obviously amazing. But then you also write things like how to cut up a mango and I don’t feel so overwhelmed. You’re very approachable, encouraging, you swear, and sometimes you even comment back (!) which so many big bloggers don’t do (I understand why, it’s busy, hard work, but you do it anyway).
    Thanks for being you!

  283. Naomi says:

    I bought a pair of tights and put a run in them the first day. I googled darning and your blog came up. It looked familiar, and then I remembered that the city paper did an article on you, and that we live in the same town. Read some posts, thought you were hilarious, and learned a lot of new things. It was the learning new things part that brought me back.

  284. Amanda says:

    Design sponge. Tree stump side table, I think.

  285. jainegayer says:

    I think I found you via Pinterest and I think it’s been about a year. I too spent a couple of days catching up on previous posts and I knew you were a “keeper” after watching the yogurt vagina popsicle video.
    You inspire me to DIY and you’re funny, very funny.

  286. Rachel says:

    I found you on the sidebar of a friend’s blog. She has lots of blogs she follows but your blog subjects always stood out to me (because they are random, hilarious or fill me with curiosity) and so one day I clicked on yours, started reading and it’s been fantastic ever since.

  287. Amie says:

    Design sponge and yeast infection yogourt tampon. Once I clicked over twice, I knew we would be a great team, if only in my head.

  288. jeannie B says:

    I seem to think it was when my Calico cat had marks on her white chin and your blog came up on Google, referring to cat acne. The remedy was sponging her chin with apple cider vinegar, which I did, to her displeasure. Her chin cleared up and I have been a follower ever since. I love your sense of humour and your willingness to tackle projects that I would rather leave to tradespeople now . And, I love to read everyone’s comments . It’s like, having “invisible, interesting friends” from all over the globe. Cheers Karen!

  289. Carole McGinnis says:

    I found some cut up logs and thought if I put 3 together I could make a little coffee table. I googled tree stump table and I found YOU. I was hooked from that one post. I pretty much printed and read all of your other posts from there. I love learning how to do things and you make it so doable, and I love your writing.

  290. Adrienne in Atlanta says:

    Garden globes on Pinterest were my intro to you, as well. I scrolled through some comments above and it seems there are a lot of us. After the discovery of those beauties, I spent many days reading older posts and sending them to other people. I laughed hardest at the CrossFit post, which I think I got everyone I know to read. Even now, I can picture your little face in the picture of you in the street. Went on to seriously envy your front yard veggie garden as well as the chicken coop.

    Thank for sharing so many experiences with us, for better or worse! I start my day in bed with you, too (…and my iphone). I typically read your words before saying any to anyone else.

    I will reiterate those above who have noted how great it is that you read the comments and respond. Adds a lot to the “experience”. Yours is the only blog where reading the comments is a natural extension of reading the post itself. Keep up the good work!

  291. Bianca says:

    I was a volunteer blogger for Dwell with Dignity and I was looking for craft ideas. I found your blog via Apartment Therapy and a post about making some sort of magazine holder?? out of wood strips or something or other. Then I started poking around and got inspired to start canning and making all sorts of things… much to husband’s chagrin, he thinks I’m a total weirdo for all my homemade stuff. But I am naturally curious and constantly looking for new projects or new ways to do things, and your site keeps it fresh!

  292. Tawnya says:

    I’m about 90% sure I found you from Pinterest. I think it was your outdoor globe lights that I stumbled across then came here and read about them. And kept reading. It’s your writing that hooked me. You’re funny, witty and honest. Plus I generally dig your style.

  293. Joylyn says:

    I found your site because another blogger suggested you (I think it might have been Centsational Girl and her best of the blogosphere). It was a post about your decor, and I loved your style (I think this was the post that I originally visited: I kept coming back for your sense of humor and the wide variety of topics you cover. You are so very interesting and real and I like that! Your life experiences (breakups, triumphs, chickens, remodeling, etc) resonate with me a lot, and I love your perspective on it all.

  294. Kirsten says:

    I think someone linked to your Earth Hour story and I got annoyed with the title because I thought it was anti-ecofriendly and all that crap so I went in with my pitchfork. Promptly set it down and laughed my butt off. And here I am, a couple years later.

  295. Emily says:

    I clicked through from Centsational Girl. One of the first posts I saw was the orb lights in your backyard. I LOVE those. I kept reading because your writing style is entertaining, your design style is right on, and your entire home is not already perfect. I’ve stopped following some blogs because they are just posting style tips or makeovers from their already-awesome home… I guess I prefer a more dramatic before-and-after!

  296. Wendi Miller says:

    I can’t remember what info I was looking for, but I remember I did a google search for “it”. And when I clicked on the link to The Art of Doing Stuff, I laughed SO HARD!!! I had never subscribed to a blog before, but I signed up right away and have enjoyed the ride ever since 🙂

  297. Wendy says:

    I found you when your article about your backyard project was in “Style at Home” magazine. I thought you were completely nuts, and I would never have done such a thing on my own. However, I thought your writing was snappy, and I loved your backyard. I appreciate your sense of humour, and that you wear red jeans while you garden/harvest. I get that you spend a lot of money on your hair and stove, making it necessary to be resourceful in other areas. That’s why I stick around, even though I’m thinking of not reading “A Beautiful Mess” anymore (young hipsters making chic coctails, painting kitchen shelves yellow, and wearing floral dresses with very romantic tutorials on how to do crazy braided updo hairstyles). I am also thinking of not reading “The Happiness Project” because my inability to be a habitual abstainer is starting to make me feel . . . unhappy.

    That’s my story.


  298. janet james says:

    I think someone shared you on facebook and I was totally hooked. It is because almost every post I laugh out loud! I love laughing out loud even when I am all alone! I started reading not too long before the fella left –I hated him for you and then felt sorry for him because I decided he realized he just wasn’t good enough. well anyway that is how I got through it. I must admit, I still read the DIY stuff and dream but I always seem to get the job done, thought through the process and even have checked the plan out with others and supposedly I am right on target…but a year later that project needs to be redone…I have decided it costs more for me to do and have it redone later so I just let someone come in and do it! still love learning. Have a geat summer.

  299. lizzy says:

    i waste a lots time on blogs thinking I will learn to be a productive member of society by either writing one or doing something that they recommend or post about. I can’t remember how I came across yours. No recollection…. but unlike most others, I subscribed and am hooked. I think its because I live with 4 boys (my husband and 3 kids) and I dream of a life like yours! I am a dreamer, you are a doer- good match. I feel like I’m doing when I read your blog, but really I’m just dreaming more, which is fun. (:

  300. Susan says:

    I’m pretty sure it was a Design Sponge about the home-made fire pit. The photo was so good, that even though I don’t really need one, as we don’t sit outside here after dark due to the local mountain lions and bobcats. I clicked on the link to see how it was made. After I read that, I read more, and I’m pretty sure it was when I got to the post about the frozen yogurt tampon that I knew I’d be reading this blog regularly. I no longer look at Design Sponge, but I read your blog mostly daily. I like the things to make. I’d probably like the recipes if I didn’t have to cook only low-fat items for my husband who had a stroke several years ago. He’s restricted to 15 grams of fat per day. Few of your dishes are low fat, which is fine because your diet doesn’t need to be, but it makes your recipes mouth-wateringly useless for us.

  301. Sheryl says:

    Don’t remember how I got here but the blog about HOT YOGA hooked me. Wish they were all that funny.

  302. Laura Bee says:

    I am sure I was looking through Google images & came across you. Might have been the orbs – but I know I was not looking for orbs lol. I stayed because you’re so damn funny & smart. I like re-purposing things & making my own stuff too.
    Is there any way we can search for our comments?

  303. Barb H. says:

    Karen, who knows how I found you but I did and I am here to stay. It’s all about Attitude. Attitude, Attitude, and woman you have the kind of attitude I love. There isnt anything you arent afraid to tackle, and you do it with such a unique style and sense of humor that there isnt another blog that can stand up to yours. Thank you for being so real about everything and having the courage to be you.

  304. Grammy says:

    Googled something I wanted to fix or make. I don’t remember what it was, but when I read your post on whatever it was I just loved it, then when I got whatever it was fixed or made, I wasted the rest of the day going back and reading your archives. Then the next day, and so on, till I caught up and put an RSS feed in my folder so I could check it out daily, then subscribed to your mailing list.

    Why do I keep coming back? You figure out why. Perhaps a therapist would be the one to better explain.

  305. Becky says:

    I googled how to make a stump table, two years later I still don’t have my own table done, but I’ve enjoyed your posts ever since.

  306. Carlene says:

    Pinterest! Can’t remember which DIY project.

    • Carlene says:

      Just remembered — it was the outdoor globes. I thought they were so cool, and I liked your photos and your sense of humor, so I started following the blog.

  307. Ellen Phillippe says:

    Found your blog when I was selling and giving away furniture, etc. Lovedlovedloved that you got rid of almost everything, painted it white and started over. I did the same thing. My home didn’t end up in a magazine….. but, it is going to be used for a movie location. The shoot is this month for 4 days and I’m excited.

  308. Wendy says:

    I saw your DIY fireplace on Steven and Chris while I was on mat leave nursing the baby 4 years ago. I looked you up and haven’t stopped laughing!

