I Lost My Memory. I Blame Instagram.

I have NO idea what I’ve done in the past 2 weeks.

Seriously. I have zero idea.  Normally when I try to think back at what I did in the past while I just pick up my trusty life recorder (Instagram) and scroll through the proof.  Scroll, scroll, scroll – OH! That night was so fun.  Scroll, scroll, scroll – I wonder if anyone else takes pictures of their impressive bruises?  Scroll, scroll, scroll – That dinner was good but it made me tooty.

You can have WAY more fun and live a lot more of your life when you aren’t constantly recording it. You just can’t remember it. 

I know that I peeled my luffa sponges last week because it’s the one thing I posted on Instagram. It’s very possible I rescued a whole tribe of kittens from the mouth of a volcano but I can’t recall it. 

I can tell you what I was doing LAST year this week.  I was picking little nuggets of devil poop. You may know them as Brussels sprouts.  I can tell you that because it was on Instagram.

Would you like to see an outtake that hasn’t been converted to black and white and boosted?  O.K. Here you go …

Remember that the next time you see me looking great on Instagram. Or in real life. Because mainly I look like the above photo.  My neighbours grown son was in my house last week (omg I just remembered something that  happened last week by using my actual memories not my photo memories!!). He was picking up a piece of pumpkin pie for his mother so he came into my kitchen. 

To get to the kitchen he had to pick his way through a photo setup for pictures of the pumpkin pie at my front door where the light is good for taking photos late in the afternoon. Then he had to carefully weave through the clutter of pie, dishes, napkins, baskets of beans that need shelling,  bounce cards and other photography paraphernalia in the hallway before he finally made his way into the dining room – its floor covered in my underwear.  It was laundry sorting day.

I mean there were MOUNDS of clothes on the floor. 

Anyhow, he wandered through my unmentionables minefield and I looked back at him and said – I’m sorry, it isn’t normally like th…  Then I stopped myself and said, You know what?  It is. It’s pretty much always like this. And sometimes I find weird things in my hair.  Like feathers and once a centipede.  Then I gave him his pie and guided him back towards the front door.


So there’s one thing I did. I showed a grown man my dirty laundry.

And peeling the luffas.

Like I said, I peeled my luffas which grew well this year. It wasn’t a banner year, like I won’t be building a shed out of luffa sponges or anything but I got quite a few. None of them are huge, but that doesn’t actually matter because you don’t need a HUGE luffa. You just need a luffa. I usually cut them into pieces anyway for scrubbing pots.

If you want to grow luffa’s next year here’s my Guide to Growing Luffas in a cold climate.

I bought a chair!


I bought a $90 chair from a thrift shop.  I’ll be recovering this when I get my living room redecorating act together.  HAHAHAHAHA. Like that’s ever going to happen.  The chair has good lines, is from Vogel, a relatively good manufacturer and is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. Which is why I bought it.  

The back is 100% down and the seat is down wrapped foam. For the moment I suppose I should order a slip cover for it so its upholstery doesn’t continue to bother me for the next decade or however long it’ll be before I redo my room. It’ll cost about $700 for new fabric and to have it recovered. New it would be about $1,600.  

Here’s a tutorial on how I often reupholster chairs myself. 

And finally (that I can remember) I went to the movie premiere of my 12 year old paperboy.  He lives in Brooklyn and just finished his first full length feature film. He’s a very accomplished and independent 12 year old. 

He’s not 12 anymore. But he was when he was my paperboy.  How do I know he was 12 when he was my paperboy?  I have a photo of it. 

For some unknown reason, when he first came to the house to collect money I had my boyfriend at the time take a picture of the two of us. Cyrus the paperboy never came back to my house after the photo shoot.  Yup. Me and my paperboy Cyrus Baetz who is now a filmmaker in Brooklyn and understandably wary of strangers. 

You can see a trailer for his first feature film “Speak Your Mind” here.


On the Menu

Mainly ass fat food. Bread, pasta ... that sort of thing.

Hope you’re having a good weekend!  Try not to forget what you did.


  1. Roxanne says:

    Karen: Maybe just replace the chairs casters and/or wheels with polyurethane or rubber wheels that won’t harm you hardwood floors?

    • Karen says:

      Thx! I think I might be able to leave them as is Roxanne. I realized I’m going to have a rug under those two front legs (eventually one day in about 40 years) so that’ll cushion the wheels. :) ~ karen!

  2. Peggy S says:

    That chair is a perfect candidate for a custom slipcover. It can be made to fit the bottom edge, attached and kept in place with Velcro. I’ve made many such slipcovers with great success.

  3. Grammy says:

    Forgot to say: I love that chair (I’ll love it more when you get it covered) and your luffas are beautiful.

  4. Grammy says:

    Okay, I won’t mention that my daughter (who is NOT anywhere near menopause, according to her) has been experiencing some forgetfulness lately. Which is unusual for her. She’s about your age, I think. Forget I brought it up. Never mind.

    • Karen says:

      LOL! I’ve been wishing for menopause for about 25 years now. I’m hoping it will get rid of my migraines. So BRING IT ON. Although my doctor has told me do NOT wish for menopause because it’s a horror. Migraines/memory/migraines/memory … hmm. ~ karen!

