Huff n’ Puff Pizza

They say you really get to know a person once you start to live with them.  This is true.  You can think you know someone, have a sense of their quirks and nuances, and ass scratching habits but the truth is until you’re sharing a kitchen with them you have NO idea.  Forget the bathroom … everybody’s a pig in the bathroom … the kitchen’s the true litmus test.

Seven years ago “the fella” moved in with me.  He moved in with me, as opposed to me moving in with him because while I had an entire house full of crap (see I Have A Red Room and I Want to Paint it White) he came with a stolen Swiss Chalet fork and a shower curtain.  He travels light my fella.

Tweety Monster

About 3 months into our co-habitation we decided to make pizza from scratch.  In the kitchen.  This is where I discovered I was not only living with “my fella”, but also with some strange man I’d never met.

Remember when Tweety Bird fell into the “Hyde Formula” and turned into a monster?  Well it was not unlike that, only with pizza sauce.    Huff and Puff  appeared about 2 hours into the pizza making disaster, when the entire pizza slopped off the pizza board and all over the 500 degree oven.   I was just trying to slide it off the board and things went a bit awry.

a reasonable facsimile of Huff n' Puff

I do this kind of crap all the time, so it didn’t bug me none.  Huff and Puff didn’t like it one bit, got completely frazzled and proceeded to stomp his foot and scream “GREAT!  Now we’re gonna be up ALL NIGHT cleaning the oven!!”.  Um.  What?  Who are you?  And it’s a self-cleaning oven you noddlehead.  Whatever.

The oven is now clean, I’ve made friends with Huff and Puff, and I now cook our pizzas on the BBQ.  As luck would have it, my shocking first encounter with Huff and Puff prompted me to try one of those pizza pans for the BBQ.  Turns out … it’s the method I’ve been looking for my whole life.  Fast, crispy, HOT pizza.  I highly recommend it.  For a variety of reasons.


Store bought or home made ball of pizza dough

Olive Oil

Ball of mozzarella cheese

Pizza sauce (I add a pinch of oregano, basil and sugar)

Toppings of your choice (my faves are pepperoni, broccoli, basil, olives, red onions)

Non-stick pizza pan made specifically for BBQ

Preheat BBQ to 500 degrees.

what you need. plus some dirty grout.

pizza pan for BBQ - cost about $15

Roll or spin out your dough.  Place on pizza pan.  One ball of dough is enough to make 2 pizzas.

drizzle with olive oil

sliced ball of cheese

Drizzle the pizza dough with olive oil.  Slice the mozzarella cheese ball into 1/8″ slices.   One ball is enough for 2 pizzas.

pair o' pizzas

shove it under the broiler to brown

Add remaining toppings.    Place pizzas in pre-heated BBQ, turn heat down to medium so you don’t burn the bottom, close lid and cook 7 minutes.

This is optional, but after I take my pizza out of the BBQ I stick it under the oven broiler for a few minutes to make the edges of my pepperoni all crispy.

crispy, gooey, and all things good. and no oven to clean.

Slice it, eat it, enjoy.  Honestly … forget the pizza stones, the dirty oven … this is the best, fastest, easiest way to make pizza.


  1. Todd says:

    That looks tasty. I skip the pizza pan, and put it right on the grill. The pizza pan idea would help in lifting the pizza out, so I can see how that would be helpful.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Todd – yes, that’s the BEAUTY of the pan … they have a removable handle, so you just clip it on and lift the pizzas out. Plus the bottom of the pan is perforated so the bottom still gets good and crispy. I’d always poo-pooed these pans as being stupid, and a waste of money but they’re GREAT. I was the stupid one for not buying one about a million years ago. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  2. catherine says:

    My husband used to make home made pizza. He’s shop for the best ingredients, make the crust from scratch and then cook it up for us. It was delicious…BUT so MESSY! After several pizza clean ups (flour and sticky finger prints all over the house) I banned it from our home.

    Reading this, I think I may have overreacted and I should give him another chance. This time we’ll use the BBQ.

  3. Langela says:

    I make all of our bread from grinding the grain and all the way to the table. On bread days we usually have pizza, too. I just use a portion of our bread dough as our pizza dough. When I make it on non-bread days, I love to add garlic and onion powders and Italian seasonings to the dough. It makes the house smell soooo good as it’s cooking. I also make and can a spaghetti sauce with meat in it and it makes a pefect pizza sauce. All I have to add is cheese and pepperoni. This same sauce is also used as chili by adding beans and some chili seasonings. It’s awesome for lasagna, too. Friends I’ve given it to have told me they stood over the stove and ate it right from the pot, without the noodles! Boy, I sure got away from pizzas didn’t I?

  4. Laura says:

    Karen — where do you buy a pizza pan for the bbq??? I’m in Southern Ontario and I want one any idea where I could go (excluding online)? Ideally, I want it for dinner tonight

  5. karen says:

    Sunday, September 13, 2015: Outset’s non-stick pizza pan is on sale at Kohl’s for 12.99USD. Can also be found on Amazon for ~15USD.

    Thank you for the tip, Karen.


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