  309. Barbara says:

    I saw something on another blog I was following. Clicked on it because of the title. I was following many, all being fed to my email I created just for blogs. I wanted to know “the art of doing stuff.” Couldn’t get enough of how-to. I’m over most of it. (Haven’t done any of it.) I have since subscribed to just two of my favorites on my personal email, of which yours is one. Two blogs I am willing to read every chance (post) I get. Two blogs that keep me entertained and inspire my mind. Thanks for being one of my favorites! (BTW – the other blog I read regularly has nothing to do with “how-to.” Totally different direction, love it just as much.)

  310. Lisa says:

    I think it was D*S, and I went back and searched their site. It must have been the Backyard Overhaul, which means I’ve been reading since about 2010!

    I think your Kitchen Remodel will gain you a sizeable number of new followers as well.

    Without resorting to year-long, back-breaking projects to get new traffic, I tend to forward to my friends the posts on the simple DIY like the glass firepit and the dollar store DIY like the black feather boa Halloween wreath. I’m always digging those up.

    Personally, I refer to the recipe sections quite frequently too. Pizza dough, most recently.

    You are also the first blog I read every morning.

  311. Angie says:

    Hello Karen!
    I found you by searching for a recipe for curried chicken salad. Yours IS the best. 🙂

    I also really love your cashew chicken recipe. Would love to see more recipes 🙂

  312. Heather says:

    I found you via google on potty training your cat something a long those lines. I have been hooked ever since! I even won a prize once! Your writing style and variety keep me coming back. Plus I have a special place in my heart for Canadians. Thanks for being you! FYI never did potty train my cats

  313. katty says:

    I found you way before the chicken coup. It was not Pinerest. In fact, I took YOU to Pinterest- slicing onions with a potato skin slicer- not sure that’s the word, my English fails me at times. Anyway, I must have come here through another blog because that’s how I found most of the blogs I started following back then. I think yours is the only blog I still follow from that time. What keeps me is the “ingredients” in your blog: the humour, yours adventures, your projects (have done none, but love looking at. What will Karen come up with next?), your family and friends, the photos (forever interesting: the antique fair, the farms) that provide cultural context , the videos, the crazy conversations you have with people around you and your followers, I liked the fella and the fella’s father (but will not miss the fella if you don’t, and we’ll always think the best of the fella’s father (I appreciated the fact you let us in in his passing, and that you did so in such a caring, loving and honouring way). I also like your hair!

  314. Luanne says:

    It was a Google search for one of the following:
    1. Chicago Fig
    2. Cold Frames
    3. Idris Elba

    Oddly, within a few days you showed up in a Google search for one (or two) of the others. It tweaked, you were fun to read, and once I realized we wouldn’t have to have a leg wrestle over Idris, I figured I’d stick around. 🙂

  315. Julie says:

    well, grant is my uncle and he told me to! 🙂 he mentioned that you write this great blog that i would really relate to so i started “dabbling” in the karen. then i saw the picture of you and realized you were _that_ karen! the one i used to watch on tv! i really enjoyed watching you on your spots (cfmt?) and missed you when you left.

    i stopped dabbling and started immersing. although i don’t comment often (or at all!) i do enjoy reading you. your back garden has got me salivating and i need what you have in my yard! 🙂

  316. Vanessa says:

    I found you when I was researching vinyl composite tile, no kidding. And then I installed some using your tutorial, and then I just kept coming back because you are interesting and hilarious and your tutorials are awesome. Also because I live vicariously through you as I’d like to have chickens but live on a boat, so I can’t

  317. Elen says:

    Honestly, I can’t remember how I got here. It was probably a link from another site, or it was a Google search. Ha. I just wrote Goggle search. I stay because: 1) You’re a Canadian lifestyle blogger, so I’m going to get some Canadian content, and actually be able to find/buy most of what you’re talking about. 2) You’re too, too, too funny! 3) I went to PEI and visited Brenda Watts because of your blog. And bought some nice wood, including my French rolling pin, which looks like the one in the last post of your kitchen. 4) You’re just around the lake from me. 5) I like the variety in your posts. 6) Did I mention that you’re just too funny?

    Since I’ve been reading this blog, you’ve been highlighted in my Feed Finds more than once, and I’ve sent you some readers. You’re welcome. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Karen. Cheers!

  318. Emily says:

    Hi Karen, I found you in a search for modern gardens/backyards. I had just bought a house and was ready to start DIYing my own backyard. Mine is still in the process and will never be as beautiful as yours, but I will keep trying 🙂 I keep coming back because I love that photo of you holding that fish!!!

  319. Suzy says:

    Recently,while trolling on Pinterest for a great, by great I mean different, unique, weird idea for my garden, I came upon your lovely light fixture globes. You “spoke” to me. Directing light and energy to my need to create and reuse things. Oh, and thanks to all the other interesting things on your blog I have yet to get to those lights…been binge-reading the last three years!

  320. LAURA GERBER says:

    Holy carts that’s a crazy response rate! I remember exactly – I was trying to find some creative way to hold a gate open for a client and google led me to your post about the rare earth magnets. That’s all it took. I was hooked.

  321. I have no idea. I am prerty sure it was from another blogger recommendation but I dont know for sure. May have been a Google thing but I am less sure of that. I stayed because I read a few posts and they were so funny and well written. I also was drawn in because I recognized you from the television and because you were canadian. Since then I have discovered you live in the same area as me and I like to support local And I know that the products u use places you shop and garden info is actually applicable to me. So many bloggers r american and their sources are lost to me.
    Also I would like you to know that at one time I had about 10 blogs I followed regularly and now two kids later yours is the only one worthy of regular reading. Though I confess not every day.

  322. Alicia says:

    I found you a couple years ago just searching for random garden ideas. I read a post about putting Christmas lights into old glass fixture globes to make soft glowing garden orbs. Pretty sure I spent the next 4 hours of my work day reading your posts and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love your attitude and your writing style. I love that I won a Baindridge Farms sign from you and you told me (and everyone else) via a little robot with a flag bearing my name video. I totally think that’s the xoolest thing that ever happened to me…my name is featured in an adorable video on my favorite blog!! I WIN!!

  323. Alicia says:

    Damn typing on my phone while trying to avoid detection at work!!

  324. Anita says:

    I wish I could remember what brought me to your site, but I’m thinking it was a little over a year ago. Your blog is in my bloglovin feed so I don’t miss a post. I think what keeps me interested are your quirky/fun/funny posts, and awesome DIY’s. I basically want to do everything you do (except raise chickens, too allergic to those feathers). You are like an accessible (much younger) Martha Stewart to me, which is high praise in my book! 🙂

  325. Safetydog says:

    I probably came through a link on another blog, probably following a recipe. I stay because you are intelligent, funny, clever, real, and never stop asking questions. I now regard my maple tree, washing machine, and yogurt in a whole new light.

  326. Darcy says:

    I found your site because of that amazing chicken coop you built. Nicole at MakingItLovely featured you on one of her little Friday link things and I thought (and think) that it was gorgeous and couldn’t believe it was DIY. I went to your blog, read through all coop related posts, and in doing so realized you were a funny lady. I stay for your writing style. I miss the dollarama things.

  327. Jane says:

    I think it was the globes via StumbleUpon. It was before the chickens but after the backyard renovation or at the end of that project.

    I read every day. I stay because I like the variety of content and love the humor, wit and writing. It is one of the few blogs where I read all the comments .

  328. gabrielle says:

    I found you via googling about problematic housecleaning issues. I don’t remember what exactly; likely either home-remedy for stains or possibly organizing the fridge. I was knee deep into cleaning a 1872 farmhouse that some generations of my husbands family never saw the need to do. It was intense, sun up to sun down for at least 6 months. But you made me really laugh, offered more help than I can remember, and cheered me on – I wanted this place CLEAN, FIXED and ORGANIZED, god damm it – and if the husband didn’t notice the difference, I knew you would be there nodding in approval!

    I don’t regularly read many blogs – really only one other ( – but your mix hilarity and extreme relevance to my life means you make the short list.

  329. Jill says:

    I think it was from Pioneer Woman – a long time ago. I like you better. The stuff I like most is the DIY posts and of course anything involving your mother.

  330. Maureen says:

    Someone shared one of your DIY posts on Facebook and bam! A follower 🙂

  331. Debbie says:

    I know it was a link from another blog. I think it was The Nester a few years ago.

    I stay for the writing. I love your humor. You post some great DIY’s and why didn’t I think of that’s. There’s any number of reasons I’m here.

  332. Kathryn says:

    I’ve been mulling this over for a while now. I think I saw a reference to your blog in a magazine. I think there was a picture of wood. I think it was last fall. Now my head hurts. I think I’ll just forget about it and thank God I found you.

  333. Nancy Burdeniuk says:

    I remember how I came to your website. I was reading the article in the Canadian Gardening magazine about how your had converted your front yard to a vegetable plot. The article mentioned your website so I checked it out. I’ve never left, read it everyday and am stalking the magazine racks checking to see if the new edition of Canadian Living has your kitchen because I am dying to see it.
    Funny thing about my first visit to your site, I saw the link to your house in Style at Home. I absolutely love what you did with your house and I remember loving it when I saw it in the magazine. Actually that was the ” clincher” for me and why I visit the site daily. Love your style and your irreverent attitude.