      • Ann Brookens says:

        Menopause is a horror??? Not so! Mine had NO hot flashes, night sweats, or any other thing menopausal ladies complain about!

  5. Bev says:

    Oh that chair! Beautiful. Good job I don’t have it or I’d never get out of it …

  6. Leslie Russell says:

    Oh, the chair! I once found a similar looking chair at the end of a driveway in rural Wisconsin. Obviously, they were throwing it out but I went up to the door anyway and they said of course you can have it. It was one of those wonderful old Wisconsin farms…I could drift off there and start rambling on about that, completely forgetting my point, but I’ll fight it. Having it reupholstered cost almost $600. It’s beautifully made, one of those old things you rarely come across and it was free! Well, kinda…

  7. Mia Pratt says:

    Karen, don’t you recall the fun we had going shopping together last week at that fabulous little boutique in town, after trudging through that little blitz blizzard of snow and then making matching snow angels? We laughed, we ran through that field near the graveyard, and then shared a bottle of wine and some chocolate cake at the little French bistro? Afterwards, we bought matching Christmas scarves to commemorate our day of fun and madness…and you invited me to your house for Christmas dinner? How could you forget the glorious time we spent together? It’s a sad commentary on modern life; I must drink some tequila now, to soothe the disappointment I feel (along with Billy and Ann); after all, not all of your fans would be willing to stand out in your yard all night burning candles and calling your name…this is truly a hollow moment in our history together. I will see you at the next full moon once again, wearing my grandmother’s white nightgown holding a candle in your yard and calling your name…because I don’t forget. No, I don’t forget!

    • Karen says:

      You’re sure that was *this* week, right? Because I remember the scarves and the candle and the graveyard and the french bistro, but I definitely don’t remember laughing. We laughed? I’m suspicious you might be making that part up. ~ karen!

  8. Sabina says:

    You know what I did this week? I threw out three pair of leaky boots! I was so proud of myself and even prouder that I scored a great deal on a pair of muck boots, I mean they’re perfect and who needs anything else right? I don’t know how two more pair of new boots made it back into the house…or THE coat. You know? The puffy coat you bought with all the zippers and pockets that I said “noooo, it’s ugly!”? Yeah that coat! I LOVE IT! My daughter says I look like a turtle…but I’m a warm turtle :)

  9. Kat Boynton says:

    My heart stopped at the chair! I love that chair, what a great find! I have an ugly dusty rose chair that I have tried many different slip covers on. They just do not work. They always slip off and move every time you breath on them when you walk by the chair. You never want to sit in the chair because you know you are going to have to straighten the damn slip cover when you stand up. They call them slip covers because all they do is slip around on the chair or sofa you tried to cover up. But after 6 years of looking at the ugly dusty rose colour I made a slip cover myself from a thrift store bed spread. The slip cover is pure genius on my part because it is the simplest of things to sew. It is all straight line sewing. I think I will take photos of it and show you how I did this.

  10. Darlene says:

    I really, really miss the chickens….how are they?

  11. Dave McDade says:

    Karen, are those casters on the new chair? I can’t help but think of the havoc they’ll wreak on those wood floors!

    • Karen says:

      I know! But I love castors on furniture. ACK. But yes they’ll put big divots in my floor so I’ll have to come up with some sort of solution. Either those glass pads underneath or felting them or something. If all ideas fail then I’ll have to remove them, but that would screw up the angles of the chair seat and back. :/ ~ karen!

      • Elaine says:

        That’s a fabulous chair, Karen, and ‘yes’, you’re right … Vogel was/is a good name just like other manufacturers such as Barrymore, Cooper, etc.

  12. Laurie Crist says:

    You wore a necklace that I want to know more about to an art fundraiser!

    • Karen says:

      OH, lol! I’ll post a bit about the fundraiser next week. I went to it a few hours after writing this post. And since I put some of it on Instagram I’ll actually remember going. ;) ~ karen!

  13. Gael James says:

    Maybe you were doing the tasks on your Christmas list? But you can’t talk about any of them because they are Top Secret?

    • Karen says:

      Mmmmmmm maybe!!! I did get ahead of the game and make some appetizers to freeze so you’re right about that one thing that I forgot about! ~ karen

  14. billy sharpstick says:

    I am in unspeakable spiritual pain. When I left that morning, you said you would never forget our magical night of shared ecstasy. My heart was leaping from my breast as I left, knowing that I had at long last found my true soulmate. Then, when I saw your denial of our experience, I could not contain my pain.
    My agony knows no bounds. You will only be forgiven if you acknowledge our love. I need more tequila to assuage my pain. This is all your fault.
    (Don’t tell my wife. She would not understand what we had that night.)

    • Ann Brookens says:

      Billy, I feel your pain. How Karen could have forgotten that she flew to Illinois because I was having a wart removed and needed emotional support… Words fail. I’m sure the comments will chronicle other things she has forgotten this week.

      I look forward to reading them.

    • Karen says:

      See? This is why it’s sometimes best NOT to post everything on Instagram. ~ karen!

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