  334. kimba says:

    Pinterest was my gateway drug to you… It was the outdoor table firepit thing that you made with the square planter and glass panes from the dollar store. I read that post, started clicking, and subscribed right away. Your DIY projects are awesome, your DIY explanations are very understandable, and you totally crack my shit up… 🙂 Thanks for doing what you do!

  335. Doria says:

    how did I get here? darned if I recall. Why are my friends here? cuz I sent this link to “em.

  336. Amber says:

    I was looking for info on when to start seeds for a garden, and found your calender. I’d love to see something on how to organize a garden/flower yard for the clueless: what to think about, where to put it, etc. Damn the closets anyways! They’ll never get organized! I’d rather play in the mud.

  337. Jan Keeton says:

    I read the article in “Style at Home” on your garden makeover. Your blog address was listed and ever since I’ve been a faithful follower. Obviously I really enjoy your blog as I quote you on a regular basis, “Karen says…”. On a persoanl note I’m in the process of moving from Vancouver back to Ontario. After last winter not something I’m looking forward to. However , was delighted when I realized you too lived south-west of Toronto. Not sure why I was delighted but somehow it made me feel as though I already had an acquaintance there. Keep up the good work. Jan

  338. Brian says:

    I love the blog!

    I stumbled onto your post when I was looking how to screenprint at home… Yahoo search led me to you, and the fact that I laughed my butt off as I learnt (learned?) how to do it got me to bookmark & regularly read you. Thank you

  339. Linda J. says:

    I remember exactly. It was my daughter Erica who introduced me to The Art of Doing Stuff and to you, Karen.
    She showed me the video of you waking up the Fella and a few others. We laughed and had a good time. Thank you! I now quote you and share your stories to people as if you are a close friend of mine. Always sharing with them how to get to know you as well. Love the variety of your posts and the characters involved.

  340. Shannon Floyd says:

    Pinterest. Not sure if it was the globes or the coop. Or something else. But I LOVE to DIY. Possibly more than you. I refuse to pay money for anything if I can possibly do it myself. I usually figure it out the hard way :-), sound familiar? So I stuck around to see if I could learn anything. I have. And been very entertained to boot!

  341. Lara says:

    You were in some kind of top blog contest. I happened on it by accident. As I perused the short list, I remembered your name (and face) as a presenter on GTA TV from long ago and I have been a reader ever since. You didn’t win the contest, but I think you should have.

  342. Nancy says:

    I had visited your blog via Centsational Girl first, then saw you on CHCH morning news demonstrating your ‘pillow made from dollar store car washing mitts’ and was hooked! That was in your early days I think? Have laughed out loud many many times, and re-read your posts over and over. Am a Huge Fan!

  343. Barbie says:

    Welp….my story isn’t gong to help you much but I think you may like it anyway. Ya know…the curiosity thing.
    My dear friend told me about this blog she read where the blogger secretly planted garlic in her elderly neighbors yard because she had a better space and more sun! LOL I instantly thought “Now that is a woman after mine own heart” !!! I read that blog post at her house and promptly came home and subscribed and have enjoyed your humor most everyday since…..even when I can’t read it that same day I stock pile them and read them all at once when I have a chance to relax.

  344. Meg says:

    I’m pretty sure my first visit was after a Google search on how to grow garlic. I followed your instructions and it turned out great! So I’m a learner… and I think you’re writing is hilarious.

  345. Jody says:

    I believe I found you through Centsational Girl. Now that I have a Pinterest account, that is probably how I would find you these days. Beautiful pictures drew me in and your humor hooked me.

  346. Kelly says:

    I came to you through Pinterest because I was attracted to your globes. Specifically your garden globe lights. Once I found your blog I read almost every entry back to day one, including the chicken coop posts, even though I have absolutely no interest in urban chicken raising. Your writing style brings me back day after day, and I appreciate how you share personal bits and pieces in addition to the kick-ass tips and tutorials. And now that I am the proud owner of the fabulous pig s&p shakers, I look forward to seeing more whimsical and stylish home goods from you that I can win, copy or find for myself. Pinterest is most definitely your friend.

  347. Denise says:

    I found your blog while searching google for how to fix my Bbq grill ingiter. 3 days later, I had read every page. I love to learn how to do things. Mostly, I hate to ask for it to be done……. over and over again. I am annoyed by the sound of my own nagging. I am sure most people can relate to that. I love the way you write, you are so funny and awesome!! Another favorite was how to fold a fitted sheet. I read you every day and I will be around as long as you are!!! 🙂

  348. Andrea Pearson says:

    My 26 yr old daughter found you and shared your blog with me just today, I think I am hooked! Love it, I am laughing, crying, screaming yes!!

    • Karen says:

      It … it sounds like I’ve given you an orgasm Andrea. Not sure whether to high five or apologize to you. ~ karen

  349. Lynette Dick says:

    I am Canadian and currently living in the USA so any time I can get a little Canada back in my life I jump at it. I enjoy your humour and wit and sometimes get a little homesick when I read your posts. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  350. Shannon says:

    I found you by searching for “organizing” in Feedly. Then I got hooked on your printing on fabric…then it was the DIY and frankly, I haven’t disliked a post yet. This blog is one of two that is in the “must read” category and it’s the first one that I read of the two. Just love your humor and topics!

  351. Laura N. says:

    Centsational Girl had a link or something on her blog or maybe an article on you or something. I just remember it was from her blog I found your blog. I keep coming back because of the variety of your posts, your decorating style and your garden.

  352. kerry says:

    I googled ‘diy blogs’, ‘home decor blogs’ and up you came. It happened to be when the fella ran away from home, and I double-checked to see if I had googled ‘sad break-ups’ instead. A couple of days later I was watching chickens doing chicken stuff. I decided to try again – and I had a winner! I like the way you string words together, your humor and the diy and home decor. Now I see your name come up in other blogs, and Pinterest… I’m in the US so haven’t seen the Canadian magazines.

  353. Jennifer says:

    I’m pretty sure I found your blog from a link in Centsational Girl. (I think it was the post about you re-decorating your house all in one fell swoop.) Hers was one of the first blogs I ever read. I used to have only 3 bookmarked — Kate’s, yours, and YHL. I am actively interested in almost everything you write about, so that made it easy to keep reading. As so many other commenters have said, it’s your authenticity and quirky, dark sense of humor and your ability to communicate that through writing that keep me coming back daily, first thing. I can’t write well or tell stories coherently, but I admire those who can! Thank you for being you, and sharing yourself with your loyal fans!

  354. Melissa says:

    I came via Pinterest after pinning the recipe for the best crunchy sweet potato fries. I didn’t stop at the pin, but actually jumped to your blog site, made the fries and then poked around for a few days on your blog and decided to become a disciple—, er, subscriber.

  355. Kori says:

    I feel like it was the chicken coop. But once I got here I was stuck, I read almost your whole blog Ina about a week. At work. During work hours. It was insane, and I was hooked and that was about 3 or 4 years ago. I love your writing, and your in canada, and you’re funny!

  356. Melissa Helm says:

    A friend of mine sent me an e-mail about his new chicken coop and attached a link to your sight because he envied your coop and had tried to copy it. I pulled up your blog, read the back posts and have been hooked since. I keep reading because you’re so creative and fearless and you make me laugh.

  357. Jasmine says:

    I don’t remember the exact post, but I’m sure I was doing ‘The Google” (my kids HATE it when I talk like that, so of course I talk like that whenever I can), and I’m pretty sure it was a crafty thing, probably “I Love Dollar Stores”. So I started to read back posts and was hooked when I saw the yogurt tampon. Pure genius. You’re one of two blogs I read but you might be my favourite because you taught me the word ‘asshead’ (also used whenever it’s remotely appropriate). The other blog belongs to my son. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t say absolute favourite.

  358. Kari says:

    I am pretty sure I found you via Centsational Girl, but it was definitely through another blogger. Once I clicked over I recognized your house from your feature in Style At Home years ago, which I loved! Also, I had watched you host one of those DIY reality shows. I’ve been reading for maybe a couple of years, and your writing is hilarious and as well as informative. Plus, I enjoy reading fellow Canadian blogs. I’m definitely not going away anytime soon! Love what we have seen of your kitchen reno so far, can’t wait to see the whole thing together!

  359. mary says:

    Ohhhhh…easy to remember……your awesome backyard makeover featured on some other website. Loved the yard makeover…..checked previous posts….and I’ve been hooked every since. Your blogs a fun read and I learn something too. Keep it up!

  360. Jenni says:

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for woodworking projects – your tree stump side table popped up. I was hooked immediately and i keep coming back because you are so darn entertaining and have some great projects. 🙂

  361. Stephanie says:

    Found you via Google search for “how to grow sweet potato slips”. Saw your silly drawing of sweet potato & great explanation of your process. Thought to myself who in the world writes of these things on their chic looking blog? So I poked around & discovered your hilarious, eclectic, variety of information & experiments (ie, milk in homemade eye patch for burns) Signed up right away & forwarded links to all my friends that I thought would ‘get’ you. Probably been at least two years with ya now. Dont change too much, really love what you’re doing. Plus you choose great ad sponsors/artisans on your sidebar thingy.

  362. Jamie says:

    The chickens brought me here…

  363. Zoe says:

    My friend forwarded me your chicken curry recipe – then I snooped around and stuck around. Appreciated the posts on different topics from cooking to DIY and also your humour.
    Also really like that you interact with your readers and respond to comments.

  364. joanne says:

    I think I found you through the light orbs on Pinterest. You are so funny and have such great ideas that I have read almost all of your posts. Thanks for sharing your ideas and the intimate (sometimes very intimate) details of your life with us. Also, I live in Burlington so we are practically neighbours!

  365. Shelby says:


  366. Bonnie says:

    Canadian Gardening magazine article featuring growing vegetables in the front garden. I come back to your blog because I enjoy your writing style, combining humor with informative information. Thank you for making me smile.

  367. Dana says:

    I was trying really hard to recall, i think I came across your blog through your house tour/feature somewhere else online…it’s been a while. I’ve stayed tuned in because you’re down right funny and truly crack me up and i love design and DIY!

  368. Brenda says:

    Read about blog in magazine I think Canadian House and Home and checked it out. It is now one of my weekly blogs I read over coffee on the weekend. I enjoy the variety of posts and your writing makes me smile. Plus happy Canadian blogger!!

  369. HIROMI says:

    I found u while I was looking for a recipe of curried chicken salad. And I was astonished by how you hated your trainer who taught you that recipe. And I loved it.
    Btw, I am reading your blog from Japan!

  370. marina says:

    I’m not sure how I stumbled across ” The Orange Peel Fella”, On The Just for Fun Friday Post. Thought it was hilarious and had to try it.

  371. No matter how many times I hit “newer comments”, I can’t see past the first 100 of the 300+ comments. Is anyone else having this problem? Of course, I probably won’t be able to see your answer. LOL Karen?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Elen! Try again. I think you *are* actually seeing the newer comments, they just seem to be numbered improperly for some reason. Each page is saying comments 1-100 but they’re really 1-100 then 100-200 then 200-300 and so on. I’ll also try to fix that from within. ~ karen!

  372. taria says:

    I think I found you while googling for back yard ideas and found your makeover for that. I followed for probably years. I left for a good while after the ‘gay’ stuff for reasons I explained then. I have started peeking in occasionally. Your sense of humor and ability to try everything is what makes your blog appealing for me. The how to do stuff not the how to think stuff.

  373. Wayne says:

    Selina found you on Lifehacker for your tabletop firepit. We thought it was really cool so we checked out the rest of your site. You were funny and had all kinds of cool DIY stuff. Then we Liked your page on Facebook. The rest as they say….is history 😉

  374. Sherri says:

    I was looking at Google images of chicken coops, trying to figure out size and design for my own chickens’ new home. I followed the image to your blog and settled in for a long stay. Say hi to the pink tool belt sister!

  375. Kristi says:

    Hi Karen,
    I googled ”how to build a cold frame”, read your post (and about 2 hours worth of additional posts) and have been a raving fan, hooked, ever since! I will try anything, and it is so much fun to read your posts and relate. You’ve given me many great ideas and even more inspiration! Love it!!
    Brooklin, ON

  376. Bre-anne says:

    Found you through Design*Sponge and before I knew it the afternoon was gone and I was waist deep in your archives. I’ve basically never left. There are a few reasons: your personal aesthetic and mine have a fair amount of overlap. I enjoy your sense of humor that doesn’t come at anyone’s expense but your own. Your projects are ambitious but truly doable. You’ve built a beautiful life you love through hard work and ingenuity. I admire that. And I keep reading.

  377. Emily says:

    No recollection of how I happened upon you, Karen, but your voice and writing are number one. I am most definitely not a DIY-er, and though I have chickens, I’ve not once collected an egg or filled their water. Kids and husband take care of that. So the content is interesting, but it is your perspective that I look forward to reading.

  378. Nancy says:

    It was through another blog site I’m sure, only I don’t remember which one. I come back for your weird sense of humor because I totally get it! I read most posts although I’m not much of a DIYer, I get inspired and I LOVE your Christmas calendar. It was a real lifesaver this last year.

  379. Larita says:

    I’m not entirely sure, but I think I found you through the Centsational Girl blog, a link to when you redid your backyard. Yeah, it’s been a few years. I come back because a) you’re Canadian and good Canadian bloggers are hard to come by and b) even your dullest posts make me giggle. I love how inappropriate you are sometimes because even after several years of reading your blog, it never ceases to clash with the picture I have of you in my head.

  380. Hazo says:

    The article about your backyard reno. Loved it. Checked your website. Have been here ever since….daily. Love your humour, writing and all the great variety of things you tackle. Have enjoyed them all, but I think Idris is my favourite.

  381. kelliblue says:

    Funny, I have NO recollection of how I got here. I’m just glad I did. I think it was probably via another website or blog, but like many have said, I stayed because of your amazing writing, your hilarious stories, your ‘out of the box’ ideas, and the fact that–as another single woman–you give me the gumption (yes, i said gumption!) to do things that I might never have thought of before. You truly are an inspiration. You’re the only blogger I have on my long RSS feed list. 🙂

    OH! PS! I found a stump! (no mean feat in an apt complex, lemme tell you) It’s big and heavy and I have no idea how to get it to my place, but I’m keeping my eye on it…because I never knew I needed a stump side table till I read your post about that very thing. 🙂

  382. Emma Dickson says:

    I was looking for ideas on shelving and found you in your basement making shelves! Then I found your coop – I’ve had layers for years and then there was an article about leveling a cement floor … (I have an unlevel one). I also enjoy the articles about your front yard garden. I stay because I enjoy your DIY attitude and the humour you find along the way. Thanks for all the research you share.

  383. Ellen says:

    I think it was a reference from another blogger, quite a long time ago – in the first year I think. I’ve stayed for your sense of humour, and I like to know how to do things even if I never do them. I really like that you are Canadian, cuz there aren’t many Canadian bloggers. And I LIKE YOU – and Betty, and the other people in your life. I really liked The Fella’s Father, and I am very sorry he is gone. Good thing I didn’t know about the funeral – I might have shown up, & how can you say you’ll miss someone you only know second hand over the net?
    Anyway, keep it up — my husband & I talk about you as if we know you in real life.
    (Were you in Ottawa today- I saw 2 women who looked like you)

  384. Kelly says:

    I’m not sure which one specifically, but I’m sure it was a DIY project. I came back because I appreciate your humor, candidness, and willingness to try anything. Your recent blog about not being afraid to mess up meant a lot to me and not just because I’ve had a set of dining room chairs to redo in the garage for 6ish years. Your willingness to try and sharing what you learned is fantastic.

  385. Jean says:

    Dont remember how I got here and I don’t do stuff. It’s the laughs. That’s why I keep coming back. And also to rejoice with you when you meet Mr. Right. the picture wih the fish – keep that.

  386. cwtodd says:

    I followed a link from Centsational Girl 2 years ago. You were building the chicken coop and the post about you and pink tool belt sister had me hooked.

  387. How did I get here? Honestly, my husband recommended your site to me. He thought I would be amused and informed by you and I am. I am envious of your chicken coop, the front yard garden and I love what you did with the kitchen – including but not limited to the scrap hole in the counter and the heated floors. We rent in a town that doesn’t allow backyard chickens – so for now, I must live vicariously through your adventures.

  388. Pam'a says:

    Well, as you may recall, I rode my bike to your house… from Omaha. Clear back when you first started this thing.

    No, wait– That was a dream I had. A very STRANGE dream.

    I believe I found you via Design Sponge, when you had only been blogging for a couple of months. (Does that make me an Emeritus reader?) It might have been your sheepskin chair piece. At any rate, I have enjoyed you ever since. Keep up the good work– I’m so proud of you!

  389. Austin says:

    Found you via Aparment Therapy – your post on the tree stump table.

  390. Kathy Dresser says:

    I was just looking for curry chicken as i had a craving and your recipe looks just yummy. I can’t wait to try it out. Love your humor So i think i will stick around!

  391. Stephanie says:

    I think it was the light globes, via Pinterest, but maybe it was something else that lured me in and then I came across the light-globes while sliding down the “you might also like” rabbit hole of corss-links. Loved your sense of humor and ingenuity.

  392. Lesley says:

    I wanted a front yard garden but didn’t want my yard to look like complete mess. I googled “front yard garden” and found your blog. I loved your tasteful, well-planned front yard garden. Read every one of your garden blog posts. Then I read about the chickens, and decided that i dont want to own chickens. When I i read your backyard transformation posts, i thought damn, this woman can do cool shit and can put together a great blog post on the most random stuff.. So I’ve been reading your blog off and on for 6 months. I appreciate that you share good, bad, and completely random stuff. But the garden posts are particularly awesome. Just sayin.

  393. Erica says:

    I came across your blog when looking at building a chicken coop. (Decided in the end it was too much of a commitment for me right now so I never followed through on that). Loved your backyard renovation, front yard vegetable garden and your sense of humor in your posts keep me coming back. Great writing style !

  394. Karen Steffan says:

    I saw your article about your fire pit and stayed. I just love your sense of humour and the fact that you never pass up a challenge. Even though I’m in the UK, lots of the stuff you post is still relevant, and even if it isn’t it’s still interesting to read.

    Oh and you’re called Karen…all people called Karen are amazing

  395. Debby Cross says:

    I was rudely looking over my daughter’s shoulder while she was on the computer,seeing if I could learn something from her. I don’t even remember the post. I laughed, smiled, laughed again, and thought, I could do that. Your ideas are on the opposite side of the effort it takes to cook a la Julia Childs”….EASILY doable, not stressful, lasting, but leave me feeling satisfied feeling somewhat smarter and with a potential sense of empowerment. And, if I actually did do it, for example make a cold frame, (yes, I even looked back to your post) you get that wonderful feeling of satisfaction…I made THAT. Unlike the “funny” email forwards, that I think why did someone send me that???? your comments can make me uninhibitedly snort and gafaw as much as reading greeting cards at the book store.
    As a former teacher, I wish I had read your posts when I was working, I would have followed your lead to make sure my students had a whole lot more fun while they were learning, and I would have told the Principal their rules were really. really stupid.

  396. Kim Jordan says:

    A friend’s mother told her about your blog and when she realized how funny/interesting/smart you are she knew I would like you too. She was right. I’ve been following you for 2 years now. This goes against what you are trying to do, but what I really like is how connected to your readers you are. I fear if you get huge you will lose the ability to respond so personally to us. But that’s just me…I’m a worrier.

  397. It was my department manager who shared your blog because she knew I was crafty and you had posted some of your Dollarama crafts! I was working a Dollarama’s head office! It was right around the time you got the chickens! I fell in love with your stories of Tuco and Cheese Whiz! I was hooked!
    I enjoy the diversity of your posts and your sense of humour! If we lived closer, I think we work be friends! (And I am sure I an not the only one to say that!)
    I like you some much, I sponsor your blog! Keep up the good work!

  398. annie says:

    I found you via apartment therapy. There was a post about chicken coop and a link to your blog.
    I love chicken and I love your blog.

  399. Jennifer B says:

    Hi Karen – I can’t remember the road that brought me to you probably a year ago. But you can be darn sure that I keep returning to hear you say stuff like “I’ve promised to knit his daughter a baggy head to toe Icelandic sweater…”

  400. Karen Hayward says:

    From the nester – I think it might have been the stump side table? – anyway she mentioned you and your blog I think – and here I am. (Always nice to read from a Canadian point of view too!!)

  401. Jan says:

    Garlic scapes, would you believe? I was coming to the realization that I planted my garlic much too late, webbing a bit about what I “Should Have Done”…and suddenly, your amazing arrangements with those bizarre, alien-looking things appeared. Hello, new fetish! I stayed for the appliance porn and hilarious posts. And of course, because I, too, believe I can do anything.

  402. Meghan aka Giggles says:

    I came here after seeing your beautiful chicken coop on Pinterest. I want to build a nice chicken coop and was researching designs. After looking through your blog a little I was hooked. The writing is hilarious. I’m also the kind of woman that does most projects myself so I really found a kindred spirit here. Keep it up! 🙂

  403. cindi says:

    I saw your globes and had to come find you! Been here every since and really enjoy your page!

  404. Linda S. in NE says:

    I could have found your blog thru the Nester, or possibly followed you back here from a comment you made on another blog. I love your sense of humor, and that of the people who comment on your posts, and are fiercely loyal to you. When I see an email from you in my list of mail, I always skip over it, but keep it highlighted as “mark unread”. I save it for evening so I can always end my day with a true laugh. It is that humor that keeps me coming back. You have taken the time to respond to several of my comments, which makes me feel happy and honored. Keep up the good work!

  405. Ellen says:

    I’m sure it was before Pinterest; I think it was your chicken coop that hooked me.

  406. Julia says:

    I found you when I was trying to learn how to fold fitted sheets. I did ok with the ones that only had elastic on the short ends, but the elastics all around…. they are fierce. A basic google searcb on “how to fold fitted sheets” got me here

  407. Kris says:

    I saw your diy garden in “Style at Home” – and wondered if I could do that at our new house (finished next year) – better yet, I wondered if I could hire you to do the garden at my new house. I’d even build a coop for the chickens.

    I don’t read every week but I read at least every two. Thanks for all your efforts.

  408. Kathy says:

    I googled how to fix something and you popped up! I read a couple of your posts and thought you were/are hilarious! I was fairly new to reading blogs and I couldn’t find your RSS feed so I emailed you. You responded right away as if I were someone important.

  409. Katie says:

    After googling “backyard chickens,” I found an article with a slideshow of various backyard coops. Yours was of course the most impressive, and I was pleased to click through and read all about your lovely hens. Early on I read several posts about gardening, and when you introduced your pink suede tool belt sister, I was hooked! I’ve been a regular reader ever since.

    The headings at the top of your page are helpful in navigating your blog as a newcomer. I didn’t have time to read all 434 comments, so maybe this has already been suggested, but it might make sense to add a section in the margin (perhaps above the first ad box?) that shows off your most popular posts or your five favorite posts. This makes it easier for new readers to quickly get to know you as a blogger. I know that if I follow a link to a new blog and I don’t feel like I have a good sense of the person in a few minutes, I’m much less likely to become a regular reader.

  410. Nancy Fair says:

    I started reading your blog when some other blog (no clue who) referred to you. I think one of the first of yours that I read was about going green and keeping your lights off one evening only to find insects everywhere when you snapped them back on. You keep me laughing because you are funny and you let us see all the flaws as well as the perfection.

  411. pam says:

    I think it was Design Sponge. Maybe it was pinterest. I’ve been looking for a base for the DIY moveable fire pit for at least 4 years. Maybe I’ll get lucky this year. At any rate, I stayed because of the porn. Specifically the photo of you holding the fish. Don’t get any ideas though. I’ve been happily married for 35 years and have loads of kids. But those abs. They get me every time.

  412. Leslie Reynolds says:

    I, like so many, was lucky enough to discover you through Pinterest. It was fall 2013, I had a broken leg, and, oh yeah, my husband of 13 years had just left. WTF. I looked forward to your humor and do-it-yourself attitude because that was/is exactly what I needed. We were floating along splendidly, you and I, until that f¥<{€<, the Fella, was suddenly gone. My shackles were up for you. For myself. My friend, my girl, whom I have never met, but nonetheless. You have been my sister in arms whether you knew it or not. My drinking companion on a few, or many, occasions. In essence, Karen, you are the shit. As am I. Well done.

  413. Mia says:

    GOMI–that should confirm my intellect, humor and great taste–and so enjoy like-minded and have read all your posts. Also I’m half Canadian 😉

  414. Sharon Reiff says:

    Karen, your question made me curious, so I did some investigating as to how and when I found you. I believe it was when I’d searched for how to wire a lamp a few months ago, and you had a guest blogger with the tutorial. From there, as I explored your posts, I discovered your you-tube video of your mother working to expose the brick wall in your kitchen. I was hooked! Loved you both, and love your writing, but also really appreciate the info you provide on how to do stuff that I might want/need to do.

  415. Debby says:

    I can’t remember how I got here–probably googled “how to” do something. Once here, I’ve hardly left. You have the best ideas, and I love the “if I don’t know how to do it I’ll figure it out” approach. And you’re hilarious!

  416. magali says:

    Are you still reading these?! ‘Cause I remember exactly how I got here!
    My best friend discovered your site and told me about it. She use to read it at her old job and everyone would always ask her what she was reading because there were often weird pictures (like a butterfly chrysalis or funny crafts). So I started reading your blog. It was in the first year you started writing it, so I went back and read every single post! I would let myself read a week’s worth in a day so I wouldn’t be wasting too much time from writing my master’s thesis.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. I hope you were able to work some of my post information into your master’s. You know … like how to toilet train your cat maybe. 😉 ~ karen

  417. Krista C says:

    I read a guest post you did (I think it was for Centsational Girl, but I honestly don’t remember), and thought your writing was hilarious. I followed the link to your blog and added you to my reader very quickly. Your how-to and DIY stuff is great, and your content is always fresh and interesting. Also like your recipes!

  418. Melissa says:

    I think I got here from a Google Reader account I had to have at work. If I remember right, I was looking for feeds to interject into the newsfeed to make it more interesting, saw yours, and gave it a go. What keeps me around is the variety of things that get posted, i.e. it’s not just a food porn blog, or not just a chicken blog, or not just a how-to blog, you get the idea. And I must add: My favorite post is about Cheez Whiz, the chicken, and her eggs.

  419. Kat says:

    My Google search for “front yard vegetable garden” brought me here. Your humor and style of writing keep me coming back.

  420. Kathleen says:

    I connected with you when you were featured on one of the 1st blogs I started following, Young House Love. You have been in the Bookmarks for daily reading ever since. Love you”information” on DIY projects and I rarely laugh out loud anywhere but reading your blog. In fact the story and comments on the fruit salad posted near a Thanksgiving had me laughing for days. I was caring for an aging father at the time and I really needed the laughter. So I have been hooked ever since. You and your readers/”commentors” are the best.

  421. Sherron Bertrand says:

    I first saw you on the Steven & Chris show, which lead me to your website. I can relate to all your blogs and we seem to have so much in common. I’ve raised chickens and hope to again sometime. I love to garden, but now have too many to look after. I love going to flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales and now cannot get through my basement. I always thought I would like to have my own little shop to sell my “collectible clutter”. I can understand how you can get excited about a day at Christies. I would like to visit there also. Although I don’t get to log on everyday, I always read all the blogs I have missed. Please, don’t change anything !!!

  422. Marion says:

    I found your site through your “remodelling the backyard” post, and stayed ever since, because I just love your sense of humour and your posts about DIY, cooking, gardening, etc…….. I think you are the best blog around – your are my N° 1 !!!!!!

  423. Shelly says:

    I found you when I went searching on Google for a sweet potato fry recipe. There you were, in all your hilarity. Due to the comedy from that post, my interest was piqued and I began reading other posts. I found them funny also so I began reading EVERY SINGLE POST you wrote from the time you started this blog. I am now an avid follower and I tell people about your blog whenever I get the chance.

    What really keeps me around is the variety of things you talk about, your humor, your down to earth attitude, and your drive to figure things out the RIGHT way, not just the easy or modern way. You inspire me, so thanks!

  424. Connie Hanna says:

    My daughter in California clued me into your site several years ago. 5 days a week I spend my lunch time with you. Fun, informative and often hilarious. Love “will they eat it?”

  425. Brenda says:

    I can’t remember whether it was through Pinterest or through another blog. I believe I’ve been reading since about mid-2011.

    Why do I keep coming back? I learn a lot of useful things and some not-so-useful things. But whether useful or not, everything is interesting. But most importantly, you make me smile and laugh out loud almost ALL the time. That’s the number 1 reason I keep coming back.

  426. Katie says:

    I found you via pinterest! How to make crispy sweet potato fries. Still haven’t mastered them, but I have become a loyal reader because you’re always doing something I think I also might like to try! And, if you aren’t flattered enough by this string of comments, because you’re pretty funny.

  427. Kristin Ferguson says:

    The coop. My husband sent me the links both to yours and the one you kind of based yours on, and I spent several hours clicking on your links, thinking we were kindred spirits, only you are way funnier and don’t use American punctuation. I come back again and again because you’re funny and ingenious. I like your projects, I like your style. I love your coop. Someday I will build one. For now the prefab one I bought is okay. Not great, but okay. You and Pink Tool Belt had such a hard time building your coop that I am scared to try it.

  428. saran says:

    I came here when I discovered I can do everything else better than what I am asked to do. So searched for “doing everything else” on Google and ended up here.I can follow through the blog you wrote it’s good but this might not be what I am looking for.

  429. Shanna says:

    I can’t remember but I think it was a food or kitchen thing and I searched through everyone’s comments to see if someone mentioned something that would make me go “a-ha that’s it”. Anyway, I came for some unknown -to -me- now- purpose and stayed for the writing. Enjoy your humor and great ideas (even if I never actually do them it’s fun to imagine). Blogging is not easy so I hope all these great comments will keep you motivated!

  430. theresa says:

    Pintrest –globe lights came up on a weekly you might like and since I have those globes stashed away followed the link all the way back to your site–then did it again on something about dollar store finds.

    I read because
    1) I like the way you reconfigure stuff–I am amazed when people can’t see how a thing can be re-used for another purpose (hell at the very least you can put a plant in it, right?!?!)
    2) enjoy your writing style and inability to censure your topics or language (the boob rack explained so much about your childhood influences)
    3) I like how the site is set up and the range of topics you cover that I want to know more about–and your selfless devotion is very obvious in that you remodeled a kitchen for us to enjoy too.
    4) I am hoping to finally move my newsletter to a blog format (it is for dog sports in the pacific northwest and related issues) and I really think hard about what and why I like your site and come back every day–honesty and a laugh.


  431. Kailee H. says:

    I first came here after seeing your glowing outdoor orbs linked on I had no idea what I was looking at and so had to actually go to the post to figure it out instead of just scrolling on by. I stayed because of your humor and style of writing. And the fact that you are willing to try anything yourself. I also realized then,when reading through all your old posts, that you were the source of the genius spice drawer idea that had been floating around in my brain for awhile. Not sure when I happened to see that post. Probably from the same craft blog.

  432. Shauna says:

    I’m almost positive it was some dollar store DIY. I was so impressed, I promptly read every single one of your dollar store posts. Then I subscribed because I didn’t want to miss any other gems. Then, I started perusing through every menu. Your backyard remodel was the most impressive. Your love of chickens got me to read daily because I was getting chickens around the same time and wanted to learn everything I could from you before making the same mistakes, er, um, well, you know. Finally, your funny is really what makes me read every single post even if it’s about something I have no interest in. Finally (number 2), your readers’ comments always make me laugh too, so it’s fun to be able to read a funny post, then have readers that are all so involved and feel like we all know you and each other a bit.

  433. Lisa says:

    I’m a long time reader. I found your blog when your house was featured in Style at Home magazine…how many years ago was that now?!

    I keep coming back because you’re funny as hell. That, and I always want to know what kind of crazy antics you’re up to. Keep up the good work!

  434. Morgan says:

    I googled how to get rid of grubs and your post about killing grubs came up. I believe it included flinging the grubs at people. I was on the phone with my sister and the time and we were laughing so hard I had a difficult time reading it to her. We both have been reading your blog since

  435. Susan Robinson says:

    I searched on google for how to grow mung bean sprouts. Your instructions were the most clear and then I got carried away reading posts. You really are a ray of sunshine and hilarious to boot. I had never heard of mouse melons. I think I learn something every time I come here!

  436. Lan says:

    Just recently found your blog, i.e. yesterday. I was looking up information on growing carrots and found your article ‘How to Germinate Carrots’. I read, I laughed, and I read some more. Good information. I’m going to try your method and hopefully I’ll get some carrots this year.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lan – This year I’ve decided to go another route with the carrots. I just completely and totally overseeded. It seems to have worked. I’ve also been extra vigilant about keeping them wet through germination, and also kept a wood board on top of the seeds to trap moisture and darkness until they germinated. So far so good. I’ve had lots of germination. Now we have to see if they’ll turn into actual carrots, lol. ~ karen

  437. stefani says:

    I don’t remember what I was looking for but I do know that when I happened to see a picture of your entry I had to see who it belonged to because I said – WHOA! LOOK AT THOSE BILLY BOOKCASES! LOOK WHAT SOMEONE HAS DONE. AWESOME!

  438. Liz says:

    I think I did a google search for rhubarb crisp and your recipe post came up in the results. Then I watched your video post of a tv show you used to produce and/or host. Then the chicken coop posts. By that time I decided to bookmark your site. I read your posts almost entirely via my iPhone when I can’t sleep, which is when I do most of my reading. Love it. I come back because I like the concept of DIY house projects and general home life activities. I came back because I appreciate your taste and values, and your positive down-to-earth can-do nature that comes through in your posts. Lots of ideas I can really use, or just know that I could accomplish if I wanted.

  439. Edith says:

    2 1/2 years ago your blog was recommended to me by Midwife Karin, who took care for me and both my children after they were born. (Here in Germany, mothers get help from midwives not only during birth, but also for a couple of months after delivering the baby.) Karin and our family really got friends, and we saterted talking about creative stuff and intresting blogs on the net. I started to read your blog, and as I thought it was hilarious!!! I don’t have a garden or chickens or an old house, but I like what your writing a lot. That is why I keep coming back.

  440. michele says:

    I’m pretty sure it was via pinterest via design sponge, but can’t remember which. I read through various posts but was hooked after the open letter to the old lady next door who dared to pay a young lad to clear her drive of snow, I couldn’t believe what I was reading and couldn’t stop laughing. I’m a DIY girl, who used to have chickens, I designed and built 2 coops. Basically I love your style in all senses, just keep doing your stuff and world domination is guaranteed.

  441. Squeege says:

    I woke at 0330, and of course, began surfing. I saw a beautiful refrigerator. The description of the fridge included a link to your Corner of the Kitchen. I am still awake listening to the intermittent rain outside and answering your question. It is now 0604. Mornin’.

  442. Deirdre Fowler says:

    The fella left after 23 years and told me he couldn’t fix the central. Needless to say I was distraught…How was I going to vacuum??? So I decided that *I* would have to fix it. So I googled it and your face with a big fish appeared. The first link I found and I totally FIXED that central vac and we (me and the kids) have never looked back. Then I got your emails everyday. Then I started crafting for my friends gifts – they had no idea I was capable of such lovely gifts. So know I’m in – hook, line and sinker. And I have a very handy boyfriend now, which is great for all the crafty things I insist on doing. And he’s promised me a property so that I can obtain the chickens I so desire.
    So thank you for letting me see I am independent and quite capable. And you can thank Google too.

  443. Claire says:

    It was via Centsational Girl about 3/4 years ago? She had a link in the best of the blogosphere on how to make outdoor glowing balls of lighting of some kind of thing… I read every post and have ever since 🙂

  444. Karen P says:

    Yogurt tampon is what brought me from a Google search but I’ve stayed for the well written, witty posts. The day I found you I promptly went to the beginning of your blog and read Every. Single. Post. (Took a few days, but I was compelled). You made every subject interesting even though I have no intention of raising chickens, gardening, or remodeling my kitchen or backyard. Every post has made me smile, snicker, or snort… or cry. Nothing in between. (Well, except for back in the day when you posted menus… didn’t like those, to be honest.) OK, here is another confession: I intentionally don’t read your posts until they are about 24 hours old so there will be lots of comments. I come for the actual post but I love the comments almost as much. I love the community feel here 🙂 Keep it funny and we’ll all keep coming back. One final confession: I can’t read your post in bed if my husband is sleeping… I start laughing but try to do it silently and just end up jiggling the bed and waking him up anyway with my Giggle Earthquake 😀

  445. Anna says:

    Never commented before but thought this could be useful knowledge for you so decided to de-lurk. I came to this blog from Centsational Girl blog- I think around summer 2011 about the glowing globes- and then I was sucked in because of the chicken coop and the writing. Probably in that order.

  446. Katrina J. says:

    I believe I found you via Centsational Girl so long ago. I don’t hardly visit her site anymore, but yours I keep coming back for more!

  447. Jennifer says:

    I found you while I was surfing the web for DYI projects to keep my mind busy. A year ago my husband had his 3rd heart attack, he’s 45. He is now on the heart transplant list down here in Miami. I haven’t done any DYI’s but your humor makes me smile and keeps me reading. 🙂

  448. Rachael says:

    Several years ago I did a search for instructions on how to darn a sock, and I found you. I still have those instructions [date stamped Oct ’10] and have been following you ever since, because you’re amazing.

  449. Brandi says:

    I found your site via a DIY site that had linked to your Halloween wreath post. I loved that wreath and noticed you had other Halloween projects and that lead to reading your other posts and before I left I was hooked and had subscribed.

    So, I came to your site for the glitter skulls and feathers.

  450. Ann says:

    I’m pretty sure it was a link from The Nester. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. Of course for the DIY stuff, the chickens, composting, gardening & decorating – but equally as much for your writing. The pure enjoyment of your writing! I love your humor! And thanks for being real. (And sorry about the fella).

  451. Patti says:

    I think I googled ‘how to do stuff’ and you came up or something like that, probably 2 or 3 years ago. I was hooked as soon as I saw that picture of you in the upper right corner with the fish and ‘Ask Karen’ and ‘If I don’t know I’ll figure it out’, I bookmarked you and have been coming back since. I love sites that teach but yours is the best.

  452. DianneT says:

    I found your DIY tree stump coffee table linked on another site. That was at least 2 yrs ago and I’ve been back every day since!

  453. Beth says:

    It was via Pinterest, for your Halloween wreath post many moons ago. I’ve kept coming back to read because makers/doers/writers like you are hard to find in the blogosphere. 🙂 You’re a nifty gal!

  454. Allison says:

    Pinned an image of your chicken coop on Pinterest! Then found all of your chicken posts, laughed, took notes, and never left.

  455. Valerie says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THE FROZEN YOGURT VAGINA POPSICLES!!! Yes, I said vagina. And you are my hero, by the way. I came to The Art of Doing Stuff through your video on trying the frozen yogurt popsicles to cure a yeast infection. I stayed and kept coming back because you are hilarious. Seriously. Each and every post makes me burst out laughing those full-on straight-from-the-depths-of-my-belly type laughs. And your content interests me. Your interests appear to be a lot like mine. Not exactly the same, ’cause i don’t have a green thumb and don’t really like gardening much anyways. But most everything you talk about sparks interest in me. I love your topics, the way you present them, and your sense of humor. 😀 Thank you for knowing how to blog. Honestly, I have no clue how your blog could be bettered. But if you have any ideas, i’m eager to see what you do. I’m sure I’ll get a kick out of it haha 😀

  456. Eva says:

    The first time I got here was years ago and I don’t remember how or why. Then I simply forgot about it. Months later I remembered that there was a blog I really liked instantly and why didn’t I bookmark it? The search took some time but now I visit regularly ever since. You make me laugh almost ever day and also cry sometimes (o.k., on two occasions). Also I think you might have the best crowd of readers ever, as occasionally I am hooked by the comments …
    Do you have many readers from Europe or outside North America generally?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Eva – Oh yes. Lots of readers come here from around the world. USA is #1, then Canada, then England and Australia pretty much tied, Germany, and a bunch of other countries. Mexico, Sweden, France, South Africa, … I can’t remember them all. 🙂 ~ karen!

  457. Shanelle says:

    I think I googled “DIY Chicken Feeder” and got a link to your “Best Chicken feeder in the world”. I like DIY projects and I just got some baby chickens … the rest is history 🙂 This is my favourite “Favorite” so far…

  458. Megan says:

    Thanks to my longstanding Gmail account, I have deduced that I discovered your blog in 2010 via Design Sponge when they shared your backyard remodel! I emailed the DS link and your blog URL to my then-fiance (now husband) about the awesomeness of your backyard AND your blog.

    After looking at the yard pics, I’m inspired all over again (now that I’m actually a homeowner).

  459. Jenn Ambrose says:

    I started a new job. The people were not all that friendly and I was missing my “people”. Those fun individuals that make life and work bearable. Luckily my daughter had a class project and as I was searching for ideas I stumbled upon this site. Kind of like an swimmer who is drowning this site was a life jacket of humor, creativity, color, and fun that kept me from going crazy! It was my afternoon coffee treat.
    I have learned a lot even after working in a hardware store for 16 years you surprise me. As things have mellowed at work or I have I still return because the writing is good, the stories are so darn honest. I have laughed so hard sometimes. If anything it gave me a community to belong to. I like to people you have that share and comment. It’s fun.

  460. Patty says:

    I don’t remember how I found you, I just know I love your blogs and sense of humor. And when you explain a project I know I’d never have the confidence to try, I think I would now because you explain it so simply.

  461. Renee says:

    I think it was from a linky party several years ago. I keep coming back to learn stuff and to get a chuckle now and then. I miss the “girls”; need my annual coop cam fix!!!

  462. SeaDee says:

    Whilst Googling around for fence gate design ideas (because I built my fence myself) your site was one of several that I checked out. That was in October of 2011. Got busy with the fence building and what-not so I didn’t become a regular until June 2012 when I was building another fence and found you again searching for the same thing. Then went back and read every post since the beginning. I’m not on Facebook much (don’t trust them) so I don’t see your stuff there. Follow you on Twitter (we’ve exchanged chicken coop tweets). I’m on Pinterest but not active there much either, yet. All the social media is sooo time-consuming. But I gotta get over my ADD and focus. Way too many projects to tackle. Back to planning my potting bench made from old fence panels.

    Love your wit! Thanks for your inspiration. And I don’t use whilst often at all, just didn’t want to start my first sentence with “I”. Ha!

  463. Amanda says:

    I read your backyard transformation story on Design Sponge, checked out your blog, and have been an avid reader ever since. I read every post the day I discovered you, which was in the very early days….I don’t think you had more than a dozen posts. Now my mom who I call “Martha” and a number of friends are readers because I told them how fabulous your blog is and they listen to fabulous me. Seriously love what you do and very happy to see you succeeding!

  464. Kelly says:

    The chicken coop! Haha I don’t have chickens and do not plan on building one…but I have that page bookmarked on my phone and computer because hey you never know. Your style, wit and design sense makes me stay.

  465. Robert says:

    I do remember how i got here, it was last year around march 27. i was browsing my pinterest board and i found a link to your post on silkscreen printing, something i had always been curious about but i had never cared to look for, then i spent my whole spring break and beyond going through the entire blog laughing unstoppably even when i had homework to do and i have stayed with you ever since.

  466. David says:

    I came here via Pinterest. My first post was about a DIY glass fireplace. I liked the style of the blog, so I read every post.

  467. katy o' says:

    I think I found you through something Apartment Therapy linked to you at east a couple of years ago. I keep coming back because I love your writing and I love to (believe that one day I might get around to) DIY, repurposed design, etc.

  468. Meg says:

    I actually got here when I googled how to darn a sock. And I loved that tutorial, so I started exploring. Now I’ve added your blog to my bloglovin’ feed because I want to learn more!

  469. Your awesome posting about using floor leveler! It allowed me to approach this daunting task with much less fear and angst!

    One read, and I was hooked!

  470. ArtP says:

    Came across this place during a Google search for ‘PVC chicken feeder’. Poked around a bit more, and now it’s added to my favorites…

  471. Devorah Chana says:

    Hmmm I don’t remember if I answered this one. I’m so A.D.D. (Always Distracted Dammit) I got here in the end of May surfing through Pinterest and saw your ingenious dollar store out door lamp. As I read further I realized what a sharp witted, sarcastic little tart you were and understood that I must stick around for more. My mother is such a woman, my best friend as well. I used to be but this horse’s spirit needs a rehaul. In the mean time, here I am! Ready for your advise delivered in a comical DIY package! Thanks.

  472. tara says:

    I was Googling ‘upcycling’ and came across a pic of your log side table – AMAZING! I read the post about it and loved your house interior, so read more posts and was hooked. That tag-line ‘Ask Karen; if I don’t know, I’ll figure it out’ – how positive and confident! Over a hard time I had last year, it was like you were a big sister figure who might have all the answers. None of my questions were about chicken coops or laying tiles, but it’s a reassuring concept: ‘I’ll figure it out…’

    Your blog is probably my favourite, not just because of the projects you undertake and your good advice, but because you’re funny, smart and capable, too. You’re just very damn likeable.

    It’s so brilliant to see a woman happily drilling up her kitchen floor and stuff, as well. I’m nowhere near as ambitious or skilled as you, but I also love DIY-ing, power tools and building and making things, and I recommend you to everyone.

    More power to you! (like a JCB, maybe?)

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Tara! ~ karen (and incidentally I’m really not all that talented. I have more curiosity and maybe a bit of courage)

  473. MindyK says:

    I think it was Pinterest originally–but I liked your writing so I clicked around–and saw the Diva Cup post. I spit coffee across my keyboard, shared it with my bestie, and I was hooked! I love your tone and topics. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Thanks MindyK! And thanks even more for stickin’ around! AND telling someone else about my site. You’re like the ideal reader, lol. ~ karen

  474. liz says:

    I got here via Sweet Potato Fries on Pinrest! Your recipe was on my CSA recipe page…. I write a blog as well, so when I see one that strikes me as fun and interesting I poke around — and so I got to this page. It’s a fun blog, I will be following you and who knows what I made learn or make! My “core” is a cast of characters I have developed, from organics (mostly flowers) that live in a world where Kindness, Creativity and Eco are Queen.

  475. Janine says:

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching the Internet for some basics on raising chickens. I don’t have a clue about chickens, but now that I have a 77 acre ranch with lots of space to raise them, I figured this would be a great opportunity to do so. Each website or blog I started to read was so dry and scientific, I almost changed my mind until I found ‘The Art of Doing Stuff’. Reading one post lead to another – sort of like eating a chocolate chip cookie – I couldn’t stop at just one. I kept reading, and reading, finding myself laughing until the tears flowed and my sides ached. “This gal has such a wicked sense of humor and sarcasm, I just think I will follow her adventures in curiosity”. I too possess the need-to-know bug, and like you, am an avid DIY-er and ‘answer hound’, so like millions of people I started scouring the Internet for information on chickens. Surely the Internet can answer ANY question I may have, right? Of course! As you know, that can lead you down paths you’ve never explored only to find an unexpected treasure. And so that is how I came to be a follower. Your blog is that little treasure that I stumbled upon while traveling down that unknown country road known as the Internet.

    • Karen says:

      Interesting! Thanks for letting me know Janine. Well you’d better rush to today’s post if you’re interest lies/lays/lurks in chickens! ~ karen

  476. andrea meyers says:

    it was the blog about getting rid of everything you owned, and someone mentioned it on their blog. that was about two years ago, I have spent many evenings reading old posts, cause you’re hilarious and know your shit! Now I read as they arrive.

  477. google search “best how to’s on a tuxedo manicure’ lol, then got to a different blog post, where I was reading and *gulp* literally about to respond to a year old post hahahaa!

  478. Linda says:

    I was on, looking under DIY for whatever good ideas I could find–saw your Backyard lighting ideas and found you. Started reading about the cob pizza oven because I have been bugging my husband for one for years–then read the other articles, signed up for your newsletter and blogs. I love your simple, straightforward ideas on lots of things–and your sense of humor is great! Thanks for being there!

  479. shirley in the NE Arkansas Delta says:

    I found your blog when googling “tree stump tables.” I’m staying because you have a Julia Child sense of humor. Remember when her Charlotte collapsed and when she dropped can’t remember what on the floor and she said if your by yourself, no one has to know. Hilarious!!! We’ve all had the same thing happen to us.

  480. Sandra Shrieve says:

    I found you from the Lee Valley Tools Newsletter e mail.


  481. Melissa Duits says:

    I was Googling for curry chicken salad recipes, and found this:

    I stayed because your writing style and humor crack me up. Spent a good amount of time reading random posts and laughing (your about page, hot yoga page, paleo posts, yogurt tampon, radar detector, maple sugar massacre, the list goes on), . Forwarded some of the funniest to my sister, who then forwarded them to her friends. Now we all read your blog regularly, and when we want to share something, we preface it with, “Our friend, Karen, says…” 🙂

  482. Lynn (really spelled w/ an "e", but somebody else already has that spelling on here) says:

    Maybe through a BH&G link about the globes. Wish I could remember exactly, and I’m hoping this is an accurate guess. I’ve been lurking for a while, trying to think up a witty post. Haven’t written anything at all, until now. I adore your blog and also your readers and their comments. Hello Cynthia Jones and Tigersmom, y’all and so many others make me laugh. Laughter is good for the soul. Unrelated to this conversation, but yes m’am, I am a southern girl, (can you be 60 years old and still call yourself a girl?) and I am so glad I found you.
    These days I am reading through the archives, trying to catch up. It’s a treat. Most days I get at least one literal LOL from your posts. Plus I learn things from you every day. Thanks for the giggles, and thanks for the easy way you teach us all sorts interesting things. Things I never even knew I was interested in until I started reading… chicken coops! Cob ovens! Who knew? You did!
    XO from GA

  483. Betty says:

    Found you on Facebook through Pick Your Plum/Buzzfeed! New follower – love your writing style. 🙂 Love the comments about kilts and Wayne Gretzky

  484. Katbert says:

    You had me at ‘stuff’. I don’t know how I first saw you but I have said for years there are two kinds of people in the world — those who use the word ‘stuff’ (aka the real people) and those who don’t. I am a ‘stuff’-er — good stuff, bad stuff, all sorts of stuff … I think I was looking for blogs about food/cooking/healthy eating and somehow made it here. I love your site! Great ‘stuff’!

  485. BethH says:

    I can’t quite remember where the link was, but I was looking for a spiral cutter and saw a tiny link that said, “A fun way to slice a cucumber”. So I clicked on that, thought that it was indeed fun, and now the first thing I do in the morning is read your daily post, and the one that encourages me to “read this one too!” and two hours later I’m still in my jammies laughing like an idiot! Which is why I’m so late to the party replying to a lot of your posts. Like this one. But seriously, I actually feel a connection with you. I do stuff too, and I love that you share the stuff you do in such an hilarious way, and yet the knowledge you impart is meaningful and useful. I have tried so many things I’ve read about here. I also enjoy reading your readers’ replies, and wonder how it is that you have so many followers that aren’t illiterate, and can actually form a cohesive sentence. The first new post I read was about bread and butter pickles. My garden was just coming in and I was hooked. Now I need a wavy knife. And a good corer. And a tomato mill. I still don’t have a spiral cutter. Your advertisers are great, too. I never would have found most of these sites without your guidance. I love Real Linen and Cubitz. And the last thing I do at night? I check on the chickens via the Coop Cam.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Beth! Wow. You’ve made your way around, lol. I’m currently making fermented pickles (did you see that post). Apparently I have a thing for/with cucumbers this year. Hmm. ~ karen!

      • BethH says:

        (Sorry, Rough Linen and Cubits) Yes, I did. My mother used to make fermented dills and I still have her crocks. I checked out Sandor Katz’ recipe and ended up ordering the Wild Fermentation book! I’ll be making them next year with grape leaves from my small vineyard. I used all my cucumbers on bread & butter pickles this year and refuse to buy them. “Don’t get too hung up on the precision; fermentation is not rocket science.” Smirk.

  486. Bodene says:

    I ‘Stumbled Upon’ you

  487. Sandy Ruffin says:

    Curbly – via the pumpkin diorama

  488. janni says:

    I will never forget~ I was Google~ing for home remedies for a bladder infection. I am still not sure why but I came across the link to your frozen yogurt tampon blog. As I suffered horribly for years with yeast infections (and would have tried anything) curiosity drove me to take a look. I still remember laughing out loud ~you had me at “bottle brush”. I kept your tab open for nights, till I saw your auto e-mail offer which made me so happy. I know I don’t comment often but I’m a huge fan. Thanks for sharing all your smarts and humor Karen~~~
    Janni 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for letting me know Janni! It always interests me, how people got here. Good luck with your lady parts. ~ karen!

  489. Joy O'Donnell says:

    I read an article about your front yard garden and was hooked.

    My husband wants to build a pizza oven next. He might be hooked too.

    • Karen says:

      OH!! You have to build the pizza oven. It’s a bit of work but completely and totally worth it. I use it to bake bread every other Sunday! ~ karen

  490. Carla says:

    Pinterest. I came in through the upcycled sock smartphone diy. It was just what I needed. And then I read you and I stayed. And you have a lot of fun diy. And I have chickens too.

  491. Jaylah says:

    I was reading a story about “7 elaborate urban farms” on the cbsnews website, ( which had a link to your blog.

    Since then, I’ve bookmarked it and signed up for your newsletter.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for letting me know Jaylah! I would have completely missed that posting by CBS news. They contacted me about it a couple of weeks ago and I totally forgot about it, lol! Welcome to my site. ~ karen!

  492. Karin says:

    better late than never, right?

    about three month ago i was diving into the myths of self levelling concrete. a skill i might or might not use in the near or far future. so i googled it and your blog came up. i was hooked from the first line of the post. love it all. your take no prisoners approach and the i do what i want attitude. so i bumbled around some more, read my way through the categories and then OCD kicked into high gear. i scrolled aaaaaaaaall the way to the bottom of the archives and started reading every single post. i’m having the sweats right now since i’m already in 2014 so i gotta pace myself a little as not to suffer from withdrawal from your awesomeness. but this here post isn’t about you and your awesomeness so i’ll be quite now :OB

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